Little Friends


By Mreyes8230

I stood in my private office and looking at DAV001. His name was David Jones from California. His age is 28 and stood at 5’11” 205.00 lbs. He was solid.

As he stood in the middle of my lab I admired the symmetry of his body. A body built by the nanites. His chest was beautiful mounds of muscles with coin size nipples. His traps were amazing which flared his back to give him the v shape so many guys want. His legs were thick muscles on beautiful calves. My favorite activity was to circle him like a shark while with one finger run it all over his body. He off course would stand there at attention and staring forward. Oblivious to his surrounding unless I told him to be aware.

The most beautiful part was his cock. The nanites had work wonders. His cock had been lengthened to 10” with a girth of a beer can. It lay along his thigh like a sleeping snake waiting to be wakened.

Ever since the office incident where he fought the influence of the nanites he has not been able to implement is personality program and act normally. I have run every diagnostic I could but poor David remained beautiful life like automaton.

The buzzer went off: “Master?”

Yes !

“The new collars are ready for testing, Master?” said one of the lab technicians.

“Do we have the test subjects?”

“Yes, Master! They are waiting in the conference room filling out the required releases.”

“Excellent. I will be their shortly!”

“Thank you, Master”

I turned on the monitor in the conference room and surveyed the room. There four young men in the room filling out paper work. I looked over their files on my desk.

The first was a young man from Indiana, Robert Flak. He is currently doing odd jobs but nothing stable. Hazel eyes with short cut hair highlighted in red. His build was a swimmer’s build. Lean and toned. He agreed to participate in the experiment in exchange for some money.

The second is a young man from Florida. Same as the first only this one was larger build. Enrique Morales. His black hair made into dread locks. He stood easily 6’ and weight approximately 230lbs. This was intimidating and was used to enforce collection problems for the local mob. I had him loaned to me for the experiment in exchange I had promised a loyal member of the gang.

The third young man was from the local university, Jeffery Schmidt. He was a scrawny and shy boy with piercing blue eyes maybe 170lbs 5’9”. I know he has potential it just needed to be unlocked. He was on scholarships to the school and was looking for extra cash.

The third young man, Jarrod Lone, was a local man who answered the ad for volunteers for cash. Sandy brown hair with an athletic build, 5’10” average about 210lbs and down on his luck and living at home in the hood.

They were not speaking to one another they just sat their waiting.

I entered the room and introduced my self. “Hello everyone!”, “My name is Dr. Migillis”.

I want to thank you for participating in this experiment.

Jarrod interrupted,” Yea, yea, Dock I just want to know when we get paid and how long does this take.”

“In due time Mr. Lone. First let me explain the experiment. You four will be given collars to wear under your clothing. These colors will record your emotional output. We ask that you simply leave them on for one week.”

They all answered ok. “The pay will be $1,000.00 for the week courtesy of Uncle Sam. Is that understood? At this point I hade their attention.

They all said YES! So I left the room.

I returned shortly with four black leather collars. On the collars were small round disks that look like glass disks. Each disk was a different color. I gave one to each of the men and had they put them on. After each clicked the collar the locks melded together.

Now at this point they started to panic when they realized the collars were not coming off as easily as they went on. I then said,’ Now now boys, just calm down! These collars are remote controlled and can removed with the right signal.”

I asked if they were ready to proceed. They all said yes in unison. I left the room again. Giving them each a chance to interact with one another. They each started to talk to one another either out of nervous energy or just that each now had something in common.

An hour had gone by will I watched from the monitor. They had become comfortable with one another and were talking boy talk. On my desk I had the transmitter for each of the collars.

When I press the button a yellow light would light on the collars and they would be become quiet and wait for instructions. An electromagnetic field would form that would briefly scramble their bran waves and allow the introduction of a small tube from behind the yellow disk into the skin. This small tube would then release preprogrammed nano into the blood stream. These “Little Friends” knew exactly where they needed to go and enter the brain in predestinated spots and begin to merge with the host.

I walked into the room. Gentlemen we will now begin. I pressed the button. The room became silent and they each turned with the arms together on the table sat quietly looking at me. Their eyes glued on my figure. I stood and watched with a aching hard on for these new recruits. I walked to each and grouped their balls and stroked their cocks. I ran my hands through their hair and enjoyed the feel of control. An hour passed until I saw the yellow disk start to blink

Gentlemen in a few minutes I release you from the first stage and you will remember nothing. Go about your lives like you normally would. You will not attempt to remove the collars. They are a part of you. Secondly as the week progresses you will receive further impulses. You will know what to do.

