Ty's Power (Excerpt): Ty Buffs Up

Broken Scale


And sure enough, Ty could feel the next wave of energy washing over him, through him, and if anything the pleasure became even more intense than it had been before.

Again, he saw how his muscles began to swell, how his legs got thicker, how his lats grew, pushing his arms even further away from his upper body. Ty could feel how his back muscles inflating with size, and again he had to adjust his stance because his ever increasing quads were pushing against each other.

Ty watched in amazement how his biceps grew, swelling, pumping, becoming larger with each passing second. He decided to flex his arms, but he realized that he couldn't complete the pose because his forearms and his biceps were too huge by now, pushing against each other. Ty tried to use his strength in order to complete the pose, but the effort just made his muscles swell even more, forcing his forearms further and further down.

In the meantime, Ty's pecs had continued to grow, ballooning outwards, continually inflating with more and more muscles. Ty tried to cross his arms, but the amount of muscle in his chest made it impossible.

Suddenly, Ty heard a cracking sound from underneath him. He stepped of the scale, hardly managing to do so because of the size of his quads which were still growing bigger and bigger. He looked down at the scale and saw that it was broken in half, obviously because he had gotten too heavy due to his continuing growth. He took a closer look at the display and tried to read what it said.


Ty gulped once, trying to grasp what he had just seen, and realizing at the same time that the growth was still going on, and that it wasn't slowing down either. Again he adjusted his stance, and decided to take a look in the mirror.

First, he looked at his stomach, admiring his abs, which were incredibly defined. He wanted to touch his ten-pack, but when he tried, he realized that he couldn't move his arms enough to touch his stomach. He tried again, his biceps and triceps fighting with his lats and his pecs, his forarms brushing against his bulging biceps, but there was no way he could bend his arms far enough to reach his abs. •

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