Jock Humiliation


By Picko

Dan, Chad, Todd and Adam were college jocks that had been mates for years. They’d gone away during spring break for a week, to get catch some rays and hopefully some pussy. All were well built handsome studs, each excelling in one sport or another, and non had previously had trouble with the girls, often keeping a few girls on the go at the same time.

They’d been on holiday a few days and had settled into a routine of beach and booze, but the girls were not so easy to come by. One afternoon, early in the week they were all handed a flyer by a well-built young man wearing only a skimpy G-string and a smile. All the jocks were wearing really baggy long shorts and felt uncomfortable around the near naked kid.

Dan spoke up “What’s with the flier kid?” he said, not really trying to make eye contact. “Oh it’s for a hypnosis show tonight” lisped the young man in a very effeminate way. Dan flinched away, he’d noticed that the kid had walked up to them with a bit of a sashay going on in the hips department, but now with the voice, Dan knew the kid must be gay, in fact Dan thought the kid must be a real flamer!

“Fuck off kid, we aint going to any faggy hypnosis show, he’ll probably have us stripping off for a bunch of queers or something” Todd said, throwing the flyer away.

“Oh no, it’s only the women who are invited up on stage” said the kid, “only girls do any striping”. The kid was lying of course. He’d been spying on the jocks for a few days now, and knew his queer master would love to get his hands on them! He’d been a queer hating jock a few months ago himself, but now loved to flounce round wearing next to nothing, offering his body to whichever man would have it.

Later on that night Chad brought up the subject of the show, and after a little bit of coaxing, all the jocks decided to go and take a look. They were disappointed when it was mostly lads who were on stage, doing the usual hypnosis stuff like acting like chickens etc, but a few girls got up and ended up stripping naked, a small consolation at the end of the show.

The jocks gave the hypnotist lots of heckling during the show, calling him a fag for getting mostly lads up. The hypnotist was annoyed, but he came over to them at the end and offered to give them a refund.

“We were promised women only on the stage by one of your faggy little flyer boys” Adam said, his hatred of gay men clear in his voice.

The hypnotist apologised and said that normally there was, but there weren’t enough in the audience tonight, perhaps tomorrow, if the jocks wanted to come back. As he was talking to them, the four jocks didn’t notice the intensity of his stare, and the smooth tone of his voice. After a few minutes, they’d all agreed to come back the following night, already under the spell of the hypnotist to a small degree.

The next night, the hypnotist did indeed get lots of young women up on the stage, and then requested some lads. Adam, unknowingly acting on a suggestion the hypnotist had planted yesterday, immediately put his hand up.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Todd said, a look of shock on his face. Adam didn’t know why he’d done it, but quickly made up the excuse that it would be fun, they could really take advantage of the chicks up on the stage.

Before they knew it all four jocks were up on stage, heavily under in a trance. The hypnotist had deliberately not really tried with the women, not managing to get any of them under, so it was only the four jocks that would be the centre of attention. Non of the jocks had noticed, but here they were, unconscious on stage in one of the resorts biggest gay clubs, having really pissed of the hypnotist the previous evening, and it was request night!

The hypnotist talked to them all one by one, each one admitting that they hated gays. Trouble was, the jocks didn’t know much about what they were actually saying, coming out with old fashioned, clichéd views of gays, nothing like the real world. When they admitted to actually going out gay bashing on a number of occasions, the hypnotist decided to change the tone of the show from a bit of fun at the jocks expense, to revenge. The hypnotist had been beaten up a few times by jocks when he’d just come out, and now was the perfect time to get his own back.

He asked the audience for requests and in a few short minutes all four jocks were stripping on stage to some loud music, dancing their hearts out to please the audience of what they thought were naked women! Dan, Chad, Todd and Adam gyrated their hips and suggestively took off one piece of clothing after another, until they were only in their underwear.

“You can see the sexiest women you have ever seen in the audience, desperate, wanting, yearning to see you naked” said the hypnotist. “You feel really horny and want to show them your Adonis like bodies. Strip, strip naked so you can go on an orgy of lust!”

The four jocks were taken away by his words and the pumping rhythm of the music. They practically ripped their underwear off, revealing their buff, toned shiny sweating bodies. They were all stroking their dicks, which quickly became erect as they continued to dance for the beautiful ‘women’.

“You can’t cum unless I command you,” said the hypnotist as the jocks reached climax, moaning in ecstasy as waves of pleasure rippled through their bodies. The hypnotist soon shouted “CUM!”, and the four jocks erupted, spraying jism all over the stage and themselves.

