By Mask

Jack was your average 16 year old teen ager. He was tall,had black hair, green eyestons of friends. Did most things male teens do. Hit on hot girls, play video games, play football, hang out at the mall. Jack was a grade A student and had little worries in his life.

But only two things bothered him. He had a gut which he couldn't get rid of. It wasn't big it was small but he wanted it gone like the rest of his friends. The other thing was he was scrawney. He had no muscles what so ever and was constantly picked on. Jack had tried working out, he even joined the football and wrestiling team but they didn't help.

Jack's parents had left him at home for the summer. On the first day of summer Jack went out to the mall to see if he could find anything to help him grow and lose his gut. Durring his serch he found a new shop that was its grand-opening. It was a shop it had tons of diffrent objects from the far east. One caught his eye in perticular. It was a small bottle with a purple liquid inside, on the back were instructions. Just before Jack began to read the bottle, the shop owner tapped Jack on the soilder and said "I see you have found something you like."

"Ummm, yeah", trying not to offend the shop owner. "How much is it?" Jack asked

"Since you are my first costmer its free" with that Jack said his thank you and left. When Jack got home he read the back of the mysterious bottle. It read:

Wish liquid

Drink before you go to bed

In the morning you shall have your wish

1/2 of the bottle need to drink for wish to work.

"Might as well try, good thing it was free" Jack sighed as he drank the bottle. "I wish I looked like a popular teen. With that Jack went to bed.

In the morning Jack found he found himself diffrent his gut was gone, The next morning Jack's body was huge. He was ripped, he went to check his weight. When he found out he raced to the lake with only his bathig suite on. his hair was blonde, his eyes blue, he was a bit taller and had muscles. Jack decided to go to the lake to test out his new body. As soon as he arrived girls were all over him, feeling his muscles, giving him digits, kissing. Jack loved all of his treatment. Going into that store was the best thing that happend to him. After about two hours of this a larger guy came and took his lovely women away. Jack was furious he marched up to the man and demanded back his women as though they we're objects. Jack woke up at home with a note attached to him. His friends had found him and brought him home. Jack raced up to his room drank the rest of the potion and made his wish. " I wish i was larger than that one guy at the beach.

When Jack woke up he looked in the mirror and poesed. He went to check his weight. When he found out he rushed to the lake with only his bathing suite. •

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