Little Friends


By Mreyes8230

Enrique got out of the cab on 51st and 5th. He caught his reflection in the shop mirrors and liked what he saw. With beautiful blue eyes and jet black hair in dreads he really made a statement when he would collect funds for the boss. He looked himself over, the black overcoat, ripped jeans so that you could see his muscled thighs, and a tight wife beater tee shirt which made his chest pop even more than usual. He had worked hard on his looks. Coming from the islands he had the ability to blend in since he knew Spanish and could hang with the “homies” and yet with European decent he inherited the blue eyes and the light complexion that made the women go crazy.

He was late for his meeting with the boss. He had called Enrique in the cab and asked for to come over after his meeting with the doctor. Enrique still did not understand why the boss was so bent on him participating in the experiment. But he was the boss and what he says goes.

Enrique entered The Torch Tower, said hello to the door man and entered the elevator. He pulled out the special key the door man had given him and pressed PH. This was the first time he had ever been allowed into the upper levels.

The elevator opened to a dimly lit hallway. Black granite and mahogany stained walls. Paintings were hung along the hallways individually lit the entire length. Enrique walked down the hallway slowly. It was as quiet as a tomb and as he walked you could hear his sneakers squeal on the granite. He continued down the hall and entered a large grand room. The windows overlooked the New York skyline. As the sunset washed into the apartment Enrique could see that the room was extremely ornate. In the center of the room was a huge overstuffed leather sofa and chairs. The sofa was positioned in front of a fireplace. The flames crackled and gave the room an eerie look. Enrique could see some motion in the corner but could not make out the figures. As he was trying to make out what it was, the Boss came up behind and said, “Hello, Enrique”.

Enrique nearly peed on himself he was so startled. He turned around and said. “….. Huh ……..Mr. Rizzo! How are you sir?” “You scared me!”

“Oh, I am sorry son; I have that effect on people”.

“Enrique I asked you to come here so that I may discuss with you a new position in my organization,” Mr. Rizzo said.

Enrique unsure as to why the “Boss” would be talking to him said, ”sure boss, what is it?”

Up until now Enrique was under the impression that Mr. Rizzo had no idea he was on the take; shaking down the locals for a piece of the bounty. But little went on in the organization that Mr. Rizzo was not aware of. Since Mr. Rizzo had special plans for Enrique he had allowed it to go on.

“I want you to form a special group of men that will be my front men in collections, enforcement matters, and other special duties I may require. These men will be the elite of my organization and with that will come special privileges.” Mr. Rizzo continued.

Enrique was already forming in his mind all the parties, the bars, and all the fun he was going to have being top dog. Fucking any chick he wants and scaring the marks for their monthly contribution for protection. He would finally be at the top of the food chain.

Enrique smiled and said, “Sure boss, when do I begin!”

First let me introduce you to your team. With that Mr. Rizzo pressed a button and the lights came on. In the corner of the room were three naked men, incredibly built and tied up like they being cooked on a rotisserie. Their hands and feet were bound and suspended from a pole. They were lined up next to each other. When the lights came on they began to squirm and yelled muffled screams threw their gags.

Enrique was stunned. “What the fuck!”

Mr. Rizzo continued while walking around Enrique like a shark. I need someone that will lead these men as my personal slaves and bodyguards. These men and you will not hesitate to do anything I want. Enrique began to back up.

Enrique I want you to know that I paid a fortune for you to participate in the little experiment. “The reason I had you go to the professor was he promised me a “VERY LOYAL SLAVE!” “

When Enrique heard the trigger something strange happened.

First he froze in his spot. He realized in a panic he could not move a muscle. As his muscles were frozen thin grey lines were forming along his neck and moving to his skull and spine.

Mr. Rizzo continued speaking, “you see Enrique, I wanted beautiful men that I could have my way with them and still be as ruthless and cunning as I need them to be. Mr. Rizzo continued to speak but by this point Enrique could not hear him. Enrique was listening to new instructions that were forming in his brain. Loyalty, obedience, slave, and most importantly lust. The grey lines now were running from the collar to all parts of his body. He felt his muscle begin to swell, he felt his waist begin to thin out and his pants fell to the floor.

His 34” waist now was a 30” waist. His back was an amazing v-shape. Enrique straightened up and flexed. He had a compulsion to tear his clothes off and like paper they fell to the floor in a shredded mess. The grey lines were forming intricate patterns on his skin. The tribal tattoos were fading while the grey lines encircled his muscles accenting them further.

If Enrique’s eyes could become bluer they did. They glowed in brilliance. He stood ramrod straight and heard himself say:

“Physical modification complete”

“Begin mental reconfiguration”

Processing Processing Processing Processing Processing Processing Processing Processing


By this time the three of the five buttons on his collar (which was still around his neck) were blinking in a rapid pattern.

Enrique stood quietly now. Mr. Rizzo circled him and was amazed at the changes. He stepped back and said, “Unit exit configuration mode”

Enrique answered, “Confirmed”

Enrique suddenly became self aware. He stood looking at himself and the changes that had occurred. He ran his hands on his chest and tweaked his nipples. He realized that the tip of his nipples were metal and stood erect. His cock began to grow as he was so turned on by the image he saw. He felt huge; his legs were like tree trunks, his arms felt like they could lift a small truck.(and they could). Enrique ran his hands over his now perfect bubble butt. He looked up and saw Mr. Rizzo. He felt love, lust, and knew in his heart that he would do anything for Mr. Rizzo. His cock was fully erect and e began to stroke it.