A few suggestions later and Dan, Chad, Todd and Adam were licking up every drop of their jism from each other and the stage floor, believing it to be the tastiest cream they’d ever had. Then it was time for an ice-lolly and a few suggestions by the hypnotist had the jocks hungrily sucking and licking on one another’s dicks, rolling round on the floor 69ing, the audience going wild.

The hypnotist then brought the four jocks round, still in trance, still naked and with a few other devious suggestions firmly planted in their heads.

“What the fuck?” shouted Todd as he realised he was naked and up on stage in front of lots of laughing men. He tried to cover his dick, but when he put his hands near it all he could do was jerk off. Moving his hands away stopped this, but then his dick was on view. He tried to run but his feet seemed glued to the floor. The other jocks were in the same non-win situation, leaving their dicks on show or jerking off in front of everyone, unable to move.

After 15 minutes of yelling abuse at the hypnotist for the situation they were in, whilst at the same time trying to cover their dicks but ending up jerking off, each jock had cum at least twice, and the stage was once again getting messy.

“Todd” said the hypnotist calmly, “clean up will you”, Todd felt his feet come unstuck from the floor. Trying to head towards the hypnotist to kill him, he just fell to his knees and began slurping up the wonderful ‘cream’ that was all over the floor, all the time wondering who could have spilled such lovely stuff! The hypnotist said some more trigger phrases to the remaining jocks and they froze, allowing Todd to thoroughly clean them.

The hypnotist then asked the still naked jocks to sit back down. He told them that they were stuck to their seats and brought them out of trance. The jocks were mad as hell as soon as they realised they were naked, their boners soon disappearing. They tried to get up, wanting to kill the hypnotist, but none of them could, no matter how hard they tried. The audience was laughing really hard, and shouting things to do to the jocks. The hypnotist thought for a second, and put the jocks under again.

The hypnotist told them that he was going to ask them some questions, which they would enjoy answering, and that they would have to answer them as truthfully as they could. He then asked Dan to describe why he seemed to hate gay men so much. Dan remembered about a time when he was at the gym and a massive effeminate queen had entered the room. Dan described him as a very exaggerated muscle Mary, devoid of all hair and wearing only skin tight, fluorescent spandex.

“Why the fuck do they want such massive muscles if it’s not to attract girls, and then try to show them off by wearing gay gym clothes ALL the time, even outside the gym?” said Dan. While he was talking, his naked body began increasing in size as the hypnotist used some voodoo magic to change the jocks body into exactly what he described.

“And they shave off all their body hair, probably to try to make their humongous muscles look even bigger, and they wear fake tan, and then their clothes….”. As Dan spoke his muscles increased in size at a rapid rate, and his skin turned the orange colour of too much fake tan.

Dan’s muscles were now massive, walking would be a real problem and he’d certainly need a hand to get dressed, as he couldn’t bend his arms, jutting out from his body at 90 degrees. His dick had also increased in size, growing to 15 inches soft, as thick as a beer can, with balls the size of grapefruit. He’d only be able to wear stretchy material to cover his freakish body, but that didn’t matter, from now on he’d only want to wear spandex and lycra. Any partner he had would have a hard time getting him to wear clothes at all unless it was absolutely necessary, and he’d only wear something on his feet after a lot of persuasion.

“Anything else?” said the hypnotist, the audience of men roaring with laughter but also licking their lips at the thought of fucking the young freaky stud.

Dan continued, unaware of the changes that were happening “Well, they’re all thick as pig shit aren’t they, probably been pumping iron all their lives rather than get a bit of education!” “That’s why they act so gay, flouncing around chasing men, they ain’t got the intelligence to realise that women are what men should go after, all those faggots have the brain power for is trying to look good and looking for cock, the sick fucks!”

“Thick as pig shit, wow that’s thick” thought the hypnotist, and Adam wasn’t exactly the brightest of students, so that comment was really taking the piss! And always wanting cock? Perfect! The hypnotist muttered something and Adams brain started draining like an emptying sink. As he got dumber and gayer, he actually started to look dumber, and gayer…

By the time the hypnotist had finished dumbing down and gaying up Adam, he was a massive, gorgeous, dumb, male bimbo, the ultimate muscle Mary, only concerned with how he looked, and where his next dick was coming from. He would crave cock the rest of his life, never able to get enough, the ultimate bottom fuck slut, and he’d love it. After all, he was now too dumb to realise anything else, just like the old Dan had described!

