Ty's Power (Excerpt): Ty Buffs Up

Ty, the Muscle Freak


By Muscl4life

Ty had broken the scale, but he knew exactly how much he weighed now, 650 pounds! And having such mass in his frame was really too much, especially having the face of a eleven year old boy! But he wanted MORE! Ty looked at himself and wished he would be nine feet tall and weigh eighty hundred pounds! He felt himself growing taller and even more massive! He knew his arms were now almost thirty six inches around and his chest was over 120 inches! He looked at his gargantuan feet and they were still growing, his hands were enormous, vein and powerful, his legs were completely bloated, his cock was almost at his chest level, and his shoulder had to be over three and a half feet apart and getting wider by the seconds! He smiled as he noticed how naive and tender his face was, so purely tender when compared to his massive gargantuan body. Ty watched himself growing form his 650 pounds to his wished 800 pounds, and reaching the nine feet tall height! He almost went through the roof!His laps were so developed it was like he had wings of his own! He also wished his arms to grow even bigger, to make his biceps almost reach the size of his thighs! He vised his shoulders to match his arms and his chest to be even wider! His cock was now almost three feet long and his balls weighed over 40 pounds! He realized that his bulk was completely awesome and his physical only assured his incredible power, that was his true picture! Ty was child who had discovered he has the power of a GOD! Just then, Ty wished Dustin to come into the bathroom and so did his brother. Justin was already getting used to Ty~s pranks on him, but nothing prepared him for what he was inside the bathroom. It was his younger brother's head in a HUGE muscular body! Dustin gulped as he realized the size of that enormous bulk! His had was almost hitting the ceiling and his width almost took the whole bathroom! His muscles were gigantic and yet, he had the face of a child! "Ty? What the hell did you do to yourself?"Dustin asked realizing he didn't even reach the middle of his brother's 16 pack abs. "YOU'D BETTER GET USED! I AM GONNA BE LIKE THAT FOR A WHILE!" YT grabbed Dustin with just one hand and brought him near his face. Then he smiled and continued - "Dustin, why do I have to hide myself from the others, I want to be like this, I am comfortable with this size and with these MUSCLES! I am the biggest man on the world!" "But won't people get curious at your SIZE! I mean yo~u're only 15 and you have this BODY so big, and your face is so childish, and your cock, OH MY GOD! Look at the size of that thing! Dustin pointed at the giant pole poking his butt! "COOL, huh?" Ty asked with a mean look in his face. "OH, NO! You won't fuck me with that thing, you wanna kill me or something?" Dustin protested "Calm down, little brother!" Ty put him back on the ground "If I decide to fuck you, you won't be able to protest, remember?" Ty said bending over so he could pass through the seven feet tall door frame. "Let's get out of this bathroom! I am too BIG for it now!" Ty said going into the kitchen "Mom! What we've got to eat?" Ty's mom just turned around and dais - "I've boiled two dozens eggs for you dear, and there's five chicken breasts for you at the oven, ember your protein shakes and don't forget that you have to eat at least twelve times a day to keep your body growing!" Dustin came around shocked to what he had just heard "Dustin, my dear, I've fixed you a little snack too, you've been eating so badly these days! Don't you wanna be big and strong as your brother? I am off for groceries now! I should be back in five hours, because I am going to buy Ty's sups!" The mother left and Ty kept smiling at Dustin shocked face "Have you forgotten that i can control people's minds? I've just wished mom always new I am nine feet tall and weigh 800 pounds! I did the same thing with Daddy and every person related to us!" Ty said vanishing a huge plate of chicken breasts "I've found out I will be eating five times my old share, just to feed this body!" "But Ty, you're just TOO BIG! Look at your arms! How can you find clothing?" Ty laughed because he was already fully clothed as Dustin finished his sentence . He wore a baseball cap, skimpy jeans shorts and was shirtless showing his incredible 140 