Bowflex Man, The

By Mark Gordon

Ed checked into his hotel, his flight was delayed and he was tired and pissed. “I don’t need this shit”, Ed kept whispering under his breath whenever he encountered another problem along his journey. Ed was the Top salesman for his company, and at the age of 69, one of the last of the great salesman. Ed sold shelving for department stores, and throughout his career, he had come to know all the big wigs and enjoyed a comfortable life because of it. The only problem Ed had was his age and his body looked like it had traveled the country many times. He wasn’t the Ed of long ago, when he was the young and trim kid with stars in his eyes. Rather, time and stress had morphed Ed's appearance into what it was today. Ed's body was old and flabby and his face looked like a road map of wrinkles. Ed had a 48 waist, weighed in at 290 and was only 5’8”tall. His face was also chubby and he barely had any hair on his head. To make things worse, he wore dentures because of his poor oral hygiene and had diabetes as wel. Oh yes, that handsome young kid of long ago was now an old toothless, wrinkled and portly man. It wasn’t that Ed felt bad about himself, he accepted his physical body, after all it was he who shaped it’s future. All that grazing at the many food buffets and absence of exercise in his life made were contributing factors as well.

This trip to Cleveland had some extra significance, because Ed was turning 70yrs old at the stroke of midnight. Now if birthdays had any importance to Ed, I’m sure he would have chosen to spend it at home or with friends. The fact of the matter was, Ed was on the road so much he rarely was at home much and as for friends, Ed was not much for personal relationships. Ed decided long ago to sacrifice the chance for friends, when he sold his soul to his company. Somehow giving up his personal life and focusing on his career was the right thing to do, heck it made him the greatest salesman in the history of his company and that was what Ed wanted after all.

Checking in was a snap, Ed was a member of every frequent flier, sleeper, or eater club there was. It was just another day, another sale to make, so Ed made his way up to his room and the king sized bed like he always had in the past, making note of the what was on the buffet on the way. The rooms for Ed all looked the same, he could probably tell you what the pattern was on the bed spread for a particular hotel chain if your quizzed him. So it went, he went into the room and set down his luggage, then like so many times before, clicked on the TV while he relieved his kidneys in the bath room. Time had taken his toll on Ed, because with every trip, his body would be just a little more out of breath and by the time he got to his room he always had to pee.

“Another day”, Ed would say as he moaned releasing his long awaited urination. As the thick yellow liquid made it way out of his tired old penis, Ed could hear one of those familiar Infomercials for the Bow Flex, and it was feeling like home. “Oh yes,” he would giggle, “I got my body using that amazing machine”, he would say mimicking the hot stud who they used to make those commercials. Ed was still giggling as he went back into the bedroom and sat on the end of the bed to see what gorgeous body they were using this time. “Oh yeah he is very hot”, Ed said watching. “My God,” Ed said, lusting for the model’s perfectly formed young body. “If only I had a Bow Flex, I would look just like you”, Ed began laughing. Everyone knew it took more than a Bow Flex to get a body like that, but who would buy them if they told you the truth. It’s not that the Bow Flex didn’t work, it did, but to have such a scrumptious body as the model on TV, it would take just a tad more than what the Bow Flex could deliver. Ed liked to watch regardless. After all at his age anything that might make his cock semi hard was a welcome event. Unfortunately the years had taken away his sexual drive as well, and Ed usually had mental climaxes, since a hard on for him was generally a very frustrating effort. In fact the only way Ed had a chance of getting hard was if he was laid out on his back.

The model in this Bow Flex commercial was so exceptional that Ed undressed quickly and laid on the bed hoping that he could bring himself to climax. Ed took some of the lotion from the bathroom to get his cock lubed up, taking every advantage he could to achieve his desired climax, but on most occasions that didn’t offer much help.

Ed concentrated on the young model as best he could, and slowly his cock seemed to respond. Ed stared at the model’s incredibly chiseled face, his rock hard shoulders, then his to die for hard chest and stomach, his thin waist and finally the model’s bubble butt and muscular legs. The mind is willing he thought, I just wish this body could keep up.

Getting frustrated at his attempt to jack off, Ed began to yell at the TV as if the young jock could hear him. “You Phony”, Ed shouted- “You got that body pumping Iron”, he went on. Ed was tired as he gave the TV his piece of mind, Ed almost thought he saw the jock turn his head as if he could actually hear Ed talking to him. “Ed sat up and slid down to the end of the bed now very sexually frustrated and was just a few feet from the TV. With his tired eyes glazed at the TV, Ed shouted again, “You fucking Fagot Jock, you know dammed well how you got that fucking rock hard body”. The jock suddenly sat up to Ed’s amazement and then the camera panned over to the jock’s face, and the Jock began to speak, “Hey Ed, I don’t appreciate all the shit coming out of your mouth!”. Ed couldn’t believe his ears as the jock seemed to be speaking to him directly.

