Some Sports Drink

By Aonghas

There Leo stood. It was the exact same spot he’d stood in just last week watching those sweet boys. Leo knew where Brian got his magnificent good looks the second he laid eyes on the boy’s father. If Brian matured into anything half like his father, there would be mountains of men heartbroken across the country. They were destined to be heartbroken because even a blind man would have seen the love Brian had for Evan. There may be other people around but Brian could only see Evan.

Leo remembered how comical it was that wet day for Evan. He was so mad he wouldn’t let Brian touch him, well until later. But what stuck in Leo’s mind was how hurt and helpless Brian appeared to be, trying to figure out some way to help his little lover. The world was harsh enough a place that gay men should always support each other; never fight.

Leo went into his office and sat down at his desk. The shadow of that day when he sat on his desk and put his leg up next to Mr. Buchanan was shameful. Every time he thought about it, he flinched. ‘No wonder he figures I’m just a dumb jock.’ Now Leo realized that Mr. Buchanan was a right and proper gentleman, bringing up his sons the best way he knew how. He’d proven that again.

As a teacher/coach, Leo had pulled Brian’s file to find his home address. He wanted to jump in his jeep and go out there to have another talk with his father, hoping things might go better; but he discarded the idea fast. There was really no reason for the meeting and Mr. Buchanan would see right through him. He knew that from some of the things those hot twins had told him about their father.

Still, knowing all that, it only served to make Leo want Brice more. Brice. What a cool name. He carried it well; it suited him. He was elegant and refined and polite and respectful. From what Benjamin and Barnabus had told him, the only time their father could ever be heard raising his voice was in a crisis – and that was just so no one else might get hurt. The twins had told him about the whole episode with their Uncle Mark breaking his leg, right up to and including their new Uncle Chris, and how Uncle Mike had come back to them that night.

Leo smiled; those two boys were so open about being gay that he figured they didn’t even know what a closet was. But he did. He kept it tightly locked and yet, he couldn’t believe how brazen he had acted towards their father. After he ditched the idea of going out there, he had sent Mr. Buchanan some flowers. He had the florist put down on the card, “Hope all is now going well with your family. Best wishes.”

The short and sweet note that came back to him the next day was direct and forthright, he had it memorized. As he picked it up to read it again he still fondled it tenderly.

“Dear Mr. Young,

Thank you for your thoughtful concern for my family.

However, please refrain from any such further displays. I sincerely apologize if I did not make myself clear, but, my sons are the only priority in my life.

I do not wish to kindle any false hopes or offer any encouragement towards a relationship with you. I am sorry if I have offended you, but this is simply the way that it is. I hope you will understand.

Sincerely, Mr. Brice Buchanan”

There they were: eighty words and his signature. Handwritten. Such etiquette. As Leo held up the note again, he caught the slight scent of Mr. Buchanan’s aftershave. He hadn’t soaked the letter in it before he sent it; it was only the slightest scent because he had held it in his hands, folded it and sealed the envelope. Leo turned it over in his hands again; the dark blue ink matched the colour of Brice’s eyes.

As a very deep sigh escaped, Leo thought to himself, ‘I’m one sad, lovesick puppy.”

At this point, there were only a few more days on his contract. He didn’t care if anyone saw him going into a gay bar. He needed to sit with other gay guys even if none of them did anything for him. He could at least tell the bartender all his woes. They were good for that.


Bruno had made a special effort to get his homework and chores done. It was his night to help Uncle Mike in the kitchen. He had managed to squeeze in catching another fish so that Uncle Mike would have to live up to his promise and make them another bisque. Bruno had also gone out of his way to tell his dad where he was going to be. Brice had just smiled and said, “Thank you son. See you at dinner.” He had run over and gave his dad a quick hug and then was down to the dock.

Now that the dinner feast was cooking and Uncle Mike was just sitting, waiting for the biscuits to finish, Bruno came over and almost whispered, “Can I ask you something Uncle Mike?”

Mike sensed how difficult it was for Bruno to confide in anyone but his father. This had to be big. He could see Bruno’s lip trembling and knew that there was something weighing heavily on his heart.

Bruno quickly turned his head and surveyed every entrance to the kitchen. Mike knew he was listening to see if anyone was on their way there. When Bruno was convinced that they were totally isolated, he spoke in a very hushed voice, “Uncle Mike?”

Mike took Bruno’s hand and held it lovingly in his own.

“Uncle Mike, promise you won’t tell dad…”

“No Bruno. You know better. He probably knows anyhow. You’re his son, you should know that.”

Bruno tried to smile, “well, yeah… I guess sorta.”

“Uncle Mike? ….” and after a very long pause, his voice barely audible, “why doesn’t dad have a lover? You have Uncle Mark and Jeremiah has Ty, Uncle Blaise has Chris. Dad’s all alone.”

Bruno didn’t look like he was going to cry, but his forehead did resemble his father’s in a more pensive mood.

“It’s because Brice feels that you boys are the most important thing in his life…”

“I know that part…”

“But he doesn’t want anything to come between you and him.”

Now that the door was open, Bruno was more confident to continue. He checked again to re-establish that they were still alone and then continued, “Does he think that we won’t like his … ah … boyfriend?”

