Turnville Turnips, The


By Id

At school, Dan found himself sitting in the office. He had driven in to school, though he could barely see over the dash board. He had waked up this morning a boy of no more than 12 or 13 years old. He had freaked out, but there he was, just as he had looked at that age, muscle a little more developed than most kids at that age, but underdeveloped everywhere else: mostly hairless, squeaky voice, adolescent-hormone-induced-prone-to-temper-tantrum. No one had recognized him except the secretary, except she remembered him as a newly enrolled freshman! He hadn’t dared to try to explain to her who he really was, and had answered timidly every time she asked a question about himself.

“Alright, now…” she shuffled through some papers “…Dan, er, do you prefer Dan or Danny?” Her tone was amazingly condescending.


“Alright, Danny.” She continued as if he hadn’t spoken. “Now, Coach Norton has asked you to sit and wait in his office till he arrives, do you know where his office is?” She asked in her patronizing tone.

“But I’m-“ Dan stopped, there were no sports at Turnville except soccer, apparently he had been replaced already!! He became panicked.

“Yes deary?”

“I..I know where the office is.” He said looking away from her eyes. He was feeling angry, angry and panic stricken. The secretary squinted over her glasses.

“Oh do you now? I’d be very surprised. Maybe I’ll call one of the Sophomores to help show you around today, it must be hard starting High School a year early. The Older boys will be sure to help you out.” She reached for the intercom phone.

“No!! I can find it myself!! I KNOW where it is, alright!!” Dan got that teenager ‘I’m-always-right-and-the-world-is-such-a-cruel-place-and-shit-I’m-not-a-baby-so-just-leave-me-alone-to-my-dark-anxsty-thoughts!’ feeling that no adult really remembers but every adult recognizes when they hear it. The secretary insisted on at least escorting him to the Coach’s office. (Dan’s old office consequently, just the way he left it.) He sat down in a chair as the secretary stepped into the hall and slowly closed the door. The door was just about to click shut when the secretary let it stop.

“Oh, Coach Norton, there you are, Danny the new student is waiting for you inside.”

“Thank you” ushered a gruff voice from the other side of the door. “He give you any trouble?”

“Oh no, you know their age! Can be such a trifle sometimes!” she gave a little knowing laugh “To tell you the truth I think he thought I was talking down to him a bit, its just he looked so helpless wandering into school this morning, and someone his age should really be in seventh or eighth grade!”

The gruff voice (sounded like it came from a big man) gave a chuckle “What about the other boys, have they gotten here yet?”

“No, I don’t think so. I’ll send ‘em when I see them.”

“Thank you, now I need to get something done before I talk to all of them, excuse me.” Dan heard the footsteps walking off. A few moments later the door crept slowly open and Nick walked in. Dan jumped to his feet.

“You!! You did this didn’t you!!” He lunged for Nick, who easily held him back. Dan was now looking up to Nick, and the boy’s much older much stronger arms were repelling his small adolescent ones.

“Now settle down!” Nick answered smiling, the arms soon stopped flailing a little and Nick’s eyes traveled down Dan’s new smaller frame. “My God, what are you wearing!?” He laughed. Indeed Dan was dressed rather oddly, the only thing that morning that he could find to fit him was a pair of plaid boxers and a shirt that was supposed to be skin tight, both hung loosely and made for a rather odd ensemble. “If you just wouldn’t have gone berserk and playing with your little dick this morning you would have found my note, and a set of clothes. Dan’s jaw dropped, Dan had indeed gone berserk, then he had felt a little excited, and before he knew it he was beating off his little cock with abandon.

“How did you…How did you know that I…did-“ His voice cracked, and Nick smothered a giggle. Dan felt enraged again. “You BASTARD!! Why did you do this to me!! Why did you ruin my life!” Nick’s face went serious.

“If you will recall, my pre-pubescent friend, you asked me to help the soccer team improve, you also made a very important comment about how you wish they would play like you played when you were young. Now you have the chance to show them. It was all in the note if only you would have looked.” Just then the door pushed open and in strutted Chris, collar of his yellow and white striped polo shirt tipped up, three buttons left unbuttoned showing the beginnings of the cleft between his pecs. Of course the shirt was so tight it didn’t leave much to the imagination, every ab and both nipples stood out perfectly. He gave Nick a huge bear hug when he saw him and started shouting and wooping like a little boy at Christmas. Dan’s jaw dropped again, harder this time. He clearly recognized Chris but this new Chris was…well he was built!! Chris squeezed Nick and lifted him off the ground in his excitement.

“Woah!” Nick laughed “Easy there stud!” Chris set him down and Nick laid a hand on Chris’ ass “Ooo! What have we here!” Chris grinned and wiggled his eyebrows, letting his arms dangle over Nick’s shoulders. Dan looked away quickly. Chris noticed the movement and stared at Dan.

“Well hey there! My names Chris, what’s your name?” Chris stretched out his hands and squatted next to Dan’s chair. Nick answered before Dan could start screaming obscenities or making an ass out of himself.

“Chris, this is the freshman formerly known as Coach Dan. Guess he’s Danny around here now from what I’ve heard.” Dan was left speechless. Chris’ face went pale and he withdrew his hand looking away. Chris had always had great respect for the coach, and maybe a little crush, and maybe he masturbated every now and then thinking about being fucked by Coach Dan. But either way he had respected his elder immensely, and felt very awkward in his new body in front of his Coach in his. Nick smiled all through the uncomfortable silence that followed. The door opened again and in stumbled little Cody, with Aaron right behind him.

“Come on! There ya’ little dipshit, was that so hard?” Aaron barked at Cody. In a moment both looked up and a smile split Aaron’s face. “Hey! Nick! Look who I found trying to hide in the locker room! Wow he’s a snappy little runt! Hey Chris! Holy shit man you look fuckin’ awesome! Woah, Coach.” For some reason Aaron had had no trouble in recognizing the diminutive Dan. He squatted down in front of the new Freshman. Dan shrank back into the chair before the formerly gentle giant. Aaron pinched the peach fuzz under Dan’s chin “Looks like I got all the facial hair you lost, little man.” He winked and pulled lightly at the shirt “Little small for a freshman, but don’t worry bud, you’ll grow into it!” Dan blushed with embarrassment and anger.

“F-fuck off!” he stutterd, eyes glaring .

