The Next Visit


It has almost been a year of anticapation, cancellations and noshows since I last saw my cousin Bill. Finally this past weekend my family went out to my Aunt's house for a 2 day visit. We arrived at thier house shortly after lunch, unfortunately Bill was out playing ball with some friends. The two families sat around and visited in the afternoon, went for a little walk and then sat down to dinner. We had just finished picking up the dinner dishes when Bill walked in, he was wearing a long sleeve jersey and a pair of track pants. He made his way around the room with hugs and kisses for everyone(he lifted my sister up and twirled her around like she was nothing). Just as we started to shake hands his mom told him to go get cleaned up and eat, he nodded his head down the hall and I gladly followed. As we were walking the conversation went something like this BILL- How is it going,etc, etc, etc. - Are you still working out? ME- Not as much as I used to what with school, work and my social life, I don't seem to have enough time. How bout you? BILL-Shit yeah can't you tell ME- It is tough to tell with that long jersey on.

We had just got to his bedroom door he stopped, turned around, grabbed the bottom of the Jersey and proceeded to take it off. Fortunately it got caught around his shoulders and chest. As he struggled to get it off his stomach muscles flexed and contracted like you would not believe, I almost wet myself right there. When he got it of he just stood there and I said looking pretty good. With that he said "Pretty good check this out" He then took a step closer raised his hand under his chest and flexed his bicep. It was incredible it looked like a big pool ball in his arm and his chest was just as ripped. I reached out and grabbed it and as soon as I touched it(it was rock hard) he laid on the floor put out his left hand and said let's go. I just stood there for a second recapping what just happened, the conversation, the muscle show and now the challenge. It happened so fast I never had a chance to think, I laid down and he told me to say when to go. As we were getting ready I could see his bicep dancing and bouncing with every little effort that he made. When we were set I said go. I could not take my eyes off his arm it was perfect, the bicep seemed to explode into even a bigger ball and his forearm was a solid mass with 4 huge veins running through it. I was able to slowly start to take him down and got him within 2 inches from the floor when I finally looked away from his arm and at his face. I could tell that he was worried that I was going to win(at least that's what I thought) When we made eye contact he stopped my forward motion and somehow was able to bring our arms slowly back to the start position. He smiled as he very slowly continued to push my arm about half way down. I then stopped him but couldn't regain any position and he slammed me down. He said that was a great match and told me that he was left handed(I was not)so the next one should even be better. He again told me to say when and I took my time so I could watch his arms bounce around as we tried to get a fair start. This arm went exactly the same with me slowly taking the advantage, I even cheated and put my shoulder into it trying to get him down to no avail. He slowly took over control, pushed me over and then down until I could not hold him no more. He jumped up said he knew he could do it, grabbed a muscle shirt out of his drawer, pulled of his track pants and walk down the hall in nothing but a pair of boxers. I just stood there and watched the back of his thighs curl up into a ball as he walked away. By the time I got to the kitchen my dad must have already commented on Bill's bod because my Uncle was telling him to "Show Him What You Got" With that Bill took his arm under his chest again and flexed for my dad, it was just as impressive from the back, you could see his shoulders widening and the skin stretchin tight . As he flexed he told my dad that he has been beating my Uncle in arm wrestling for a couple of months already. My Uncle had an embarrassed look on his face as he tried saying how his tendonitis and arthritis really bothers him now. Bill interrupted and said how he had just whopped me in an arm wrestle. I said I would hardly consider that a whopping. He said you what to try again. I thought about it for a second and said sure, after all I almost had him and on a table I should be able to use my height and weight as an advantage. I again said go but this time there was no advantage Chuck it was all Bill, he took me down like I wasn't even trying I was shocked thinking he got a great start that time. We locked up right hands and I said go, it was the same thing, before I knew it I was done. I could not believe it this slender, well muscled kid with the billiard ball muscles had just toyed with me in the bedroom. He had so much confidence in his strength that he let me get him to within a couple of inches from the floor before he took control of the match. Bill asked my dad if he wanted to go but his mom interrupted before he could answer with Bill's supper. I sat and talked while he ate, watching his biceps turn into a perfect ball with every fork of food.The rest of the weekend was filled with more arm wrestling(I lost everyone), wrestling(what a scissor lock and head lock he has) and any other challenges I could think of. This time is was my turn to be the kid getting on his nerves by jumping on him, bugging him and always trying to get him to see if he could beat me at things. •

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