Ty's Power (Excerpt): Ty Buffs Up

The growth continues…


Ty had never imagined himself as being big, at least nothing like this... He had gone from scrawny to built, and from built to huge, in just 2 minites- but without a doubt, it had been the best 2 minites of his life.

Looking in the mirror was beyond strange, this humongous, muscled body with a small head and a face of a 15 year old. Ty looked the same, but he was now in the body of a full grown, enormously muscular man. it felt great. Better than great, it felt surreal, out of this world. His body tingling all over with that comforting and warm sensation of growth. He couldnt keep his hands off of his body, rubbing his massive pecs with his hands, his cut abs protruding out, his incredibly broad shoulders, and his bicepts, grown to proportions far larger than anyone he had ever seen before. With the possible exception of those mucle magazines, Ty had never seen anyone, at least in real life, so big, so huge, and now this massive dude was him!


"Shit!" Ty exclaimed "its happening again!"


Though in surprize, ty was also in intense pleasure. The feeling of his body growing was like nothing he had ever felt before, the thoughts rushed thorugh his mind.


"God! ...Whats happening to me!?!?!" he cried. though the words sounded as if in panic, ty was not in any such panic, but in pleasure. The feelings of his biceps and chest expanding, and seeing them expand, caused one of the most erotic sensations he had ever known.


Ty was getting heavier and heavier. He could feel the incresing weight, the increasing size, under his feet, standing was alot different with all the new mass packing itself on to his enlarging frame. Once again he had to re-ajust his stance as his thighs had now grown such proportions that it was quickly becoming too difficult to keep the legs close at all.


Now with 30 pounds added, ty could really see, it was mostly going to his chest. his waist had grown only slightly larger, however, due to his expanding shoulder and pecs, his upper body was now over three times as wide as his waist. Those pecs were actually starting to blcok view of his feet. From his perspective, his pecs were taking up so much room on his upper body and Ty was quickly losing sight of his lower body.


Ty was watching both of his arms, his bicepts swelling with so much more size, so rapidly, that ty didnt know how he could wear sleaves ever again, his arms were so heavy, even thicker than his thighs had been when he had been 184 pounds Now at a hundred pounds more, his size was really starting to get to him. In the mirror he could see that his neck was wider than his head, his biceps the size of bolling balls, his chest looked like two mountains swelling out of his body, yet still gaining more and more mass. His huge arms were starting to be pushed, outward. No longer could he keep them strait to his body, the muscles -filling with more and more size- were quickly forcing his arms out.


Those red numbers on the scale continued to go up and up. Gaining weight had allways been something ty had tried to do, in vain, but now, gaining weight was all he could do, and it didnt seem like he was gonna stop either.


"Oh my god! im turning into such a freak! Whats happening to me?!?! God i keep gettin.... i keep fucking growing, im turning in a fuuuuuuhh... ....A fucking freak!!!"

Ty was shocked as his incredible gains, shocked and aroused at the same time. He wanted it to keep going, to keep growing, but how could he get any bigger? the body in the mirror was so huge so humongous!

As Ty looked down again he came to the realization that his monstous pecs had grown too much, so much that he could no longer read the scale! Those red numbers were blocked by a view of two bulging pecs, which were still filling out, larger and larger, thicker and rounder, right before his eyes...

Now with his weight out of sight, Ty consentrated on the overwhelming emotions and feelings spreading through his body, the pleasure, so intense, he almost wanted the growth to never stop.

Ty was taken back, he let out a gasp as he realized just how massive he had become, just what the freak he had turned into. The growth seemed to be over, or it felt that way, so ty bent his massive upper body over to see what the scale said. Looking past monstrous pecs, 12 pac abs, oversized thighs and a massive 9 inch endownment, ty could see the weight has indeed stopped at 325 pounds. Nothing could have prepared him for the shock of having such a incredible overgrown body.

It did look absurd, he though, that such a young, typical teenage face and small head were stuck on this... this body. Ty needed to change something first. He needed to feel his manhood, his masculinity, and Ty was ready to become a full out man. Yet, Ty wanted more, still more size, the pleasure was too great for him to ignore any further... •

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