Cody stood in the corner looking up at Nick, who was smiling in the direction of the other boys, he could remember looking down at Nick, now Nick looked enormous. And Aaron, Aaron was a muscle tower. When he heard the locker room door open, Cody had tried to hide inside one of the lockers. He had left the door slightly open. Aaron must have seen the door swing, but he walked right to Cody’s locker and slammed the door, trapping Cody inside. Cody had screamed and ranted and raved and called for help from someone stronger and bigger than him, but all the while he could only think about how he had always made nasty comments about Aaron being such a wimp on the field, to his face, behind his back. Cody was finally allowed out when he was instructed to say that Aaron was a ‘hot fuckin’ stud’ and that he wanted to worship his muscle.

“Well,” said Nick “Now we’re just waiting for Mike to show up, shouldn’t be long now.”


Mike had been spotted by a few friends sneaking into the school that morning. He looked over his shoulder every couple of seconds and gave short, frenzied replies to anyone who approached him. Quickly he shoved a plasticy bulky package into his locker and slammed it shut as some people walked past, a note slipped out, towards the end of the scribbled writing some may have noticed the line: ‘…a gift to get you started’. Mike snatched up the letter and tore it thoroughly. He had gotten the summons to go to some Coach Norton’s office, but had a sneaky suspicion Nick would be there, and he never EVER wanted to see Nick again. He ignored the summons. 2nd hour he sat at a computer typing an English report, a moment later he sneezed. He stood up to go and get a Kleenex. Luckily he had lightened up a little, and had returned to his old jock strut. As he stood wiping his nose facing the rows and rows of computer desks, people began to stare. At about the same moment he felt a strange twinge, and the Study Hall monitor whispered something like ‘holy fuck’. A few people snickered. A huge dark wet spot was slowly spreading from Mike’s crotch, and he felt the warm piss dribble down the back of his leg and drip on the carpet. He couldn’t stop! The warm liquid was forcefully shooting itself out of his now wet dick. He just stared at his soaking jeans. He rushed from the room. Sprinting down the empty hallway he flung open his locker and grabbed the bulky package from inside and sprinted to the locker room.

Nick glanced at his watch “Now, gentlemen and boys: to the locker room.” They all filed slowly down to the boy’s locker room until Nick stopped them. “Chris why don’t you go in first, Mike’s gonna need your help.” Chris looked puzzled but opened the door and stepped. In.

There in the middle of the floor of the locker room, Mike was lying on his back. His pants and briefs were slung over a bench. Chris stopped for a moment to take in the sight of Mike’s naked lower half. Next to Mike’s head was a package torn open which read: Adult Diapers. Mike was straining and twisting his body every which way trying to put one of the before mentioned diapers on himself. His neck strained as he raised his head trying to focus on complicated Velcro clasps. He noticed Chris in the doorway staring and flung his hands over his crotch area, eyes wide with fear.

“Chris! I woke up this morning in a puddle of my own piss!! Its...Nick…Nick left a note that said I needed to learn…learn dependence on others and, please don’t tell anyone!” Chris looked another few seconds. Mike looked pathetic lying on the floor with his hands covering his jewels, sitting in an open diaper he couldn’t figure out how to work. Chris sighed.

“Here, let me help you with that.” Mike was so worn down from his two ordeals that he simply let his hands fall to the side and lay his head back. Chris knelt down between his legs. All Mike’s pubic hair was matted down and wet with piss, his muscular thighs and calves, all slick with pee. And the absorbent surface of the diaper had begun to turn dark where Mike’s wet and flaccid cock and balls touched it. Chris got some toilet paper. He rubbed the TP up and down Mike’s strong thighs to soak up the urine.

“Here, lift your legs up so I can clean you up.” Chris said a little forcefully. Mike lifted his legs and Chris pushed them up almost to Mike’s shoulders. He rubbed the underside of Mike’s legs, trying to dry up the coarse hairs with one hand, gently squeezing Mike’s calf muscle with his other hand. Mike smelled like sweat and urine, and he blushed profusely as Chris shoved the TP into his butt-crack to make sure everything was dry. He set Mike’s legs back down. He cupped the balls with a fresh paper towel and rubbed gently, maybe holding on just a little too long. Chris sighed again shaking his head.

“Man Mike, tough deal.”

“Damn right it’s a tough deal, you get to be fuckin’ superman and I can’t control my bladder functions. You son- of-a-bitch.” But Mike soon stopped, its hard to even insult people when they’re cleaning off you dick after you pissed yourself. Chris took a long time squeezing and rubbing and peeling back Mike’s foreskin, at last he was done.

“Okay, now for the diaper.” He gripped the inside of Mike’s thighs right next to ball sac and pushed the legs further apart to straddle the diaper. He laid his hand on Mike’s love handles, gripping him firmly with new and stronger hands, he slid his hands tenderly up underneath Mike’s tight red tank top, pushing the shirt away from his waist. Chris relished the feel of submissive Mike’s abs sliding under his thumbs. And his hands paused on Mike’s torso for a moment before he lifted the diaper and had it tightly strapped . He stood up and offered a hand to Mike to help him up. The rest of the group picked that moment to walk in the door. Mike was about to dash to hide when Nick held up his hand.

“It’s alright, I already told them all about it.” Mike simply hung his head. He was quite the spectacle, the red tank top clung to his body showing off his well defined chest, hard bare biceps taut because his fists were clenched, and his famously muscular thighs now protruding from a tight fitting (yet somewhat bulky) diaper. Mike patted Chris on the shoulder and Dan thought he saw the bulge in Chris’s tight pants twitch.

“Now that we’re all here,” continued Nick “I will explain a few things.” A couple of the guys moved to benches to sit down. Cody sat down on the bench next to Aaron, but Aaron merely shoved him to the floor to make way for Chris to sit down. Mike thought he might be more comfortable standing for now. Nick continued:

“First of all, all of this has been done to help the Turnville Turnips develop a better playing atmosphere, but I promise it is not all about soccer. Now, some of you are younger, some of you are older, and some of you just have a few...modifications.” Nick smiled gently as all eyes subconsciously turned to Mike. “The younger of you will have to stay with the older. Chris, you are going to start living in Dan’s house as the owner, you are now Danny-boy’s caretaker.”