“It’s not that Bruno. He knows you guys love everybody… You know what I mean. Well… anyways… it’s because he would feel his attention would be pulled away from you guys. You guys are his whole life. There just isn’t any room for someone else.”

Then Bruno lifted his voice, “You mean he thinks that we would think he loves us less because he’s happy with … a lover?”

“Something like that.”

This time there were tears in Bruno’s eyes, but now he had to say what was on his mind, “I’m sorry Uncle Mike,” he hesitated a long time, “I think you’re wrong. I think he needs someone like Uncle Blaise has, to really make him happy. You know he lets me come in with him sometimes. I watch him as he sleeps. He’s all alone. Well … Since Blake and Matt sleep together, sometimes I get scared all alone and he comes in and picks me up and … and”, he had to stop.

Mike smiled, “He tells you a bedtime story.”

“Yeah… but I’m almost fifteen now, I’m too big for that.”

“Bruno, Mark and I are in our twenties, and we still tell each other bedtime stories. You shouldn’t let it bother you that your dad still picks you up…”

“Bruno, my son. You will never be too big for me to pick you up and hold you.”

Bruno was shocked at the sudden appearance of his father, but he was no dumb blonde. From what his dad had just said, he knew that he had not heard anything but the last part of the conversation. He was relieved and smiled. He also knew that Uncle Mike was no snitch. He’d never say anything to his dad about it, unless it was important for him to know.


Leo sat at the corner of the bar nursing his drink. He really didn’t consume much alcohol but he did want to relax a little tonight. Let off some steam. That new black bartender with the dreadlocks was really cute. Leo watched as he’d ‘accidentally’ bump into the guy that was unmistakably boyfriend and say excuse me – then he’d give him a quick kiss and get back to work.

In between customers, the stocky black bartender was listening to the pieces of Leo’s story. He seemed very interested, genuine, not “let me get you another …” It was starting to get a little late so the place was quieting down.

“By the way, my name is Thai.” He pointed, “That’s Geoffrey, he’s my husband.”

Leo smiled, “I know, I could tell. Well... yeah, I didn’t know his name…”

“You should, he’s a very famous artist now.”

“Ohmygod…. I do know him. I mean I’ve heard about him. Wow. Remarkable stuff. I didn’t know it was him.”

Thai just smiled, “He is a very special person, I’m glad I’m part of his life.”

Thai watched as Leo’s smile faded, but in the next moment, he had regained his composure and smiled again, “I’m so happy for you man.”

“Thanks … ah..?”


“Thanks Leo. Say … you’ve been beating around the bush all night. You need to tell me the whole story, not just bits and pieces. What are you drinking, I’ll buy you one.”

“Really thanks, but no. I’m not much of a drinker and I’ve probably had my limit already.”

“Oh forget about it Leo, Geoffrey and I will give you lift home tonight. You don’t have to drive or take a cab.”

Partly because he really didn’t want to go home yet, and partly because he really wanted to talk to someone, no serious arm twisting had to go on and he accepted Thai’s drink.

The place was almost deserted now so Leo, Thai and Geoffrey went over to a table and sat down to be more comfortable. Leo told Geoffrey that he thought his work was great and they talked about his exhibitions and politics and philosophy for the longest time.

Thai looked directly at him and said, “You’re a pretty deep guy. I’ll bet most people just treat you like a dumb jock.”

His words hit home. “Yeah... you’re right. But they don’t know me, so it doesn’t count.”

Geoffrey reached over and took his hand, “It counts man. It really does.”

Leo felt like he was sitting there naked. These two generous black men had seemed to have adopted him into their family and they really felt for him. Thai leaned forward and asked, “Why don’t you tell us about it? Start from the start.”

He must have had one too many, because Leo began to spill his guts out on the table. He didn’t even mind when a few of his tears escaped. He went on and on and the whole story came out. He’d lost his high school sweetheart in a car crash in college. They had come out of the closet together in high school and caused quite a stir in the small farming community when they went to the Senior Prom together. Leo had two Bachelor’s degrees and a few hours towards his Masters. He couldn’t stand it anymore and went to teach. He had met the most wonderful man. His heart ached and he knew he had to let him go, because the man didn’t love him back. But he couldn’t stop thinking about him. He saw his face everywhere. What was worse was the fact that the guy’s twin sons had part-time jobs at the gym he was going to be working at. He had to see them every time they came in. It was going to be inevitable that their paths cross again and he just didn’t know what he was going to do. A very deep sigh escaped Leo, “I’m one sad, lovesick puppy.”

Thai flicked his dreadlocks back over his shoulder and hit Geoffrey in the face and Geoffrey barked, “Careful man. Just ‘cause you’re cute and sexy doesn’t mean you can get away with stuff.”

“Yes I can.” And he leaned over and gave his lover another juicy kiss.

Thai reached out now and took Leo’s hand in his and looked at him very intently, “I’m going to say something now. I want you to listen.”

Leo felt strangely compelled towards his new friend. Thai continued, “Things have a way of changing very suddenly. Don’t be surprised if he changes his mind. From what you’ve told me, he has five sons. That’s a lot and I think that probably he’s just putting them first like a good father. You don’t know how he’s going to feel about you in a day or a week or even a month from now. It’s very possible that he could have a total change of heart concerning you.”

