Beach Deflation! (Wiki Version)

By DrQuickie

I pointed my ray at Mike.He was sitting on a beach towel next to his girlfriend. I fired the gun, and it hit him square in between his tanned muscled shoulders invisibly, silently and painlessly. Now, I just settled back to wait.I'd found the gun a couple years back, and it was certainly a marvel. As best I could tell, when it was activated, it bombarded the target with a force that transformed his or her muscles into pure energy and stored that energy in the weapon. The gun had another setting that could be used to retrieve the energy. I was 5'4, a scrawny little guy, and 23 years old. People said I was cute, but just too short. This gun was my only hope of being... well, perfect."It's a real drag that this beach is so crowded," whispered Mandy in her lover's ear. Mike grinned, and put his large arm around her. They were a perfectly matched pair. He was a large jock, tanned, with rippled abs, large sportsman-like muscles, and a pair of red speedos filled to overflowing with a monster dick. She was pert and beautiful.Suddenly Mike felt a tingling in his groin. At first he thought it was the presence of Mandy giving him a hard-on, but the tingling sensation quickly became slightly uncomfortable. He pulled away from Mandy and looked down at his tight speedos in alarm."What is it, Mike?" asked Mandy."My ... my ... my balls! They're tingling!" "Oh Mike, you're so sexy," said Mandy, blushing. She placed a hand on his bulging bicep and gave it a squeeze."No Mandy, not in a good way. They feel hot, I think there's something wrong with my cock and balls!"Even as they watched, his speedos began to deflate. Within a minute, the bulge in his speedos was noticeably less. Freaking out, Mike glanced down the front of his speedos. "Oh my god!" he said, turning pale."What is it???" Mandy asked, alarmed. Mike glanced around in horror. He turned to Mandy and hissed. "It's tiny!""What?" asked Mandy."My cock! It's ... it's tiny!" Mandy laughed. "What are you talking about?""Don't laugh!" snarled Mike, feeling defensive all of a sudden. Mandy leaned over and Mike let her glance down his swim costume. What she saw terrified her. Mike's dick was a shadow of its former glory. It had been seven inches, flaccid, now it was barely one inch - erect!"Uh, uh, I still love you," said Mandy, unsure what to say.Mike started sobbing. "And you're still a huge muscled jock, no-one will ever know," she said. Mike looked up at her hopefully. "And we can get you a strap on or something so I won't feel the difference." At this Mike started crying.Suddenly he felt a tingling all over his body. "Oh no!" he said, but there was nothing he could do. As Mandy watched, Mike's tanned, perfect body began to deflate. His muscles shrank, his rippled abs vanished, and his legs became mere sticks. Normally, he towered over Mandy, but now his height decreased until she was a head taller than him. Even his tan faded."What's happened to me?" he said, unable to stop more tears welling up."Stop crying," Mandy said, suddenly annoyed at her boyfriend. "If anyone should cry now it's me. You're supposed to be the strong one!"At this words, Mike started to cry harder. Mandy felt disgust welling up inside her. Trying to ignore it, she said "Don't worry Mikey, we'll work through this. I love you for your personality, not your body," she said. Mike looked at her hopefully. Mandy hoped she had sounded convincing, because she certainly hadn't felt convinced.I went further down the beach until I saw Nathan and Kyle throwing the football to each other. I aimed my ray at Nathan and fired!Pretty soon he felt a tingling in his boardshorts. Concerned, he stopped throwing the ball to Kyle. "I'm just going for a swim!" he yelled. He ran to the water and quickly moved out until he was chest-deep in water.He was worried since a girl he'd slept with last week had told him she had an STD. Perhaps that was what was making his balls itch. He put a hand down there and frowned with surprise. His dick felt impossibly small. And it was erect. The water wasn't that cold, so it didn't explain the shrinkage he was experiencing. A wave splashed him in the chin and he started to swim in place, still not sure what had happened to his dick. He could see Kyle walking along the beach waiting for him and perving on some hot chicks. Why was he swimming all of a sudden? He had only gone to water that was just over waist-deep. He decided to head back to shore. He started to paddle and quickly got tired. Also, his boardshorts seemed impossibly heavy, and even started to slide off. The rope must've broken, he said to himself.Finally nearing the shore, which had seemed a lot further away then he remembered, he waded out of the water. He had to use both hands to hold up his board-shorts, which were loose and baggy around his waist, and way too long, almost touching his ankles. The water must've streched them, he said. The swim had exhausted him, and he walked up to Kyle, panting."I'm going home, alright?""Piss off, nerd," said Kyle, not even turning to look at him."Ha, very funny, Kyle," said Nathan. Something was really wrong. Kyle was huge! Nathan realised what was wrong. Kyle wasn't changed, he was! He had shrunk. Kyle now towered over him. He couldn't have been more than 4 1/2 feet tall!"Kyle, it's me, Nathan!" said Nathan. In his panic, he let go of his shorts, which promptly fell down. Kyle turned around and saw his old friend Nathan, but