“WHAT!” Dan shouted, his boy face turning red “that’s my house! I can live there by myself! I can take care of myself!!”

“Yes, idiot, but you can’t drive yourself anywhere, and the car and house are now in Chris’s name. But don’t worry, the paper work at the school all say that you are 12 year old Danny who skipped eighth grade because of your exceptional brilliance and are entering High School mid year as a freshman. And don’t worry Chris, your parents have both had their minds programmed to accept this change as if you have always been this way. Moving along, Aaron, you will continue to live at you current lakeside house, but your parents moved away to Florida two years ago leaving you alone in the house. Cody, you will live with Aaron. Oh and by the way, Chris and Aaron, you are both 23 but the school believes you to be 18, anywhere else but here you will be recognized as 23. Now, since Mike requires constant attention, he will come live with me.” Mike’s face flushed again.

“Now as to the Soccer team. The team has always been based on you four seniors, but Danny will replace Cody as Striker, the rest of you will resume your previous positions to better effect I think. Cody, you get to be the official ball-boy and team mascot.”

“Hey! That’s not fair!” Cody squeaked, tears coming to his eyes again “I was a fucking awesome player! You can’t-“ Cody was suddenly lifted off the floor by strong arms and plopped onto Aaron’s expansive lap. Aaron gripped him around the middle roughly and whispered in his ear that he should shut the hell up unless he wanted to clean toilets with his tongue. Nick continued.

“Now, because of a few choice changes, I have found you a new coach, you’ve probably all heard of Coach Norton by now, but you won’t meet him until this afternoon at soccer practice…Now we’d better get to class, Cody, you go to the faculty nursery, and Mike if you need someone to change you, come find one of us.” With that Nick whirled around and stepped out the door.


Danny got through the first two classes of the day well enough, being a freshman now he didn’t really have a lot of choice what classes to take. In the locker room for frosh-phy ed, Danny noticed all around him the other boys not ashamed to drop their pants to change into new shorts, some even stood around talking to each other completely naked. In a gym, Dan never used to be afraid to get naked in front of other guys. Maybe it was because all these other guys had way more hair and way bigger cocks than he did, one of the freshman that he used to tease about having hairless ‘freshman’ legs came up behind him and put him in a full nelson when Danny finally worked up the courage to get naked. Of course, they all thought he was just some kid. The English teacher, a man who Danny used to hang out with considerably, seemed to think he was a slacker and chewed him out after class, Danny had talked back like a hot shot little kid, but the older man’s commanding bass tone soon won out over Danny’s cracking voice. But all in all he had a pretty good day, having already graduated and taught High School, learning freshman level courses was a breeze. He really did seem to be the genius little frosh.

About 3:00, the whole team of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and of course the seniors was stretching out in the middle of the field. Chris as one of the seniors was leading stretches, Cody was stomping around the sidelines filling up water bottles and getting soccer balls pumped. A old chevy pulled into one of the gravel parking spaces next to the field. The man who stepped out of the truck was 6’2”, looked to be in his thirties, and a baseball cap shaded his piercing blue eyes, the beard on his face was coarse and dense, though not too thick. A simple white t-shirt seemed barely able to cover the expanse of his chest, and every muscle showed rigid as steal underneath. He walked like he had nothing to prove, and he walked with the confidence of a god. Coach Norton.

“All right boys!! Enough Pansy ass stretching! Wind sprints, I wanna see you boys puking your lunch out cuz yer runnin’ so hard! What the hell are you waiting for! Get the fuck going!!” Every member of the team took off, Norton’s voice shook them to the core, he seemed to go out of his mind screaming commands but never losing his composure. Next came Indian runs, then enduros, then push ups for what seemed like an eternity. Aaron and Chris seemed to pump them out like nothing, but Danny had thrown up already and had been yelled at to get going again. Sweat was pouring off of Aaron like a waterfall, and he had already removed his shirt. His big muscles strained tirelessly cranking out push-up after push-up, a fine coating of sand now mingled with the sweat and hair on his chest and stomach, giving him once again that ‘dirty farm hunk’ look. Norton was now yelling in Danny’s ear, and Danny was almost crying now, trying to choke back the tears was making the push-ups even harder, so he finally let out a great sob and continued, Coach Norton’s hand on the small of his back offered resistance to his every attempt. Finally the Coach relented.

During the water break, the Coach called the five boys to him. Aaron immediately began to smile when they got closer.

“Nick!” Coach Norton grinned. Chris and Danny chuckled, Mike looked confused.

“But….What the hell…” He squinted hard. Coach laughed.

“That’s right Coach Norton, Nick Norton. C’mon Mike, if I can turn you into a diaper wetting man baby how hard do you think it is for me to change myself into this?”

It turned out that Nick, or Coach as he was now called, knew his stuff about soccer, the drills they did that afternoon were revolutionary by any standards, and he kept the boys working so hard they had no time to think that the might lose tommorow’s game. Danny even had to admit to himself finally that Coach Norton was indeed a much better coach than he. And after a double practice, the team wearily but hopefully left the field.

Aaron, sweaty shirt slung over his shoulder, strolled over to the sidelines where a dejected Cody was kicking a ball up against the fence.

“’kay squirt, lets get you outta here so you don’t miss your bedtime.” Cody pouted but followed about five yards behind Aaron to the car. He climbed into the passenger seat and before he could realize what was happening, Aaron’s sweaty, dirty chest stretched in front of his face as Aaron grabbed the seat belt and buckled Cody in. They said nothing on the ride home.


Danny instinctively reached into his pocket to get his car keys, they were not there. It suddenly dawned on him that Chris had taken his keys, rather, they were now Chris’s keys. Chris tried to get Danny talking about something, or anything that would make the ride easier, but Danny would give only short one word replies. Staring, out the window, Danny would steal sidelong glances at Chris. He couldn’t believe how much muscle he’d put on. Chris’s jaw seemed set with a new determination, his bare chest heaved up and down against the seat belt strap.

Almost as soon as he walked into the house, Danny noticed the small box sitting next to the door. The note on it said blah blah blah – a gift to get you started. Inside were new clothes and leaning on the wall was a bike to get to school with. Chris said he was going to bed early and he didn’t want Danny up without supervision, so Danny grudgingly trudged off to bed too. Walking into his room, he found Chris already undressed to his jock-strap sitting on his bed. The pouch was absolutely bulging, and the strap seemed to hold and hug every line beautifully.