Leo pulled out the letter, “…I do not wish to kindle any false hopes or offer any encouragement towards a relationship with you.” He could still smell Brice’s aftershave.

A handsome, burly guy was coming over to their table. The cutest little redhead was skipping beside him trying to keep up. “You want us to lock up boss?” Leo’s heart skipped a beat. He’d been talking with the owner all night long.

“Thanks Ben. And you’ll have to drive home Mr. Young, I promised him a ride. The redhead smiled ravenously, “We’d be glad to.” Leo felt like he was about to be eaten alive by a wild cougar.

“Stop that Darius. Sometimes I think I need to keep him on a leash, but he’d enjoy that too much.” They all laughed while Darius smiled and nodded.

Then Darius reached over and nudged Leo, “I was just kidding. Ben knows he’s the most important thing in my life. But you are cute you know… Can’t blame me for window shopping.” Leo could see that the two loved each other deeply.

They all laughed again. Leo somehow felt better. He was among friends. That’s all he really wanted anyways all those hours ago when he got here.

Thai leaned forward, “Finish your drink Leo. I’ve got to get Geoffrey home to bed. There are hours and hours of work ahead of him tonight.” Leo looked down and realized that he had barely touched the drink Thai had fixed just for him.

He took a big gulp and smiled. There really was an awfully lot there still to finish. He took another swallow and smiled at Ben and Darius. They were just standing there patiently waiting. Finally, with another big gulp, Leo finished the drink and looked at Thai and Geoffrey, “I’m really glad I met you guys tonight. I feel better already.”

As Thai and Geoffrey waved from the curb, Geoffrey turned to his lover and said, “I wonder how he’s going to ‘feel’ in the morning.”

Thai smiled, “I’m sure he’ll have a more mature attitude”.


As Brian was walking down the beach with his Uncle Blaise, he felt a little relieved. Tomorrow was going to be his eighteenth birthday and Evan had been with him ever since that night in the cabin. Brian didn’t feel embarrassed to talk to his uncle about it. He just couldn’t bring himself to talk to Dad.

“You mean you guys haven’t done anything yet?”

“Not since before the day Dad found us. I want to. It’s driving me crazy. And he’s started going into the bathroom to whack off so I don’t have to see him do it. He’s really getting pissed at me. But Uncle Blaise…”. It was too much; Brian finally broke down in tears.

“You’re afraid you’re going to hurt him, right?”

Brian shook his head.

“I wish you were old enough, well you are now, to meet Darius and Ben or Eddy and Alex. Those guys are the same type of couple that you guys are. Big guy, little short guy.”

“You mean we’re not freaks?”

Blaise put his arm around his nephew. “No Brian. You’re just in love.”

“Do you think I could talk to them?”

“I’m sure they’d be glad to … but … ah… I’m sorry Brian, that kind of thing takes time to set up. They all work, they’re in town, they have very busy lives.”

Brian was visibly crushed. Blaise took the opportunity to turn him around and they started walking back up the beach to the house. “Since you asked me, I’ll tell you what I think. If you go ahead and start, real slow like, so you can both get a chance to decide what feels right to do, then go with that. Things’ll pick up from there and you two will be going all the way before you know it.”

“He’s never going to be able to … ah …”

Blaise interrupted, “Is that what’s important to you?”

Brian stood back. For a second he thought he was talking to his father. “Well no. I try not to think about it or say anything – he loved doing it a lot before. And I can’t do that for him, my … ah…. well, it would tear him apart.”

“Brian, Brian, Brain. There are so many other things the two of you can do.”

“Will you teach me Uncle Blaise?”

Blaise stopped in his tracks. He started laughing and Brian turned red. “I’m sorry Brian. I’m not Dr. Ruth. You’re a bright young lad. I’m sure you’ll figure it out. And if I were you, I’d think of something fast. Your little lover is a bomb waiting to go off, and he has one hellavapunch.”

“Yeah, all forty pounds soaking wet Evan. Please don’t ever throw him in the shower.”

“Okay, but the pool’s fair game.”

Brian lightly punched his uncle and they both laughed.

As Brice turned over in the morning, he watched his son sleeping like a baby. Bruno’s nightmare wasn’t as bad last night. He hadn’t called out in the night. When Brice had gone into his room to check on him, it looked as though Bruno was going to ‘tough-it-out’ and stay alone in his room. When Brice had opened the door, Bruno just started crying, “Oh daddy. I knew you’d come.” Brice had picked him up and carried him back to his own room. As he lay across the loveseat in front of the fire holding his lanky son in his lap, the ritual was maintained, “Do you want to tell me about it?” And Bruno would relate his dreams. Brice thought to himself, ‘no wonder my son is so scared. I’m only listening and I’m scared shitless.’ Bruno would never know how painfully inadequate his father felt when it came to his troubled son.

Brice looked over and his son was smiling at him, “Daddy, I’m really too big for you to hold me anymore like you do.”

“Son, you will never be too big for me to hold you. You are my son for always.”

Still Bruno knew that he was almost as tall as the twins. Then Bruno resolutely set his mind, ‘I’ve got to be strong so Dad can have someone.’

