Hidden Treasure

By musclejock855

When I was very young, I always wanted to be strong. I would always watched Superman when it was on T.V. And I would wish that I had powers and were as strong as Superman. I even had Superman pj's and would pretend to fly around and save the world. Yea, the powers would be neat but if I were only strong like Superman, that would be great.

Then one night as I was trying to go to sleep, I heard a strange voice calling "Come outside and I will grant your wish!" Then I heard it again and again. It just wouldn't stop. Then I decided to go outside to check it out. I was in my Superman pj's so I wasn't scared. When I got outside there was a very strange lizzard standing very still looking at me saying "Come closer and I will grant your wish!" I was a little scared but for some strange reason I seamed to want to do as it said. So I did. And as soon asI got about a foot away from it, it made a loud hissing noise and jumped at me! It jumped up onto to me a bit me really hard right in my private area. That killed! But just then I began shaking and sweating all over. Then I felt my clothes getting smaller and smaller. But was it my clothes that were shrinking or was it I who was getting larger. It was me! I was growing taller and older right before my very own eyes. It must have been that bite from the lizzard. When it was over I just stood there in shock. What would my parents think of this. And how was I going to explain this to them. They won't believe me. They won't even know it's me.

Just then, the lizzard started to transform itself into a full grown man. But not just any man. This man was very tall with a very muscular jock-bound body. And he even had wings made of gold feathers. This was very strange. He said to me... "I have come to grant you your wish. I know how much you wanted to be strong and that how you will want to be a jock like me when you get older. I figured I would come and get you ahead start! I am the Muscle Angel. I have the power to add or take away muscle from anyone or anything. And I also appear looking as the person that I am helping." I said, "Wait a minute! You do not look a thing like me. You may look like what I wish to be but you are not me!" He replied, "In a few minutes I will leave you transformed with a young muscular jock-bound body. But you will look like me when you are ten years older. You will see when the time comes!" I couldn't wait. I was so excited. I told the Muscle Angel to go ahead with his magic and that I thanked him very much!

All of a sudden I began shaking again and growing again. This time I was growing muscles. I heard a ripping sound as the seam in my pj's tore apart. I was standing in my back yard with no clothes on but with a very muscular body. Before the Muscle Angel left, he told me how hot and sexy I was now and to watch out because all the girls would be chasing me now. He then handed me a pair of new clothes to wear. They were mesh and just sexy enough for my sexy muscular body. I slipped them on. It was a nice tight fit. And just As I turned around to thank the Muscle Angel once more he was gone. I thought to myself as I flexed my new muscular body that I may not be Superman yet, but I was on my way with the help of one special person or should I say lizzard. The Muscle Angel!! •

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