“Eat my shorts you fagot”, Ed replied. Then Ed burst out laughing, look at me I think I am talking to you, referring to the hot model on the TV. As Ed continued to laugh, the Jock replied, “You are talking to me, and I don’t appreciate being called a Fagot either”! Ed shook his head in disbelief, man I must be tired, I think the TV is talking to me. The model’s face was getting red, as he repeated, “Don’t act like I’m not here your bastard”, and Ed took a more serious look at the TV screen, and realized the Jock was really talking to him. “OH my God”, Ed said in shock, this jock is talking to me! But how could this be? Ed was scratching his head. The jock began to speak again, “I can’t answer that question Ed, but all I know is I am tired of men like you calling me names and questioning the advertising ethics that the Bow Flex Company uses.” Ed just looked in amazement as the Jock read him the riot act. “Further more”, the jock went on, “The truth is I got this body of mine as you said pumping iron, but who are you to question my ethics and my decision to do this commercial and further my modeling career!” “It’s all about money! You lard assed old man!” Oh yeah you fagot! Ed shouted. Then Ed stood up and walked over the TV screen and pressed his soft cock into the face of the jock, “What it’s all about now fagot is sucking my cock". Instantly, and magically as if talking to the TV wasn’t enough, Ed’s cock entered the screen and the jock began to gag on Ed’s cock as Ed started to face fuck the model’s chiseled face right through the screen.

OH my God! Ed shouted as the face on the TV was forced to suck on his old cock. The idea of this gorgeous young male model with Ed’s cock in his mouth, was enough stimulus for Ed to get rock hard and he began to start feeling that long forgotten build up as his cock got long and thick. “Oh Fuck Yes”, “Take my cock you bastard fagot”, “Suck this old Daddy Dry”, Ed went on. Ed’s mind filled with thoughts of fantasy as the TV jock was being forced to take Ed’s up coming load. Ed’s long awaited ejaculation was about to become reality. Ed was shaking now, breathing heavy and feeling dizzy. “You fucking Fagot Jock, suck me hard you bastard and drink Ed’s Old Man cum, I want you to know what it’s like to taste a fat old man’s Seed!" I Wish, I wish, I wish I could swap places with you, Ed went on, now sweating profusely as the TV jock began to taste Ed’s pre-cum.

Finally Ed’s real payload made its appearance. The jock was turning red and gagging as he was having a hard time accepting Ed’s old seed package. “Oh Fuck I’m Cumming big time”!, Ed shouted, and the Jock tried his best to get Ed’s cock out his mouth for fear he would swallow the old mans cream . There was more gagging sounds from the TV, and the jock was banging on the TV screen as if he was actually see through it, trying not to have to swallow Ed’s load. Ed was red faced and his heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was going to explode out of his chest. Ed’s head went back and his eyes closed, and all he could think of now was his climax and becoming this arrogant young jock. Then a huge scream began coming from the TV set, as the unwilling jock swallowed Ed’s hot load.

Ed’s ball sacs throbbed with joy as Ed was watching as his seasoned mature male cargo make its way down the jock’s young throat. Instantaneously Ed’s body flew back on to the bed as his cock was released from the TV screen, Ed’s old portly physique began morphing into the body of the young arrogant Bow Flex Jock and Ed couldn’t catch his breath fast enough.

Like a slow motion movie, Ed’s body made a miraculous transformation, starting with his cock and balls then upwards and downwards his body tightened, became young smooth and muscular. Ed’s shocked wrinkled face became smooth young and chiseled, and his baldhead reshaped and filled with thick dark hair. Ed’s flabby waistline shrunk from a size 48 to a slim 30 inch waist, while his soft hairy chest buffed up as hard thick pectorals formed and his stomach became ribbed and tight. While all this was happening, the Bow Flex jock on TV was also transforming. To the young arrogant jocks dismay he was watching his firm young body age rapidly and become soft and portly, with a hairy chest. His chiseled face no longer existed, in it’s place a weathered wrinkled faced man, very chubby, now stood looking out of the TV screen. Seemingly unaffected by his body change and age, the stupid kid went back to the Bow Flex to continue the infomercial. Seeing the fate of the Bow Flex jock, Ed quickly took the TV remote and shut the TV off. “Mother Fucker”, he shouted, I have that bastard fagots body! Ed jumped off the bed and was dancing around the room yelling, “What a fucking awesome birthday gift!” Ed began pinching himself, hoping he wouldn’t wake up, but it was true he had captured the young jock’s body, by whatever magic had been working at the time. Ed’s got scared at first thinking he would get caught somehow, but quickly realized that how would someone find out, after all millions of people watch that infomercial. Then Ed started to laugh out loud, rolling on the floor. He was thinking what the Bow Flex Company was going to think now that their representative was now a 70yo portly man.

Ed quickly began to jack off his new young sex machine and could be heard shouting and screaming as he climaxed his young body. Like a broken hydrant, Ed shot stream after stream of the hot seed into the air and the climax seemed to never end. His new young seed shot over all of his clothes and his open luggage and magically all of his clothes changed size and style and the greatest salesman in the world was now the hottest guy in town. •

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