“Thanks dad,” he said and hopped out of bed and disappeared down the hall to his room. Brice smiled and leaned back, “you are welcome my son”.

Brice smiled as he looked up at the ceiling. The light was gaily dancing across the room and a sound from the open window caught his attention. It wasn’t bed springs squeaking, but he could hear Brian and Evan were finally doing it. From what he discerned, neither of them was in pain or holding back. Brice was afraid that if his son didn’t ‘fulfill his duty’ with Evan, that Evan was going to beat up his poor, misguided son. He giggled while he lay there remembering the day they got back from the cabin. Well then, of course, it was the next morning. Brice was going downstairs at the same time Brian had been coming out of the shower and he saw an Evan’s-foot-type bruise on his son’s shin. ‘Probably deserved him right. Probably would have done him a lot more good just a little higher too - like on the arse.’ Brice realized then why his son was limping the night before. He smiled. ‘I do so love my sons.’

Still there was a little sadness in his heart. Some day, Brian and Evan would go. Then Benjamin and Barnabus. Even Blake would grow up and leave someday. Bruno would probably stay home and take care of old dad. He sighed.

Chris stuck his head in from their adjoining room, “Everything okay buddy?” “Yes Chris, thanks. I was just thinking.”

“I thought I smelled smoke.” Chris’s head disappeared and Brice knew he’d been taking too long getting up this morning. ‘Gawd … my oldest son is eighteen today – I’m an old man. I feel it too.’


As the sun showered into Leo’s bedroom he tried to pull the pillow over his head so that it wouldn’t shine in his eyes. It was definitely too bright in here for his liking. He gave into the inevitable and stretched and yawned. As he sat up in the bed, he just felt like sitting there a minute. He didn’t know why. Usually the sheets were off and he was in the shower soaping down. This morning didn’t feel the same to him. He felt like taking his time, enjoying life before it got away from him. He looked over at the nightstand and saw Brice’s letter sitting there next to the lamp where he had put it the night before, “Morning Brice. I hope all is well with you. I hope you have a nice day. Think about me if you can…” He took a deep breath and moseyed into the bathroom for his shower. The water felt so warm and inviting. His morning woody was being particularly obstinate today. It was hard-as-usual when he woke up but as he soaped it down this morning for his usual wank, it was determined to make him take his time. It felt unusually stiff and full in his hand this morning, thicker somehow. When he reached down with his other hand to grab his balls, he jerked. Water splashed him in his eyes but he knew what he was feeling. He wasn’t a low-hanger, but his balls were hanging lower than yesterday, he knew it. He grabbed his towel to wipe out his eyes and then gasped. He pushed the water off and stood there looking down as he dripped. He’d always had a nice package but this was unbelievable. His normally golf-ball sized nuts were bigger than goose eggs. He was definitely hanging lower. But what got stuck in his brain was the look of his sac. It ‘looked’ like it had always been that way. It wasn’t stretched out by some toy – it grew this way. Now he was sure of it. He thoroughly examined his penis. His hand could circle it before, now it couldn’t. It wasn’t going to take both hands, but he was going to have to work a circling motion with it now. His foreskin had changed too, it was thicker and looser. He pulled it back to take a taste of his abundant pre-cum. It tasted the same, but there seemed to be a lot more of it. He wanted to get out of the shower and check himself in the mirror but his dick was screaming for attention. The veins looked as though they were as thick as his little finger and he could see the blood rushing through them. He squeezed his balls tightly in an effort to rush them and began to stroke with all his might. His lungs were filled with fire as his rhythm increased. He was pumping at a feverish pace. He let go of his balls to swirl his pre-cum around the head, that usually made him cum faster, but when he put his fingers down there this morning to tease it, the head felt twenty times more sensitive than it ever had before. He felt his pecs jump and his nipples harden as his muscles tensed in anticipation. He was forced to clench his buttocks as his balls began to rise.

“AAhhhh!!!! AAhhh!!!! AAAAhhhhh!!!!”

‘Ohmygod!!!’ He thought. I’m a screamer. I was never a screamer before. He watched as the cum that had splattered on the wall began to ooze its way toward the drain. He stood there dripping and gasping for air. He sat down on the edge of the tub and wanted to say something, but all that came out was, “wow”.

When he finally recovered himself, he cleaned up the tub and figured he'd brush his teeth and get off to work. Not this morning. As he stood in front of the mirror he said, “Dude! You need a shave.” ‘Damn”, he thought. I’m not due to shave for another day. His five-o’clock-shadow argued back at him. His image of himself would never allow him to wear around a three-day-beard. He would be devolving into a dirty-blonde jock. That just wasn’t going to happen.

He grabbed his soap and razor and got to work. This was not going to be a quick job either. As he soaped down his jaw and dabbed some lather about his lips, he noticed that his cheeks were going to need it too. It wasn’t his normally few sparse hairs. It was a serious grown-in beard. As his heart began to beat faster with every new observation, he lifted his chin and realized that he was going to have to shave his neck too. His previous stubble was not just an outline around the jaw; he had thick beard stubble down his throat.

He looked into the mirror, soap half covering his face and asked, “Who are you man?”

As he gazed at the man in the mirror, he noticed that his eyes were just a little bit puffy. He scowled and the man in the mirror scowled back. “No more late nights for you buddy.”


