Full Moon (Wiki Version)

By Albatross

After a few beers, the fraternity brothers of Phi Kappa Delta piled into an old Cadillac Seville convertible and headed out to find some trouble. It didn't take long for them to find a pair of men walking down the street hand in hand outside a gay club called the Anvil. Steve, the fraternity president, called out, "Hey faggots, want to do some window shopping?"

Steve and his friends in the back seat pulled down their pants and mooned the young men who were caught off guard. The frat boys could faintly hear a curse cutting through the night air and Steve looked back to catch the sight of the dark eyes of the gypsy boy raising his fist.

"Hey, those little homos are giving us shit. We should go back there and kick their asses," said Jim as he swerved the car around. But an eerie chill was running up the spine of each of them. A fear that they had never felt before.

"No, we should just head back home," said Adam. With his wide and big weightlifting build, no one would dare to call him a coward so the rest mumbled in agreement.

"Yeah, you're right," said Steve. "And we've got a ton of work to do on the house before the party with Gamma Kappa tomorrow night."

The frat brothers slept uneasily that night and Steve dreamed of the flashing eyes of the gypsy boy. The next night the boys felt a little more themselves at the party for the girls of Gamma Kappa. The air was hot with a full moon hidden behind some hazy clouds.

Steve had cornered Cindy Polnajek, a hot little blonde in a short skirt and was moving in to unbutton her bra when the clouds parted revealing the full moon. His hands trembled and he saw Cindy in a new light. She repulsed him.

"What's the matter?" asked Cindy.

"Oh, girlfriend, maybe it's that sweater. It's so last season."

Cindy laughed thinking Steve was playing with her, but Steve was horrified at the words coming out of his mouth. He snapped his fingers girlishly and skipped off to find his friends. They were having their own discoveries in the moonlight.

Adam and Jim were pulling a keg of beer out of the back room when the light of the full moon streamed through the window. Jim, who could easily lift the keg by himself felt himself weaken. Adam watched as the former super-jock shrank down in size to a slender twink. His hips rounded into the perfect bubble butt and his blond hair cascaded over his face.

Adam felt himself growing stronger. His pecs stretched against a tight t-shirt and his biceps were pumping up at a fantastic rate. Jim, who had always picked on him, was about to get a taste of his own medicine. But as Adam looked into Jim's eyes, he felt more than vengeance. He felt power. Adam grabbed Jim and pressed his lips to Jim's.

"What the fuck, dude, get off me," said Jim. "You know I'm not gay." But he could feel the spell washing over him as well. Adam pushed Jim's head down forcing him to kneel on the ground. He pulled out a rock hard cock and slowly slapped it against the side of Jim's face.

"Now, you're my bitch, pretty boy. You're going to take all of this and swallow every drop." As Jim began to pump Adam's cock in and out of his mouth, Steve opened the door. He was filled with a mixture of disgust and uncontrollable lust as his own cock tented in his pants.

"What are you fags doing?" said Steve as he unsconsciously fondled himself.

"Looks like you're enjoying the show," said Adam. "Why don't you join in?"

Steve eyed Adam's newly-formed muscular butt and felt compelled to follow its every sway. Soon, he had entered Adam from behind for a new form of frat-brotherly love.

Steve pulled a pool cue from the rack and slid it into Adam while he moaned in ecstasy. He reached around to stroke Adam's shaft and balls, imprinting onto onto him a new form of sexual bliss.

As the first sunlight washed through the back room, the boys awoke groggily to find themselves cuddling naked together on the pool table. Their body modifications had returned to normal and they were all very aware and extremely embarrassed of their fleeting gay escapade. None of them could look each other in the eye.

Steve was the first to speak. "Must of been something really strong in that punch last night. I don't remember a thing."

"Me either," said Steve as Adam slowly nodded. But they all remembered every erotic detail. They did their best to avoid each other in the house that day, but when Adam ran into Jim he pushed Jim out of his way as hard as he could and muttered something about not being anyone's bitch.

Steve tried to put together what had happened that night. He knew he and friends weren't really gay and the only possible explanation was impossible. He could hear the gypsy boy's curse from the night before ringing in his ear. He decided it was time for some payback.

