Jock Humiliation


By Picko

Todd and Adam were sitting in seats up on the stage, still heavily under the hypnotists spell, and still as naked as the day they were born. They had both just seen their friends transformed from homophobic jocks into two absolutely mincing, stereotypical gays, one a skinhead, the other a gym bunny.

Initially the hypnotist had used hypnosis to get the jocks under, but then he’d used voodoo magic to transform the jocks bodies and minds permanently into exactly what they’d hated.

They’d been transformed into exactly what they’d described, and being homophobic, the jocks had exaggerated every aspect of the their descriptions of gay men, from the mincing walk, clothes (or lack of), to the massive freaky muscles and huge cock and balls they both now possessed. They were also now dumb as fuck, only thinking about men, how they could get sex, and maintaining their massive muscles. College was now unthinkable; they’d both have to turn to prostitution to make any money in order to survive.

The hypnotist now looked towards Todd and Adam, waiting for them to describe what it was about gay men that they didn’t like, waiting for them to describe their destiny…

Todd and Adam were heavily under, but following the hypnotists suggestions seemed wide-awake and happy to chat, even tho they were still naked. They looked at each other and laughed. “What don’t we like about fags?” said Todd, “where do we start!”

Adam laughed at Todd’s comment and continued “Once Adam and I were on a bachelor party night and took the groom to a gay club for a laugh, it was horrendous, far worse than we imagined it would be, and we left after one drink.”

The audience whooped with joy. This was an unexpected revelation, and after experiencing what the hypnotist had done to the other two jocks, they knew he would take full advantage.

Adam sounded disgusted as he continued, “It was just supposed to be a laugh, but the fags in there wouldn’t leave us alone. We’d dressed the groom in a rubber outfit, as it was an S&M night at the club. He was wearing all rubber, shorts, wife beater, a mask and boots. Got ‘em all off E-Bay cheap. Initially the doorman wouldn’t let the rest of us in unless we also dressed in rubber. I told him that no way were we gonna wear that fag shit!”

The hypnotist had an idea to keep the audience interested, and speaking to the two zonked jocks, he gave a few more suggestions. “You both feel very relaxed, and a bit horny. As you describe anything to me about the club you visited, even though you’ll describe it to me as the homophobic cunts you are, you’ll happily be imagining what it must have been like for a fag to be in. You’ll imagine the feelings he would have been feeling for a club full of hot men in rubber gear that he really wanted to fuck or be fucked by. Thinking about it will really begin to turn you on, and it may alter what you describe to me, so that you can imagine the club in greater, more sensual detail.”

The hypnotist looked at the naked jocks cocks. Adam had the smaller one, still large enough at six inches soft, with Todd having quite a large one at eight inches. Both were uncut and quite thick.

The hypnotist then spoke to Adam, who was sat to the left of Todd, “As you speak, you’ll slowly massage your mate Todd’s cock using your right hand only. It will make you happy to do this, as you know this is what Todd wants you to do. The more you massage his cock in a slow, seductive way, the more you’ll want to describe the night in the gay club in a more sexual way. You won’t know why, but the more you talk, your arse will start to feel empty and dry, and your mouth will fill with saliva, because the more you talk the more you crave for something in it.”

“Todd,” continued the hypnotist, “you’ll enjoy having your cock massaged by Adam, you know he enjoys doing this for you, as this is what he should be doing. It will give you waves of pleasure throughout your body, which will increase the longer he does this to you. You’ll imagine your cock growing as it is massaged to a size you think is worthy of you, Master Todd, and as it grows it will get more sensitive and turn you on even more. You will not cum unless I tell you that you can.”

The hypnotist then asked Adam to continue with his description of the gay club visit. With the new suggestions in place, the audience was going to really enjoy this”.

Adam continued, “I told the doorman that no way was I gonna wear rubber, I wasn’t a fucking fag, and it was the groom’s night out, not any of the lads, and he better let us in or he was gonna get the fuck kicked out of him, the fucking fag”. This quote had the audience really laughing, because as Adam spoke he had gently grasped Todd’s cock and was massaging it, slowly, up and down in a really sensual manner. Within seconds it was rock hard and Todd was gently smiling, enjoying the sexual pleasure he was receiving.