As Brice came down the stairs he felt a warming sense of peace as he watched the chaos unfolding before him. The boys were all home from school, decorating the house for Brian’s Birthday party. Evan was scampering around sprinkling “Fairy Dust” where ever he could toss a handful. (He had informed his father-in-law earlier that it was his turn to vacuum tomorrow anyways – they were gay – this was glitter – get over it and had marched away without Brice giving his approval.) He just stood there and smiled. Bruno was getting downright good on the piano and he and Uncle Mark were playing a duet. The twins were finishing getting the table set for dinner and Matt and Blake were busy making sure that the presents were arranged “nice” on the little table they’d set up. Blake was primping a ribbon and Matt was arguing that it wasn’t supposed to be perfect. Brice laughed to himself, ‘Yes, I’m afraid all my sons are gay.’

Brice started to look around for Brian. As he came out onto the deck Brian looked somewhat embarrassed as he quickly pulled his shirt down over his bare chest. Brice found it hilarious because you could plainly see through it; nothing could be hidden at all. It wasn’t like any of his sons to be self-conscious about their bodies: they were a handsome group of men.

“Dad?” his voice definitely sounded anxious. “Can I talk to you?”

Brice had thought that after this morning that Brian wasn’t going to ask him what he was going to do about Evan. Pushing the ‘manual-override button’ on his ‘daddy-gene’ he gave his son a very fatherly look.

“What is it son?”

Brian was distraught. He blurted out, “I think I’m shrinking.” He went on to explain that yesterday he was few inches taller than the twins. Today when he was talking to them they were eye-level. No the twins weren’t growing. He knew he was 5’ 9” last night because he measured himself to write in his journal how tall he was for his birthday. After he got his shower when he got home from school, he was only 5’ 7”. Brian was getting really agitated when he reminded his father about all his swimming with Uncle Blaise, but now he was starting to look more like a weight lifter. His thighs were definitely not those of a swimmer. They were hefty.

“Dad? What am I going to do?”

For the first time since their adventure together began, Brice was lost for words. He couldn’t think of anything. Then it hit him, “Brian. I don’t have the answer right now, but I will talk to the doctor. I can’t say don’t worry, but please try to remain calm. We will figure it out … in the meantime, you already know in your heart that we will love you no matter what and there’s a little guy in there depending on you now.”

Evan’s bright and cheery boyish voice asked, “Some one mention me?”, and he scampered across the deck to jump into Brian’s arms. Evan planted a big wet juicy one on his husband’s lips and giggled as he turned his head toward his father-in-law, “We’re newly-weds, we’re allowed to act all mushy and stuff like that”, and giggled again. Evan was definitely getting the hang of using his boyish charms and high pitched voice.

Brian felt confused, he asked Evan, “did you put on some weight?” “A little, that’s why you have to be so big and strong”, and he kissed Brian again and was off.

“Dad? I know he gained some weight, I could feel it, but it was easier for me to hold him than it was yesterday.” Brian lifted his shirt to show his dad, “See dad, I’m thicker than I was.”

“Let’s go in son, they are waiting for you. We’ll talk about this later. I promise.”

As Brice stood in the drawing room he took a long deep breath. True to his word, Evan had vacuumed every last sparkle of glitter and the rooms were immaculate. That boy had far too much energy. He got almost twice as much done every day as anyone else. His cheery disposition and seemingly endless energy inspired everyone. He and Bruno were singing and dancing around the piano. Then Evan shoved Bruno and even before Bruno could react demanded, “Play something purdy for your Uncle Evan.” As Bruno sat down at the piano, Evan closed the lid and hopped on top of it, laid back and stuck a rose in his mouth. He looked straight at Bruno and said, “Where’s Brian when I need him?”

Bruno exploded into hysterical laughter and began playing a tango as tears of joy went running down his face. Brice had never heard Bruno laugh so sincerely from the heart before. He wasn’t sure anyone had. When Bruno had finished, Evan began to clap his little hands and again, looked right at Bruno. “Thank you. You are really getting good.”

Bruno blushed, but he didn’t look away, “Uncle Evan, I just hope that I find someone half as nice as you …” and then got all chocked up. Before Brice could move, Evan had slid down off the piano and was sitting in Bruno’s lap with his arms around him, “Bruno … that’s one of the nicest things to say. I hope you find someone even better than me. You deserve it.” Evan reached up and gave Bruno a quick kiss on the mouth and was bounding for the door, “see you at dinner…”

Bruno looked sad and happy and confused and aware all at the same time. All he could stammer out was, “I didn’t even have a chance to tell him that I loved him.”

“He knows son.” They smiled at each other and Bruno gave his dad a hug. “I love you dad…” “I know son, I love you too.”

The buzzer went off and the front door swung open as the twins exploded into the house. The conversation bounced back and forth from Benjamin to Barnabus, “Leo gave us a ride home from work”, “so we invited him to stay for dinner”, “we knew you wouldn’t mind”, “you always invite everyone to stay for dinner”, “and Brian hasn’t seen him since he started his new job”, “and Evan wanted to say thanks to him for that thing”, “Okay dad?”, “He ‘n Brian are walking down to the dock”.