Steve loaded up some baseball bats into the convertible and recruited his posse for some fag-bashing; although, none of them would admit they were trying to find the gypsy that had cursed them. They pulled up at the Anvil under a darkened sky and waited. Just as Steve was about to suggest they go home, they saw the gypsy boy standing in front of their car. No one saw him appoach.

"Ahh, young lovers," purred the gypsy boy. "It's a beautiful night. It's a shame I can't see you in the moonlight."

The frat boys grabbed their bats and leapt out of the car. Steve shook his bat at the gypsy. "Listen, you fagotty-ass piece of shit. I don't know what kind of game you're playing, but we're playing hardball and if you don't undo whatever voodoo crap you put on us, we're gonna undo you.

The gypsy laughed. "I was going to let the curse run it's natural course. You would have been free to pursue your breeder ways at the next blue moon, but now I think you'll be sucking cocks until you're too old to remember your name!"

The boys lunged at the gypsy as he raised his arms to the sky. "Allahkali. Ommen. Atunakoma." The boys froze, stiff as statues with their bats raised in the air. They were aware of everything around them, but could not even bat an eyelash. The gypsy circled them and tousled Adam's hair. He kissed Steve, poking his tongue into his mouth, and squeezing his ass. Next, he unzipped Jim's jeans and pulled them down around his ankles. He pulled out Jim's cock which was as hard as his body and he began to swirl his tongue around the tip.

"Now, you'll see the magic of a gypsy blow job," said the gypsy. Jim's cock begin to grow in the gypsy's mouth. Longer and harder until it was at least 10 inches long. Jim's balls grew to the size of tennis balls and ached for the release the gypsy would not allow. He now had the cock and balls of every gay man's dreams, however for Jim it would be a nightmare, for his new size was permanent, and the bulge he would now forever show would attract men, even straight men, from miles away.

"Your cock will remain erect at all times!"

The frat boys were mentally screaming, but no sound came forth as fear gripped their bodies. This crazy gypsy could literally do anything he wanted to them. They were completely helpless. "And a gypsy kiss for you." The gypsy kissed Steve and watched his lips puff up into the perfect pouty blow job lips. Steve could feel a hunger building. He had to suck someone's cock. Anyone's cock. It was an uncontrollable urge and any man who saw his lips would want Steve to give him a blowjob. To his horror, Steve began to see Jim in a new light.

Tom Ryan, known as just Ryan to his his buds from school, Screeched his GTO to a halt when he saw his friend Jim standing on a street corner outside the Anvil with his large erect dick hanging out of his pants and Steve and Adam just staring at him with this other little guy. Quickly he got out of his car, and with a disgusted grin on his face.

"Hey! What the hell are you dumb freaks all doing out here acting like...." He began to ask, before the gypsy froze him like the rest.

"My... my... my... Why are all you testosterone driven men always so quick to judge others?? The gypsy queried, Maybe we need to tone that down a bit for you. I'd say about 15 years. I wonder how people will judge you when you have the voice, and hairless prepubescent development of a 5 year old boy."

Instantly, the 20 year old man standing frozen in mid-stride began to change. Nothing drastically obvious, but his skin began to soften, and if you looked closely at his crotch you could discern some deflation there.

The gypsy stood in thought for a moment, and with a little chuckle decided that his jeans would now need a little filling out as he removed another 4 years of development from Ryans nether regions, as his jeans began to reinflate to form the obvious outline of a rather thick adult diaper.

"Now my friend, the gypsy boy went on, Without the bladder control of a normal adult male your age, I fear you will find yourself dependent on diapers fulltime now, and unfortunetly you have always been a heavy wetter, so those diapers will have to be pretty thick to be of practical use. Ah yes, and one more thing, since you will now be unable to achieve orgasm with your ahem "new" equipment, the only way to achieve orgasm for you, I'm afraid, will be through anal stimulation. Now I leave that one up to you. You will either need to have a male cock in your ass, or shit in your diaper. Since I've left you with full bowel control, this option is entirely up to you. Which do you fear most, needing to be used as a bottom boy in order to gain satisfaction or having a diaper full of shit? You know it will be mighty painful if you try to abstain, and I trust you will lose your will eventually. It will be exciting for me to discover which you choose. Oh, and from now on everyone will refer to you as Tommy... none of this middle name BS."

