Putting Right What Once Went Wrong

By Crazyman1

2005 - Jason was 32 years old unhappily married man. His job as a computer operator for 10 years had left him both bored with his work and bored with his life. He had very low self-esteem and never felt attractive. Jason had always been overweight to downright obese during his lifetime. Seven years ago he lost over 125 pounds through exercising and dieting, thinking that he would finally look like the lean muscular men he always envied. To his disappointment, the weight loss did not produce the body he wanted. He still had a pot belly from years of over-eating that hung over his belt-line even though his ribs now showed, and his arms, stomach and thighs were scarred with disgusting stretch marks that he knew would never fade. All Jason wanted was to finally feel sexy for once in his life, unashamed to take his shirt off in public, or wear a skimpy bathing suit.

Jason always found himself looking back to his teenage years as the years when everything started going wrong. He never had a girlfriend then because he always felt that no girl would find him attractive enough to date since he felt so unattractive himself. Throughout his junior high school years he was always referred to as “Fatboy” and was constantly picked on or called names by his peers. Even then, he envied the lean muscular teenage boys he saw in the locker room; the ones all the girls dreamed about dating. Growing up in a rural small town, most boys never wore shirts during the summer; often they would go days without a piece of clothing touching their torsos. They would ride their bicycles around town and drop into the convenience stores to buy sodas or candy, or drop by the local video store to rent the latest video flick. Store-owners did not care they weren’t wearing shirts; it was just common in the small town and no one ever complained. By the end of the summer, their chests were golden brown just in time for the new school year to show off during the shirts versus skins football game in physical education class played in the open field in front of the junior high classroom. With teenage girls all drooling from the widows. Of course Jason always prayed that he would end up being on the shirts team during the team selection process. Many times he found himself embarrassingly having to remove his shirt with his flabby white stomach and flabby white breasts hanging out for all the school to see. He would stand in the backfield hoping the game-action would not come his way.

One day Jason came home from a particular hard day at work All day long he listened to computer illiterate secretaries complaining about everything from a spam e-mail message they received and did not know how to delete to a mouse that did not move as they intended. He walked in the door of his typical suburban red-brick house with the manicured lawn and the brass door-plaque that read “Welcome to the Simons.” He hung his coat on the coat rack in the foyer to make sure he did not catch the hell from his wife when he would absent-mindedly lay it over the sofa. Upon entering the den, he saw his wife sitting in her easy-chair; eyes glued to the television eagerly awaiting Judge Judy’s decision.

“How was your day?” Jason uncaringly asked. “Shhhhh…..Can’t you see I’m watching TV?”, she snapped. Jason picked up the paper to browse the classifieds hoping to find that “perfect” job that had eluded him since his wife forced him to move from the best job he ever had all because she wanted to live next to her parents. “Why didn’t you put your dirty socks in the clothes hamper this morning after I specifically told you I was going to wash today?” She demanded. “I don’t know. I forgot”, Jason casually replied. “I am home all day, cooking and cleaning your house, the least you could do is show me the common courtesy of picking up your dirty clothes if I’m going to have to wash them.” “Look, I’m sorry, I said I forgot”, Jason snapped back. “Well next time you don’t pick them up they will not get washed!” Jason threw down the paper, walking into the bedroom, slamming the door along the way. He plopped down on the bed thinking how he ever let his life get this way. He was intelligent, after all he was the valedictorian of his college class; so how dumb was he to let his life get like this. He dreamed about going back in time to where it all went wrong, fixing that mistake, reliving the life he always wanted. As he stared at the ceiling, a curious mist began descending right above him. It flowed to the foot of the bed where it began to grow thicker and thicker until it formed what looked like a genie. Jason rubbed his eyes not believing what he was seeing. Suddenly, it spoke “You called me?” “Who are you?” Jason asked. “I am a guardian of time” “Why are you here?” “We come when people call upon us and only when we believe that granting a wish of changing the past will positively affect the timeline at some future point. We believe that by granting your wish, it will generate a positive force for many people in your future including you.” “You mean I can fix my mistakes in the past?” Jason asked enthusiastically. “Yes”, he boomed. “How do I do this?” “Lay back, close your eyes and think of a point in your past you believe was the turning point in your life.” The genie commanded. Jason lay back and started thinking back to the Summer of 1986. He had just turned 14 years old and the summer had started with a Memorial Day party thrown by his parent’s friends, Tom and Linda Whittaker.