Bruno’s intuition told him that this was not okay. He watched some of the colour fade from his father’s cheeks, but the words that came out of him were, “It’s okay boys, but check with me first next time.” No one else had seen it. That moment between. As the twins disappeared to set another place at the dinner table, Bruno grabbed onto his father’s arm, “Are you okay dad? He can sit next to me. Is there something wrong?”

“No son, I just wasn’t expecting a guest tonight.” Brice felt an ice cold dart pass through his heart; he had just lied to his son, and he knew that Bruno knew it.

During dinner Brice acted normally and Leo was a perfect guest. Bruno studied his father intently. He observed that whenever his father’s eyes would stray across the path of Leo’s they would both look away, but never interrupt whatever else was going on. Conversations continued and they all went to the drawing room for ‘coffee’ after dinner.

Bruno watched from the top of the stairs when his father finally led Leo to the front door to walk him to his car. “Thanks for bringing my sons home.”

“I can’t really say that it wasn’t out of my way, but I ‘was’ glad to do it. They really are great boys Mr. Buchanan.”

Brice looked down rather than meet Leo’s eyes. “Please, you can call me Brice now; you’re not my son’s teacher anymore.”

“Right Brice, I’m just their boss.”

The Jock had caught him and he knew it. “Thank you for NOT coming on to me at dinner tonight. I appreciate it.”

“No sweat. I felt real close to your sons while I was teaching, Bruno would ask me things. The truth is that I kinda missed them. I told Brian that I felt a little uncomfortable being invited to dinner…” and he trailed off.

Brice couldn’t believe the words that were about to come out of his mouth, “I was really harsh on you. I’m sorry. It’s like you have changed; but I think it’s me, because I wasn’t charging into the school to protect a son tonight.”

Leo smiled, “Nah – back then I was a horny kid lookin’ to get laid, and I was definitely coming on too strong. If our positions would have been changed, I think I probably would have cold-cocked ya’ and told you to grow up. You were very patient with me.”

“Thank you Mr. Young.” Brice hung his head.

“Please Brice. Let’s not go there again. Call me Leo.”

“Okay Leo. There’s just one other thing I’d like to say before you go.”

Leo looked up, not in expectation, but because felt that Brice wanted his full attention.

“You can come out anytime you like to visit my sons. You’re a good man and a good influence on them. We won’t have to think about that unpleasantness anymore, if that’s okay with you.”

Leo smiled, “Sure thing Mr. B….. I mean Brice”.

They shook hands, but it seemed to Bruno that it lasted a lot longer than normal.

When Brice tucked all the guys in bed, whether they liked it or not, he always saved Bruno for last. When he got to his room, his father smiled and asked him, “Would you like me to tell you a bedtime story?”

“No!” Bruno was pissed. “I want you to tell me the truth.” He had his arms crossed and he was not going to just let his dad ‘tuck him in bed’ tonight. Brice couldn’t believe that his son was confronting him.

Brice cleared his mind and quietly closed the door. “Alright son. This is the truth. The day I went down to pick up Evan and Brian, the day they threw Evan in the shower, Mr. Young came on to me.” Bruno almost fifteen, he knew what he meant, “Go on.”

Brice felt like he was being ‘interviewed’ by Thai. “I told him nothing would come of it. That’s when he sent up the flowers. I wrote him and asked him never to bother us again. Here is something else: he felt very uncomfortable himself coming here tonight.”

“Because of what you said.”

Brice scratched his head. “Yeah I guess you’re right.”

“But you like him don’t you?”

Brice couldn’t believe that he had been drawn into this conversation with his son. “Maybe”

One of Bruno’s eyebrows rose silently, accusing his father of lying again. Brice stammered out, “he’s nice… but he’s so young…. I don’t think it can work out…”

“Even if he loves you and you love him? And even if you have a whole family to support you?”

Brice felt as though he were standing naked in front of his son and that this interview must be terminated. “I don’t know.”

The silence lingered between them. Brice was struggling within because of all the examples of love Bruno had come to believe – he couldn’t throw them aside. That was all that was keeping them together as a family. He drew in a very deep breath, “Yes my son … you’re probably right … maybe I do like him. Let’s give it some time and see what happens? Deal?”

Bruno seemed satisfied. “You want to come and sit by the fire for a while?”

“No dad. I’m kinda tired tonight.” There was no way he could say anything to his son. He had just confessed a lie to him and maybe one to himself as well. “Okay dad, no. I don’t want to come in and sit by the fire. I’m still mad at you. I’m sorry.”

Brice was allowed to become a father again. “Alright Bruno. I understand. Please… if you need me you know right where I’ll be and please don’t stay mad at me to long. I’m going to miss you.” There was a tear in Bruno’s eye; but he was determined to be its master. His father gave him a hug and then kissed his forehead. “I love you Bruno.”

“I love you too dad.”

It was one of the longest nights that Brice could ever remember. There was no fire. Blaise had closed the door and he and Chris were asleep hours ago. He was totally alone. He might have rested a little if he’d known that Bruno had hid a thermos of coffee under his bed: he was not going to sleep tonight if he could help it. Still, Brice didn’t know that and he waited. Two o’clock came and went and Bruno didn’t need him. At three o’clock he went down and opened Bruno’s door. “huh? What is it dad?” “Nothing son, go back to sleep. I was just checking.” Four o’clock came and went. The hour seemed to lengthen between five and six and he heard Mark’s alarm go off: it was his time to get up and start breakfast for the marauding hordes.


