Becoming Black

By baubie89

Brandon hated going out...sure, he liked partying and hanging out with his friends.but he hated having to pretend to be interested in making out with some sorority girl...even when he did try, it never worked..they were always more interested in one of his friends. He was just average...average looking, average body. He knew he'd never be able to have what he really wanted. Then one night at a keg party, a guy came up to him and asked if he wanted to smoke. "Sure," he said. Brandon always enjoyed a smoke. After they had stepped outside, Brandon reached for his cigarettes...but the cute young guy instead shoved one of his into Brandon's hand. "You know," he said,"I don't usually like talking to white guys, but there is something about you I like. I think you'll enjoy this cigarette." Brandon thanked the guy for the cigarette and the compliment. "What's your name by the way?" "It's Derek." Then with a sly grin he said, "It's nice to meet you Brandon. I can't wait to see you later." Then Derek turned and was gone. Brandon was a little nervous-not only about what he was smoking, but also Derek-he was so friendly and also the hottest guy Brandon had ever seen. He was only about as tall as Brandon, but he'd had beautiful eyes,full sensuous lips, and the tightest roundest ass Brandon had ever seen. He could only hope that the rumors about black men were...."Oh my God!!" Brandon thought. "What's the matter with me?!? I've never let myself think these thoughts or feel these feelings." Suddenly, Brandon began to feel dizzy. He took one last drag on the cigarette and managed to stumble inside to someone's bedroom.He just had to lie down...

Brandon felt so hot..he was starting to sweat all over..he didn't think he had had that much to drink, but evidently he had..But he didn't feel nauseous...No, this was something else...he managed to get out of his jeans just before he lost consciousness....but not for long. Soon there was a groaning, creaking sound coming from around his feet...and then the pain..."Oh God!!!!What the hell is happening to me??!!" The sound wasn't coming from around his feet but INSIDE his feet.....he watched as his size 9 1/2 foot grew to what looked like a size 13...and then his upper and lower leg bones began to lengthen.....then finally his upper body...arms and chest....the pain was finally gone, but then he saw himself in a mirror....a 6ft, 7in, scarecrow."What kind of nightmare is this ?" he yelled. "Not a nightmare," said Derek from the doorway. "In a minute or two, both of our dreams will come true." "What the hell do you mean?!?" Brandon screamed. "Relax," Derek said calmly, "keep looking in the mirror." Brandon turned and gazed into the mirror. Once again, the growth began at his feet. Suddenly, muscles began growing....on his feet..Brandon couldn't believe it. His calves were suddenly bigger than his thighs were...or used to be....oh God, the muscle growth felt so intense that he forgot about the pain it took to reach his present height. His thighs were so huge and defined..and then his stomach began to churn and move......abs, defined and chiseled. He put his hand on his chest in time to watch the hand move 6 inches in a matter of seconds. Brandon quickly moved his left hand to his right bicep....he hoped he knew what was coming, and he wasn't disappointed. He must now have 20 or 21 inch biceps. He looked up at Derek."Did you do this?" asked Brandon. "Do what?"said Derek. "You're not done yet." "What do you mean,not DONE?" Brandon felt a warm tingle overtake bis body...he watched as skin became darker and darker, and his lips fuller...then fire shot through his groin and ass. He watched as his butt moved higher and became rounder. Then he gingerly opened what had been a loose pair of boxers only 1 hour earlier. His dick became black and grew and grew until Brandon almost wanted it to stop. "That's enough," said Derek.

As soon as Derek said it, Brandon stopped changing, and could finally appreciate what had happened to him. He was now 6',7", 260 lbs. Muscular, black, gorgeous, with a thick 11 inch cock. Brandon bent over and put his hands on his feet...then slowly moved his hands all over his new body. He especially loved his massive chest and arms....and WOW what a big, tight ass..He had never been so turned on by his own body. Brandon couldn't believe what he was going to do, especially with Derek still there watching, but he just couldn't help it. He pulled down his underwear and slowly took his dick into his hand. Even as big and tall as he was now, the cock was still massive in his hand. Suddenly, Brandon felt another hand on his dick. It was Derek. "I told you both of our dreams would come true." Then Brandon watched as Derek took off his clothes. He was darker than Brandon still..a beautiful ebony...then he faced Brandon. After everything that had happened, Brandon was sure he couldn't be surprised, but he wasn't prepared for what Derek evidently had in store for him. For a second, Brandon seriously thought Derek might have a 3rd leg. But it wasn't..Derek's dick was blacker than his skin, as thick as his wrist and longer even than Brandon's anaconda. He ran his hand over Derek's smooth, tight ass and grabbed his steadily growing cock. Then he picked him up (he couldn't believe how easy it was-he'd almost forgotten was now almost a foot taller and weighed almost 100 more lbs. than Derek) and took him to the bed. "You said you were going to make both our dreams come true. That could take awhile. Now we both have lots to work with..." •

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