"And now my strongman. What shall we do to you? The gypsy rubbed his fingers over Adam's enormous biceps. I think you'll be the new pet of the scrawniest looking guy you can find in the club. The gypsy pulled a leather collar out of the air with a silver tag. I think we'll call you Fifi. Isn't that a cute little doggie name? the gypsy placed a little pink bow in his hair. Adam was filled with rage and fear, but couldn't respond. And I think you'll find yourself chasing aftercars and catching Frisbees in your teeth in no time. Oh, and you'll only be able to drink water from the toilet from now on, Fifi. But I'm sure your new master will find something nice for you to eat. Adams clothes disappeared and were replaced with a skin tight pink speedo with fifi emblazoned across the ass. "And a doggie like you loves bones, doesn't he?" Said the Gypsy as he patted Adam on the head Adam now found himself like Steve eyeing Jim's Bone.

"I will release you now, but you will be unable to harm me in any way and you will find my will to be your own," said the gypsy.

The boys stumbled forward, dropping the bats in their hands. "What have you done to us?" cried Adam. He was already on all fours panting like a dog he made his way over to Jim and began to sniff his cock, then to Tommy's ass, whose diaper was beginning to sag from the weight of his new problem.

"Down! Bad Dog! Bad Dog!" Tommy said, sounding quite comical, when uttered in his childlike voice, Like a boy frightfully scolding a neighbors pet.

"Like, my lips are totally huge, and I want a huge thick cock so bad!" Steve lisped with horror at the sound of his extremely feminine and lispy voice. Apparantly this was a side affect of his new fat lips. Still, he couldn't help but stare longingly at his pal Jim's enormous endowment.

"Please, leave us alone, just let us go," said Jim.

Tommy, unsure of what to do, or where to go, half waddled, half paced, between what was left of his manhood, his prized muscle car, and his friends. Nobody would ever look at him the same way. He felt defeated, destroyed. Absentmindedly, he stuck his thumb in his mouth and began to suck.

"Well, you wanted entertainment so now you're going to be the entertainment," said the gypsy.

"Can't you hear the music, boys? Now, I know the Anvil can use some new cage dancers. I'll get you boys some cute little g-strings and see if you can't bring home a few bucks. And you can't refuse any request by any of the clubgoers, so get ready for some long nights."

The gypsy raised his hands again and the clouds parted revealing another full moon. In the moonlight, the boys couldn't keep their hands off each other. Jim and Steve raced to rip off each other's clothes and fell into a 69 position at the door to the club. Steve was desperate to fill his new-found hunger for cum.

Tommy, on the other hand, sat in his car, his pants crinkling as they settled into the black leather bucket seat. Unsure of what to do or where to go, he began to sob quietly to himself, as the streetlamps and passing cars cast errie shadows across the night, and a warm dampness spread elsewhere.

Adam scampered into the club in search of his new master and spotted a skinny, pimpled 21-year old in the corner. Adam looked up at his new master and whimpered like a puppy and was soon kneeling at his feet in submission.

The gypsy laughed.

The gypsy looked at the other men in the bar. Todd, a particularly well-built young man was wearing cut-off jean shorts, a plain light-blue t-shirt and wrestling boots. His clothes looked particularly tight, as if he’d deliberately bought them to show off his muscles.

The gypsy thought for a second and then spoke to Todd. “It appears you like to show off your body young man with the well formed muscles you possess, and I’m going to help you show it off even more. From now on, all you will be able to wear is spandex, as tightly as you possibly can, at least 1 size smaller than the tightest garment you try on, and in the brightest colors available. As soon as you put on any item of spandex it will take on magical properties and hug your body even tighter than it normally would, showing every contour of your muscles”.

The gypsy continued as Todd listened, his face looking increasingly worried. “Trying to wear anything else, other than wrestling boots will be like trying to wear fire. As soon as you put any other material on your skin, you will start to feel a burning sensation all over your body, too painful to even try on the garment, never mind wear it”.

“Spandex will feel increasingly sexy and smooth. You will be turned on by it, and soon start to enjoy wearing it, showing off your body with pride to anyone who will look at you”.

As the gypsy spoke, Todd’s clothing began to slowly change. The material appeared to be getting smoother, with a shiny surface. The bottom of his T-shirt merged into his shorts, all the while getting increasingly tighter. Todd felt the material getting thinner and tighter, his body began to tingle as the material seemed to be getting more sensual.

