My name is Chuck and I have a cousin whom is aprox. 3 and 1/2 years younger than me and lives in a town quite a ways from where we do. Bill has always been a smaller kid who always seemed to get on my nerves when we were younger. Since we lived a ways aways we did not seem to see or hear from each other very often. It was last summer when my mom told me that they (Bill and his family) moved out of their town and on to an acreage. I was told that he was still riding his bike to and from school and other activities Such as soccer, I was told that it was aprox. a 40 minute bike ride. I never really paid it much attention because we never had much in common with each other. This spring on the way back from summer holiday's we stayed at his house one night but never arrived there until fairly late. When we got there their family was sitting on the couch and bills dad slapped him on the thigh and said it was time for bed. That's when Bill lifted his shorts up over his thigh, flexed and hit his leg three times and said "like you could hurt these babies"!!! I was floored this little skinny kid was starting to develop a very impressive body and very proud of it. Unfortunately we had to leave very early the next morning and i never got to see Bill again that visit. In the past I never had any thoughts or urgings to go see Bill but now all I could thing about was that fairly small but very defined and rock hard thigh. Fortunately our family's decided to get together this past weekend at their house I could hardly wait!!!I kept thinking if his legs were starting to get this developed what was the rest of his body like (he was wearing a long sleeved sweat shirt that last night I saw him) we arrived At night shortly after supper and who should run out to the van but Bill in nothing but a pair of shorts in all his flexing glory. There in front of me was this very cocky 14 yr old who knows that he's developing a very impressive body. He loved to show his biceps to everyone, my mother, my dad, my sis and especially me. He even wanted us all to feel how hard they were, I tried not to look too impressed as my hand touched his well shaped, hard and very veiny arm!! All I could think to say was not to bad for a little kid. When we got inside he immediately started to challenge me to an armwrestle, I tried to play it cool and seem not overy interested in front of both of our families but could hardly control myself.

After about 1/2 an hour my aunt told me to take the bags to the back bedroom, as I started down the hall I noticed Bill was right behind me. When I got to the bedroom he said "Come on what are you waiting for are you chicken" at that I said well ok Let's go to the kitchen table and do it. He said we don't need a table let's go right here and laid down right there on the floor. Although I was older, bigger and thought I had good technique I just wasn't sure if i could take him down, but I laid dow on the floor across from him. We agreed to go with the right arm first and I told him he could say when he was ready. I could tell that he hasn't done alot of arm wrestling because as we were getting ready he had very little technique. When he ready he said go and i got a great start and pushed him 3/4 of the way down fairly easily, then I stalled. I looked up at his arm and it was oh so incredibly flexed and full of veins. It took quite a few seconds for me to finish him off but I was able to do it. As soon as it was over he put out his left hand and said lets see if we can get a fairer start with this one. As he was preparing for the left arm he got in the exact position that I was in and I knew that I just lost my technique advantage. He said go and we never moved, here I was a bit older and quite a bit heavier and he held me to a stand still. I finally started to take the advantage using my body weight as the difference. I got him 3/4 of the way and again I stalled. I again got to look at this former skinny geek turned muscledud whose arms were incredible!!! After what seemed like several minutes he smacked my head with his other arm and said this time it's a tie but i'll get you next time and he jumped up and left the room. As we headed down the hall toward the kitchen he stopped pulled off his shirt and said how do you like this 6 pack. My chin must have hit the Floor as I looked at this guy with little or no bodyfat and the start of a very nice washboard stomach. All that I could say was how the hell are you doing this so fast at your age you little shit. He looked at me did a double flex and said "I work out alot!!!!!" He slid on his shirt and headed toward the living room. As there was now alot of other company arriving I never got to see much more of him that evening except for the odd flex that he would tease me with throughout the night. Unfortunately he had a soccer tourny the next morning and he was gone before we got up. When we were having breakfast his mom apologized for Bill's cockiness (can you imagine), she said that has just been going crazy with his work out routine and thinks he is the incredible Hulk or something. As our family was leaving we agreed to get together for thanksgiving at our house for a full 2 day's. I have a complete workout room at home and I can't wait for my muscular cousin to come and show off his great body in front of my full length mirrors in all his flexed glory. I know I'll have something to be very thankful for. •

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