inches chest. "What you think of your BIG brother now?" Ty said as he was already leaving the house. "In case you didn't notice I've also made the enter house big enough to fit me, and I also have special furniture just for me!" "But why did you do this?" Dustin asked still dumb folded "Because, I want people to know that I AM TY, the one and only! There won't be anyone like me" And my SIZE will prove it!" Ty flexed his incredible huge muscles, his 95 inches gun almost made Dustin fade out! "WOW! You've really outdone it! You're twice the size of Arnold and has the face of Macaulay Caulking back at Home Alone times!" Dustin said as he managed to keep up with Ty's incredible large steps. "Thanks little brother! Oh, by the way, I didn't ask you, how do you feel like being the brother of the most powerful man in world?" Ty asked looking down at Dustin with his hands on his hips. "Cool!" Dustin said quickly, he knew that from now on Ty was in charge "Good, so follow me! We're gonna have some fun!" Ty grabbed Dustin and made him seat in his lap, and they went down the street. They arrived at a dark little alley and Ty finally placed his brother on the ground. "I know you don't like this, but I promise to make it up with you!" Saying this, Ty wished Dustin to become a nerdish skinny version of himself! "Oh come on! Every time you say this!" Said Dustin as he quickly shrunk to 5'2" tall and not over 110 pounds with many zits in his face and puny look. "Why did you do this?" Dustin asked already noticing the incredible difference between him and his giant little brother! "What's the fun of being nine feet tall and weigh 800 pounds if you can't save your little big brother from the danger?" Dustin smiled, realizing what Ty had in mind. "Look at there, a whole biker's gang!" Many big chested, muscular, haired man, smoking cigars and assaulting people. "You go there and let them mess with you! I've been wanting to teach them a lesson for quite a long time!" Ty pointed to the gang and Dustin was ready for his act. Dustin's geek version surely caught the attention of the bullies. "Hey, punk! What the fuck are you doing here" One huge bald guy asked and the others laughed. "Excuse me? Dustin asked trying to sound angry like only a geek like him could do "You've been very rude! You should apologize to me!" The biker and his friends got a little shocked at Dustin's reaction, but quickly they gathered around Dustin and threatened him. "What you're gonna do if we don't apologize? Tell your mama?" They laughed hard as Dustin shivered of fear. "ACTUALLY, HE WILL TELL HIS KID BROTHER!" Said a loud powerful voice from the back! The bikers looked back and saw the BULK of Ty, incredible, powerful, over muscular! He filled the whole alley where he came from. The bikers gulped down as Ty approached them. The tallies of them didn't reach Ty's chest and not even the chest of the strongest of them matched the inhuman 95 inches guns of the powerful kid. "ANYTHING WRONG HERE, LITTLE BRO?" Ty asked loud and Dustin played along - "Ty, those bullies were very bad to me!" Dustin said and rushed to the side of his giant kid brother who kindly made hims eat over his neck. "THEY WERE, WEREN'T THEY?" the giant kid asked as he approached the guys. Ty laughed arrogantly and pointed to the bald guy who messed with Dustin. "No one messes with my brother!" Ty said as he simply lifted the well over 250 pound guy of the ground with two fingers. Dustin carefully climbed down Ty as the giant kid dealt with the bully! Ty simply threw the huge guy inside a trash can, when another guy tried to hit him from behind with a baseball bat which actually broke in two and Ty never felt a thing! He grabbed the other guy by the ankles and threw him over twenty feet away! The he rushed to the rest of the gang. Two of them were trying to leave in their bikes, but Ty would not let! He grabbed the two bikes, one with each hand. The guys tried to accelerate but the giant kid was holding them back! And soon he was throwing the bikes away trashing them at the nearest corner. The bikers rushed away. The last one even tried to point a gun to Ty, but the young giant was faster and grabbed it on his hands and crushed the gun into metal scrap at the same time. "YOU GO AND NEVER COME BACK HERE!" Ordered the giant man When they were all gone, a few people thanked the giant