When Leo got home that night he was exhausted. He threw his keys on the nightstand and dropped onto his bed. ‘Guess I’m not twenty anymore.’ He reached over and picked up his letter and took a long deep breath of the scent of Brice’s aftershave. He tossed it into the wastebasket and went over to his desk.

“Dear Brice,

Thank you for a lovely dinner. I enjoyed it thoroughly. You can be very proud of all of your sons.

I also wanted to thank you for the invitation allowing me to maintain my friendship with your sons. It was both kind and generous of you to extend it to me. Thank you.

Sincerely, Leo”

He certainly felt better now, but he also noticed that he was pushing himself to keep going. He addressed the envelope, sealed it and put a stamp on it. He went out to the mail box and dropped it and hoped that Brice would get it tomorrow.

When he dropped down on the bed this time he was out like a light. When the alarm went off at six he felt like he had been run over and left in the street to die alone. He forced himself to get out of bed and hit the shower. His morning woody was relentless. The thing was getting down right fat. He had finally learned to stuff a washcloth in his mouth when he turned on the water, be was going to be too busy later to do it. The morning the building superintendent let himself in with the pass key taught him a very valuable lesson. Mr. Vetter was an A-1 stereotypical ‘super’. Right down to the beer gut. He wouldn’t look half bad if he just took care of himself, but all Leo could do that morning was apologize for making him think he’d fallen in the shower and was screaming for help. Mr. Vetter just looked at him and thought, ‘typical dumb jock’.

Leo’s morning ritual was getting longer every day. He wasn’t teaching school anymore. He had to show those gymrats that he was all muscle. So every morning now for over a week, he had to shave his face and then shave his chest. Thank god he only had to shave his legs twice a week. It was no use though, by the end of the day, he had an undeniable five-o’clock shadow. It made him look more sexy, but he just felt scruffy.

He was off today at one. That gave him the private time he needed for his own workout before he went home. Home: a lonely, empty apartment to sleep in. ‘No wonder so many guys haunt chatrooms. I’m going to have to change apartments so I can get a pet or something.’

He was on his second set of reps and been on the machine almost his full twenty minutes when the owner walked by and asked, “Working out a few of your frustrations Leo?” “Yes Sir.”

What he didn’t realize was that every time he pushed harder, his muscles would inflate just a little bit more. His arms and thighs were beginning to swell and he felt the fire in his lungs as he forcibly demanded more from his body. Hardly anyone seemed to notice his unusually extreme muscle growth.

“Leo. You’re done. Go home.” His boss called across the room. He felt every drop of sweat on his body as he climbed painfully off the machine. He took his shower and then dropped into the whirlpool to try to relax his aching muscles. He’d really over-done it today. He felt much better as he got out. He toweled down and then pulled up his jockey shorts. He had the hardest time pulling them up over his massive thighs and as soon as he had them in place leaned back against the wall to take a deep breath. The elastic felt as though it was slicing thru his skin and his dick was being forced into an iron box. He reached down to pull them loose at the waist to give his dick some much needed breathing room.

“Hi Leo.” He cringed. It was the voice of Trent. The preppy wannabe-muscle boy had followed him into the locker room. Leo was surprised the boy hadn’t followed him into the showers. “What’s up Trent?”

“Can you help me with the machine?” Leo had to be nice to the customers, but this boy was always coming on to him. ‘God I hate kids’. He wanted to shout, “Grow up boy” but what came out instead was, “Boss told me to go home, but I’ll help you set it up before I go.”

“Oh I’m sorry – I’ll get someone else.” The prettyboi was pouting because Leo wasn’t going to be there to watch him work out. “Nice seeing you again.”

Leo actually felt cold and heartless. He would have liked to be nice to the boy; he would make a fine mate – for somebody else. It was at that moment that Leo realized how Brice must have felt about him that first day. Brice was sure a lot nicer about it than he was. Trent slinked away, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” in his syrupy voice.

Leo ripped off his shorts, there was going to be no way he would ever drive the twenty minutes back to his apartment in ‘those’ shorts. ‘Dammit. I just bought those last week. They felt fine yesterday.’

His baggy shorts were now too tight in the waist and the arse. What was he going to do? He was standing there naked. As a last resort, he pulled down a pair of lycra/spandex jogging pants and pulled them up. He was going to have to go ‘commando’. It took him almost ten minutes to pull them up over his calves and his thighs and then tie them securely at his waist. It took him almost five more minutes to pull the stirrups down over his feet. His bulky muscles were stretched over his frame as tightly as the spandex over his skin.

‘This isn’t right’, he told himself. He went and stood in front of the mirror. There in the mirror another strange man stood looking back at him. He was a muscle-bound demigod with an obscene bulge sticking out four inches and traveling more than half-way down his thigh. His orange-sized balls pushed out further from behind it. ‘I can’t go out on the street like this. What am I going to do?’ He grabbed the loosest tee shirt he could find and tried to pull it down to cover his crotch, but these shirts were built to reveal, not to hide. It was a totally futile effort. His broad shoulders and shelf-like pecs pushed the fabric up and it barely covered his navel. As he drew closer to the mirror, he stood there spellbound. This strange demigod looked to him to be around thirty six years old. “No,” he said. “I’m twenty four.”

