Ty's Power (Excerpt): Ty Buffs Up

Forgetting something?


By MuscleMage

In his ecstatic haze of fantasies Ty had forgotten about his now unseen lower body parts. Evidently, when wishing to get bigger, his groin wasn't left out of the equation. His balls were huge now, roughly each the size of a coconut. And while Ty was gazing at his body in rapture these balls were pumping enormous amounts of testosterone into Ty. "You know what? I can't see my dick anymore, I wonder if its still 9 inches? I hope not, lets fix it. I wish my junk will grow twice as big." Unknown to Ty, his penis was a good 13 inches already, and the moment he made that wish it started pumping up thicker and bigger. Waves of pleasure on a completly new scale crashed through Ty's system. His balls, already in testosterone overdrive seemed to heave as it pumped up like a manly balloon. "unhhg, aaaaaaahhh...", Ty's eyes rolled up into his head, if he hadn't he would have seen his creeping member show up in the member, in front of huge burdeoning balls, positively pulsing with semen and testosterone. He also would have missed seeing his face begin to change. His 15 year old features were rapidly changing from boyish to world class he-man model. His jaw thickened and angled, his features sharpened and his hair thickened and grew out slightly. Finally, his watermelon sized balls stopped growing and Ty slowly came out of his heaven, however, it wasn't quite over yet, though he was finished growing his balls, his balls were not quite finished with him. •

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