“The doorman let us in” Adam continued, “and as soon as we stepped foot in the joint we regretted it. I’d seen some pictures of places like this on the Internet, that’s where I had the idea to dress the groom up, but this was beyond any of those.” As he spoke he seemed to slow a little, his imagination was kicking in as the hypnotist had suggested, and he was imagining those initial views as a sex starved gay man! His mouth was filling up with saliva as he spoke, picturing hundreds of horny guys! He reached round with his left hand and gave his arse a quick scratch, as he had a small itch.

Todd was also thinking the same as Adam, but with a slight twist. When the hypnotist had spoken to him before he’d called him “Master Todd”, and this, coupled with the fact he was having his cock slowly massaged, enabled him to imagine being in control, a master of all these men, and a master should have a massive dick! As he imagined it growing in size, it physically did, right in front of the audience’s eyes. From the already not exactly small eight inches, it slowly grew to about fifteen inches soft, and was now massive in girth too.

Adam continued slowly. “The place was heaving, stuffed full of fucking fags in shiny, skin tight, black rubber. There were also a load of guys nearly naked, with the odd leather strap and a rubber mask on with a dog leash around their necks for some reason.” By now Adam was dribbling, and had started to pump Todd’s now massive member at an increased pace, finding it difficult to keep hold of the massive shaft. His arse was now feeling really itchy, with the itch coming from inside so he absentmindedly poked one finger on his free left hand up his arse and had a firm but gentle scratch.

“All the fags were fairly well built, but the guys holding the leashes were massive, freak like blokes, with thick rubber stuff on that was skin tight. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were wearing some kind of muscle suit on underneath the rubber, they were that huge. I think they call them the masters ‘cos they are the bosses, and the other, smaller guys are the slaves, ‘cos they will do whatever their masters want. Weird fucking fags!” As he said all this, even though he was describing “weird fucking fags”, his mind was enjoying every second, he was actually still dribbling, his mouth seemed desperate for something in it, and with a big smile on his face he was now furiously pumping Todd’s cock. He’d now got a couple of fingers up his own arse, trying to get rid of the itch, and it actually felt quite good to him, like there was supposed to be something up there.

Todd was in ecstasy, waves of pure pleasure were flowing through his body and his cock was starting to leak pre cum, although not a lot, as his balls were still tiny compared with his monster cock. The hypnotist decided that now was the time for a few more suggestions, and a lot more voodoo.

“Master Todd”, spoke the hypnotist, “you are the master here, you must have the biggest body you want, you need to show everyone who’s boss.” He then spoke a few mysterious words that would ensure Todd’s body grew as Todd wanted. “Don’t forget Todd, that you will need the balls to match your cock. You will always have someone on hand, a slave to milk you when you desire, who will enjoy sucking on your massive dick whenever you want. A slave will always want a massive cock in his mouth and up his arse.”

“Todd”, continued the hypnotist “can you describe to me what these masters looked like, I think that Adam is exaggerating somewhat.” The audience looked confused and a few of them boo’ed and heckled the hypnotist. They had loved the way Adam had exaggerated an S&M night, and didn’t want Todd ruining it, what was the hypnotist playing at?

The hypnotist turned to the audience, and winking, whispered loudly enough for the audience to hear into Todd’s ear, “As you describe the masters in the gay club to me in your normal homophobic manner, you will exaggerate and lie as best you can. You won’t realise this and you can’t help yourself. What you will realise is that you actually love what you are describing, and you want to be exactly what you are describing, because you are the master here!”

“Oh”, continued the hypnotist, now shouting into the audience, “Todd, when you realise that you have become exactly what you want, then you can cum!” The audience burst into rounds of applause and cheering, the hypnotist quickly calming them down so they could enjoy the rest of the show.

Todd spoke. “No, Adam is not exaggerating, in fact he was understating how horrible the cunts were!” More whoops of delight from the audience were also met with gasps, as Todd was slowly beginning to change, his body growing slightly as he thought what he had just said.

Todd continued talking, totally zonked, and still being masturbated by his pal Adam, who now had at least three fingers up his own arse trying to scratch an itch but now really just enjoying the feeling of something filling the cavity of his own arsehole.

