Wait And See


By ParisPhoto

Over the following weeks DeLeone followed the activities of AlphaMan in the press. There had been a fresh wave of criminals and supervillains, but AlphaMan had made short work of them. DeLeone had also been able to observe his patient's new uniform. A silver V-shape now ran from his crotch to his shoulders, accentuating his tapered physique. DeLeone knew that it was very likely that he would have the opportunity to check out the new costume with his own eyes within a few weeks at most.

The waiting period gave him the opportunity to continue his work with his assistants: Ben, Carl, Dan, and Ethan. What few people, and above all AlphaMan, knew was that the four boys, all 18 or 19 years old, were DeLeone's sons, each with a different mother. These four women had all been friends or colleagues of DeLeone, and had understood his project to raise young men would be loved and cherished while at the same time be trained to assist their father in his important work. An added incentive to undergo a pregnancy and to give up their child was the opportunity of sleeping with the darkly attractive DeLeone, of experiencing his hairy athletic physique and in particular his amazing cock of which they had heard much from male friends who had seen DeLeone in the showers.

Raised together and given an intense physical and mental education in addition to normal primary and secondary schooling, they were outstanding physical specimens. What only they and their father knew was that DeLeone had been using the massive quantities of AlphaMan's semen supplied at each session to endow them with superpowers like those of the hero. Although AlphaMan had been too preoccupied to notice their increase in size, it was in fact most impressive. Ben had responded the best to the treatment and now weighed 200 pounds at a height of 6 ft 1 in. He had gained 4 inches and 35 pounds since the treatment began only a few months earlier. The other three boys had made only slightly more modest progress.

More importantly, this new physique possessed much of the same strength as the unsuspecting donor, although as yet to a far lesser degree. Their senses were infinitely more acute, their reaction times beyond any human performance, and most intriguingly, they possessed the rudiments of flight. For the moment it had been difficult to test this power in any detail. When DeLeone was able to take his sons out at night in the desert to experiment, he noted that although they lacked true flight, they were nonetheless able to leap huge distances high in the air, and to control their trajectory while doing so. Gifted athletes, the boys adapted quite easily to their new powers, and although they clearly had not yet reached a level of invulnerability like that of AlphaMan, they did have great resistance and amazing recuperative powers.

Their growth suprised no one at the lab, for it had been clear since DeLeone brought them in to work as his assistants that as soon as they reached the age of consent they would be likely to volunteer for their father's experiments which had provided similar growth for many athletes. Now all that remained for DeLeone was to find a time and a way of explaining his rather irregular behavior to the donor of the semen that had allowed this transformation. Indeed, the semen stocked from the previous sessions was almost gone, and DeLeone had decided to concentrate the remaining doses on Ben, in the hopes of providing some long-lasting growth. It was highly likely that without fresh supplies, the bulk of the gain of size, strength and other superpowers would slowly but surely be lost.

It was time for what would probably be the last treatment for the four boys. DeLeone filled the jacuzzi in the treatment room with modified bull's semen. He waited for it to be heated to a comfortable temperature before adding the special formulation based on AlphaMan's jism. The air was heady with the aroma of virility when he called in the boys. They stripped off their white shorts and tee-shirts and settled into the warm, viscous semen bath. The roiling white liquid envelopped them up to their necks, and they regularly plunged their heads below so as to benefit from its effects over their entire bodies.

After an hour in the muscle bath, they began to prepare themselves for the second part of the process. DeLeone brought them lengths of bandage gauze. The boys soaked the gauze in the cum and began to wrap their legs with it. When they had finished with their lower body, they began to wrap each others' torsos and arms with the semen-soaked bandages. Soon they were wrapped like mummies in jism cloth with only holes for their eyes and tips of their noses. Thus encumbered, they scrambled out of the jacuzzi and hauled themselves up on four adjacent couches. Over the next hour the hot jism cooled as it continued to penetrate their bodies. The spunk-impregnated gauze formed a hard, form-fitting shell over the boys' muscular bodies. As they assimilated the cum cocktail, their muscles expanded, straining against their supersemen-enhanced cocoon. This was the only uncomfortable part of the process, and DeLeone went to each of his sons to comfort and reassure them, to encourage them to wait until the process was complete.

When they could take no more straining against the cocoon, their father gave them leave to flex their way out. All around him he heard the cracking and snapping at the muscleboys expanding their constrained muscles to emerge naked and engorged and hop from the couches. They began flexing to show off for each other and engaging in some playful wrestling to test their increased strength.

DeLeones: You understand, sons, that unless we have another visit from our superhero friend, this will be the last treatment for you. I have retained a small amount for Ben here for further treatments, but even that will suffice for only three more sessions.

Carl: We understand father.

Dan: Yes, we knew going in to this that it might not even succeed. The results you've achieved are already far more than we expected.

Ethan: Easy come, easy go, father!

Carl: In any case, eventually the aging process will overcome his recent gains and AlphaMan will be back.

Ben: And surely if you explained to AlphaMan that you hope to learn how to develop a team to help him in his work he would agree to supply you with the needed materials?

DeLeone: You may be right, son, and by beginning the treatments without his authorization I have probably made a mistake. But I wanted AlphaMan to have confidence in my abilities first, and needed him to realize that he cannot go on forever. But it still was wrong, and I can't wait for him to come back just to trick him again.

Carl: Surely he has many years of crime fighting in him?

Ben: Yes, but he is one of a kind, and even he can't go on forever. The very fact that he came to father for help is a sign that eventually he will have to hang up his tights and retire.

Carl: But even if he is unique for the moment, he could always have a child who might have his superpowers.

Dan: Well, he's forty years old and shows no signs of wanting a girlfriend, let alone a wife or a child.

DeLeone: Yes, I know my work with you is not the definitive solution, but it is a first step toward reproducing AlphaMan's capabilities in another being since he doesn't seem interested in doing so himself. But you're right, if by the time we run out of super semen we have heard nothing from AlphaMan, I will confess what I have done and ask him for his help. He may not be happy, he may have me fired, or even jailed, but that's the risk I'll have to take.

Ethan: Oh father! You know we'll protect you as long as we can and with whatever powers we have, superhuman or not. You won't go to jail if we can stop it!

Ben: Now Ethan, you know that that wouldn't be right. We all knew what we were doing, and that it was not right in a strictly legal sense. If AlphaMan wants to turn us in, he can, and we will all accept our punishment. We will stick with you father.

Ethan: Yes of course, Father. I apologize for getting carried away Father. You know we will do the right thing..

DeLeone: I know you will sons. Otherwise I would never have entrusted you with these abilities.

DeLeone, surrounded by his hulking sons, hugged them one by one, then in a big group hug. And then waited, waited to see if the desire to be big, to be weakened then strengthened, to feel younger and more powerful, would win out over the hesitations in the heart and mind of the superhero. •

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