Uneven Friends (Original)


By Killerwhale Zeus

Chad was still not sure why he had agreed to do it. He was

desperate for cash ... just a little bit extra to pay off this

month's bills. He was behind in his rent, he needed some books

for college, food was scarce, his car was bung and one of his

molar teeth had been killing him for a few weeks now ... but

still, he could've managed until next Thursday, when his pay-

cheque arrived. If he was truly, absolutely desperate, he knew

thirty people that would loan him money. Chad was, after all,

a popular, handsome college student, an ace on the football team,

good with his studies and handy with the women. Why had he


Chad had been tired and quite drunk. The land-lord had just spent

the last five minutes on the phone threatening him and some

bills had just arrived in the mail. He wearily hung up the phone

and flopped back down on the couch. His flat-mate Jake handed him

another beer sympathetically.

"You look bummed, man, still got money troubles?"

Chad took a long swig of the beer. "Yeah, until next

Thursday ... a whole nine days away. I'm screwed ... big time."

Jake looked at his friend. "I know a way ... nah ... you'd

never be interested."

Chad's ears pricked up, "What? What were you going to say?

You know a way for me to get some money? How?"

"Look, forget it. It's just dumb. It's a dumb idea. I

should never have even brought it up."

By now, Chad was curious, "Tell me, Jake. I really need

some quick cash."

Jake put down his beer and look Chad directly in the

eyes. "I've found this book ... it's supposedly a magic book.

There are a bunch of spells in it ... There's one in particular

I want to try."

Chad burst out laughing. "Magic book? Spells? What does

it do, make money grow on trees?" Jake looked hurt. Chad stopped

laughing, "Are you serious? You think it's a real magic book?"

"Yes I do, well, maybe ... who really knows? But just

forget it. I can see you're not interested."

Chad thought about it for a moment. Magic? It sounded

impossible, yet, if there was some way he could solve his

financial difficulties, he'd be a fool not to try it. "Not so

fast, Jake, I am interested. I need some money and I'll try

anything to get it."

Jake seem satisfied with that answer. "Still, the spell

I have in mind is ... well, it's pretty degrading."

"What? What spell is it?"

"It's a way to transfer a small amount of your strength

to me. Except, for it to be fair, I have to offer you an amount

of money that you'll accept."

"What? Is that all, a little bit of my strength? I'll

do that," Chad flexed his arm, he had more than enough muscle

to spare, besides, he could always get more, "What do I have to

do? How much money are we talking about?"

Jake paused for a moment, "This is where it gets a bit

delicate. For the spell to work, you have to, ahem, blow me off."

Jake started to blush furiously.

Chad almost choked on his beer. "You want me to put your

penis in my mouth? No. No way. That is never going to happen."

"Hey! Fair enough! I was not going to do anything about

this spell, but you said you needed the money and I was

prepared to offer one hundred dollars."

Chad blinked. One hundred dollars. For five minutes

work? No-one would ever need know. One hundred dollars. Chad

could not believe he was seriously considering this. He had

nothing against gays, but found their "way of life" personally

off putting. However, could he put aside his squeamishness to

earn a quick one hundred dollars?

"I'll do it."

Now it was Jake's turn to splutter. "What?"

"I said, I'll do it. But I want it to be done quickly,

and you have to swear, never, ever to tell anyone about it."

"Sure!" Jake could hardly contain his excitement. He

wasn't gay, but if this spell worked then he would be on his

way to a great life. "When do you want to do it?"

Chad reflected on this. "I'm drunk now, so let's do

it now."

Jake nodded, stood up and went to his room to fetch

the book. Soon they were both standing some what awkwardly in

the lounge room.

"So, um, how does this work?" Asked Chad, all of a

sudden feeling a lot worse about this whole thing.

"Okay, well, I give you the money, then you ... um

... swallow ... and then I recite this small chant."

"Heh. As easy as that, eh?" joked Chad nervously.

Jake fumbled with his wallet and withdrew a fresh

one hundred dollar note. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

At the sight of the money, Chad practically began to drool.

Jake took that as a 'yes'. "Okay, you take the money and,

well, start. I guess." Chad looked at him with resignation

and a bit of trepidation as he took the money. He sat down

on the couch and Jake walked closer to him, positioning

the crotch of his jeans near Chad's face. Chad sighed and

began. He unzipped Jake's pants and reached in and found Jake's

cock. It was already semi-hard and rapidly hardening when

Chad brought it out in to the open. Chad glanced at it,

not wanting to think about it too much, and noticed that it

was cut, like his, and of average length, maybe seven inches.

He closed his eyes and placed it in his mouth. It was warm

and firm. Chad was pleasantly surprised about how

non-offensive it was.

"Are you just going to let it sit there? Aren't you

supposed to move your mouth or something?" Asked Jake. Chad

was startled. He kind of thought that putting the thing in

his mouth was triumph enough, now he realised he had to do

a bit more. He began to move his mouth up and down the top

of Jake's shaft, and applied a gentle pumping motion with his

mouth. He even risked opening his eyes, and found himself

"face to face" with Jake's crotch. In amongst the pants and

underwear he could see pubic hairs. He closed his eyes again

and willed the whole thing to go faster. Chad was surprised

to hear Jake groan and even more surprised to feel Jake

start to buck and pump Chad's face. Without warning, Jake

came in Chad's mouth. Chad didn't want to swallow, but the

surprise and force of the ejaculation found its way down

his throat.

Jake began to intone his incantation. "Now that you have

accepted my bounty and my seed, you must repay me!"

A wave of dizziness swept over Chad and he slumped back

on the couch. Jake dropped the book and grabbed Chad. "Chad! Are

you alright?" Chad took a few deep breaths and nodded. "I just

felt a bit dizzy. Probably a reaction from what I had to do."

Chad stood up. He didn't feel any different, "You were

ripped off my friend. That was the easiest one hundred dollars I've

ever earnt."

Jake looked down at the book. It was lying where he had

dropped it. "I don't understand, I don't feel anything."

Chad and Jake resumed their seats in front of the television

and went back to drinking their beers.

Later that night, in his own room, Chad flexed his muscles

in front of the mirror. He was relieved that he looked no different.

But still he felt a little uneasy about what he had done today.

Despite having fiercely brushed his teeth, he could still taste the

bitter 'meal' from Jake. He stripped down naked and got in to bed.

In Jake's room, a remarkably similar sequence of events was

occurring. Jake was flexing his much more modest muscles in the

mirror. He could detect no change, but was quietly confident. Unlike

his troubled friend, he slept very soundly that night. Very soundly

indeed. •

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