“Oh, sorry Dan-er-Coach, but the bed in the guest room is pretty small and…” He trailed off. Danny yelled something nasty and stomped into the guest room. This really hurt Chris’s feelings. He still respected the former man, and hadn’t wanted to offend him. He already felt bad enough taking over his life. He decided the best thing to do was to apologize. The bed creaked as he stood up. When he walked into the guest room, there was Danny struggling unsuccessfully with the zipper on his new jeans. Muttering curses, and tugging at it as he was, he didn’t notice Chris step into the room, as before in naught but his jock-strap. When he looked up, Chris was casually leaning against the doorframe with his arms folded, a stance that looked very patronizing (though it wasn’t meant to). Chris walked quickly over to the teen and knelt in front of him, a few tugs from his powerful hands and the zipper came down. Chris very naturally clenched the seat of the jeans and pulled them slowly down, hands running over Danny’s butt, thighs, and calves before pulling them off. Its hard to say who was more embarrassed, neither wanted to make eye contact with the other. Chris hurriedly left the room.


Finally arriving at Aaron’s house, Cody took some abusive coaxing to get inside. Aaron fixed a really decent meal, Cody would have none. Aaron offered to rent a movie, Cody told him to go to hell. Cody was adapting to his new role of little kid by using the same tricks he had used when he was a jock: be as RUDE as possible and never shut up. Aaron sat on the couch next to Cody and offered to watch something Cody wanted to watch.

“I don’t wanna watch anything dammit!” Cody screamed and flew at the TV knocking it to the ground.

“CODY!” Aaron’s voice boomed through the little house “GET OVER HERE!” Cody was so stunned he staggered to the enraged giant. Aaron forcefully grabbed Cody and spread him face down across his knee, Cody panicked when he felt his pants ripped down. Aaron continued yelling “That’s enough you little bitch! I’ve had enough of your fucking lip, and your fucking smart ass!” A hand came down hard on Cody’s ass. He immediately began blubbering. The pain was barely remembered, but it was intense. Cody hadn’t been spanked since he was seven, and now that he was a little boy again he felt all the same pain and a doubled sense of humiliation and helplessness. The swats kept coming, making his little cheeks red. Finally Aaron stopped.

“Now get in the bathroom and take a shower!” Cody padded off into the bathroom shut the door and sat on the toilet sobbing for a few more minutes. The shower stall was small, and the water took a while to heat up. Cody pulled off his shirt and what was left of his torn pants and was about to step in when the door swung open. His hands went to cover his little pecker. A naked Aaron ambled in with a towel slung over his shoulder.

“Fer Chrissakes, its not like I’ve never seen it before! The showers only got enough hot water for one shower, so as long as you’re the little one, you get to share with the big boys.” He stepped into the shower behind Cody. Cody stood with his back to Aaron, getting wet only from the water that cascaded off of Aaron’s body. Aaron made some comment about him never getting clean that way and lifted him into the shower stream, soaped his entire body with his own big hands and then rinsed him off. As Aaron began soaping himself up Cody inched towards the edge of the shower. The quarters were uncomfortably close. But as Aaron shampooed his hair and shut his eyes, Cody risked a glance at Aaron’s bod. Aaron stumbled forward a bit and his flaccid cock smacked lightly on Cody’s cheek. Suddenly the water was off and Aaron was toweling him dry. Aaron wrapped the towel around his waist and bade Cody to go out the door.

“What about my clothes!!”

“Well your pants are pretty much torn to shreds and your shirt got soaked, we’ll get some new stuff in town tommorow, now GO!” Cody reluctantly opened the door. Aaron, still in his towel, opened the sleeper sofa in the living room.

“Its cooler out here at night, I usually sleep on the sleeper till winter comes. Hmm…too early for bed. Lets go for a walk on the beach.” Aaron made for the screen door, Cody screwed up his face.

“NO! I don’t have any clothes, I don’t want the neighbors seeing me!!”

“Ugh! Little nuisance!” in another moment Aaron’s big hand cupped Cody’s naked butt and lifted him up, balancing him against his own bare hairy chest. They walked down to the beach “Besides, you’re a little kid! No one cares if you’re naked! Stop being a fucking pansy!” They stood under the stars for a long while. Cody rear was warm and sturdy in the masculine hands, and his penis and chest were pushed against Aaron’s heaving abs and pecs. Slowly a sleepy sinking feeling came over him, and slowly his head sank against the warm bosom, and he faded off to sleep.

When he woke up he was nuzzled into Aaron’s side on the sofa-bed, Aaron’ s arm was wrapped around him. The bed had no sheets, but Cody was plenty warm lying next to Aaron. In the moonlight streaming through the window, Cody could see Aaron’s perfect body outlined in shimmering light. Cody slowly layed his hand on Aaron’s pec and hugged himself closer. His little naked penis was hard, but still small. He humped himself slowly into Aaron’s side. Aaron’s face was already full of stubble again, even though he had shaved after the shower. Through a tangle of thick pubic hair Cody saw Aaron’s huge cock stirring a little in his sleep. Cody’s cock had never been that big, even hard. Cody wiped a tear from his cheek by rubbing against Aaron’s chest, and he smelt the musky scent of a real man. He wondered what it must feel like: that cock. He was still rubbing his own dick into Aaron when he reached slowly putting his little hand around the huge cock. His fingers had to travel through the thick pubes, and the cock was heavy, and the balls were huge! He leaned over a little bolder, wrapping both tiny hand around Aaron’s manhood. His face got nearer and nearer, till finally his licked the large head. It was salty, and tasted like musk. Now sitting up, Cody felt his little prick bounce up and down. He leaned in again and put the head in his mouth. It was huge! And starting to get hard! The shaft started to expand and Aaron shifted a little in his sleep. Cody was getting excited tasting the man-meat, the harder it got the more he licked, up and down the shaft, sucking on the head, trying to get as much in his mouth as he could. As he got more excited he placed a hand on Aaron’s navel, pulled himself to a leaning position, and carefully sat on Aaron’s abdomen. He leaned way over to keep his mouth on the cock, he felt the heaving torso quicken its breath as he continued sucking cock. He ground his own little penis between two abs on Aaron’s stomach, feeling the rough hair on his smooth balls and ass. Suddenly, a hand on his shoulder, he stopped, but his heart was pounding a mile a minute: was he a fag? Was he ever this much of a man? would he get another spanking? Would he like another spanking? Would Aaron let him cuddle anymore? Cody felt the reverberation of Aaron’s voice in his balls:

“Its okay, keep it up little bro.” The hand on his shoulder rubbed gently and withdrew, Aaron letting out a content sigh and scratching an itch on his nipple as his personal minny cock sucker let out a happy moan and went at it again with reckless abandon.


