Practical Magic: Livin' La Vida Loca


By Onix

I wasn't always like this... but Steve...I mean my Master says I won't be able to remember any of that in a little while.

He tells me that as soon as I finish writing this, he's going to make me forget about everything except what he wants me to remember. A part of me is grateful that I won't...that's the part that Master created. The real me wants to fight and try to reclaim my life from Master's control but then I see my reflection in a shop window or a car mirror and I know it's hopeless. I try to escape but I feel the weight of my legs and take one look at master's beautiful jaw and I forget all about it.

I think it's the weight that makes me forget, and makes me fee so slow...all this heavy weight on my pec's my calves... I bulge and ripple everywehere and it makes me think real slow cause It's so heavy and I get lost watching all of it move like liquid rock under my rich skin... Every time try to think it's like all this weight and the stiff heavy aching of my constant rock hard cock just make me forget... It's like al my attnetion's in the weight of my big meaty tit's or in the thrust of my hungry dick...

I can't even remember how I even used to be. Well I remember I just don't really understand it. My name Used to be Jonathan Shamrock. It's not anymore. This is his story. Master says I should write it down so I can start a new story in my new life.

I met Steve about 7 months ago during my Christmas break. I was out with my current girlfriend at the time. I think her name was Faith or Hope or something ridiculous like that. I had a taste for bimbo's with heavy packaging. I don't remember much about her personality but I do remember she had to very big assets, which she always displayed in the most ludicrously low cut blouses. I had taken her out to my favorite bar so I could watch the last Basketball game of the weekend, ply her with alcohol and then fuck her drunken brains out before my live in girlfriend Amanda was any the wiser.

I pretty much had the pick of the litter considering I was 6'2 in shape and rich. My dark Irish good looks and black hair made look like the boy next door wich was usualy enough to get any girl to agree to a drink.

The particular bimbo I decided to entertain that night turned out to be one of those surprise packages. You know the kinda of Girl who looks like Pamela Anderson but grills you like Gillian Anderson? Yeah she had brains to go with her big tits and blonde hair. Needless to say she quickly saw through my college jock wam bam thank ya mam routine. And shit was she pissed. She started calling me a pig and very carefully explaining to me that women are not to be treated like a moments diversion and that to think you can just give a dumb girl a drink and automatically fuck her just cause your rich and good-looking is ridiculous.

She might have made me a little angrier than I was ready for because then I yelled back at her that if I wanted to treat her like a fuck doll I could. I had the looks, the money and the intelligence. I think that's when the drink went flying in my face. I was so shocked that the bitch actually threw her drink at me that I automatically brought my hand up to grab her. I really didn't want to hit her I mean I had no conscious intention of it, I just instinctively reacted. Guess that's all that heterosexual male testosterone taking over...

Well things got worse from their man. As soon as my hand came up this big Mexican bouncer grabbed my forearm. The chick split in disgust and I was left with this big dirty spic bar mop holding me. I told him to take his fucking dirty hands off me. Which just made the gorilla even angrier. He told me if I didn't behave he was going to toss me out of the bar on my ear. And I told him that I could by and sell his goddamn Caribbean ass so he better watch his wet back tongue.

It's true my parents god rest their luckless souls left me a hefty trust fund to pay for med. school. The unlucky bastards went down in some two seater coming back from vacation up north one morning like 15 years ago. Which I guess is pretty tragic but the good part of the deal is I get all their savings and non of their supervision.

The Mexican looked real pissed at the slurs but I was drunk with blue balls and a bruised ego. So I told him to let go of me or I'd call INS and have his border-jumping ass deported s fast they wouldn't even have time to tell his wife and twenty kids. And I told him in Spanish. It's one of the languages I'm fluent in.

Finally the bartender interceded and convinced the brute that "I wasn't worth it." My parting shot however was to answer back that I was worth him and twenty of his dishwashing brothers. What can I say I was one funny guy right?

That's where Steve came in...literally. I was washing beer off of my Abercrombie Sweater when this 30-ish body builder came into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. He wasn't one of those huge freakish bodybuilders but he was big enough for me to notice. He was wearing a very neutral sweatshirt and jean combo with a pulled down baseball cap hiding his eyes.

He quietly went over and used a urinal, ignoring me at the sinks. So I went back to washing my shirt and muttering under my breath. When he came over to wash his hands however I saw the two most beautiful green eyes swimming under the shadows of his ball cap.

He looked up at me with a very welcoming grin and said "quite a show out there, huh?" I answered back yeah. I don't know but something about this guys grin and green eyes totally disarmed me. He saw all that and was still nice to me? That was real cool, I guess.

He gave me a really long look and asked me if I had meant everything I had said out there. I thought about it and gave non-chalant shrug. I guess I did, I mean I didn't really think it mattered or not. So I answered yes. He sighed and gave me an amused disapproving frown and shook his head.

And then the dude did the funniest thing, he asked me if I like his watch.

I looked at it for a second and noticed how shinny it was and how it kind of gave off little lights in patterns from the inside.

He told me to look at it closely because there was something inscribed on the surface. I told him I couldn't make anything out because the lights from inside it were making my eyes all unfocused. I did and the more I stared at it the harder it was to see anything at all.

Then Steve began to talk to me in a very soothing tone that made me feel like the words were melting in the air around me. I just kind of floated there for a second staring at the watch and listening to this total stranger's voice. His voice was just so comforting it almost made me want to go to sleep, right their in a bar bathroom.

I can't remember what exactly he said...just bits and pieces...something about ridiculous attitude and spoiled brat...Racist son of a....and sexist mosagonist ego driven I said I cant really remember.

"What's it say?" he asked with that smile and greed eyes flashing.

"I dunno..." I stammered finally jarred awake.

"Well maybe you'll figure it out someday," he said with a laugh..."my name's Steve by the way."

"Jonathon" I answered back shaking his hand. I was overwhelmed by the sudden feeling of joy that came over me just because I knew this man's name. I kept repeating it over and over again in my hand like I was trying to make sense of it.

He gave me a business card, that read Steve Conner Personal trainer and therapist, it had a barbell on the face and his number.

I thanked him and he told me to give him a call if I ever needed any help getting in shape or someone to talk to. And then he smiled again and left. I shook my head as he walked out the door his powerful back disappearing behind the wooden frame. I felt like a fog had been lifted and I went to throw the card into the trash but for some reason I stuffed it into my pocket and left the bar without another look back

I was in my car driving back to my apartment when I got the overwhelming urge to look at the card again. It was bizarre. I just wanted to look at it. I felt like I had to. So I pulled over to the shoulder of the road and retrieved it from my pocket. I looked at it for a second and then before I knew what I was doing, I had dialed my cell phone and heard a ringing in my ears. What the fuck was I doing!!! Holy shit I had to hang up before..."hello this is Steve Conners..." there was long pause and then I finally stammered " this is john." He said greeted me with that same warm almost affectionate tone and asked me how I was and a dozen other pleasantries before I blurted out...."I want to know if I can you know train with you some time this week?" No I didn't I work out with my buddies at the school gym...I didn't want to have to pay some random guy to..."sure Jon how's Tuesday at 9 sound" I told him great even though I had bio-chemistry at that time and I still didn't want to meet him. He gave me an address and we said goodbye. I sat their in my darkened car for another 15 minutes marveling at the strangeness of my night before going home and fucking the brains out of Amanda. •

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