The jeans and t-shirt formed into a shiny blue short sleeve spandex singlet, which still got tighter. Todd didn’t really feel how tight it was, it just seemed to fit him really comfortably, the magical properties of the fabric he now wore doing their job, and looking at him showed how tight it really was. Every muscle was visible, every artery, it was like someone had stripped him naked and airbrushed him!

The wrestling boots he was wearing changed to a matching blue, and grew in height, accentuating his muscular legs. Todd covered his crotch with his hands, he could feel the hairs on his body sticking through the fabric. Referring to the singlet and boots he yelled “Get these off me!!!!”.

The gypsy looked at him and replied, “Oh yes, the hairs, rather unsightly aren’t they?” and with that Todd’s hair, all his hair except his eyebrows and eyelashes began receding into his body. This had the effect of making the spandex look even tighter, his cock and balls now looking even more prominent, his spandex clad balls still swinging between his legs.

Todd reached up, and felt his head. Bald! But the initial shock was followed by a sensual feeling that his head was now smooth as silk! His dick twitched. Even though the spandex was tight it didn’t hold his dick down, as his hard-on grew, his dick moved under the spandex to a vertical position, almost touching his belly button. He couldn’t help it. On his now smooth hairless body the spandex was beginning to feel hugely sensual, and he was beginning to enjoy it!

Todd was now feeling his smooth, silky head with one hand, and the rest of his smooth hairless spandex clad body with his other, moaning in ecstasy and gyrating his body the whole time. His hands moved to his dick and as he stroked it the spandex stretched with it, enabling him to get his hand all the way round the shaft.

The gypsy looked at him and grinned an evil grin. Todd now looked like a naked blue jock, you could even see clearly underneath the fabric that he was uncut, it was that tight. The gypsy spoke again.

“You like it, don’t you Todd? You like to show off your body and you will, but not this body”.

Todd began to grow, his muscle mass increasing until he looked like a beautiful, masculine, bald 18 year old championship bodybuilder, wearing a singlet and a 12”, permanent hard-on, and he loved it!

Todd walked into the Anvil and was the life of the bar. The boys could not get enough of the bald body builder.

Suddenly the gypsy sensed something wasn’t right. He looked at the jocks and noticed one seemed to look more thuggish than the others, and was certainly louder at protesting……

Brad had dressed in a plaid muscle shirt and tight jeans with 12 hole Doc Marten boots. He’d had a short cropped haircut, and was desperately trying to fit in with the other jocks. He had two major problems though. He was an intelligent swot, easily passing any exams with ease and he was gay!

None of the other jocks knew this, but the gypsy did now, and he had no sympathy for a fag who was willing to beat up other gay men just to try and fit in.

“Ah, Brad” said the gypsy, “what have we here. You’re gay, yet you try and act straight to be with these losers?” Brad panicked and tried to run away, but with a wave of his hand the gypsy froze Brad on the spot.

“You try to act dumb around your friends, and dress in an almost skinhead way to try to look butch and manly just to fit in ……interesting..“ the gypsy thought aloud, “what to do with you?”.

The gypsy pretended to think, but he knew exactly what to do. He ordered Brad to start repeatedly counting to twenty. Brad was forced to comply, he couldn’t help himself. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6….”. The numbers quickly rolled off his tongue.

As brad counted his appearance began to rapidly change. “You wanted to look butch, and now you will look butch” the gypsy sneered. Brads muscles grew to massive proportions, his jeans stretching over his body to become a second skin. They changed from plain blue jeans to having a bleached effect, with rips here and there. His dick grew and grew, 10,11,12,13,14,15,16 inches, snaking down his leg and stopping at 17 inches, 6 inches round, permanently erect.

His boots grew as well, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16… stopping at 20 holes, the laces turning white, to match his shirt, which had become a skin-tight white wife beater. “17, err 1, 2, 3” Brad counted on, slower than before, his head seemed to be filling with cotton wool, as his belt changed into suspenders, which hung down his legs. His growing stopped, his muscles now obscenely large and firm, his clothes stretched to breaking point over his hulking frame.

Tattoos began appearing all over his body, even across his head and face as Brad counted on… “15, err 1, 2, 3”. His voice was getting deeper, and he was actually loving the changes , he’d never felt so masculine, so powerful. The changes continued, his hair receded into his body, now he was a proper skinhead, “10, err 11, err 1, 2, 3”, Brad counted on, but it was getting increasingly difficult.

