Advanced Computer Program

By OmegaPrime

It was a tiring week for Drake. School was getting to him; all the teachers giving a hell of alot of projects that seemed impossible to finish. Not only that but the finals were a few weeks away as well. He couldn't wait to get out of this life.

He was a major sports fan and player himself at 17 years old, but he never really had the body of one. Always being short and skinny himself, he still played.

One thing that he liked to do was to play on his computer, especially on the internet. One day, while he was at the walking home, a new store had opened up a few blocks away from his house. He decided to see what they had, and went in. It smelled of a new store, like the smell of a new car. Many shelves crowded the store, with posters about new games, software, and upcoming things. No one was at the clerks desk, so he went about looking at what they had. He found a game that he heard was good, and decided to buy it. The clerk came from the back of the shop and sold him the game.

When he got home, he immediately went to his computer and installed the program. What was strange was that the installation window looked different than all the others he was used to seeing from the internet downloads. He shruged and move on. When it finished, the computer screen flashed and the monitor went blank. The CPU was still running, but the monitor wasn't. He pressed the power button a few times, and it came back on, this time he saw something that shocked him.

It was a program from a Scientist's Lab. The name of the scientist wasn't on it tho. He pressed on with the program and found some strange options on it.





The Future icon interested him. He clicked on it. A small window opened up and it looked like the lens of a camera, and it shot a photo of him. He blinked in confusion, and the window infront of him change to a naked portrait of him. On the left side, it showed current statistics and a blank space next to it. A small "Next" option appeared on the bottom of the screen and he clicked it.

What looked like a timeline appeared on top of his picture, and it showed a arrow at 17, meaning his current age on the photo. Soon enough, the picture started changing... and the arrow was going higher in digits.

His picture showed that his face had become more defined and toned. The picture grew taller, his chest had become a little more muscular, and so did his arms and legs. His package hung lower and thicker. The picture then stopped to show a older version of himself. The arrow stopped at 25. So this is how he would look like when 25? But, how would the computer know such a thing. The blank space next to the statistics then showed in the new stats for his future self. He had grown a small amount according to the data.

He was rather disappointed that he didn't look more muscular, or taller, or bigger. He went back to the main menu, and next clicked on "Growth"

Again, the same procedure went, up until the picture. It showed his current body once again, and this time, the left side became a system of links. They all read the different sections of the body; "Head, Middle section, Lower Section, Overall"

He clicked on Lower Section, and a new link page popped up.






Since his feet were rather small, compared to his dad's, he clicked on Feet. The picture zoomed in to his size 8 feet, and a gauge appeared below the picture. He clicked and drage the guage icon to the right, landing it on size 12. A new icon, "Proceed?" appeared, and he clicked it out of curiosity.

He looked as the picture itself grew his digital feet. It stopped at a size 12, and it looked rather well with his body. Just then, he felt a sharp pain in his feet. He looked down and began groaning in pain. His shoes were getting too small on him, but, his enlarging feet fixed that problem by just ripping through them. He yelled in pain as his shoes fell to peices next to these giant's feet that now he owned. He was amazed as what just happened, even thought it did hurt like hell.

He never thought anything like this could happen. He looked back at the computer and a "Save" and "Back" buttons appeared. He clicked on save, and the screen flashed and went back to the "Growth" Menu.

He liked the thought that he could alter his body this way, and proceeded at the fun ahead.

He clicked on "Crotch" and again the picture zoomed to his crotch area. What little endowment he had, but he knew he could change that. He clicked on the dropdown menu to "Increase Overall - Double", and clicked "Proceed".

Another sharp pain occured in his crotch. He cringed in pain, as it probably did hurt alot! He could feel his dick growing longer, but it felt like pain and pleasure was being mixed into one. He took off his pants and shorts and saw it. He was in pleasure just looking at his dick becoming ever more endowed. He moaned and groaned, and nearly fell off his chair. He went to his bed and lay down, recieving the pain it brought. His black boxer briefs were being stretched far that it looks almost abnormal, but he didn't care, not like anyone would see this. Soon enough, it all stopped and he lay there, enjoying the added length this his member. He smiled and went to upgrade more.

He went to "Overall" and clicked on the "More muscle mass", and "More Muscle definition", and clicked proceed.

His body went in an allout rage of pain. He fell to the floor, as his body was adding muscle, making him heavy. He wa able to get ontop of his bed, but the pain was too much for him. He looked down, and saw that his chest was growing outward, forming into two large plates. His abs grew bumpy and became more toned, becoming the ever-famous Washboard abs that all the other guys on the team had. His arms started to bulge outward, creating a "hill" in the middle of his arm, he looked more like the running quarterback, Josh. His back inflated and shaped into the "V" form. His legs tighten and grew with power, like if he had been running 1000 miles without stopping. It all stopped.

He heaved with short breathe, and he looked down at his body. He almost had a orgasm right there and then by just looking at his body. He looked like a mix between a Model and a very active sports player. Looks like he doesn't have to worry about those projects now. He went to click on "Save" but this time, the computer showed another option which read "Alter?" He didn't know what that was for... but he clicked on it either way. He felt very sleepy all of a sudden. he yawned and was knocked out cold.

He woke up in his bed, with only his underwear on. He looked around the unfamiliar room now. The room was alot bigger now. He looked around and saw the computer, which looked the same.

It said "Alteration of Life to new body complete" and it shut down. He was alarmed at what happened, but he loved it.

" I think im going to like my new life" he thought to himself and went to check out his room and his new life. •

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