The hypnotist left him naked with his body hair intact. Dan would have an urge to have all his hair removed and buy some new spandex clothes during the halftime break in the show, just to finish off his humiliation.

The hypnotist turned to the next zonked naked jock Chad. What would he describe as the gay he hates most?

Chad thought for a second, then slurred one word. “Skinhead”.

The crowd, all gay men by now (the few women having left not finding the show to their taste), whooped and cheered. A lot of them were shaven headed with a skinhead look, but the way these jocks thought gays looked and acted, heaven knows how Chad would describe what he thought a gay skinhead should look and act like!

The hypnotist asked Chad to describe what he thought a gay skinhead looked like and why he hated them so much.

Chad said he’d seen a TV programme on them once, and they all looked like real skinheads.

“What do you mean?” asked the hypnotist puzzled. “If they are real skinheads why do you have such a hatred of gay skinheads?”

“No”, said Chad. “They only LOOK like skinheads, you know, shaven heads, dumb looking, bleached jeans and suspenders, white T-shirt and big boots”. “But then they take it to the extreme and when you look closer…”.

The hypnotist cut Chad off and asked him to stand up. Chad stood up and his naked body began to change. The thick dark hair on his head pulled into it, leaving what looked like a five o’clock shadow but was a freshly shaven smooth dome. As his head began to empty of any useful knowledge, his forehead got lower and more pronounced his mouth dropping open to enable him to breath. His features got more ape like, and he slouched forward. His stomach swelled up into a large beer belly and he let out a satisfied belch.

Clothes began forming on his body, first some straight bleached blue jeans with white suspenders, a close fitting red plaid long sleeved shirt and finally a pair of 12 hole Doc Martin boots a few sizes too big and with steel toe caps.

On stage stood a typical dumb skinhead, called Chad! The hypnotist made a mirror appear next to Chad. “Is that what a skinhead looks like Chad?” he asked.

Chad turned and looked in the mirror. He thought for a while (thinking was something he now had to do slowly, but he still retained some of his homophobic views) and not even realising he was looking at himself said “yes, that’s a skinhead, but not a GAY skinhead.”

“So what do you think a GAY skinhead looks like Chad, describe him to me” the hypnotist said, a hint of fun in his voice.

Chad stared at his reflection and started his description. “Err, on this programme I saw they all seemed massive, like they’d been working out and taking loads of steroids, and non had a beer belly”. As soon as he spoke his body began to grow, the clothes stretching with it, looking increasingly tighter. The beer belly was gone, replaced by a six pack.

“Wow, cool” Chad dumbly said looking at his reflection “how do you do that?!!”. It’s a cartoon replied the hypnotist. The crowd laughed.

“That’s how gay skinheads look like” said Chad, “their bodies and dicks are soooo big, and their clothes sooooo tight that they look like cartoons” he giggled, “and they have lots of earrings and stuff, and act like total fairies, the dumb fucks!”.

Immediately his body swelled up even more, muscle piling onto his growing frame, as his body swelled, his mental abilities shrank away until he was a totally dumb, he now had the mental capacity of a two year old. His dick lengthened and increased in girth, snaking down the leg of his now skintight green cammo pants. His shirt stretched to breaking point, the stitching creaking as it nearly gave way. As his arms blew up like balloons, the long sleeves ripped off leaving a cut off shirt, his erect nipples almost sticking through the fabric. His boots grew into 20 hole black shiny Rangers, now at least six sizes too big, his cammo pants shortening to accommodate the lengthened boots.

On stage was a massive muscled, dumb, freaky looking skinhead, staring at his reflection, stroking his cock through his pants! “He’s doing what I’m doing,” giggled Chad, now sounding like a dumb 5 year old with a very effeminate lispy voice. Chad unbuttoned his fly and unleashed his 16-inch massive boner. He walked round to the back of the mirror, trying to get behind the skinhead he thought was standing in front of him so that he could fuck him.

After a few minutes of circling round and not having a clue what was going on, much to the audiences amusement, the hypnotist made the mirror vanish, and sat Chad next to the still naked Dan. Chad still had his massive cock in his hand, and dumbly continued stroking it.

“Ladies and Gentlemen” shouted the hypnotist, the gay crowd going wild “two down and two to go, but first, a half time break”.

The hypnotist turned to the four jocks. “Todd and Adam, its half time in the show. You want to take this opportunity to earn some extra money so you’re going to serve drinks. You won’t realise you’re naked and will still believe the audience is all women, you’ll want to show off your bodies whenever one of the “girls” offers a compliment. If one of the girls wants to suck your cock you’ll let them, thinking you’re the luckiest guy alive. You will fully accept the new Dan and Chad, and understand that they are doing one of their silly dares and will meet up with you at the start of the second half.”