His face changed, his forehead got lower, more pronounced, “8, 9, err 1, 2, 3”. Each time he counted it got harder, thinking was getting harder, but Brad smiled, a big gormless smile showing his now sparse, smaller teeth. Enjoying the changes wasn’t an option now, as his brain shrank further and further, the sex drive portion looking like it was going to be the only part left.

“1, err 1, errrrrrr”. And that was it. Brad couldn’t even count to one. Talking was even going to be difficult, his head had become empty, almost a total void. He was now dumb, absolutely totally dumb, so dumb he didn’t even realise it.

“Hello Butch” said the gypsy. Brad instinctively looked round, yeah, that was his name, Butch, not Brad. Then Butch’s attention went, he started to do the only thing he could now do, the only thing he wanted to do, he started playing with himself. Well, playing with himself through his jeans, he didn’t even have the intelligence to undo the buttons on his jeans to get his dick out!

Bright, intelligent Brad had become huge, dumb skinhead Butch, unable to think of anything other than the animal thoughts of playing with himself. People could join in, rape him senseless and he wouldn’t have a clue, maintaining his gormless smile throughout.

“He’ll need someone to look out for him” thought the gypsy, “another skinhead with just slightly more intelligence to be able to cope, but I want a massive mincing effeminate skinhead, a totally faggy cock-sucking dumb muscle mary”. He looked back at the jocks, “but who to choose ……..”.

The gypsy boy lit a cigarette and sat on the frat boys car enjoying his accomplishment when out of nowhere he heard a deep voice say, "Bravo. I am impressed."

The gypsy boy turned around and out of the shadow another young man no older than the gypsy but with blue eyes that looked older than the stars was coming toward him. My boy I am impressed it would normally take a gypsy twice your age to wield the power you demonstrated tonight. As the stanger approached you could see the he looked like a rugby player. His legs were tight ropes of mucsles. He had a waist that and abs to die for with a chest that exuded power.

What is your name? and What do you want? demanded the gypsy. The stranger calmly walked up and placed his two thick hands on the gypsy's shoulder and said. Now now boy lets not lose our head we have been watching and we are worried at your lack of retraint. Don't get me wrong those boys needed an attitude adjustment but the spandex and the skinhead were over the top.

The cocky gypsy raised his to begin and enchantment when the stanger waved his hand the the gypsy froze in place. Now let me see what I have to work with. With that said the gypsy rose into the air and his clothes melted off. THe stanger walked around him. Slowly he rubbed the gyspy's legs and kneeding his thighs. He grabed his cock and balls and sucked on them. Tasty, he said. The gypsy cock responded and started to get hard. The stanger played with the gypsy's balls which felt silky smooth and full.

The stanger then spoke and said power is rather intoxicating don't you think?. But with it comes some level of responsibility. So tonight my friend you will learn a lesson in constraint and tommrow you will see life in a whole new light. With that the stranger's eyes blazed and the gypsy began to get dizzy. Before he knew the stanger was floating with him and they kissed. The gypsy realized he could move but was so consumed with lust that he returned the kiss. They carressed in the air and the stranger nibbled the gypsy's nipple while playing with his balls and the gypsy withered in pleasure. The stranger turned the gypsy around with little effort and entered the gypsy. The Gypsy arched in pleasure and allowed his ass to be pounded by this warlock. They fucked for an eternity it seemed while floating in the sky. The Gypsy passed out in the arms of the stranger.

Later, the gypsy awoke to the sound of chatter and laughter. He raises his aching head and finds himself in a all night diner. His head was pounding, and he looks over to where the chatter was coming from and in the corner an obviously gay group was just talking about the night and the cute guys. One was just swishing and as flamboyount and the other was wearing a pair of loose fitting jogging pants and was laughing. The third was quiet while his partner, a skinny pimpled little boy, talked. He realized it was the frat boys and they could not seem to be happier.

Suddenly from behind he hears "they look happy don't they?" The gypsy responded sluggishly, "yeah"

Now is time for your lesson in humility...... and with that the stranger faded away......

Confused, the gypsy turned around and lost his balance with his new plump belly. He looked in the mirror and screamed in horror.