As the images of the memory flowed into his mind, suddenly he was there; observing everything as a by-stander from a distance. Jason saw his chubby overweight 14-year-old self standing off to the side watching the adults having a good time drinking beer; the men telling about the biggest buck deer they ever saw and making excuses as to how they missed their shot; the women comparing stories of raising teenagers. The adult Jason looked to his right and saw the genie beside him.

“We will begin. You may jump in with your comments any time; no one will hear you except I. I will decide what is to change and when the change will occur.” The genie ordered.

The adult Jason began watching the scene unfold…

The Whittaker’s had a son name Adam that was the same age as Jason and whom Jason considered his best friend. He was one of these boys that Jason envied for both his body and his unashamed display of it. The girls all thought Adam was cute and Adam knew they did. Adam was a bit cocky but he was nice to Jason. He and Jason hung out many days playing Atari and riding ATV’s in the woods near Jason’s house. Adam slid open his parent’s patio door and brazenly walked into the warm humid summer night. He was wearing a pair of Levi’s, a black Motley Crue T-Shirt and a pair of high-top Nike’s. Passing the adults and the beer keg, he walked up to Jason. “Hey Jason, how’s it going?” “Pretty good, how about you?” Jason replied. “Can’t complain. So, you seen in hot girls today?” “A few. Mom and I were at the video store earlier and Cindy Gori was renting ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’…..” “Dude, man, she is so awesome. I wouldn’t mind getting into her pants sometime.” Adam interrupted. “Yeah me too,” Jason dreamily replied realizing it would never happen in a million years. “Hey, check it out, there’s Brenda and Paula over by their parent’s Jeep. Let’s walk over and say hello.” Adam pointed. “Sure.” Jason returned. As they made their way to where the twin 15-year old babes were causally leaning on the Jeep, Jason suggested they walk down to the road to the Steel Creek Bridge and Adam agreed. “Hi, Paula, Brenda.” Adam casually said in a way as to not look interested. “Hey, Adam.” Paula returned. Jason stood off to the side not saying a word. “So you guys grabbed a beer yet?” Adam asked. “No, we’re waiting until no-one is around.” Brenda giggled. “You guys want to walk down to Steel Creek Bridge with Me and Jason?” Adam invited. “Na, we’re gonna hang out here awhile.” Paula declined. “Cool. I tell ya. I’ll sneak you a beer on the way back. Okay?” “Sure.” they both simultaneously giggled. “Man! it is so hot tonight. I’m losing this shirt.” Adam said as he stripped his shirt off and threw it into an empty lawn chair. Jason stared at Adam’s deep brown chest. His small nipples were sitting at a perfect position to his sculptured chest muscles and in perfect ratio to his broad shoulders. Jason saw about three indentures on his abdomen above his inward navel. He could definitely see where Adam’s 100 sit-ups with free weights morning and night were paying off. Under his arms was a nice patch of brown hair, something Jason did not even have yet but yearned for as a symbol of beginning manhood. Jason just stared admiringly; one for Adam’s body, two for his obvious boldness in showing off in front of the girls. As Jason and Adam made their way down towards the creek, Adam stated, “Man, you should have stripped your shirt off too. It impresses the girls” “What and have those girls laugh at my flab? I don’t think so.” Jason retorted.

The adult Jason turned to the genie. “I wanted to strip my shirt off so badly that night. I wanted to have a body like Adam’s. I have thought about that memory for years, wanting so badly to be able to show off my body. Not my body, but a body like Adam’s” The genie replied “Let’s move ahead”

The scene was at Jason’s parent’s farm the next day. Two ATV’s were sitting in the front yard with the motors running. Jason and Adam had prepared them to go riding in the woods near Jason’s house. Jason came walking out of his house wearing a pair of swim trunks and an oversize T-Shirt and an old pair of sneakers. He and Adam would always go swimming in the creek that ran through the far end of the woods. Jason always wore a shirt even when swimming. Following behind Jason was Adam wearing a pair of cut-off blue jeans shorts and no shirt. “Hey Man, don’t forget the tanning lotion.” Adam called ahead to Jason. “I’ve got to keep my tan up for the babes. Never know when it might help me get some pussy.” Jason patted the storage compartment on his ATV, “No problem, I’ve got it.”

