Third Treatment


By ParisPhoto

It took two weeks for Ace Martin to get an appointment through the regular route. DeLeone had discreetly improved his chances by instructing the administrative staff they he wanted to work with some older competitive strength athletes, and if they had a contact from a over-40 bodybuilder, powerlifter or Olympic weightlifter they should put him at the top of the list for available treatment slots. He realised that in fact AlphaMan had never given him his alter ego's name.

It was thus that an amateur competitive masters class bodybuilder, Ace Martin, came for a treatment from Professor DeLeone. Martin was of course wearing street clothes and generating a mildly hypnotic effect he had developed to protect his secret identity. DeLeone therefore did not immediately make the connection, despite the fact that he had been expecting AlphaMan any day. The superhero found it a bit amusing to tease DeLeone, and continued playing his part. After collecting a complete medical history (most of which was pure invention on the part of the invulnerable and disease-free superhero), the scientist began a full medical examination. At first he had the patient strip to his briefs. A splendid athlete indeed, with a competitive history that did no justice to the physique he saw in front of him. Perhaps they would have to work on the timing of his diet and pre-contest training.

It was now time for the standard andrological exam, so the Professor asked Mr. Martin to remove his briefs. From what DeLeone could see through the white cotton, it was clear that the bodybuilder had no reason to be embarrassed doing so. When the scientist saw the superb meaty cock on the athlete stirring with mild excitement, the hypnotic effect was suddenly broken, and he easily recognized the naked bodybuilder as the superhero AlphaMan. Smiling quizically, he looked up at the good-looking athlete.

AlphaMan: I see you don't recognize my eyes, but you do recognize other of my attributes.

DeLeone: I don't know how I could have mistook you for anyone else.

AlphaMan: A skill I carefully cultivate. How are the boys?

DeLeone: Your last donation was very useful. The progress continues. I worry about the powers being too much for them, although they seem to be adapting fairly well.

AlphaMan: I wanted to talk to you about that. I would like to begin training them. You told me that they could not fly?

DeLeone: Since the last treatment we haven't had a chance to really test that. But I agree that it is time for them to learn better how to use their powers. But for now, we have to deal with you. Step inside... you know the routine!

AlphaMan was already naked, and at a press of a button the four boys were ready for action. They began their vigorous yet sensuous massage of the waiting superhero. They were gaining experience in arousing and stimulating the superhero, and now that he knew the truth about them, AlphaMan relaxed and came to orgasm with a bit less difficulty, despite the side effects of the treatment.

The session went well, with measurable growth for the superhero. The sessions continued over the next few weeks, with limited but real gains. Now that the truth was out, DeLeone could take make use of an unexpected side effect of the formula. While under the effect of the formula and once the pump had taken effect, AlphaMan could produce large amounts of semen with ease, and without the aftershock of conventional orgasm. DeLeone learned as well that the boys' semen was now sufficiently similar to AlphaMan's to allow it to be used to prepare the injection site in the place of AlphaMan's own cum. Thus a pleasant exchange took place at every session, with the boys supplying their enhanced semen to allow the injection of AlphaMan's buttocks, while AlphaMan would contribute several litres of semen during the session to allow the on-going treatment of the boys. This virtuous circle might had had the effect of slowing down AlphaMan's own growth had the treatments not been organized more frequently now the muscleboys had freed AlphaMan from the debilitating necessity of producing his own pretreatment semen. •

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