In the mirror was an overweight, hairy, and balding man. The gypsy ran outside and bumped into a another even larger man on the sidewalk. The man looked at the gypsy and said, "now that is cute little cub. Come here boy and give papa a hug." The gypsy repulsed found himself turned on and crawled over to the man.

As the wind was blowing, you could swear you could hear laughter.

Todd had been dancing in the Anvil for hours then met his now gay jock friends in the diner, and he’d seen someone he thought he knew, a young gypsy, apparently turn into an old fat bald man. Just as he thought things couldn’t get any weirder he suddenly came to his senses.

“What the fuck!!!!” he shouted as he caught his reflection in a mirror opposite him. “what’s happened to me?” He paused, and looked at his friends, who seemed to have faired no better. All were making stupid excuses and quickly leaving, and Todd did the same.

He got up and headed off home, about half an hours walk. He felt almost naked, the spandex still as tight as ever, still like a second skin, like it had been painted on. He was embarrassed as hell, and tried to cover his dick, but with each step his still hard dick moved within the singlet up and down, up and down, jerking him off with each step.

After only a few minutes he couldn’t resist it any longer and turned into an alley. Pulling on his dick for just a few seconds, he finished the job, the fountains of cum coating the inside of the spandex and then seemingly disappearing.

This ritual continued until he reached home, exhausted, but thankful he’d made it without anyone he knew seeing him. He immediately removed his boots and the singlet, and a flood of cum washed out of it, it hadn’t disappeared at all, he must have enjoyed the feel of it on his body so much he hadn’t realised it was still there.

After a shower, in which he fully realised how big he now was, and that he was now completely hairless, save for his eyebrows and eyelashes, he headed for his closet to get fresh clothes. He instinctively reached for another singlet, but as he started to put it on two things hit him at the same time. It seemed too big for him, and what the fuck was he doing putting on his school singlet on when he wasn’t at school and there wasn’t even any practice?

He grabbed a pair of jeans “OUCH!!” he yelled as he threw them to the floor, they were red hot! Five minutes and a burnt hand later all the clothes he had were in a large pile on the floor and he was still completely naked, and he still had a massive boner. “What the fuck is happening to me?” he thought.

He remembered that when he’d touched his spandex singlet that it hadn’t felt hot at all. He opened his sports clothes drawer again and carefully reached in. He could pick up all his spandex wrestling and workout gear okay, so he picked the least revealing thing, an old large t-shirt and some slack shorts. He put them on and started to head downstairs for a drink, but a few steps later and he ripped his clothes off!! “Too baggy” he thought “with a body like this I should be showing it off!!”. Whoa, where had that thought come from?

He went through his complete wardrobe of spandex, but non of it fit, even the tightest thing, though it was in his correct size, hugging his body in a revealing manner, seemed somehow to feel just too big. He had an idea and headed for his little brother's bedroom. Jack was only 16 and a bit scrawny but was on the wrestling team, following in his big brothers footsteps. He had the same sort of workout clothes as Todd, but in the smaller sizes that Todd now appeared to be craving.

He dug out a sleeveless white wrestling singlet, and tried it on. It was an effort to get even one leg in, as it was so small. He didn’t realise how skinny his brother was. After a lot of struggling he managed to get it on, and it looked ridiculously small, tugging into his massive shoulders and pulling his balls up into his body. As he looked at himself in his brothers full length mirror the gypsy’s curse began to take further effect and the material started to stretch out over his body. His ball-sack got lower and lower, the white spandex clinging to it like a layer of white emulsion paint.

He could feel the material creep up inside his arse, he put his hand between his arse cheeks and it felt wonderful! After a few minutes it stopped, and looking back at him from the mirror was a spandex clad God, he knew it wasn’t right, but he loved it, with one reservation. Why the hell had he chosen a white one? He quickly changed into a bright red singlet with short sleeves and shorter legs.

He was in ecstasy, the material feeling sooooo erotic. He put his wrestling boots on and headed out of the house into town.

Jim slammed the door shut to the fraternity house. Why the hell had he been dancing at the Anvil with those gay faggots??? And why had he been enjoying it? Exhausted and slightly drunk, he stumbled into his bedroom, and in the dark got undressed and climbed into bed. He had a huge stiffy, for some reason, and if he didn't know his own size, he would have sworn his cock was ten inches long. His dreams that night were all about men with long hard cocks, but always in the dream his own dick was the longest and hardest.

