Uneven Friends (Original)


By Killerwhale Zeus

Jake was right. He was actually pretty good at football

practise that day. Chad on the other hand, was woeful. He bounced

off the other guys, seemed slow and clumsy. He flinched whenever

the ball came at him and when some of the larger guys walked by.

And in the showers, his worst fears were confirmed. Chad had no

problem showering naked in the company of other men, he wasn't gay,

but today, for some reason, he felt dread at being in the same space

as the other guys, especially Jake. But still, Chad overcame his

fear, stripped down and entered the communal shower area. The other

players were tall, pumped and well built. Chad on the other hand,

could see that his own frame was some what scrawny and looked, well,

under-nourished. He was now one of the shorter players on the team

and his dick was tiny ... almost half that of the other guys.

Then Jake entered the shower. His frame was on a par with

the bigger guys there, his skin was tan and he walked with the

confidence of a man who was completely in control. His penis was

by far the largest one there. It was as if most of mass from

Chad's cock had been redistributed. But that was not the worst

of it. When Jake entered, he walked up to Chad and said, "What's

your problem, Chad? You were pathetic out there today! And you

were flinching like a girl." With that, he gave Chad a push

and sent him bouncing, naked, across the shower room floor. The

other guys laughed and Chad felt like he was about to die from

shame, yet, when he looked up and saw Jake's disgust on his face,

he felt a small thrill go through him. Like a tingle in his spine.

Before Chad knew it, his dick began to go hard. Jake saw that

and began to sneer, "You poofter. Get the fuck out of here."

Resisting an urge to say "Yes Sir." Chad scrambled out of the

shower and in to the locker room. As he fled, with his face

burning, the tears streaming down his cheeks, his cock hard and

his bum red from his fall, he could hear the mocking laughter of

the other lads in the showers. He threw on his clothes and ran

out of there.

That night, when Jake arrived home, Chad was ready to

tell him that he would move out. But without saying a word,

Jake held up a dollar bill and dropped it on the floor. For

some reason, Chad could not take his eyes off the bill. He

stared at it almost hypnotically, wondering why he was

obsessed with that money.

"It's your's, if you want it." Said Jake quietly, slowly

taking off his shirt. Part of Chad's mind screamed out "no", but

he felt a yearning, an urge to take the money. Without saying

anything, he sank to knees, unzipped Jake's pants, and began

to suck Jake's cock.

"You are a cock-sucker." Said Jake grabbing Chad by the

hair. Chad felt his own penis go hard. He put his hand in and

began to stroke it. It was so small. He sucked faster and faster,

covering the shaft with his tongue and rolling it around in his

mouth. He stroked faster and faster, and felt himself building

to a climax. But just when he was about to reach it, he felt

himself fade back. This happened several more times, but each

time he was unable to cum. He didn't have a chance to try again,

as Jake came in his mouth.

For the next two days, Chad walked around with a hard-on.

No matter how much he tried, he was unable to stimulate himself.

Every time he got near, it would just fade away. He knew it had

something to do with the spell, so, after avoiding his room-mate

for two days, he decided to confront him.

Jake was in the lounge-room. When Chad entered and saw

the man, he felt a huge longing to please Jake. He marvelled

at how handsome, strong and masculine Jake was. He glowed.

"Chad, I've missed you."

Chad's face flushed at the compliment, it was the

same feeling he got when a pretty girl told him she liked him.

"Jake, what have you done to me?"

Jake held up the spell book.

"It's a little side-effect of the spell I did not tell

you about. As well as transferring masculinity, the spell makes

you completely subservient to me. You want to please me. You

need to please me."

"That's ... That's not true." Stammered Chad, fighting

an urge to beg Jake for forgiveness.

"Please, Chad, give me a blow job."

Chad took a step forward, but then stopped. There was no

way he was going to service this man just because he asked.

Jake frowned and put on his best "hurt" look, "Please Chad,

if you don't blow me off, I'll be so sad."

Chad felt his heart breaking. The strain was unbearable.

How could he let his Master be sad? It hurt him so much to see

Jake upset, yet, he knew that if Jake cast the spell once more,

he would never be able to resist serving him again. Then, he

had an idea.


And with that he gave Jake the best blow job he could

possible give. He tickled, he explored, he sucked, he licked,

he stroked, he rubbed, he teased and he blew. Jake came

three times and on the third time he yelled out the chant:

"Now that you have accepted my bounty and my seed, you must

repay me!"

There was a thunder clap and a bolt of lightning that

seemed to strike very close.

Everything went back to normal. Chad was his normal

jock-boy self and Jake was his normal weedy self.

"What's happening?" Asked Jake, suddenly afraid.

Chad stood up and picked up the spell book and with an

evil, cum-soaked grin, said, "You forget to pay me." With that,

he smashed the book against the side of Jake's head.

"And you know what they say ... A spell cast in error

is an error on you. Now I want my payment. My payment in full."


The girl Chad had picked up the previous evening screamed

again as Chad fucked her to orgasm. It was the fifth time that


"Oh Chad. You are so good. Where did you get the stamina?"

She panted, grinding her pert tits in to his face as he nibbled and

caressed them.

Chad grinned, "You should've met me before, baby, I'm twice

the man I was then." •

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