Chemical Liquids

By OmegaPrime

"This is getting nowhere" thought Jake. "Maybe it was a bad idea to do this." Jake, the average 16 year old boy with blond hair and blue eyes, had been working out for about 6 months, and he hadn't changed very much. Only some definition and muscles appeared on his twig-like body, but other than that, zippo. Maybe he wasn't through with his puberty, he thought. Even though he was pretty well endowed, or atleast he thought.

He was always daydreaming about how he could just become like the other guys in his school: atheletic, muscular, the works. This was pretty much why he started working out. He was a pretty popular person, even with the girls. But, it was only that one little problem.

After coming home from school that day, he went upstairs to his room and turned on the T.V. First thing that came on was a news report about the nearest Laboratory accidently spilled some type of chemical into the drains. Some bugglar was trying to escape with who knows what, and he was tripped but the security and spilled some bottles and potions over in the sink. The News People told the citizens to beware over strange colored water in the showers or sink.

Jake didn't care. He was angry. He got a bad grade for a project he did, and it took him forever too. He decided to go workout for a while then take a shower.

After about an hour of working out, he was all hot and sweaty. His shirt sticking to his chest and back, while his shorts stuck to his legs. He left his basement and went to the bathroom to take a shower.He stripped down to nothing, his body sweaty and glossy with his 4" cock hanging about, turning and adjusting the water at the same time. He stepped in and turned on the shower head. The water came down chilling cold, it was November after all, and it was getting pretty cold. He pciked up the soap and covered his body in it, making sure to get his back, calves, and other parts. Washing himself off, he went for the shampoo next.

As he was washing his hair, a strange blue colored liquid started replacing the water. It covered his entire body like regular water did, but, some of it started going into his skin, as if his skin was absorbing it. He didn't notice because of the shampoo in his eyes. As he finished shampoo-ing, he looked towards the water and saw that it was blue, not the clear, translucent liquid he knew. Out of nowhere his cock started to get hard. His heart was racing. It had suddenly got hot in the room. Not even the cold liquid cooled him down. He felt strange. He was getting dizzy, and thus he leaned against the wall.

When he looked down to his harden cock, he always yelled with fright, and perhaps joy? His cock was slowly growing, and as it did, it felt as he was about to come. Inch by inch, his cock grew, pleasuring him as well. He started gasping, and suddenly he came, with his now 9" cock spewing the same liquid that came out from the shower head.

It was an intense orgasm, his whole body seemed to have reacted from it. His balls also grew, but as they did, his body was slowly filling up. His arms were stretching out, his biceps hardening and defining themselves as if Jake had been working out 24/7. His Chest was inflatting too, becoming 2 large pecs, with quarter-sized nipples. He moaned and gasped as all this happened; The strange blue liquid was still coming out from the shower head and being absorbed into his body. Then, it finally stopped. His cock stayed at the 10" mark, balls proporsional to it. His Chest was heaving with his breathing, gasping for air from that intense bodily orgasm. He didn't know how it happened or why, but he liked his improved body now.

After drying off, he remember the news he had watched, the laboratory liquid must have altered his body somehow. Well, the only thing he knew was that he hoped it happened again, remember the wonderful feeling of his whole body growing, bones stretching out, and cock and balls filling up and out. His clothes seemed to have stayed the same, because they all still fit. After drying off and clothing himself, he went to the kitchen to get himself some dinner. His Mom was always working, never seeing him except for a while on the weekends. His dad moved to another country for research for his job.

He prepared himself a turkey sandwich. He took it up to his room and turned on his radio. Finding his favorite channel, he sat down adn started eatting.

A while after he ate, he decided to go to the basement to see how much he did change. He picked up a 50 lbs dumbbell that his dad sometimes used. He never could easily pick it up, but, amazingly and effortlessly, he did.

He went for the benchpress next. He started with 150 lbs to test himself out. He could do it much better than before, but it was still hard to lift it. Lowering it down, he stood up to check himself in the mirror. He was still somewhat the same as before, just more toned, and muchmore endowed now.

Just then, he keeled over, groaning as his stomach was aching with pain, but it was a pleasurable pain, oddly. Suddenly, his shirt started to inflate himself, and his shorts too. He seemed to have gotten another hardon, as his shorts were filling up pretty quick. His shirt revealed that his chest was expanding once again. This time, even more than before. His pecs were become ever more muscular, his shirt was ready to give way. His legs were becoming thick and muscular as well. His shirt started to break from the neck down, revealing his awesome pecs. Filled to a point, his abs were starting to show as the shirt was turning to shreds. A whole 6 pack was showing, well-defined, rock hard abs. His traps became more defined and much like those of the other guys.

He was getting so excited, even though in a state of pain, he came once more, spewing even more blue liquid than he did before. Another total body orgasm occured. He stood up and looked in the mirror. He looked like one of the 18 year olds at his school. He just skipped 2 years of school in an hours time. He loved himself even more. His shorts started falling down, his legs must've deflated some as to relieve the pressure of his shorts. His undergarments were getting too small for him, as was his shirts. Most of his shirts only fitted up to his belly-button, and his underwear was big enough to only hide his cock, as everything else was showing.

The next day, he felt so alive. He was full of energy, and it seemed that his life was changing around. He was more happy with himself, ever more popular at school as the "new guy".

After school that day, he went to a gym near his house to sign up, to see if he could improve his body even more. He did like it, but, he wanted to more. He filled out his application and turned it in, waiting a few minutes for someone to show him around and start him off. He easily fitted in, and the gains he got over the enxt few months were amazing.

His chest went from muscular to god-like. It looked like steel plates were in them. His arms were fulls of veins running everywere. His abs had become ever more defined and muscular, and like rocks they were! His Legs were like tree trunks now, veins too covered them. His calves were amazing, looked like 2 footballs inhabited his legs. His feet went from a size 8 (from when he was still "normal") to a size 15 (currently). And His cock was bigger too, about 12" in lenght!

He was finally happy, and continues working out to become even more awesome. •

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