Second Treatment


By ParisPhoto

When AlphaMan arrived for his second session, he quickly briefed the Professor on his impressions following the first session.

AlphaMan: It's been a subtle but noticeable change for me, Professor. My reaction times seem faster, my overall strength and speed are back up to top level, why, I even had to dig out some old clothes to wear because my latest purchases were too tight.

DeLeone: My estimates are that you are at about 95% of your peak performance. If we can get you up to 100%, with your increased experience and know-how, you should be a better defender of our country than you have ever been.

AlphaMan: That's my goal, Professor. Can we begin the session?

DeLeone: Of course. Everything's ready.

This time the superhero stripped immediately. DeLeone could see that the added muscle mass had matured nicely, providing added definition to AlphaMan's fabulous physique, easily visible under the hero's smooth clear skin. As he had done the first time, the hero turned his hulking back to the Professor as he began to masturbate.

Even without checking his chronometer, DeLeone could tell that the hero was having some trouble. He had been heaving and grunting for longer than the first time with no sign of approaching orgasm. The effort the muscle god was making on his cock was evident from the beads of sweat which began to appear on his back and shoulders.

DeLeone: Is everything alright?

AlphaMan: Don't know... can't seem to cum...

DeLeone: I did anticipate this as a possible side effect. Your entire hormonal system has been mobilized for muscle development, which has put a strain on your sexual apparatus. I believe some external stimulation should help.

DeLeone instructed AlphaMan to lie down on the examination table and summoned Ben, the auburn-haired muscleboy assistant. He entered and removed his white tee-shirt, leaving only his white shorts. If AlphaMan had been less preoccupied by his own ejaculatory problems, he would have seen that since the previous week young Ben had been working out hard and had grown visibly more muscular. Ben began to massage the superhero with scented oils, a significantly more erotic massage than the post-workout massage of the previous week. His expert hands soon had the superhero writhing on the table. In a few minutes he brought AlphaMan to orgasm, and DeLeone collected another huge quantity of fresh superspunk. The orgasm seemed to take more out of the hero than at previous sessions, and it was a few minutes before he rolled over and opened his ass for the injection, eagerly awaiting his treatment. DeLeone was happy to oblige, and after swabbing the semen on the asscrack, slowly injected the viscous formula into the hero's massive asscheeks. As before, the pain made him groan but he bore with it for the sake of gaining more muscle mass.

Before the product kicked in, DeLeone suggested that AlphaMan himself insert the end of the catheter so that the connection could be made more easily when it came time to deflate. The hero held up the end of his thick flaccid cock and rammed the end of the catheter up his urethra, using his muscle control to make it easy and painless.

With the plastic tube hanging from his cock, and clad only in his hood and loincloth, AlphaMan began his workout. The drop in strength was more abrupt this time, and he began craving the protein liquid as soon as he started to get a pump. The inflation began quickly, as his engorged muscles absorbed the food. DeLeone noted with satisfaction that the superhero would regularly pause to look at the growing volume of his muscles in the mirrors on the walls. Once or twice he even hit a pose and seemed please with the freaky size. Within 45 minutes he had taken on nearly 100 extra pounds.

DeLeone had him leave the magnetic-resistance machines when they could no longer be set any lower. In the far corner of the exercise room DeLeone had had some ladies fitness spa weights set up. These puny weights were all the strongest man in the world could now handle. The throbbing muscles grew bigger and bigger under the effort of lifting 2 kg pink-plastic-coated dumb-bells. Following DeLeone's instructions, Ben came to spot and to assist the hero. No longer able to lift the jugs of liquid protein, it was the young athlete who fed the muscle freak superhero.

DeLeone suggested finishing with a series of knee bends. The first was not too difficult for the hulking hero, but soon he stalled at the bottom of the movement, and young Ben had to stand behind him and grab the meaty lat muscles to help him up. After about 20 knee bends Ben had to call in the other assistants to help him assist, in fact almost carry, the now-380-pound mass of muscles to the massage table. With AlphaMan's ham-like arms flopping over the side the boys pulled off his loin cloth and hooked up the catheter so his urine could be collected. The four boys began the massage to break down the excess tissue.

As the four boys worked his puffy muscles, AlphaMan moaned with relief. He was groggy as the fatigue set in, and didn't observe that the other three boys had grown as much as Ben. Their expert hands reduced the excess tissue down to waste urine that was steadily eliminated. The reduction stopped when the hero reached 252 pounds. In two weeks he had gained 12 pounds of muscle. The boys covered his groin with a towel and left him to rest.

After nearly an hour's sleep, AlphaMan awoke and removed the catheter. He lept from the table, wrapped the towel round his waist, and hurried to check himself out in front of a mirror, flexing. Seeing his new improved physique seemed to have an effect. DeLeone observed the enlarging cock push open the towel which thus loosened easily fell off from his frenetic posing. DeLeone approached and asked if the superhero was satisfied with his session. AlphaMan calmed down at this interruption and quickly picked up the towel to hide his embarrassing erection. Apparently it was one thing to cum for the good of humanity, it was another to get hard watching your own new muscles.

AlphaMan: Yes. I regret being unavailable for crime fighting for these few hours, but it appears to be a necessary evil. And it certainly is effective. I believe I have never been this big.

DeLeone: It certainly looks impressive. Of course your performance as a crime-fighter is what counts.

AlphaMan: Yes. And I'm afraid this will have to be the end of our sessions for the immediate future. If I get much bigger I will be unable to explain the transformation in my secret identity.

DeLeone: Your growth has been a problem?

AlphaMan: Certain people have noticed. And after today I will have to buy a new wardrobe. And that may include my AlphaMan costume...

This reminded the hero that he needed to dress again. He had to use his superstrength to pull on the too-tight spandex. He shook hands with Professor DeLeone, said farewell for the foreseeable future and flew out the window. •

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