Ty's Power (Excerpt): Ty Buffs Up

And the many effects of testoserone…


As Ty came back to reality he began to notice something. His massive balls were sending waves of intense pleasure through out his body. He could feel it in his muscles and on his skin, the sensation was like nothing else, and it was emanating from his watermelon sized balls.

Looking down ty could see nothing but his gargantuan pecs... but something was happening to them! ty watched in shock as thin hairs began to sprout between the two enormous mountains. "chest hair? ..." he whispered, but the voice that came out of him was not the voice he knew, it was deeper. "mmmmmmmyy... holy shit, my voice changed!" he exclaimed. His deep voice sent vibrations through his thick neck. "cool." he said calmly.

Looking down again, Ty now saw his chest hair was spreading, rapidly. It had grown thick between his pecs, and was spreading across them... He watched in amazement as the dark coarse hair spread across his oversized chest. The hair continued to grow, it seemed like it was getting longer too. "waaat the hell..." he said aloud. He moved his legs and adjusted his stance. But as his chest hair began to thicken, he began to grow a pleasure trail down his ripped abs. Though his stomach was out of view, Ty could feel the hair as it pushed out, like an itching sensation, spreading across his overinflated, yet muscular stomach.

That same itching sensation moves across his face. A thick five o clock shadow was rapidly forming on his chin and jawline, and on his upper lip and neck. He felt the hair from his chest grow upwards, pushing up towards his neck, then quickly, hair grew out on the base of his neck growing upwards. Meanwhile his five o clock shadow had grown downwards, towards the base of his neck, and now, Ty could feel it, the hair connected from his chest to his face. "im a fucking beast!" he cried, his deep voice rumbling.

His facial features had also changed dramatically. His chin stuck out farther than before, his jaw line more pronounced, his eyebrows heavier and thicker, his facial features were becoming more masculine in appearance. Actually, all of his features were becoming more masculine, becoming exaggerated, growing well beyond anything normal. His chest, now was a thick rug of hair, The chest hair had spread all the way across his extraordinarily broad shoulders, over them, and down his back. his muscles seemed to be getting tense, as if something was happening again... . •

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