something was wrong. Nathan was tiny and weak, his muscles were all gone, his skin was pale and his body hair had vanished! Not only that, but he was standing there, sopping wet, naked, with a one-inch erection!"What the hell has happened, Nathan? You look like one of those pathetic nerds we beat up at college!"Nathan felt his cheeks begin to burn and tears start to form in his eyes. "I don't know what happened to me " he said.Kyle felt disgust welling up in his chest. Nathan had turned into a snivelling fag, or so it seemed."Don't cry, don't be a pussy, man." he said.Nathan couldn't help himself, he started to blubber. Seeking comfort, his hand covering his dick."Get away from me you freak!" said Kyle, backing away. Whatever had happened to Nathan, Kyle did not want happening to him.ZAP! But it was about to anyway.Kyle started to feel a strange, tingleing feeling all over his body. He looked at his arms, and noticed that they were beginning to look smaller."What the fuck is going on?" He thought to himself, then he looked at Nathan and noticed that they were almost the same hight again, but Nathan still looked like a nerd, and everyone else seemed taller for some reason.."Oh my god, WHAT DID YOU DO?" He shouted at Nathan.Kyle started running through the beach to his car, passing onlookers this way and that, giving him questioning glances. One man even called him a nerd.Kyle started to cry as he ran, trying to hold his shorts up. As he ran he could feel himself still changing, his chest felt smaller. All the feelings of his body being "drained" by something made him feel powerless. He ran, and ran, and ran... untill he reached the end of the beach. Then he collasped, crying. He looked pathetic, a white, skrawny, powerless weakling lost on the beach. --- Through all of this I watched and laughed, seeing the once dominant jocks be turned into what they rejected. I loved the irony of it all. I checked the power meter on the ray to see how much I had drained. It was near completely full. I had to release it somehow... so I decided to release some of it on myself. I switched the gun to reverse and fired a short blast at myself. I felt a cool breeze, like satin sheets, graze my chest. I looked at down at myself and felt my flat chest gain some minor definition, like I had been working out recently. I bent my arm, and a small biceps popped out of the flesh. My skin also gained a darker tint, becoming slightly more tan then it had been. However the most wonderful feeling was in my groin, it felt as though it was enveloped in a small breeze, and I felt it grow a good inch over a matter of seconds, steadily throbbing larger. The feeling of it growing was turning me on and it soon formed a tent in my shorts, which were higher up my thighs than before. I must have been an inch or two taller as well! A bigger tent than I had previously ever formed. I had to stop myself from reaching down and encompassing my new length and girth with my hand."Shit, if one small blast does this to me... I wonder.." I quickly left the beach, I had aquired enough energy anyway, and I wanted to furter test this out in private. Changing so quickly was sure to gain some attention in the open. ---Mike arrived home wet and humiliated. Just minutes after he had lost all his muscles, his whole life had changed. At first, his beautiful girlfriend Mandy had said it hadn't mattered, but he could tell she didn't like him anymore. Sure enough, after a few minutes, she had stood up on the beach and said "I can't take this anymore! Get away from me you nerd!" and stormed off.Mike had been embarressed, but for some reason he felt he had deserved it. A gorgeous woman like Mandy should be dating a pathetic weakling like him. He had gone to the carpark, intending to drive home, but he had lost the keys to his SUV. He thought about breaking into his car, but then he realised that no-one would believe the big black car was his, he barely believed it himself. Even as he stood there, other people in the carpark stared at him suspiciously. He ran home, afraid of what he might find there, and what his new life might entail.Inside his cool apartment, everything felt wrong. He felt like a fraud. The polished floor- boards and modern furniture seemed to mock him. It all felt alien. The only place he felt semi-comfortable was in the kitchen. He locked the door and took the phone off the hook. What was this nightmare? He tried to watch some television, but the leather couch was far too big for him now. His feet didn't even touch the ground. The remote felt heavy in his thin arms. It was almost dark when he decided to try to get some sleep. He walked hesitantly into the bedroom. Just this morning it had been his love palace, where he made passionate love to his girlfriend, so much so that they were almost bouncing off the walls. Now it seemed completely different to him. The roof was higher and the walls bigger. It seemed cold and sterile. He suddenly felt afraid. "This is ridiculous," he said outloud to reassure himself, but his already high voice cracked with fear. He stared at the bed. It was a giant cavernous instrument. He felt irrational terror rising in his stomach. What if the bed swallowed him during the night?I feel so stupid and weak, he said to himself. Bravely, he clamboured up the side of the bed and pulled the covers over him. He sank into the pillows and mattress. He felt claustrophobic. The cover felt like it weighed a tonne, and it was so hot. He felt something move under the cover, near his feet! He jumped. At least, he think he felt something. After about ten minutes of second guessing himself and living in near panic, he decided to not sleep on the bed. Instead he climbed down, grabbed a small sheet out of the cupboard and curled up at the base of the bed, on the floor. Even though he still felt like a fraud in this room, he felt semi-comfortable on the floor, and fell into an uneasy sleep.