Night Growth

Man he was tired. He had fallen asleep on the couch while watching t.v. The door was open and he could hear the rain outside falling. Cool air flowed in and filled the room. He sat up and rubbed his eyes and scratched his head. He imaged what he must of looked like and chuckled to himself. On the t.v. some guy was talking to some girl about some thing he just could care about. The man had a great body and was just standing there is a pair of real tight shorts. ‘Eh, must be some sort of workout show,’ he thought. The woman was dressed just as sparsely but he didn’t really care about her. The man would flex a muscle and then the woman would do the same, showing the difference is size between them. They did a couple of exercises together, then went to commercial. ‘Damn it,’ Mark thought,’just when I was getting a good hard on.’ He picked up the remote and flipped the t.v. off. He slowly got up and walked to the screen door. He stood there for a moment, then took his shirt off. The coolness felt good. It made his nipples harden and he put his hand up to one of them. His hand felt warm against his flesh and his chest felt good under his hand. He watched the rain fall, hitting the concrete and grass outside. He liked the rain it made him sleepy, yet somehow awake and alive. His thoughts turned back to the guy from the t.v. show. His thick chest, swelling as he breathed, his huge thighs pulling the shorts tight against his butt, his flat stomach which lead to who only knows...He felt himself getting hard again, he put his other hand down to feel himself. He instantly stiffen in his palm. ‘Just a palmful, no wonder he couldn’t get a date,’ he laughed and walked back to the couch. He pulled the blanket around himself, to get warm. He drifted off to sleep, thinking of the man on t.v. The sound of the rain seemed distance in his ears, like it was far away or had just let up. He rolled over and pulled the blanket up under his chin. Instantly his feet were cold. He pulled them close to him to try and get them under the blanket but couldn’t. The blanket seemed small to him. He slowly woke up again. Now he realized he was laying from one end of the couch to the other, his head over one end his feet over the other. Which meant somehow he was taller. He quickly sat up, his shoulders where over the back of the couch and his knees where higher than the coffee table. How had....? He stood up quickly and went into the bathroom, he had to duck to see all of his face in the bathroom mirror so he turned around and looked at the full length mirror of the back of the door. Well he was surly taller than before. He must have been a good foot taller than when he went to bed. As he looked at himself he felt his hardness growing again. He reached down and grabbed it. Now it seemed freakishly small in his hand. ‘Damnit, of all the luck,’ he started to stroke, looking only at the mirror now. Then it seemed awful hot in the room. His whole body felt tight and hot. Then he noticed it felt like he was swelling. His chest was becoming hard and defined, Each pec swelling up like a huge iron plate, then getting even larger. His back spread out behind him like wings of thick muscle. His biceps swelled from thin stick to apples, to thick cantaloupe size melons of muscle. His thighs swelled like huge tree trunks pushing each other away from the other one. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He looked in the mirror and watched himself becoming a muscle god. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He ran his eyes across his chest, it felt incredible. The hard muscle under his hand. His stomach was hard like a rock. He never felt so good. His member in his hand even seemed a little larger. He looked at it, hell it even looked a bit larger. It filled his palm fully. He tugged harder at it feeling it get even harder, soon the head reached out over his hand. He stroked harder feeling it swell and grow under his care. He lay it flat against his stomach and it reached to his belly button. He stroked hard and felt it growing harder, larger. Soon it reached halfway up his stomach and was inching towards his chest. His thighs swelled pushing his legs apart, he felt a rip, then a tear. His underwear rip and fell apart and fell to the floor. •

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