Mr. Rizzo said,” slave, and kneel!”

Enrique immediate knelt before the man that he saw. His mind was still trying to cope with the changes. In his head he kept hearing Obey! Obey!

Obey! Obey! Obey! Obey! Obey! Obey!

Mr. Rizzo by now was undressed and was amusing himself with his new slave. The slave was on his knees trying to make sense of the changes in his body but more importantly his urges.

“Crawl to me!”

Enrique felt compelled to crawl like a baby to him.

“Take my cock and place it in your mouth!”

This was another trigger that doctor had programmed into the nanites.

Enrique placed Rizzo’s cock in his mouth. His eyes rolled up and for a split second Mr. Rizzo could feel an electrical pulse radiate from Enrique’s mouth.

Enrique then started to suck and roll the cock in his mouth. He played with its tip and down the entire shaft in his mouth. He played with his master’s ball’s like a pro. He worked that cock for an hour and when he felt the cock get even larger he started sucking even more energy.

Mr. Rizzo finally spoke, “that it my slave when you swallow your master’s cum you will be forever linked to me.”

Then Rizzo growled and came in Enrique’s mouth. Enrique in turn swallowed his master cum, sat back on his hunches and waited happily for next set of instructions.

Once Rizzo regained his composure he said to Enrique, “Go over and prepare your team.”

Enrique approached the first tied man and ran his hand across his ass and up his thighs.

The man screamed,”mmmph…mmmet….me…gommph!!!!”

Enrique just smiled and removed his gag. The man screamed again let me go, please I have a wife and kids, please!!! I won’t tell anyone!! I swear!!

“I am sorry”, Enrique said. “but you belong to my master now.” He said in a matter of fact tone. When I am finished your wife will be amazed at her new husband. But I have feeling you will not care as long as you are being fucked by a man.

With that Enrique cut the man legs loose and they fell to the floor. The man had been tied up so long that his legs would not respond. Enrique left his hands bound and walked behind the man.

He ran his tongue over the man’s back. Then he went for his armpits and began to lick and bite. The saliva from Enrique month sparkled as it was spread over the man armpits and back. Enrique continued to work on the man armpits and all the while twisting the man’s nipples.

The man whose name is unimportant continued his protest but was starting to get distracted with the buzzing in his ears.

Then Enrique knelt behind the man and started to rim his asshole. All the while the sparkling saliva kept shimmering when ever Enrique would lick.

The man had stopped talking and had a glazed look in his eyes. Enrique leaned over to his ear and said, “Unit will announce when processing begins.”

The man’s head just bobbed forward and drool fell from his mouth to the floor. The man’s cocl was rock hard and straining to explode. Enrique spit into his palm and wet his cock with the sparkling saliva. He then positioned him self behind the man. He slowly pushed his cock into the man’s hole. The man shuddered when his dick touched his ass.

The man kept saying, “what is wrong with me?” “I am not gay!” “But I want it…. I need his touch…… I need my brother’s……

With that the man’s thoughts stopped and he announced,

“Unit processing!” “Unit processing!” “Unit processing!” “Unit processing!” “Unit processing!”

With that Enrique shoved his entire cock up his ass.

They both repeat out load:” Connection Made”

They both repeat out load:” Transmitting”

They both repeat out load:” Acknowledged”

Then the man came back to life and started to plead…… “Fuck me”….. “Fuck me”….. And with that Enrique came. When the man felt his new brother cum he then came and it sprayed on the granite floor.

Enrique pulled out and untied his new brother.

They kissed passionately and proceeded to assimilate the other two men.

When the four were finished with there conversions they stood before their master.

Mr. Rizzo could not believe what he had received from the doctor. Here in front of him were four men completely loyal to him and get prettier by the minute.

Boys go and clean your selves up. You will find my personal tailor in the next room. He will get you dressed and then come wait for further instructions. They left with out another word.

Mr. Rizzo thought to himself and made a call on his phone. Bring “The Chino” to me! He has caused enough problems. Tell him I want a meeting with him and his gang.

Later that night

Mr. Rizzo sat his desk overlooking New York when his men brought “The Chino” and his goons for their talk.

“The Chino” started…..”Rizzo! I am sick and tired of this bull shit”’ “you have no right to grab me like this” I have a good mind to have my boys beat the living shit out of you”

Mr. Rizzo held out his hand and said, “Enough, Chino!”

You have caused a problem for me for the last time.

Rizzo pressed a button on the desk.

The four men came into room. They looked like five GQ models. They were perfect in every detail. The rival gang member said what your pretty boys are going to slap me. Ha ha ha

Chino recognized Enrique and said, “Enrique, you are a part of this shit… I cut you in you son of a bitch!”, “I respected you!”

Enrique just kept walking toward “El Chino” with his eyes that glowed a brilliant blue.

There was a 911 call a few minutes ago to report that a body was found in the east river. Identified as Chino Riviera, a gang leader from the lower east side. •

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