The next day was the very first soccer game of the season, the other team was notorious for stomping on even top rated teams, Turnville was just a warm up for them. Only a few dedicated freshman moms showed up on the Turnville side, most knew better than to watch their team get smashed. The game looked grim from the start, the Pythons pushed ahead of the Turnip front line pretty early, their star goal scorer launched the ball at the goal: Aaron, new, improved, and gorgeous picked the ball out of the air like it was nothing, let out a roar threw the ball well over three quarters of the field, it was recovered by Chris (admittedly a little far up for his position) and the Turnips scored their first goal in years. The frosh moms went crazy, the Pythons, stared in horror.

The Turnips were going crazy with glee. The rest of the game was in the bag, goal after goal was scored by Mike and Chris. After a while Coach started pulling his first string and putting in the younger kids. They did almost as well! Danny hadn’t had a break the whole game, no substitutions, nothing, he felt his adrenaline and his hormones raging, he’d been knocked over by bigger Pythons the whole game, finally: a break in the defense one of the Turnip Sophomores was dribbling up the field, Danny dodged the brute who was guarding him, got the ball, shot……..The crowd went wild!! Danny shouted, jumped into the air! Celebrated! Coach Norton finally pulled him out of the game for a rest. There were five minutes left in the last quarter. Danny took a seat next to Chris, both were panting hard and sweaty. The second string kept up the pressure, the final whistle blew….The Turnip bench shot to its feet screaming victory! Score: 16:0!!!

Danny and Chris both shot up at the same time, Chris gave Danny a bear hug. In jubilation Danny pressed his face hard into Chris’s stomach. The sounds around them seemed to die away, as the smile slid from his face Chris felt Danny’s warm breath through the thin fabric of his soccer jersey. Danny’s mouth was slowly working over Chris’s hard and fired muscles. It roamed to where his abs met his pecs, and it sucked and lapped at both, but Danny never once looked up at Chris. Chris realized once again that his former coach was now held tightly in his strong arms, so small compared to the burly man Chris had had a crush on. Sucking on Chris’s muscles almost as if he couldn’t help it. Chris’s breathing became heavier, and his thick arms and big hands slid to rest on Danny’s ass, Danny took a nipple in his mouth and sucked hard, letting off a soft moan. He felt Chris cock expand against his stomach. Danny’s own cock had been hard since they’d first embraced. Chris’s firm hands kneaded his nylon covered ass and Danny squeezed the sweaty muscle stud closer with his own much thinner arms. Chris ground his member hard into Danny’s, and slowly lifted Danny’s chin. His hand cupped the back of Danny’s head and pulled him in for passionate kiss.

Danny and Chris stumbled into Danny’s old bedroom many minutes later, locked in another kiss. Danny felt like Chris had taken over his body, Chris forced his tongue deep into the back of his throat. Both already had tossed their shirts to the side in the living room, and all the way on the drive home Chris had kneaded Danny’s crotch with a single hand. Danny begged all the way to suck on Chris cock, but Chris said not till they got home. Now that their bare chests were together, lubricated by sweat, Danny thought he was going to die of lust before he got satisfaction. Chris’s huge hands had roamed all over his own smaller body, touching him in places he didn’t know could bring so much pleasure. He licked the sweat off every inch of exposed skin, loving the feeling of Chris guiding him where to suck, where to lick, where to nibble all over the rock hard glistening stomach and chest. He swirled his tongue over hard nipples, put both his lips and his mouth across pecs and pushing his tongue under the waste band of Chris’s soccer shorts trying desperately to get at his prize. Chris lifted him up like a rag doll and forced their mouths together again, grinding their cocks together hard. Chris pulled off Danny’s shorts and briefs and tossed him on the bed. Chris was thrilled, as long as he had been gay he had never had sex, and all his fantasies he had never dreamed it could be this good, and he hadn’t even gotten started yet. He stared down at his lover naked on the bed. His lover who had formerly been his big burly man’s man coach. Danny was panting and his body shone with sweat, a dusting of lightest pubic hair outlined his otherwise perfectly smooth penis, standing strait up and bobbing from time to time. His eyes were filled with lust. Chris felt a confident swagger come into his limbs as he stepped towards the bed, thumbs hooked into his shorts. Danny saw the white of Chris’s jock-strap peeking out from above the shorts and moaned, reached up for his man. Chris slid down everything keeping his cock from satisfaction. And jumped onto the bed rolling over with Danny in the throes of a dry hump till Danny lay on top of Chris, who now wore a playful grin as his hands explored Danny. One finger pushed quickly and teasingly at Danny’s ass hole, the other hand pinched an expose nipple. He flipped Danny over again and as they kissed and squirmed together harder and faster Chris shoved his cock into Danny’s mouth. He straddled the boy and his long cock slid in and out of Danny’s mouth. He used Danny’s mouth, fucking it seductively, slowly so that Danny would whimper and lick and suck hard to keep it in, then he would force it in fast and furious. He kneaded Danny’s chest all the while, “Oh fuck yeah, oh yeah, Uh…oh fuck. Yeah, lube it up, cuz its goin’ in your ass” Danny sucked harder, Chris teased him by pulling all the way out, Danny’s eyes became panicked and his tongue reached for what he wanted most in the world. Chris grabbed his shaft and slowly rubbed the pre-cum on Danny’s lips, coating them. Before Danny could lick it all off Chris French kissed him again, and Danny felt the pre-cum and saliva soaked cock slicken his smooth navel. Chris moved his way down Danny’s body, staying on top where he belonged, and lifted Danny’s legs into the air. Powerful hands gripped Danny’s thighs tightly, and the massive cock worked into his ass. “Oh Chris, oh god, I want you inside me so bad, I wanna feel that c-c-cock in, uhhh, inside me, oh please Chris, I want you to fuck me so bad!” His body thrashed up and down, but his ass and legs were still held in place by the sweating muscle bound stallion raping his cunt. Chris finally managed to get the whole length in, The boy’s ass felt so tight, so warm. Chris fucked in and out playing the same teasing game fucking Danny’s ass as his mouth. Sometimes he would hook his arms under Danny’s armpits and grasp his shoulders and pull himself into the ass, Danny felt Chris’s hot breath against his skin. Chris’s chest was pumping in and out as he fucked faster and faster locks of his sweaty hair dripping onto his chest before running off and dripping on Danny’s balls or in his ass. Danny cried louder and louder with each thrust, his formerly deep , manly voice now cracked as he begged to be fucked harder and harder. The man who fucked him had dominated his body, he wanted Chris inside him always. He waited for the moment when Chris’s massive cock would erupt and fill him with a gallon of cum. Chris’s cock throbbed inside him as it slammed into his prostrate, he thrust his hips to pleasure Chris more, Chris let out a low breath of pleasure. Danny felt his own body engage in a dry orgasm, his voice cracked and stayed in the high register as he called out and his cock went into spasms. Chris thrust hard, deep inside Danny’s tight young ass felt his cum bury continued to slide the still hard cock in and out of Danny’s used hole long into the night.


