What I am about to tell you, is something I am never going to forget. I can’t tell anyone else about my “phenomenon.” No one would EVER possibly believe me! Promise not to laugh but… I actually went into the future and lived it. I’m serious! This isn’t a joke! I’ll tell you everything what happened that day.

It all started one day when I was goofing off after school, down the street with my friend, Eric. Eric and I always have been the best of friends. A rumor was going around about a murder that happened on a mountain hilltop up town. I was never into the whole "Mystery" bit, but Eric, yeah, he always like mysteries, especially SCI. Eric and I was bored to death came 4:00 p.m. "What do you want to do now?" I said with a sigh. "I don't know. Nothing's on T.V, and we've beat every one of our video games. Hey! I know, How about we go to that mountain!?" Eric said loudly. I already know what mountain he was talking about. "No, Eric...” "Aww, c'mon! Look what if we did caught the killer and...” "No!! We’re just kids remember!" I said before he finished. "Fine, then...” He got up and starts riding his skateboard to the mountain top. "Eric!!" I yelled. Of course he ignored me, and kept going. "Why do you always do this..?" I said to myself. (Sigh) I guess he leaves me with no choice then.

I went back to my house and I slammed the door behind me. "If he wants to capture that guy that badly, let him." I thought. I picked up the remote, and sat down on the couch. Already on the T.V. was another of those Old Scooby-Doo reruns. I change the channel to TV Guide, to see if anything was actually decent enough to watch. As I watch, I thought to myself what if something bad happen to him up there? What if the killer gets Eric!? Would I be able to live with myself? Will I always be carrying a burden on my shoulders of his death? The thought tortured me the rest of the hour.

The next morning, was a day I never forget. It seems that I must have fallen asleep watching TV Guide. (Or so I thought.) I took a big yawn, and fully stretched myself out along my bed. As I scratched away the crust in my eyes, I looked around this unknown room of someone’s. I looked down and saw I was not in my old body, but of a new, older version of myself. I moved my hands around my face to make sure I was in full control. I also moved my legs up and down for further proof. The strangest thing though wasn’t the fact I look older, in another room, or even how I ended up here, was that I felt…well, nothing. I had no care of me being older, I didn’t care I was in a mysterious room, nothing.

I leaned over my bed, and put on my house shoes, like I knew they were there all along. I got up, and picked a dirty towel off the middle of my room, and headed into the shower. While in the shower, I examined my “New” body, as I wash myself thoroughly with clean soup. The first notice was the Growth change and the change in my feet as well. I found myself (to which my surprise) pretty muscular, I had nice abs, and a fine chest. I had light chest hair starting at the middle and going down to my bushier pubic hair. I also had hair on my arms, and a lot of hair going down my legs. It all kind of itched, although I quickly got used to the change. I looked as if I was just over 27, which I’m technically not. I proceeded to my face. I could feel that my chin has sharpened a bit, and my face was a lot bigger. I was also pretty rugged, and I said to myself in a deeper voice “Yep, I think it’s time for a shave?” "Shave?” I thought to myself. “I didn’t know how to shave! Heck, I almost cut myself with a pair of scissors once, when I was young. When I was young!? I am still young, right? And when did I ever cut myself with scissors before!? What in the world is happening!?!” My body still continued to wash itself, while “I” was beginning to have a nervous breakdown.

I turned the shower off, and then proceeded to the mirror cabinet getting out my razor. I put on shaving cream, and began. Each second that went by as I look in the mirror at myself shaving, I started to calm myself down. Still, it was strange looking at me shaving, like I did this my entire life. Heh, I remember my first time I started shaving when I was 15. I wanted to have a really thick beard back then. Again, I brought up something that never really happened. These memories….. These are my “New” memories... I’m now a whole different person, and there was probably no going back.