Thinking fast on his feet, Leo grabbed up his bag and ran back to the laundry room. Benjamin and Barnabus were just finishing folding the last of the towels and he almost shouted at them, “Grab your stuff guys and I’ll drive you home.” Grateful for the ride, they followed him through the gym and out the door.

Trent couldn’t force himself on Leo as he left with the two cute blondes. He threw a little hissy fit and mumbled, “jail bait”.

Leo zoomed out of the parking lot but Barnabus noticed that when he got out on the road, he was really taking his time. He was acting all sort of weird and it didn’t seem like he wanted to talk either. Benjamin talked on and on about school and Leo was glad that he didn’t have to think, he just had to get the boys home and go off and hide. Barnabus just sat and studied his favorite teacher.

Always the perfect gentlemen, they invited Leo in for dinner again, but he seemed agitated and said, “I’d love to guys, but I already had plans for tonight.” He saw their disappointment and then added, “I promise I will another night. When things are a little different.” They seemed satisfied with that, and he obviously was in no hurry to pull out of the driveway like he had the gym. He waved at them as he headed down the road and they waved back.

Today when the door burst open, the twins exploded onto their father, “Dad, you’ve got to see him”, “Mr. Young has changed”, “Will you ask him to dinner again”, “He promised he’d come”, “I think something’s wrong”, “he didn’t act like himself”.

“Well boys, I think you’re right. I think Mr. Young has changed and yes, you can invite him anytime you like.”

All three of them had totally misunderstood one another.


As Leo threw himself on the bed his mind was reeling. ‘I’ve got to call a doctor. No doctor would believe me. I’ve got to figure out what to do.’

The next thing he heard was the alarm. It was time to get up and go to work. This was going to be his long day. As Leo went to turn off the alarm clock his hand landed on it with much more force than he intended. His eyes snapped open and he drew his arm back to stare at it. He was bigger now than he was last night. His hand looked as though he had been a weight-lifter since before he was a teenage boy. As he made his way into the bathroom there would be no shower today. ‘I’m calling in sick. I can’t go to work like this.’ He drew a very hot bath and lay down in the tub. His perverse penis stood straight up whilst his balls floated on the water. He soaped himself down and noticed just how extremely sensitive his nipples were this morning. They were hard and larger than they were ever before. They stuck out almost an inch and came to a very definite point on the end. Just touching them with the washcloth sent a jolt of electricity through his pulsing dick. He washed the soap from his body and then pushed himself back in the tub. With one hand he reached under his mighty thigh and grabbed his balls dragging them down into the water. With his other hand he seized his massive tool and pulled it forward, sliding his tongue under the foreskin and tasting his pre-cum. The sensation passed through his entire body and he was about to begin stroking when he suddenly threw down his arms and splashed the bathwater everywhere.

“Goddamnit, why can’t I get Brice to do that?” Tears began streaming down his face and he pulled himself out of the tub. He looked down at his unsated penis and said, “Sorry buddy, you’re on your own.”

He marched over to the sink with his dick clearing a path before him and began to prepare his shave. ‘Well at least I won’t have to shave my chest today.’ As he studied himself, he decided that staying ahead of the growth was totally impossible. He compromised by deciding to keep a mustache and goatee which he could much more easily keep trimmed and then just be able to shave all the way down his cheeks and neck.

He was surprised just how nice and clean it looked. As he stood back and studied himself in the mirror, he decided that the light dusting of light brown hairs on his chest could stay. They outlined his physique perfectly. He checked out the wispy white hairs that salted his temples and decided that he was not going to try to cover it up. It’s the way it is now. There was no trace of fat anywhere on his body, but somehow it looked less ‘sharp’ than it did yesterday. He hated those muscle freaks anyway. He’d always hated being “a jock”. His body would never be anything else, at least before now.

He picked up the phone and called the gym. Instead of calling off sick for the day, he quit. ‘I’ll stay home and write a book’, he thought to himself. He pulled on the only pair of shorts that would now fit him and pulled the draw string loose. ‘I’m going to have to be comfortable with myself now. It’s way overdue.’


When Brice drove in to pick up the twins from work, he tried to surreptitiously ask where Leo was. Benjamin nudged his brother. Barnabus continued without looking up, “He’s back in the locker room. He came in to pick up his things. He quit his job today.”

Barnabus looked up to see what reaction his father might have to the news, but he wasn’t there. Benjamin nudged Barnabus again and the two laughed, “I don’t think dad’s going to be alone much longer.” “I think you’re right.”

Brice opened the door to the locker room and strode by Trent who was stammering some sort of ‘hello’ at him. He was totally ignored. When Leo saw Brice come into view, he pushed himself on the seat and leaned forward. Brice stood there, his face turning red, his slacks tented out, smiling down at Leo. He was utterly speechless.

Leo smiled up at him and said in a very husky voice, “Please don’t tell me that you don’t like older men.” •

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