The hypnotist woke Todd and Adam who immediately started what they thought were their new jobs, still unaware that they were completely naked. Whenever one of the guys offered a compliment, they flexed and posed, all the while their dicks remaining rock hard, perfect for sucking!

The hypnotist turned back to the two remaining jocks, well, dumb muscle freaks now. He had to speak really slowly and use small words so that they would understand him. “Dan and Chad, when I wake you, you will know that this is the way you have always been. You’re two gay men, well ok, two VERY gay effeminate sounding, absolute mincing stereotypical, totally dumb fags exactly as you imagined, who love and adore each other. Dan, you can’t get enough of Chad’s cock up your arse, in fact you always crave for something up there, but you never fuck Chad, you’re a confirmed bottom now.”

“Chad,” the hypnotist continued, “you’ll be constantly trying to fuck Dan, whenever and wherever you can. You’ll be the top of your partnership, the much more dominant one.” He paused, and gave a slight chuckle, “well, as dominant as a the effeminate, mincing, stereotypical skinhead you imagined can be!”

“You’re both heavily into bodybuilding, living in the gym and taking any substance, legal or otherwise, to increase your size. You liked trying new styles with your appearances, but have decided to settle on the skinhead and gym bunny look you discovered today. Oh, and you both like humiliating each other in public whenever you can by doing stupid bets and dares. You’re so dumb that you’ll accept any bet and dare that’s not going to cause death or injury, because you both love doing them, the threat of getting caught really turns you on!”

“Dan,” the hypnotist continued, “you’ve just lost a bet you made during the show and now have to perform the dare of getting to a sports clothes store for new skimpy spandex clothes, naked from here. Then you’ll want to have all the hair on your body permanently removed, to get your body back to its usual hairless state. You adore the feeling of ultra thin, skin tight, stretchy spandex on your hairless skin, you will never want to wear anything else ever again. The girlier, more garishly coloured the better. Without even realising it, you’ll even want to humiliate yourself with the clothes you wear.”

“Chad, you’ll go with Dan, and help to dress him as you usually do, make sure it’s skin tight and garishly colored. Then you’ll want to start getting some piercings and tattoos to suit your new skinhead style you now love so much. Get Dan to suggest where they should go on your body and what they say. If the person in the tattoo parlour tries to correct any spelling, fuck them off, as you two know best!”

Dan and Chad stood up slowly, moving was quite difficult with the huge freaky bodies they now possessed. They paused for a second and felt the parts of their bodies they could actually touch, initially thinking something was wrong but soon accepting them as any doubt disappeared in their now foggy, dumb minds.

Dan started “remembering” the latest dare he had to perform and giggled. There was no way he could move his arms and hands to conceal his monstrous dick, and he couldn’t exactly run to the sports store, not with his massive legs. “Boy, this was gonna be fun” he thought. Standing naked in front of all these men was not even embarrassing, as he loved being naked. In fact, he was looking through the crowd trying to spot any good cock he might be able to get!

“Come on, lets go” said Chad slowly, still a bit hazy as to where they were actually going, and for what reason. They both ambled in a flouncy way out of the show, giggling dumbly as they went.

Once outside they ducked and dived as quickly as their now huge bodies would allow, into and out of back allies, finding the whole thing hilarious! They were acting like two drunken jocks on an initiation from a fraternity, but their slow speed, giggling, and slurred speech wasn’t because of too much alcohol, it was because of their hulking frames and empty heads!

They were very lucky and managed to make it to a sports store without being seen. Once inside they giggled their heads off as they went up to the counter to buy some clothes for Dan. The middle aged male assistance wasn’t too phased by the naked jock, he’d seen a few hazing rituals in the college town before, but he was amazed at the size of these two, both in body and dick size.

“Hello, my name is Colin, can I help you gentleman?” said the assistant, staring in awe at the two mountains before him, and trying not to stare too much at Dan’s massive boner, the dare he’d just completed had really turned Dan on!

“Err yeah please, can I have some clothes please?” giggled Dan slowly, actually enjoying the humiliation, just as the hypnotist had suggested.

“What would sir like?” asked Colin, “I assume you want some kind of gym wear, as baggy as possible, for your large size”.

