Family Reunion

During the summer holidays last year one of my older relatives got married and it was a chance for my parents and I to go for a holiday to the West Coast of Canada. I don't know which I was more excited about....travelling by plane or getting to see one of my cousins that used to live next door to us. He was 1.5years older than me and I had not seen him for over 8 years.

When we arrived at our hotel I spent the first day just hanging around the pool and arcade waiting for my cousin and his parents to arrive. It was late in the afternoon when I returned to the hotel room to have a shower and my mom told me to hurry they would be here soon. I finished my shower and got dressed in a hurry and as I was finishing a knock on the door came. I opened the door and there stood some kid that appeared to be about 17-18years old. I asked if I could help him and he answered, "hey Marc it's me Kevin". It was my cousin. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Kevin was 15 years old and he used to be this short scrawny kid; now he towered over me in height and was obviously workingout from his size. He came in with his mom and dad and we visited for a while. The two of us headed out to the mall were we met some of his friends and then returned to pickup my stuff before going to his place.

By the time we got to his house it was quite late and we both headed off for bed. As we got ready Kevin began to flex and show off the size of his arms and chest. They were pumped and cut solid. Joking I said "to bad you don't have any strength with that size whimp". He walked over to me and reaching out with one hand he grabbed me by the neck and with his other hand by the waist and lifted me clear over his head with relative ease. Holding me there for a while he then tossed me across the room onto a mattress that was set up. Considering I only weighed 100lbs at the most I didn't think to much of it and walked back over to him. I landed several hard punches to his stomache and chest while he just stood there and laughed. With one punch to my mid section, he knocked me back a few steps and the wind out of me. As I gasped to regain my breath he wrapped his arms around me squeezing harder and harder while lifting me off the ground. I tried to break free but he just hardened his grip. Finally, he let go and I fell to the floor. As I picked myself up, I admitted to him that he was definately stronger and bigger than me. He just grinned.

I asked him if he knew how big he was and how he got so big because I remembered him very differently. He told me that shortly after they moved he began to workout with some weights that his dad had bought him and eventually joined a gym where he trained regularly. The more he grew the more determined he became to get stronger. His measurements were as follows:

HEIGHT: 6'5" WEIGHT: 245pounds CHEST: 51inches BICEPs: 18.75 BenchPress: 415pounds •

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