“Is that understood? “

They all responded in a monotone,’ YES”

I pressed the button and they continued like nothing happened. You are all dismissed and I look forward to seeing you in a week.

They responded YES, SIR! Thank you SIR!

Already the changes were occurring.

The boys left the office and went their separate ways.

Robert arrived at the apartment house he lived in. As he tried to sneak in the superintendent saw him and yelled, “STOP!”.

He froze and turned around. Mr. McClurry I am sorry I am late with the rent again, Robert said. Robert this is the fourth time you have been late. I am not your keeper.

Robert continued, “Please Mr. McClurry I just got a great gig and I should be all caught up.”

“I hope so or you are going to have come up with something else out to make this work.”

Now Mr. McClurry is in his mid 40’s with a good build, salt and pepper hair, and steel grey eyes. He turned his large back to Robert and continued to his office. Yelling out over his shoulder, “and another thing there is a strange smell coming from your apartment your neighbors are complaining. “

You mean the roaches are complaining you bastard, Robert thought to himself. He climbed the two flights of stairs and walked into his apartment. The apartment came furnished but his clothes was every where. He pushed open the door and tried to find the rotten order. He found it alright. It was a rat that got caught in the trap he left. The little bastard had eaten into everything until he bought the mouse trap.

Robert disposed of the carcass and re-entered the apartment. He closed the door as he turned to walk into the bedroom to find something to change his clothes when the yellow disk on his collar started to blink. A glazed look came over his face and he froze in the middle of the apartment.

The first disk now was constantly on and the second disk started to blink. A second thin grey line could be seen going from the collar to going up Robert’s neck.

Robert blinked and looked around. Wow it is dark already and I have not even started.

He took his clothes off and stood naked in his apartment. He somehow knew that he should be naked. He looked around and said,” I am such a slob!”, “I am a bad boy!”

He started to pick up his clothes. And folded the clean and went to the common area laundry with the dirty. Jack from Apt J4 was walking back and stopped stunned at his buffed neighbor. Robert said “Hey Jack! How are you?” as if being naked in the hallway was normal.

“Uh, Rob do you realize you are naked?”

Robert looked down as if for the first time and said “OH MY GOD” and ran to his apartment.

Jack continued to his apartment thinking to himself,” damn straight boys always doing the strangest things! Nice dick though!”

Robert was on the inside of his door mortified. How the fuck did that happened? Why was so happy to see that fag from J4?

The blinking on the collar increased. The Robert straightened up, smiled and said “because I am cute!” He then continued cleaning his apartment.

Now it was about 10:00pm and Robert finally felt like he had accomplished the cleaning of his apartment. He had broken into the superintendent’s supply closet and helped himself to various cleaning supplies. The apartment was immaculate. When there was a knock at the door.

Robert looked and it was Annie from J6. He had been fucking her on and off for the past few months. Now all the while Robert had been cleaning he had a painfully erect cock. He did not touch since he was focused on cleaning but now looking through the peep hole and looking at the girl from down the hall he rapidly deflated. As a matter of fact he felt nauseous.

“Hold on!, I will be right there”

He went into his bedroom and looked through his drawers for a pair of shorts. He found a pair of biking shorts and put them on.

He went back to the door and opened for Annie. Annie slinked in with a six pack and a bong. You ready to party stud? Her mid drift showed here skinny abdomen. The tattoo said party girl. Robert always thought it was hot to have a bad girl to bag in bed once in a while. But tonight he was stunned by her appearance. She lay on the couch and he sat in the chair across from her. Robert sat straight up and looked like he was at attention.

“OH MY GOD, Look at this place. It is actually cleaned!” she exclaimed. Robert responded “A clean home is a clean mind.” He said in a matter of fact tone. She looked at him and said,”Ok honey you are acting a little weird and what with the leather collar around your neck?”

Robert said,”Oh, that.” and rubbed the collar. “I am participating in an experiment; I am going to get $1,000.00 when it is done.”

“A Little kinky”, “Awesome!” “Honey that is great.” “Think about the partying we can do!””

Now while Annie was yakking on and on the latest drug she took and the name of the last guy she fucked; Robert was off in his own thoughts.

“What do I see in this bitch?” “Why am I pretending to listen to this crap?”

“I should be getting ready to sleep”

“A rested body is a healthy body” he kept repeating in his mind.