Later, Jason and Adam were dismounting their ATV’s on the bank of Barker’s Creek. “Man, this is a good day to just relax in the sun and soak up some rays.” Adam observed. “Sure is. Even though I can’t wait to get into that water and cool off. I’m about cooked!” Jason feverishly replied. “Hey, can you pitch me the tanning cream?” “Sure” Jason grabbed the tanning lotion from the storage compartment and a can of Coke from the cooler on the back of his ATV. He killed the entire can as he pitched the lotion to Adam. Jason let out a huge burp as Adam began rubbing the lotion on his chest and arms. “Man, you know, I don’t even think I need a bathing suit out here.” Adam concluded. “What, you’re going skinny dipping?” Jason asked as his eyes got big. “Sure, there’s no one around and even if they were, who cares?” “Man, you’re crazy!” Jason screamed. Adam pulled off his tennis shoes, followed by his socks. Next he unbuttoned his jeans and slid his zipper down. A gentle push and his cut-offs were around his ankles. Jason watched while trying not to let his curiosity show as Adam was kicking them to the side. He would glace at Adam, then at some rock in creek in front of him. Jason had actually never seen Adam completely naked before. He wondered how big Adam’s cock was and if it was bigger than his. He wondered if he had hair around his dick and how much. Jason was just starting to have a few black hairs here and there. Curiously glancing once again, Jason caught a good look at Adam’s cock. His dick was different than his. Adam’s had this funny covering over it that extended past the tip. His dick looked like an anteater. It was pretty long too, Jason estimated around 4 inches. It was longer than Jason’s self-measured 2 ½ incher. Also Adam had a good patch of black hairs extended 2 inches up from the base of his dick. Quickly he looked away. Adam yelled at Jason, “Check this out!” Jason turned and looked directly at Adam. Adam had his hand around his fully-erect 5” cock, his hips going forward and back, “Yeah, Baby, you know you like it like this. Uhh… Uhhh…” “Man you’re so crazy!” Jason yelled again. Adam just laughed as he ran and jumped off a large rock into the creek. After coming up to the surface with just his head above water, he yelled at Jason, “Hey man, come on, this water feels great naked, come on, try it.”

Suddenly the scene froze in front of the adult Jason and the genie. The genie turned to Jason, “I can read what you are thinking, you wish so badly you would have had the courage to join him in the water. Instead you turned him down and fully clothed you slowly waded into the water further down the creek so as for him not to think you were a faggot. Am I not correct?” “Yes” Jason sadly replied. “I wanted the courage to jump in naked, unashamedly, I wanted to have the courage to show off a body I would be proud of to my best friend. Instead I pulled back within my self-ashamedness once again. I never got the opportunity again after that incident to ever show of my full body proudly and without a care.” “The time is right.” Boomed the genie. “What do you mean?” “I am giving you your wish. I will now let you design your perfect 14-year old body. You may make whatever changes you like. Your body there is your canvas.” Jason’s 14-year old body standing next to the creek frozen in time suddenly became completely naked. Jason looked disgustingly at it. “You said I can change anything?” Jason ecstatically asked. “Yes, your wish is my command” “Can you make all my flab and fat disappear? I want a lean muscular body just like Adam’s” Jason watched as his 14-year old body became thinner and thinner all the time, muscles starting to bulge, beginning at the back of his calves and working its way up next to the thighs. He flabby rear became tight and round. His stomach shrunk and ripples appeared all over it, easily a 6 pack of abs. Next his chest began to bulge, not like the flabby breasts he had before, but into lean pockets of muscles. His nipples shrunk from quarter size down to dime size. Next his arms began to bulge as nice size biceps and forearms began appearing; much larger than Adam’s. His face also shrunk to fit his proportions and his double-chin was pulled back into his body. Under that baby fat, were very lean cheeks and a nice firm chin. Jason realized his thin face was very attractive. “Next I want a deep tan like Adam’s” Jason watched as his ghostly white skin slowly changed color; becoming darker and darker until his skin color matched Adam’s. His nipples turned from a rosy pink to a dark brown color. “I’m looking good! I can’t believe this!” Jason exclaimed. “Can I do something about my cock?” “Your wish is still my command” “First I want a foreskin like Adam’s” Jason watched as the ring below the head of his dick grew over the head like a tube being covered. The ends bunched up about ½ inch past the tip of Jason’s penis. “Now, I want it to grow to about 9 inches.” “A 9 inch cock for a boy of 14?” asked the genie, “Do you not think that is too excessive? You may get teased by your male peers for a penis that long?” “Yeah, you’re probably right, let’s make it 6 inches flaccid and 9 inches erect. I would like it to grow to 9 inches flaccid and 12 inches erect by the time I am 18.” Jason watched as his 14-year old penis grew longer and longer and at the same time thicker and thicker as the foreskin grew to cover it once again. He balls grew proportionately to his big dick. “Yeah, you’re right the 9 incher would have been too long for my age. Even that equipment there will create a noticeable bulge in my pants” Jason observed. “Are you done?” asked the genie “Two more things” replied Jason. “I want a little more body hair. Make my pubic hair extend up from my penis. I want a noticeable trail of brown hair leading up to my navel. I don’t like chest hair, so I never want it. I want a nice bush of armpit hair as well. I think I am too young for 5 o’clock shadow, so let’s hold off on that for another year.” The genie nodded as hair began sprouting around his penis and quickly covered the entire pubic area. Then a path of hair in the center began creeping up to Jason’s navel becoming a little finer than the pubic hair but still dark as it reached its target. Quickly, hair grew under Jason’s arms so even with his arms down by his side, a nice visible bush was present. “Your final change?” the genie asked. “This is an internal one. I do not want to be ashamed of my body. I want to proudly show it off at any opportunity I can. I want self-confidence that I can get any girl I want and can overcome any challenge because I’m a stud.” “Done. Anything else?” the genie replied. “Well this is a minor request, but one I know I will enjoy later. I want the ability to fully control my ejaculations. When and how much cum, the ability to stop and start my ejaculation at any time during sex; multiple orgasms. I want complete control” “Done” “What now?” Asked Jason. “Observe.” The scene in front of the adult Jason began to move once again, except this time it wasn’t the flabby body of the 14-year standing by the creek bank; instead was this young 14 year-old stud.

