Renewing Contact


By ParisPhoto

In the end, he didn't have to dip into his reserve stock to treat Ben. Within two days he had a call from AlphaMan asking for another treatment.

As usual, the superhero arrived after nightfall. DeLeone could check out the hero's new costume up close. It certainly did suit his enhanced physique.

DeLeone: Welcome, AlphaMan. But how are you going to deal with the problem you mentioned? How are you going to explain additional growth to the entourage of your alter ego?

AlphaMan: I have decided to entrust you with the secret of my civilian identity. By doing so I will be able to come here openly. I have in the past competed in bodybuilding contests in order to explain my physique. My desire as a physique competitor to take advantage of your services would therefore appear quite logical. I will be mocked, perhaps, but I will be able to sustain further growth without raising suspicions. You must therefore know that my alter ego is...

DeLeone: Wait, AlphaMan! Say no more until you hear my confession. You will then decide whether I am worthy of your trust.

DeLeone explained that the four assistants were his sons, and that he had been keeping the semen collected from the superhero during the treatments to experiment on giving them AlphaMan-type powers. DeLeone explained that one of the primary reasons for undertaking the experiment was the lack of offspring from the superhero.

AlphaMan: Well, as far as you know, I may have a child in my secret identity. But you are right, if AlphaMan had a child, this would be made public. You see, superpowers are a gift but they are also a burden. I have been unwilling to inflict this burden involuntarily, and most of all, I refuse to allow a woman to bear a freak of nature, a child who may be destroyed doing battle with a supervillain.

DeLeone: But you realize that although you may go on for years and years, decades and decades, you are not immune from the effects of age. My treatments have delayed it, perhaps, but someday you will be no more, and how will we be able to continue without your protection?

AlphaMan: What you did was very wrong, Professor, but I do understand your motives, and I agree that this subject I have always avoided must be dealt with. I forgive you, but you must promise never tonever again perform such unauthorized acts and to inform me of all your research. And now let me see the result of your work.

DeLeone called in his sons. Their enhanced physiques were easily visible through their white tee-shirts and shorts. DeLeone presented Ben, with his auburn hair and grey eyes, the tallest and biggest of the four; Carl, a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy scarcely smaller than his brother; Dan, a green-eyed mulatto with cafe au lait skin and black hair; and the smallest of the four, Ethan, whose Hawaiian mother had given him his black hair and eyes and who at 6ft at 220 pounds was nonetheless big enough to impress just about anyone.. other than his brothers! DeLeone had Ethan step forward and suggested a test of strength with AlphaMan. The man and boy stepped close, raised their arms and locked hands. The result was a foregone conclusion, but AlphaMan was clearly impressed with the resistance of the young man.

AlphaMan: I will call tomorrow morning to make an appointment in my secret identity. For the sake of discretion I will not indicate that I know you.

DeLeone: Of course. Your secret will be safe with us. We look forward to seeing you. I am very happy you have agreed to continue, all the more so since we are almost out of your donation.

AlphaMan: Would you like me to make a contribution now to tide you over until I get an appointment?

DeLeone: That would be kind. That way I can continue their development.

AlphaMan removed his belt and pulled down his tights enough to expose his heavy genitalia. He began jerking off, and came to erection quite quickly. But as before, he had difficulty ejaculating. He looked concerned and asked DeLeone for some help. DeLeone gave a nod to the boys and they went to work kneading the muscle god through his spandex. Their new superstrength enabled them to work the muscles in depth, their superspeed to titillate the superhero's skin through the suit. The excitement of the moment made them all hard, and DeLeone signalled that they could strip. The sight of the four muscleboy brothers nude and erect seemed to please AlphaMan who cried out as he came. DeLeone captured the precious fluid as the boys caught the nearly unconscious hero. They carried him to the exam table in an instant to allow him a moment to recover from the superorgasm. He weakly apologized to DeLeone saying that it took so much out of him to ejaculate that he would not be able to provide more than one donation a week. DeLeone reassured him that this would be more than enough, although he secretly would have liked to try a bath in pure superspunk. Still, the attitude of AlphaMan was more than he could have hoped for, and he was relieved that his work would continue unaltered. •

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