---Mike had left his wallet in his car, to which I had taken the keys, so I easily found my way to his house. I parked on the street, so that the garage door did not wake him up, and checked the power supply on my ray. I'd emptied a bit of it into myself, to keep the battery from discharging itself too much, and right now it was at about eighty percent power, equal to the bodybuilding statures of five men, give or take a few pounds. I would definitely have to unload a bit more of that into me. The last dose of energy had left me standing proud at 5'8--I was almost the national average now!--and with a hard, toned physique that, while not huge, was showcased by my too-small shirt and pants. My bulge was noticeable, the result of a legitimate 6" dick that was fairly thick for its length. I used Mike's keys to very slowly unlock his door, and crept upstairs quietly. It didn't seem as if anybody else was in the house; I doubted he would have gone inside if they had been. Standing in his bedroom doorway, I watched him sleep in a little ball on the floor, shaking and whimpering in his sleep. I was just about to wake him up when I heard the front door open. He had a roommate. I smiled to myself as I saw that his roommate was also a muscle-bound hunk. I hid behind Mike's door as the man swayed his way down the hall into his room, obviously more than a little drunk, and pass out half on his bed. To make room for the man's energy, I pointed the gun at myself and unleashed a little power. My cock lengthened by another inch, and the loose shirt that I put on this morning cinched tighter. I ducked into the bathroom quickly to check out my changes. My sleeves were completely filled with rock-hard bicep, almost fourteen inches cold, and my pecs stuck out a bit to tent the shirt away from my abs. My thighs were straining heavily against the size small shorts now. I stripped down to my boxer briefs and tee, marveling at how hot I looked. I used to hate the way my cock used to look in them, but now, with a seven inch hard cock, the head of my dick stuck out over the waistband. I adjusted it back into a more modest position and had to force my away or I'd have to jack off right there. The ray definitely didn't need more power, but I wanted--really wanted--to see another jock diminish before my power.He was too hammered to notice as, this time, I took away the muscles of Mike's roommate before his hefty cock. His golden tan was sucked into my gun first, then his entire musculature. His chest became as flat as a little boy's, his arms and legs turned to sticks, and his six-pack became emaciated. Finally, I sucked that big dick right on into my gun. The charge level was at one hundred percent, and I debated giving myself more muscle as I quietly shut his roommate's door. I stood before the bathroom mirror and looked upon my current form. Since my seven inch cock was already a lot to get used to, I set the gun to only give me muscle, and shot. I got taller again, probably shooting up to at least five foot ten. My thigh widened with real muscle, and my arms exploded with mass--at least fifteen inches or so. My pecs filled out nicely, straining against my shirt until it was near bursting. Thick veins covered my entire visible body as I flexed and pumped for myself, checking out my awesome reflection. Now to have some fun with Mike.... I set the gun to only give out cock length, and shot him up to six inches before I woke him. I wanted to have a little fun with him, which I could not do with a one inch cock. With hilarious ease I lifted him up and threw him on the bed, and before the four and a half foot man could do anything, I threw myself on top of him, crushing him with my not inconsiderable muscular weight. "Hey there, Mike," I said, flexing my pecs against his chest, watching as my newfound muscles pulled his loose skin up and down. He tried to say something, but I grabbed his head and shoved my wide tongue in there. I curled around and played with his tongue, then stuck it all the way down his throat, tasting every bit of his mouth before pulling out. "Who are you?" he asked. I used to be a local college nerd that he barely knew, but now I was a brilliant inventor and an athletic stud. Plus, I was riding a little high from the men's energy. I grabbed his dick and slapped it around a little. "It's bigger now!" he exclaimed, almost happy for a moment just to have any length back. That was when he noticed the gun and the lube sitting on the nightstand. His hand hit the release button on the gun, which was attuned to muscle and cock. A ray leapt from it and hit him--I wish I had noticed!