“Hey man, come on, this water feels great naked, come on, try it.” Adam yelled as the scene briefly repeated itself. “Sure man, just a minute. Young Jason removed his shoes and socks. He then removed his shirt and rubbed his hands across his chiseled chest. He stared at his deep tan and ran his fingers along the thick brown hair running down past his navel to the top of his trunks, then ran his finger around the sides of his swim-trunks. Bending over as pushed them completely down to his ankles; he slowly stepped out of them. Straightening himself back to a standing position, he caught the first glimpse of his new cock. “Man, I never realized how big this thing was.” He said to himself. He also noticed the new covering over his penis. He pulled the ample foreskin back slightly to show his very red penis head and watched as he let go and the foreskin slowly covered the head up once again. As he was noticing the changes, slowly his memories began to change. Gone were the memories of being fat. Gone were the memories of years of teasing. He had always been this way. “Man, what are you doing? Jacking off?” Adam yelled from the water. “No, be there is a sec. I’ve got to take a piss.” Realizing the Coke he killed earlier had filled his bladder. He, again took his large 14-year old cock in his hand, he aimed it straight ahead and began releasing his bladder. Only after piss started splattering on his leg and he felt the strange sensation of hot piss filling the inside of his foreskin, did Jason realize that he needed to pull the foreskin back. “Damn, how could I forget to do that?” he questioned himself as he pulled the foreskin back and the piss streamed out in an even flow. After shaking off his big snake, Jason strutted up to the rock that Adam jumped off earlier and got in position for a cannon-ball. Now that Jason was closer, Adam got his first look at Jason naked. “Man, I see you have an anteater like mine?” Adam remarked. “Yeah, you want some of it?” Jason jokingly replied as he took it in his hands and shook it at him. “No thanks, Man. I don’t swing that way.” Adam remarked, “Dude, that thing is big enough to hurt somebody!” “Yeah, I’ve always heard that babes like’m big, I aim to please.” Jason said as he released the dick from his hands that barely circled ¾ of the way around it. “Geronimo!” Jason yelled as he jumped into the water.

Adult Jason was still observing the scene. “What now?” Asked Jason. “Look at yourself.” The genie replied Jason looked at his body, only it was not his body. It was that of a 32 year old muscle God! “WOW!” Jason screamed. “I aim to please” replied the genie.

As Jason awoke from what seemed like a dream. He sat up on the side of the bed and rubbed his hand across his forehead. “Man, what a weird dream.” He thought. As he got up and walked past the mirror he saw his new body in its full scope. He thought for a second then commented out loud. “Man I look good.”

Just then, his wife walked into the room. She was a goddess – she could not even hold a candle to Anna Kornikova. “Hi Honey, you feeling better?” “Yeah, just had a weird dream is all. I was dreaming about being 14 again.” Jason replied. “Well if you’re feeling better, why don’t you hop back into that bed and let’s give that 12 inches of manhood of yours a drive? Maybe you can use that little trick of yours” “I’ll take you up on that offer.” Jason gladly replied. Jason stripped off and looked down at his flaccid 9 inch penis that was growing more erect by the moment. “Damn, life is good!” •

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