Dan giggled and politely declined the baggy clothes offer, instead he reeled off a list of workout gear, all in girly spandex. Without realising it, he was doing exactly as the hypnotist had suggested, by choosing only the smallest, brightest colored outfits in the shop, that would humiliate anyone with a normal brain. However, Dan was now dumb, really dumb. He kept choosing smaller, brighter outfits, convinced they’d make him look good, when really he’d look like the ultimate muscle Mary.

With Chad’s help to actually get on the miniscule outfits, Dan spent the next 20 minutes trying on all the different clothes. With each article of clothing Dan tried on, the sizes were getting smaller and smaller, and Dan was looking more ridiculous, a big dumb muscle freak squeezing into tiny gym fag wear, muscles exploding out of the fabric in every direction. But Dan loved it, he’d amble over to the mirror after putting something on and squeal with delight, flexing every muscle, straining the material to breaking point.

Eventually it was time to go, and for the walk back Chad had helped Dan into the bright pink one piece wrestling singlet that he wanted which looked like it was sprayed on, it shone brightly under the shop lights. The singlet was really for a person half Dan’s size, and looked really stupid on him, as if he was wearing kids clothes. Dan had almost wanted to go back naked, and had tried in a not so subtle dumb way to get Chad to dare him. Chad had just enough intelligence not to agree, and Dan’s subconscious was now saying he’d be more humiliated by actually wearing the singlet than nothing at all.

Following a hissy big argument that sounded more like high pitched Neanderthal grunts, Dan grudgingly agreed to wear some matching wrestling boots. The suggestions from the hypnotist about wearing tight clothing, in small quantities was really taking hold on the young jock! After some confusion over paying, (Colin had to help them add up the amounts and write the cheque, Chad and Dan were just too dumb now) they thanked him and left to look for a beauty salon.

As Dan walked down the sidewalk, the spandex singlet stretched with his body, showing every muscle, his gorgeous bubble butt and his huge dick, clearly straining as it snaked down his leg. Chad couldn’t keep his hands off Dan, cuddling up to him in a way unthinkable a few hours ago. People stopped to stare at the huge muscle studs, so obviously gay, with the strange combination of a bodybuilder and a skinhead leaving them somewhat puzzled.

Dan began to hate the way his body hair caught in the material and it wasn’t long before he wanted all his hair removing to get rid of the irritation, and to be just like his best buddy, shaved smooth!! They started looking for a salon to have all of his body hair permanently removed, as with each step his hair was feeling increasingly uncomfortable under the clinging spandex.

They soon found one, and after 20 minutes of electrolysis Dan was completely hairless apart from his eyebrows, without any chance of it growing back, not that he wanted it too, he was in heaven, feeling his now smooth body as often as he could.

It was then off to a tattoo studio, where Dan told the tatooist exactly what to do on Chad, he even had to correct the guy when he told them that the spelling was wrong!

After about two hours, a hush fell over the audience as Chad and Dan re-entered the theatre. They had turned from confident, fairly bright, but homophobic young slender jocks into the people they had hated the most. Dan was wearing his skin tight, bright fluorescent pink spandex wrestling singlet and matching boots. With his hairless body he looked stunning, still with the face of the young college jock he’d been only hours earlier, only more vacant and innocent looking, with Neanderthal undertones.

His now 20’’ hard dick snaked down his left leg. A loud buzzing could be heard from a massive 12’’ vibrator that was up Dan’s arse, keeping his erection absolutely firm. Chad had called into a sex shop on the way back and had bet Dan that he wouldn’t walk back with it switched on high and stuck up his arse, knowing that Dan would not be able to resist the dare.

Chad looked almost the same as he had, but with multiple piercings in his ears and nose, and the wording “DUM FUK” tattooed across his forehead in large black old English lettering. His body seemed to have grown some more, with his clothing appearing to have turned into a spandex type material, fitting his hulking frame like a second skin, whilst still resembling cammo pants and the plaid shirt he had been wearing. Some of the voodoo curse on Dan must have crossed over to Chad whilst he had been dressing him. He almost had the appearance of a walking drawing, like the cartoon version of a skinhead he had described earlier, his expression even more vacant and dumb looking.

The hypnotist and audience laughed loudly as the two freaks carefully minced slowly to their seats in the audience, constantly touching each other up and giggling. Chad and Dan started to laugh as well, now too dumb to realise that the joke was on them.

Everyone settled, with Todd and Adam sitting back down on stage, still naked and still sporting massive boners.

“Right you two, why don’t you like gays and which gays don’t you like?” asked the hypnotist. •

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