Changing Life


By Muscle Head

When I turned 14 I was 5'4"" and weighed in at about 180 lbs. 180 lbs of fat! I was disgusting! All I did was sit around, eat, and watch TV. My parents didn't know what to do with me, they were very worried about my health. My Dad was a health nut and had a great body, my mom was slim and in great shape, and then there was me.

None of their pleading did any good as I was determined to be lazy and fat. That is until I saw Sue. She was a pretty little petite thing.

Big eyes, Big tits, the works. But the shape I was in she wouldn't give me a second look, or if she did it was either to be disgusted or to feel sorry for me. I didn't know what to do.

Fortunately I had a next door neighbor who wanted to help me when I told him my problem. Summer was just starting and he said he could get me into shape over the three months we were out of school. We started that day.

Dave was in great shape. Tall at 5'10", he had a great body for a 14 year old. He had been lifting weights and it showed. But he really had a challenge with me. He said we would attack my problem on several fronts.

First my diet. I had to stop eating Doritos, fried foods, candy, ice cream and everything else I loved. Mom already fixed great meals for herself and Dad that I had hated, but now were going to be my godsend.

Second, I couldn't watch more than an hour of TV a day. That meant I had to be active. What Dave and I did was start a yard mowing service. We lined up about 12 yards. This kept us busy almost everyday!

Third, I was to exercise. If there was something I had hated it was to exercise. All the walking with the mower was great, but every morning Dave had me up and we ran. First I couldn't get around the 1/4 mile track, but soon I was able to go 1/2 a mile, and then a mile! After the first month was running a mile! We also started to workout with the weights in his basement. At first it was awful for me. My muscles ached and rebelled against everything I was doing to them But soon I began to really enjoy this!

A fourteen year old has a great metabolism and my body quickly responded to what I was doing to it. The fat began to melt off me. In a month I had lost 15 lbs! I was down to 165 and was really beginning to look good. At this point I started to cut the grass with my shirt off and got a great tan. My muscles began to harden as well as we lifted the weights. I found I was breathing better and didn't get as tired as I used to get with a little exertion.

The second month was even better I dropped another 10 lbs and was now 155. I had also put on a little more height and was 5'5"". I could begin to see some muscles on my body. My arms had bumps of hard muscle on them. Dad was really excited to see the change and went down and got memberships at the gym for Dave and I. He even paid extra that first month for a trainer for us. With the real equipment and having a trainer who knew what he was doing, but Dave and I really took off.

By the end of the summer no one would have know either of us. Dave had already looked good, but now he looked like a Greek god. His body had sleeked down and was hard. His chest had two mounds of hard muscle, his abs were well defined. His lats made for a great v-shape and his back was very muscular. His shoulders were muscled and his arms were veined and his biceps and triceps looked huge!

I was not as sleek, but wow what a change. I was now wearing 30 inch pants (I had been wearing 40) My body was hard and beginning to be defined. The trainer at the gym couldn't get over how much I had improved.

I'll never forget the first day of school. Dave and I both went wearing tank tops. With our great tans we got while cutting grass, plus our hard bodies, every head turned as we walked the halls.

And more was about to happen… •

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