One Ring To Grow It All

By greeneear88

Jason was a teen with a dream: to have to biggest body with a cock to match. He was already built a bit, but he wanted to be just like the pictures in the gay magazines that he kept under his matress.

Yes, Jason was gay, but he didnt care. He was out in the open and his father, who was his only family left, pretty much encouraged him to be as gay as he wanted to be. His father worked at a gym and always brought home powders and bars for Jason to try out.

Jason arrived home one day to see his Father's face smiling at him. "Hey sport!"

"Hey dad"

"Hey...uh...say, you always wanted to be big, right?"

"What do you have now, dad?"

His dad produced a gold colored ring. "I got this from a scientist of mine. He says it adds muscle by working your muscles out at a molecular level. you don't even have to work out!"

"And he gave it to you, why?"

"well, i was telling him about you, and he gave me this to give to you!"

Jason looked skeptical, but he took the ring anyway. "Too bad it wont enlarge my dick and balls, eh dad?"

His dad just laughed. "Just put it on, and twist it."

Jason put on the ring on his middle finger, and twisted it. He felt tired all of a sudden. "Dad....i think i'll lie down."

"Ok sport! Dinner's in 2 hours."

Jason crawled into his bed, and slept.

An hour later, he woke up, feeling a bit strange. He walked up to the miror in his mirror, and was amazed at the sight!

He looked like he gained 50 pounds of muscle! His biceps looked like mountains to him, his abs showed more, and his pecs bulged out. He noticed that his pecs weren't the only thing that bulged out. He noticed that his dick and balls fit snug in his underwear.

"Sport!! Dinner in an hour!"

Jason was about to answer when he felt sleepy again. He sat in his beanbag, and fell back to sleep.

Another hour later, he woke to the sight of his father in the doorway.

"I guess it really did work, now didn't it sport?"

Jason looked in the mirror again. His body had transformed into a bodybuilder of his dreams. His 15 inch cock was throbbing in his underwear. He looked at his ring. He couldn't wait to grow more! •

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