The next morning was a Saturday, Mike awoke to the buzzing of an alarm clock next to his pillow. He rolled over to turn it off an immediately wished he hadn’t. His diaper was full of shit, and now he’d just rolled in it. The smell was terrible. He threw back the covers. He was naked except for the diaper, and the door was closed. He didn’t want to move and risk soiling himself further. He lay in bed a few more agaonizingly embarrassing moments.

“Coach?!” He called out. His voice sounded way more pathetic then he was trying for. No sound from outside the door. “COACH!?” The door opened and Coach Norton stepped in, he wore nothing but a pair of boxers that looked like the might have fit the teenage Nick better than his beefed up alter ego. Coach just stared at him. “I…I need a change.” Said Mike, trying not to make eye contact.

“Oh, yeah, guess its been a pretty long night huh?” Coach strolled over to the drawer where he kept multiple boxes of baby wipes, he undid the diaper and began cleaning up. He was so much bigger and stronger than Mike that it seemed for a moment as if he really were cleaning a baby. A fresh diaper and then Coach dressed Mike in soccer shorts and a tank top. There was Saturday practice today…


Back at Chris’s new house, the muscle stud carried the still sleeping teenage Danny out to the car and gently set him inside, buckled him up and massaged his legs all the way to the soccer field.


The team was excited to continue practice, yesterdays victory had seemed to revive everyone’s sprits. But the coach didn’t let the victory give them an excuse to slack off. He worked them extra hard today, but everyone seemed to be able to take it better, most of all Danny. His wiry youthful muscles were getting stronger and bigger, he was getting faster, more aggressive, and generally better than everyone but Aaron and Chris and Mike. Cody was a little upset about serving water to the team when he felt he should have been contributing to the victory. And now that the team had adjusted to his new stature, no one was afraid of him anymore, and they took any opportunity to joke about him. One of the freshman caught Cody rifling through his clothes bag and fingering his dirty jock, on permission from Aaron the frosh bent Cody over his knee and gave him a few good swats to teach him not to play around with the big boys’ things. Cody begged him to stop, but never gave the team lip again.

And so the days progressed, the media followed the Turnsville Turnips eagerly reporting each incredible victory after the next, no team stood in their way. Game after game the entire Turnsville High School student body and all their parents attended to watch. The regionals came, then the sectionals, and an awed Turnsville learned that the Turnips were the home team in the state finals. Coach Norton never backed down once on practices, the team worked harder and harder. They were pumped, they were driven, they wanted the state title more than anything. The very last practice of the year seemed to go by too quickly for everyone, soon it was over, and tommorow was the title game.


Mike closed his eyes for a moment to feel the steam rising from the hot bath. Coach’s house didn’t have a shower, only a tub, and Mike had found early in his new life that he seemed incapable of running his own bath water. Coach had to run the water, bathe his head to toe, towel him off and change his diaper. Mike tried to take as few baths as possible: he had never gotten used to the idea of another man (not to mention his beefy coach) washing him like a little boy. His thoughts were interrupted as he felt Coach’s hands slip under the water and begin to soap up his balls. He squirmed a little bit feeling the masculine hands around his sensitive and comparably small equipment. He had had lots of different people change his soiled diapers before, but he always felt different about Coach doing it, it was like he felt inferior in front of Coach Norton.

Coach had removed his shirt to keep from getting it wet, and a few sudsy splashes had matted down his chest hair with soap bubbles. Mike hadn’t been able to jack off because of his diaper for a month now, and was horny as hell. He licked his lips unconsciously as he thought about what to say.

“Wow, so I guess Chris and Danny-boy are really into each other huh?” He cast a side long glance at Coach. Mike hoped he couldn’t see his hardon under the soapy water.

“Yep,” replied Coach with a pleasant smile “They were pretty much meant for each other.” Today at practice, Chris had given Danny a little silver locket to wear around his neck, finally he had his real gift.

“Man, Before this year I never woulda thought that Chris was gay…” He cast a quick look up at his Coach again “They’re just…y’know… on fire, making out every time you turn around…”

“Boys will be boys.” Coach answered simply, he continued to wash Mike’s calves.

“Yeah…yeah.” Mike answered quickly. “I…..I wonder what its like to…kiss a guy…” Another sidelong glance, another lick of the lips. Nick glanced at him casually a second dropped the soap and put his arm under water around Mike’s waste, drew him slightly out of the bath water and pulled him into a kiss. Mike was surprised at first. His lips were wetter than Mike expected, Coach’s jaw more powerful. Mike closed his eyes. Their lips moved back and forth a moment, and Mike felt his tongue lightly brush Coach’s lips, a few tests and he suddenly felt his mouth filled with Coach’s tongue, he sucked on it frantically. A rush of passion filled his as another man kissed his straight-boy lips powerfully, the large muscular arm drawing in his wet naked frame. The kiss was the most intense feeling he had ever experienced. Under the water he felt his rigid dick erupt and cum into the bathwater. Coach drew their lips apart, lips barely brushing together twice before pulling back all together. He reached for the soap and spread the suds over Mike’s now panting chest. As if nothing had happened. Mike again felt embarrassed, let himself sink deeper into the water.