I decided to dive further down into my memories. There, I saw my first kiss with my girlfriend a long time ago. It still remember the moment to, like I was blissfully drifting away into a warm peaceful promise land. I also remember the time I first drove my dad’s car when I was 16. Man, was I busted that night for reckon’ it. As much as the good memories felt, there are always those bad ones, like when I first broke my leg, when I was 5. This I “do” remember. The pain was so unreal that it was like all hell broke loose. There was also my first time I got in a fight at school when I was 14. I loss that fight, horribly, so much, that I had to go to the hospital to treat my bumps and bruises. Then, there was the most sorrowful, painful memory of them all. The night when Eric died… “What!? Eric died!? When? How?” I thought. I look deeper into that memory. He died the day after he went to the mountain on top of the hill. For some reason, I couldn’t possible remember how he died. I didn’t even have the heart to go to his funeral that day. I just couldn’t bear seeing my best friend dead. Hmm, it seems this incident was the entire reason how come I continued to train myself.

I turned the water nozzle off, and lifted my hands to feel my smooth, yet clean face. Yeah, I was ready to put my clothes on. While I was putting my clothes on something just… happened. My body reacted this time to. I, well, “It” stopped and hesitated for awhile (Sigh) “It seems like I’m still having those child hood dreams about Eric.” “Look, that’s all in the past now, I’m grown, and I can take it like a man.” ‘I know!” I thought. “Here I am 28 years old, and yet I still think about his death. Huh? What the..?” Before I could finish, everything came to me at once. I knew how to drive, how to cook, where was my job at, even everyone I knew there. Eh? That was really weird... Okay, I remember I came home from work really late last night, got some beers and fell asleep. That’s probably how come I feel like shit now. Oh, yeah, that dream I had last night...” I shook my head. “I rather not think about it. I need to hurry and get ready for work now.” I still never really understand what happen then. It felt like “I” was combining with my new adult memories, attitude, and personality. Everything before that felt like I dream. I was now my “Complete Adult.”

The rest of the day felt very routine for me. All the new gear, gadgets, cars, technology, didn’t affect me. As I drove down the road, a cop’s motorcycle siren was heard behind my car, gaining up towards me. “Shit!” I said loudly. The cop and I slowed down at the side of the road. He slowly got off his motorcycle, and walked toward my side window like some poseur badass. (Sigh) “What’s the problem officer?” “O’ Nothin’. Jus wonderin’ how cume yer goin’ over fifty (50) on a ferty (30) mile speed zone.” “Look, the max on my gauge says I was barely going over 40 all day!” “You know how technology be wacky these days. I’m afraid I’m goner hafta taka ponder at yer License Please.” “Ugh, fine!” I gave him my license from my wallet. He examined it like he never seen a license before. “Please, step outta the car sir, and put yer hands over yer head.” “This is bullshit! I didn’t do anything wrong!” “Keep Quiet...” He thoroughly patted me from my legs down, and back. He turned me around, and repeated. He continued this 5-6 times. “Officer, I really need to be going now.” He stopped right at my butt. “Hold yer horses. It seems like you, got sum concealed weaponry. I’m afraid yer gonna have to pull down yer pants for ferther... examination.” I turned to him with a clear “No.” “If’n you don’t...” He then pulled out his handcuffs and twirled it around his fingers... I then took off my belt and pulled down everything except the underwear. “There! Happy?” He looked at amazement at my crotch and whistled. “The pants!” I said impatiently “……….O-oh, Yeah! The pants...” He crouched down for the pants, but still his eyes were aiming directly at my crotch. “You like it don’t ya?” He handed me my pants, and I quickly put them back on. “Heh, yer clear this time. Jus make sure ya stay outta trouble, ya here?” He walked back to his motorcycle, and rode off. “Finally!” I relieved. As I was getting back into my car, I notice that he never really did give me a ticket. “Ugh, What a horny cop."

After a hard day at work. I came home and quickly undressed to just an Undershirt and Underwear. I got a cold Balls-EXTREME from my frig and lay down on my couch and watched T.V. Since it was a commercial break, I laid upwards and looked at the ceiling day-dreaming once again. I thought of everything that day, my work day, my work itself, and the cop. Funny thing is I kind of liked it when the cop searched me…!?!?...Whatever... I turned the T.V. off and decided to just fall asleep. I wonder what the next day would bring me… •

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