Ty's Power (Excerpt): Ty Buffs Up

Ty just keeps growing


He realized, as he was still growing, that he was now having problems looking down at himself. His pecs had grown so much that they were ballooning upwards towards his chin. Upon looking at his reflection he saw that he stood larger than his height. His body was actually defying gravity as there was no way that a torso & shoulders so large could rest on such a narrow waist, not to mention that his legs BY THEMSELVES couldn’t go through a normal doorway.

450… 451… 452… 453… 454…

He was now the largest human being on earth, and he knew it… As self-assurance too over him, he started to feel like the true god he was becoming. Although he was having problems moving due to the extreme hypertrophy of his muscles, he liked the unimaginable contrast between his ultra-masculine physique and his child-like face. He decided to take it a step further by making this contrast even more prominent, wishing his face looked like a child model, around 11 years old.

480… 481… 482… 483… 484…

It was happening; he was looking even younger while growing larger and larger. He now had the perfect facial feature of a pre-teen boy… He wondered how he could take the contrast further and thought that a light stubble might do the job.

He was truly a sight to be reckoned with, the perfect man-child muscle freak. He managed to turn sideways to look at his reflection. He was shocked as he saw that his pecs must have jut-out a good 18 inches from the rest of his body. In fact, he could see his ab definition, each standing out a good 4 inches, perfectly shapped, unimaginably bombed, but untouchable for Ty…

520… 521… 522… 523… 524…

As he stood sideways, he could estimate that his shoulders were about two feet thick. That coupled with his jutting pecs made his waist almost invisible. •

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