Ty for his act of bravery, and even Dusitn for stopping up against the bullies "That was a RUSH!" Ty said out loud as he walked down the street "Yeah, awesome!" Dustin replied, he was beginning to enjoy his brother's powers as much as himself. But then he remembered that he was still a 110 pound nerd being carried over his kid brother's shoulder! "Ty, can you please turn me back to normal?" Dustin asked kindly "Yeah, bro! No problem, but let~s get home first! I made mom and dad gone for vacation for a few Weeks they really needed a time off their problems! The brothers arrived home and Dustin realized for the first time their house changed dramatically! It was now a huge mansion with four stories, and even a huge pool! "I am tired of living tight on the money! If I can be nine feet tall, why can't I have a mansion?^" "Ty,are you gonna change me back or not?!" Dustin asked once more time and the giant kid laughed. He walked toward his nerdish brother and towered him for almost four feet. He felt his cock engorging and soon Ty's skimpy jeans shorts exploded as his four feet long cock reached his full length "Ty, you can't fuck me with that dong! I will be split in two!" "What if you are?" Ty asked meaningful and Dustin shivered, but the colossal brother had other plans. "Just like Alice, Drink me and you'll grow!" Ty said in a low voice. Dustin looked at the impressive cock and he and an idea, he managed to climb up Ty's four feet long manhood and he sat at the end of the wild cock, but it didn~t even shake! "You'll have to try harder than this, little brother!" But Dust was determined. He embraced the cock of his godlike brother and his mouth finally touched the enormous head. Dustin managed to held his grip on Ty's cock and the avatar kid allowed him to recover a few pounds and a little inches back so he could actually achieve his intent. Dustin kept sucking on Ty's cock and the giant avatar was really enjoying the blowjob he was getting, especially because as Dustin regained his muscles, he became heavier and the pressure on Ty's cock increased quickly! Soon, Dustin was back at his 6'1" frame and his 210 pounds. But Ty demanded more, he made his brother grow another ten inches tall and gain 150 pounds in a matter of two minutes! Dustin felt his muscles bulging and his height increasing. He liked what he was doing! Sucking on Ty's cock was just the better thing on the world! He sucked and his muscles augmented, and he was heavier on Ty's cock, forcing it down, and the huge pole struggled to remain erect! Soon, Ty had a 6'11" 360 pound muscleboud grabbing on his 4 feet long, two and a half feet wide cock, and it was almost exploding into cum! Ty grabbed his augmented brother in one arm and kissed him fiercely, just then he felt his orgasm blowing volleys and volleys of precious cum. Dustin was completely hard and Ty had no problem in making him cum in his mouth. The brothers just collapsed at Ty's giant bed. Justin was still looking at his reflection on the mirror. "Don't worry Dustin, I am still WAY bigger than you!" Ty teased him "I know that! I am just enjoying my body, until you change it once more!" Dustin said joking but Ty decided he had to make it up to his brother - "Dustin, I am gonna grant you the body you'd like to have!" Ty focused and quickly got the picture, suddenly Dustin felt his hair growing longer and become lighter, his muscles were suddenly covered with golden hair, giving him a deep look. His cock grew to an impressive 20 inch cock and Dustin grew a golden goatee with matching side burns. Ty stood up and posed at the mirror with his newly transformed brother. They were like Yin and Yang. Ty had a smooth giant body with a tender childish face, and Dustin had this also enormous 360 pounds bulk on his almost 7 feet tall frame, but he was extremely masculine and virile! "I LIKED IT!" Ty said as he grabbed his brother once more and kissed him to feel his thick beard. Dustin laughed - "I also liked to have you so big like you are! You can stay like this! You look like you could have 1000 men!" Ty's face changed and Dustin knew that look! "Ty? What are you intending to do?" Dustin said as Ty gently placed him back in the floor! "Simple little brother! I WILL HAVE 1000 MEN!" Dustin shivered again, not by fear, but by excitement •

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