“The fucking fag masters were huge beasts of men, bigger than anyone I’ve ever seen before. Underneath all that faggy rubber I think that there were proper muscles, and huge…” Todd paused as his mind caught up and rapidly changed, “huge balls feeding their massive…” pause, more mind catch-up, “massive… ber, ber, “ Todd’s mind snapped.

“Beautiful cocks” he said triumphantly, as his mind flooded with images of exaggerated bodybuilders with obscenely massive dicks, covered in thick black shiny rubber.

Todd’s naked body suddenly grew like a balloon being inflated, muscles swelling up all over his body. The hair on his head shortened into a crewcut, and a neatly trimmed goatee formed on his face.

As he’d described, his balls grew. And grew. And grew. They were the size of melons when they stopped, 12’’ in diameter, hanging from his body and nearly off the chair he was sitting on.

Still his muscles grew, his body slowly turning into an absolute freak. His dick was already massive, but grew even more, now 25 inches of hard muscle. Adam was unable to contain himself any longer and started to lick the river of pre-cum that was flowing down the solid mountain of muscle. He moaned with delight, slowly realising that this was to be his destiny, a useless dumb cock slave. He was now violently fisting himself with his free hand, his arse getting slacker by the second, soon it would be large enough to take Todd’s enormous member.

Todd had transformed into an absolute man mountain, an impossibly massive wall of muscle, with a huge cock and balls, and a little slave eagerly licking at the mass of his dick like a sucker fish on a great white shark. His brain had been re-wired, whilst gaining knowledge on how to keep his new body in shape and look after a slave, everything else had gone, he was now a master, but a dumb one, barely able to speak, unable to put a sentence together and certainly not able to count or read. He himself would be lucky not to be enslaved by a better educated master, only his massive size scaring others away from him.

The hypnotist muttered some more words and a rubber coating started to appear on Todd’s still naked body, slowly forming into a thick rubber wrestling singlet, the straps almost disappearing in the massive mounds of muscle that now formed his shoulders. Huge boots formed on his feet, 26 hole rubber Rangers.

The black rubber shone under the bright stage lights, highlighting all of Todd’s enormous muscles. Todd looked around as he suddenly heard some whimpering. It was Adam. Now that Todd’s enormous cock was encased in his rubber singlet, Adam’s pacifier had gone, and he was starting to miss it. Whilst Todd had been changing, Adam’s mental age had reduced to that of an infant, and his body was shortly to be transformed too.

Todd reached into the singlet and unleashed his throbbing member, and suddenly realizing that he’d now become exactly what he’d imagined, and what he was now glad to be, he came. Cum erupted out of his massive shaft, gallons and gallons of it, flooding the stage and nearly drowning Adam, who began to feverishly lick it up as fast as he could. As the warm cum touched the back of his throat his mouth finally stopped salivating, his cravings ended, and he discovered his whole meaning of existence. His master had given him food and he was obliged, no, he HAD to drink every drop, it was the most wonderful substance Adam had tasted, he giggled with delight at the nectar like taste. He wrenched his right fist out of his arse, and ignoring the instant feeling of emptiness removing it caused, cupped both hands together and scooped the warm sticky liquid into his mouth.

As Adam drank Todd’s cum, which continued to spout out of Todd’s cock like an uncapped oil well, he began to physically change.

His body muscle mass increased, he’d need this if Todd was going to use him as the sexual toy he now wanted to be. The voodoo continued to read Adam’s mind, his body re-shaping to suit the depraved thoughts. As his mass increased, his body hair decreased, in fact disappeared, all of it, even his eyelashes. He was now completely bald, the coating of cum helping to remove the last vestiges of hair. His tongue increased in length and width, his mouth also growing. His neck got longer and thicker, all changed to take on the task of swallowing Todd’s massive, constantly solid, dick.

Adam looked like a true freak, formed to be his masters cock receptacle. Huge mouth, long tongue and a massive butt capacity, with a very well muscled body to take the strain. His dick? 10 inches, constantly hard, but only for show. He would never touch it, never want to, it was just there to show he was still a man’s man.

A ½ inch thick matt black rubber collar formed around his neck, with a thick metal chain attached to it. Other than that, he would be naked, forever.

The audience looked on, absolutely speechless. Two of it’s members tho, were getting out of their seats and heading for the stage, drawn towards the master with the still erupting cock! •

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