He awoke with a start. Outside the morning light was beginning to flow into the room. He still had an erection. Well, better do something about he said, grabbing it with one hand ... except ... his hand didn't go all the way around it! "What the fuck!" he said aloud. He pulled back his sheets and gasped in amazement! His cock was HUGE! Grinning like an idiot it start pumping the shaft with both hands. "Oh yeah, fuck that feels good," he moaned. It didn't take long before he was cumming like a geyser, spurting hot sticky cum all over his chest. He nearly passed out from the effect.

There was a knock at the door. Jim swore, wiped himself down with a towel, threw on some clothes and stumbled to the door. He opened it and found Anthony, his next door neighbour standing there.

"What's up, Anthony?"

"Oh hi, Jim, I was sitting in my living room and I heard a noise coming from your frat house. Then I got I weird feeling, like I should come over. It was weird, like something calling my name ... " He accidently glanced down at Jim's crotch and stopped speaking.

Suddenly Jim felt uncomfortable. His giant cock still hadn't gone down, and despite his effect to hide it under baggy pants and a loose t-shirt, it was painfully obvious to anyone who stared.

"Uh, sorry, what was I saying?" asked Anthony, shaking his head.

"Look, Anthony, I've got to get to work, OK?" said Jim, closing the door. What was happening? He really did have to go to work, so Jim jumped in the shower to wash himself. His cock was still hard, nearly painfully so, and it wouldn't go down no matter how much he willed it to. He tried turning the water to cold, but it didn't work.

"What am I gonna do?" he asked himself. He grabbed a tight pair of briefs, hoping to push his erection to one side. The undies barely covered his giant balls, and only just contained his cock. It was painful, but seemed to work, although his ten inch dick was wider than his waist and stuck out the side by an inch or two. And as he moved around the bedroom, it worked its way upright again. "Fuck it," he said, putting on baggy pants, a shirt, and a jumper.

He started walking down the street towards where he worked, the local gas station. As he walked, he noticed that men stopped and watched him go. Soon, some began to follow him. Walking faster, he arrived at the shop and locked the door.

His mate Brendon was there, working on an engine. His blue coveralls were covered with grime, and his face was smeared with grease.

"Yo, bro! How's it going?" he asked.

Jim shook his head and said, "let's just get to work."

Brendon nodded, but then frowned. "What ... there's something different about you, man? Are you alright." He put down his wrench and walked up to Jim.

"Look man, can I show you something really strange?" Jim asked, desperate for a friend to understand.

"Yeah, sure."

"Last night something strange happened, look at this." Jim pulled down his pants and revealed his monstrous cock.

Brendon looked shocked. "What the fuck! Look at the size of those balls! They're as big as tennis balls! And that thing, it must be 10 inches long!"

"At least," said Jim.

Brendon's face went blank. "Can I touch it?" he said quietly.

"What???" said Jim. "No way!"

"Come on! I really want to, it looks so nice. Come on, just a little touch, you'll like it." said Brendon. There was a knocking at the door. Jim could see shapes moving around outside.

Then Jim realised what was happening. His giant cock was attracting men to it, like moths to a flame! Then he felt Brendon's hand on his dick. Shit! It felt good, real good.

Steve woke up and shook his head what a fucked up night why had he been dancing at the Anvil? Stupid fags. He shook his aching head and stood up the first thing he saw was his reflection in the mirror. What was wrong with his lips they were freaking huge!!

"Like my lips are so big," said Steve with a terrible lisp.

"And my voice sounds so gay...." just then his fellow frat member John came into their shared room wearing only a towel.

"Yo Steve what's up with you? you look funny." he said dropping his towel

Steve found his gaze taken straight to John's uncut cock....

"Your lips they look so big..." mumbled John as his dick began to get hard.

Steve found the urge building up inside of him, he couldn't fight it he had to suck that cock.

"Can I suck it? I gotta have that cock." said Steve diving for John's now hard cock and engulfing it's full length with one quick move.

"Yeah bitch suck my dick." moaned John as his good friend sucked away on his cock. Steve's own cock got hard as a rock and he pulled his dick out of his underwear and began to jack himself as he sucked.

Things around the fraternity house had grown very strange and all the boys had learned a lesson about getting on the bad side of a gypsy. They soon became known as the gay fraternity and even the straightest among them would give into taboo urges...under the light of the full moon. •

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