On the back of Robert neck a third grey tendril appeared and was creeping its way up into his hair line and down toward his spine. When the connection of Mind and spine was made by the nanoites he stood. Looked at Annie and said, in a near monotone voice,

“You have to leave! “ “I must get ready for bed!” “A rested body is a healthy body””

And stood there for a second; Annie stood up and said, “What the fuck is wrong with you!”

“Nothing!” he repeated in the same tone.

“What my company is not good enough for you?” “You are acting weird you son of a bitch!” and I am not going to put up with this!”

“I am out of here” and stormed to the door. She turned around and saw that Robert had not turned at all and was continuing to stare toward the wall. “Aren’t you going to stop me?“ Annie said.

“NO”, Robert said.

With that she walked out and slammed the door.

Robert efficiently turned off all the lights and walked toward his room. He removed the shorts and carefully folded them and put them back in the drawer. All the while repeating in his mind:

“A clean house is a clean mind” “A clean house is a clean mind” “A clean house is a clean mind” “A clean house is a clean mind” “A clean house is a clean mind” “A clean house is a clean mind”

Now naked he walked over to the bed and lay down on top of the blankets and went to sleep.

The next morning, Robert woke up with a splitting headache and a pounding at his door.

“Open this fucking door Flax!”, the man screamed.

Robert staggered to the door and saw that it was Mr. McClurry. He felt a lump in his throat and even rise in his cock.

He opened the door and said, “Yes Mr. McClurry what can I do for you?”

McClurry shoved the door and stormed in, “I know you were the one who stole my supplies you little bastard.”

I also know you have been walking around naked in hallways.

Robert quietly cursed Jack.

“I don’t care what you fags do but keep it inside.”

With that Mr. McClurry noticed the apartment and was stunned as to how clean and organized everything was.

By this time Robert was sporting a severe hard on and was staring at Mr. McClurry. McClurry looked at him and said, “What I turn you on Robert”

Robert licked his lips and did not respond. With that he lunged at the superintendent and wrestled him to the floor. The superintendent was strong but enough for the recently improved muscles that Robert had.

You see over night my little friends went to work and they redesigned Mr. Flak. He now had the build of an amateur body builder.

Once the superintendent was on the floor, Robert instinctively knew to clear his throat and spit in the superintendent face. The black mass wiggled on the superintendent’s face and began to ooze toward his nose and mouth.

The Superintendent screams, “YOU MOTHER FUCKER!” “What the FUCK is that!”

When the mass moved to the nose it is as if the mass became electrified and flew into the superintendent’s nasal passage. The superintendent spasms and blood trickles from his nose.

He lays still for a few minutes and then lets out a soft moan. The next this Robert does is speaks in a monotone and said,” Unit identify yourself.”

The superintendent responds, “I am Unit MCC001”, I await your orders.

Robert then says: “Expand cock and prepare to fuck this unit “Understood”


Robert lets go of the new unit and proceeds get on his hand and knees. The new unit stands and approaches Robert. Robert puts his hand on either cheek and opens up his hole for his first fuck up the ass.

The unit places his cock on Robert’s hole and like a dilating circle the hole opens and draws the cock in.

They both repeat out load:” Connection Made”

They both repeat out load:” Transmitting”

They both repeat out load:” Acknowledged”

The Mcclurry then starts to pound Roberts ass. Slowly at firs but as he got the rhythm he began to speed up. The three lights on the collar were blinking in unison. Robert’s eyes were rolled up in his head and slightly moaned. McClurry continued his assault on his ass until he felt a load coming. Robert felt the new unit shudder and pushed back even harder to get as much cock as possible.

They disentangle themselves and stood.

Robert then says:

“You will proceed with you days like normal.” MCC001: UNDERSTOOD

“I am your new best friend” MCC001: UNDERSTOOD

“You will treat me special” MCC001: UNDERSTOOD “You will further instructions from our master later” MCC001: UNDERSTOOD

The new unit got dressed and walked out side and snapped out of his programming state. He shook his head and walked down stairs.

Robert also snapped out of it and said:” I could have sworn someone was at the door??!!”

Well I better take a shower and get ready for my day. Something tells me it going to be great.

The third disk on his collar had started to blink. When he entered the shower and started to soap up his body he realized something new about his body. It felt sensual to the touch and the fact he was completely hairless except for his head really turned him on. He started to stroke his now hard cock and thought of his neighbor Jack and how he was going to literally fuck his bran’s out. •

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