A little later that night Mike felt a big hand shake him awake. It was Coach. Mike was too tired to feel embarrassed by now. But he knew the drill. For the past month and a half or so Coach Norton had been trying to potty train him, twice a night he would get shaken awake to go to the bathroom. Coach wrapped his arms around Mike and carried him into the bathroom. When the training pants were off, Coach seated him on the toilet. And held his penis under the toilet seat so he wouldn’t spray himself. Coach had been very patient with him, but Mike usually still soiled himself during the day and would have to get changed, usually if he got overly excited. Mike sat there for minutes concentrating before he felt a twinge in his bladder, next moment a tiny trickle of pee tinkled into the toilet.

“Good boy! Getting better at that!” Roared Coach proudly. He lifted Mike off the toilet and diapered him back up. Then he pulled out his own cock (massive of course) and let out a long stream of hot piss that splashed loudly into the toilet. He let out a sigh of contentment. Mike stared on, envious of the bigger man. He mused about how he wished he could ‘pee like a big boy’. But now Coach was finished, and he was escorted back to bed.


Chris lay with his arm around his lover. Danny’s head was rested on the bigger man’s chest, and his wiry arms wrapped securely around Chris’s abdomen. Chris let his other hand rest on his right pec, next to Danny’s glowing face. A light sheet covered them from the waste down. They had begun sleeping in the same bed after their first night together, and Chris was gearing up for his third round of sex tonight. Danny loved feeling his head move up and down with the deep breaths of his lover, and a playful hand stroked his hair, caressing his back from time to time. Chris again recalled his luck at finding his ‘little man’ as he now called him. He almost thought Danny had fallen asleep, his cheeks felt so warm against Chris’s nipple and the breaths teasing his skin were so even. Both the teens legs slowly wrapped around one of his muscular legs and the boy sucked slowly on Chris’s fingers. Chris allowed his hand to slide under the thin sheet and knead Danny’s ass, his middle finger working its way gently in and out of the cum filled hole. Danny rolled onto his back to push the finger deeper. His chest was shiny with Chris’s cum. Chris cummed once in his ass that night, and the second round had been all over Danny as Chris held him down to the bed. Chris had then fallen exhausted onto the small boy and passionately rubbed his cum into his lover. Danny looked at the smooth and glistening skin of his chest and abs and ran his finger over it, drawing some of the musky cum into his mouth and sucking on his finger like a lollipop. He moaned as he felt Chris finger remove itself from his ass.

”Uhhh…I wish I could cum like you Chris.” Another dry orgasm tonight, and this one had exhausted him to the core (that’s one of the reason Chris was curbing his sexual energy from fucking the boy again). Chris massaged the small of his back.

“Mmmm… Don’t worry baby, you’ll grow in to it.” His voice was thick with the afterglow of sex, and the lust of waiting for more. Danny (as has been mentioned) was quite a late bloomer. While he was fairly muscled by Junior Year, he still had never ejaculated, nor had he had much body hair or a very deep voice. The second time around proved no exception.

“I love you Chris. Ahhh, I wish I were a man like you.” He folded his hands on his chest. Chris rolled to his side and put his finger to the boy’s mouth. Danny sucked on it tasting his own ass and his lover’s cum.

“You’ll always be my little man.” He withdrew the finger and placed his hand on Danny’s cheek. The boy moaned as Chris kissed him long and passionately. Chris moved on top of the teen. Chris loved the feeling of the smooth wiry muscles underneath him. He kissed and nuzzled and sucked on Danny’s neck, Letting his tongue dart under and around the chain of the silver locket he had given Danny, and which Danny now wore at all times. Danny let his eyes roam over Chris’s chiseled jaw, powerful shoulders and biceps, the perfect lats and the perfect muscled bubble butt still covered by the sheet.

“Well with guns like those, I really will always be your little boy!” He grinned mischievously. Chris raised his head with a smile.

“You like those, do ya?” Danny felt Chris flex his pectorals against his own and saw the biceps pinning his own arms down flex up and down. Chris moved to a kneeling position straddling the boy’s stomach and letting the sheet fall away exposing his half hard cock and swinging balls. He struck a double bicep pose. Danny giggled like a teenage girl at a Backstreet boys concert, Chris struck different poses showing off his perfect physique. Soon Danny was clapping excitedly and Chris was grinning. Danny sat up to begin licking under Chris’s arms as Chris struck another pose. He loved the taste of the salty sweat, the feel of the thick hair on his tongue. Chris swept him up and held him like a baby. Chris lowered his mouth onto Danny’s little cock sucking delicately and seductively until it was hard, Danny moaned and squirmed in the powerful arms, but the big hands held him securely. Danny placed him back down on the bed gently, and held him close and spooned him the rest of the night.


This was it. The day of the big game, sidelines barely held room to stand. Cody stood nervously in the center of the field wearing a child’s size Turnip’s sweatshirt, he held a microphone tightly in his hands. It was customary for the Turnips mascots (typically the children of the faculty) to sing the national anthem on the last game of the season. It was a tradition forgotten for years, recently renewed, and Cody was the only mascot. He heard his big brother Aaron guffaw from the sidelines, but was so numb he couldn’t even turn to glare. He put the microphone to his trembling lips and began to sing. His underdeveloped palette made some of the vowels a little bright, Nearly everyone in the crowd let out an: ‘Awww!’ Or a ‘How adorable!’ and soccer moms from both sides flashed pictures of the cute little mascot boy. When he reached ‘Hooome of the bwave’ the crowd clapped and the Turnips cheered and rushed out onto the field. Cody felt one of the freshman (one Cody used to tease mercilessly) pick him up and place Cody on his shoulders. Cody straddled the older boys neck in a daze as the team ran around the field cheering and patting him on the back.

They got back to the sidelines and the freshman swung him down and the team continued putting on shin guards and such. Aaron walked up from the rest and patted Cody on the head.

“Good job little bro, every think about being an opera soprano?” He grinned slyly. Cody fumed a little.

