Mind Control

By Wyvren99

It was a sweltering day in june and i was watching a amiture modeling competition. By the way my name is Dorrin and i am a gay man living in Santa barbra California I'm 38 years old and i'm the premere scientist at the local college. For the past decade i've been on the government's pay roll to devolope a mind control drug. Sucess finally came yesterday and i've been in indecision whether to report my finding or not. First i want to try the drug on some humans.

So that brings us back to the modeling competition, I wondered through the crowds untill i found four boys standing off to the side. I opened my pack and took out four water bottles laced with the drug and gave it to the boys. Sence it was 104 degrees outside the boys took the water and eagerly chugged down it's contents. I watched with satisfaction as the drug started to take hold each of the boys turned to look at me with a vacent expression on each of their faces.

I told them "mickey's are in my soup" which is the comand code that i programed into the drug. They all responded with a tonrless "I concure" which was to let me know ihad them under my control. I sked them what are their names and each answered in turn, Cory, Ryan, Nate, and Adam. I told them that i was their master and they had to please me no matter what i told them to do. They all nodded their heads with a look of sevitude eched on their faces.

I gave them a list of items they had to do for me.

they were to become the best of friends and lovers they would all join the local sports teams they will work out and increase their muscles they will not seek me out after this encouter i would seek them they were to have sex with each other whenever they could they were to let no one know of their desires unless i gave them permission. And lastly they were instruced to learn any thing the could and to be the smartest and hotest MEN in their school I realesed them and sent them back to the competition with no knowledge of what had transpired. I went back to my lab and destroyed the decade's worth of mind control reasurch and started to focus on muscle growth.

The boys are now all 16 years old and they are becoming local celbrities. They are all involved in sports and they are the head of the school. I soon called each of their houses and gave them the code they instently responeded even after 3 years. They came to me and i gave them a muscle enhancing drug that i had been working on and they acepeted it. The drug was a mericle it would leave no evidence of it in their bodies so they could take it and still play sports. The new drug did not have the nasty side effects of steriods.

As the years went by the boys eventually all ended up taking my class at the college. The drug had worked like it was sposed to i had for hunks in my class all under my control. I told them to strip and i examined their bodies with certian glee. They were huge, big rippling mucles, large cocks that all sprung to attention when i asked them to. I went up and started to rub each of them soon i was in a orgy of hot young sex. I now had total control of the future leaders of america and even the world •

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