“It was NOT a good job. I should be playing not singing like a little girl!” He pouted. Aaron just laughed and suddenly yanked the boy’s pants off, leaving Cody standing there in his Bob the Builder underpants. He shrieked in anger and leapt at the pants held high over his head by his tall big brother. Aaron just laughed all the harder. A couple sophomores passing laughed too. And jokingly lifted Cody under the shoulders to try and reach the pants, of course Aaron always pulled them just out of reach. A few more joking comments from some other team members like ‘Nice undies boy!’ and ‘Woah! Bob the Builder’s on your peepee!’ Aaron scooped up a close to tears Cody and set him on his lap, fitting the pants back on him and bouncing him up and down for a while. Cody clung to his chest as the strong thighs bounced his whole body up and down. Aaron wrapped him in Cody’s own old team windbreaker, which was now big enough to cover his whole body. The game begun.

It was a chilly day in early November, the cold was enough to numb people’s fingers and freeze their muscles. The game seemed slow and languishing in the chilly wind. The Turnips scored 2 goals early but it wasn’t easy: this team was good. Aaron was doing well but getting slow and cold because he had given the only available windbreaker to Cody to keep him warm. Half way through the second half Mike threw his hand up for a substitution. Coach grimaced but made the sub.

“I’m really sorry coach, I pissed myself and I need a change.”

“All right, hey Louie, change Mikey’s diaper.” Coach said in a quick no-nonsense way. Mike quickly lay down in his usual baby position as the junior took off his shorts and diaper. Mike kept his eyes fixed on the playing field as his balls were wiped down hurriedly. His replacement seemed to be floundering in his position, the other team got past him, shot for the goal…Aaron’s finger weren’t fast enough. Mike uttered a curse and slammed his fist into the ground. The junior changing him gave him a quick swat on the ass and told him to hold still. Mike apologized submissively. The substitution seemed angry he let the last goal through, and set with new determination, he was getting the hang of the position now. Mike shot to his feet as the junior pulled his shorts up.

“Ready to go back in, Coach.”

“We can’t make a substitution yet, sit down and wait for it.”

Mike sat down grumpily and anxiously continued watching. The kid subbing for him was really doing well now, no one got past him. He was certainly performing just as well as Mike now. In another few minutes Mike was wooping and cheering for the substitution. Coach allowed himself a second to smile at Mike’s new codependence. Two minutes remained in the game, a really talented pass gott past the Turnip defensive line, the kid shot for the goal, Aaron deflected the ball with a quick kick, the driving player rammed into him, bounced off the wall of muscle, hit the ground and kicked the ball into the goal. This, as you know is illegal, alas what can we say, refs can be stupid sometimes. The game ended tied. The Turnips were anxious, it would come down to the shootout now. The other team selected a player to kick on the goal, Aaron’s skin was pale from the cold, but he was wearing a look that would make any man quake with fear. He barely caught the ball before it could whisk into the corner of the goal. The Turnips cheered, but it was short lived. They all knew that if their player missed the goal, the other team would have another opportunity, and that was a risk no one was ready to take easily. Coach called a huddle.

“Alright boys,” he seemed to grim, but a twinkle was in his eye “It all comes down to this, are the Turnips gonna be winners or losers…again? I’m gonna let one of the Seniors handle this, seeing as its their last year and all. Chris? You wanna take this shot?” Chris opened his mouth for a moment, then he spied Danny.. Danny wore an angry and hurt look on his face, he had really wanted his chance to prove himself, but as a freshman he wouldn’t even be considered to take the shot. He really could do it, he wants to show them all that he really could Chris looked back at Coach.

“I wouldn’t feel right taking the shot if Danny wouldn’t get a chance.” Coach nodded smiling. Love of his life! Excellent!

“Alright then, Mike?” Mike continued looking at the ground.

“I…I think that someone else could do a better job than me.” Knows his weaknesses.

“Alright then, Aaron, I suppose its only right that you get the payback shot.” Aaron nodded. He was holding Cody in his arms trying to warm the little boy up, now he handed him off to Mike.

“I can do it Coach, no fucking way they’re gonna stop me. Its my fault for the letting that goal by anyway.” Confident as a lion, but still humble, spectacular. Aaron walked towards the goal box. Suddenly Cody called out after him.

”You can do it, Big Brother!!” A new sense of belonging, he can finally compliment people!

Aaron stared hard at the goalie, the kid was good, Aaron didn’t allow himself time to think, his leg went back, he sucked a breath in, changed his mind where he was aiming for at the last second, and felt the ball connect with his laces.


The picture from inside the locket stared up out of the discreet (but masculine) locket. The whole team from his freshman year stared out at him, all arranged, dirty, but happy on the field of their first of many State Championship victories. Danny pushed the square graduation camp our of his eyes and looked out at the crowd come to his graduation. In the very front row was his soul mate; Chris, seated next to the other former Seniors from his freshman year: Mike finally out of training pants, and Aaron looking proudly at the stage, seated next to him was his little brother Cody, who would be entering Turnville High School next year. Aaron winked up at him, seeming to know tht he was looking at the photo in his locket. Chris held some flowers for him and blew him a playful kiss as the speaker droned on. And sitting in the very back, dressed in an expensive suit sat Coach Nick Norton. His hands were crossed and there were tears in his eyes, his eyes seemed to travel proudly from Danny to the boys sitting in the front row. As the commencement ended, Danny ran to the arms of his boyfriend, and Aaron tousled Cody’s hair playfully. Mike stood up and walked back to his own boyfriend, who was holding their newly adopted baby girl. In the celebration none of them noticed Nick again, standing as they had first seen him four years ago, still wearing the expensive suit. He pulled a letter from his pocket, a letter of resignation as the Turnville coach. Aaron didn’t know it yet, but after three years of being assistant Coach, Nick was naming him head Soccer Coach. Chris and Danny would doubtless stay in town, and Mike’s boyfriend was now a teacher at Turnville High. Aaron obviously would be staying in town as long as Cody was attending, and certainly would be happy to have his little bro’ on the team (he’d shown outstanding promise in Junior High). He quietly walked to the office and slid the letter under the door. He dropped a few letters in the mailbox (nearly all the members of the graduating class had invited him to come to their parties, he sent them apologies that he would not be attending) and slipped out the door. As he walked past the soccer field and down the street, he turned one last time to look at Turnville High School, the school almost had enough students to start forming other sports groups, they were thinking a Track and Field team. If history truly did repeat itself, maybe he’d be back. •

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