--and he began to swell, ever so slightly, under my athletic bulk. At the time, I was lying on top of him naked, my hands grasping his shoulders as I rubbed my dick against his. The friction had caused his dick to harden. I first noticed a difference when I lifted my torso slightly to catch Mike's expression and put my hands on his chest to play with his nipples. Imagine my surprise to find that his pecs had muscle where just seconds ago they were flat!! Mike had noticed the difference too and had an evil grin on his face. What was unknown to both of us, at this close distance was how much power had been released and how much this effected Mike. I had previously given my self a small dose and thought this was the amount Mike had received. After a few seconds, Mike began to struggle against me. I tried to hold him down, but he got lucky and was able to knock me from my position on top of him. We wrestled each other - naked and sweating. Yes, Mike was a little bigger, but as I had thought, the dose of power to his muscles and cock was just a small one. I body was still longer and much more developed than his and eventually I was able to pin him down. To my surprise, through all this wrestling, Mike's cock actually got a little harder and he seemed to me to actually be a little sexually excited. I placed my knees on Mike's elbows. My cock and balls were inches from Mike's face and Mike's gaze was fixed on them. I slowly slapped my dick against his cheeks. Mike had fear in his eyes and I placed the head of my dick on his lips. I grabbed his ears for assurance that he would not bite. I then ordered Mike to lick it. Mike tentatively stuck his tongue out. I instructed him to lick the area around the head. After he had done this, I had him lick up and down the shaft, getting it nice and wet. Mike was beginning to loose the initial hesitancy he at first displayed and for a "straight guy" his dick never went down. "Now Mike, you are finally going to get your first taste of man meat. Just in case you get any ideas, I have your ears in my hands and I'll fucking pull them off if you even think of biting me!!! Now open your mouth and slowly allow my dick head to enter." Mike did just as I instructed! It felt great domineering this stud who had previously tormented me. I then slowly shoved inch after hard inch of my new dick into his mouth, letting him adjust to the new sensations--the girth, length, taste and smell. Mike actually seemed to be getting off on this. I began to fuck his warm mouth, increasing my speed. I was really getting hot and didn't want this to be over to soon. I had other things in mind!! Far from being the raped straight man I was expecting Mike to be, I soon discovered a possibly latent Gay side to his nature, He thrived on cock down his throat and seemed very turned on, so I turned him over and prepared to enter him from the rear. But first things first I decided and aimed the gun at him again, I gave him much more muscle and a huge cock, but at the same time removed much of his intelligence. If my thoughts were correct, he would accept his revised sexuality and become a submissive sex toy for me and anyone else who wished to use him. I began to massage Mike's glutes which were now much rounder and muscular with just enough hair. Mike did not seem to comfortable when my hands first started their work. His ass was so hot!!! As I played with both cheeks, I let my thumb rest on his hole. Mike was fast getting used my attention and I could tell from his moans and the way his butt began to wiggle that this was going to be more fun that I could have imagined. My thumb teased and circled his asshole and it was such a turn on. I could tell that it was tight and right for plucking!!! Mike was mine! In his newly altered intelligence level, Mike was going nowhere. I couldn't help but kiss his beautiful pucker and my tongue couldn't resist a little rimming. Mike went crazy, his beautiful butt trying to stab itself on my tongue. I moved my face away from his hole, spread his cheeks apart with my hands and inserted my index finger. Mike was so turned on at this point that he eagerly accepted this intrusion. I played with him a little but I too was getting too excited!It was time for Mike?s taming! I grabbed the lube off the nightstand and lubricated his hole. Placing the head of my cock at his entrance, I prepared to ride him across the range!! This was going to be the ride of a lifetime for both Mike and I. His asshole was eager to encircle and swallow my dick. Slowly, enjoying every minute of this domination, I slid my self into him; first the head and then each inch of my shaft. It was tight! Mike grunted and pushed himself to meet the base of my dick and slam against my balls. I slowly slid in and out of him, going slowly and trying to calm myself down so I didn't bust my load too soon. Mike seemed to be so into this. I reached around and grabbed his amazingly hard dick slick with his precum. For a change of pace, I pulled myself out of him and sat on the bed. I instructed him to lower himself into a sitting position facing me and impale himself on my dick. With enthusiasm he rode my dick while his now huge and dripping cock rubbed against my new washboard abs. His ass muscles flexed around my dick and did all they could to massage the cum right out of me. I drew Mike into an intense kiss, our tongues playing with one another and his ass pistoning my dick. He just couldn't get enough and we were both so close to exploding. We were so close an into each other, we didn't hear the door open. With one more lunge I exploded deep inside Mike, filling him up with my warm seed and Mike shot his wad all over both of our chests. We stayed in this embrace, tongues exploring each other, my cock buried in Mike's full ass as we slowly came back down to earth. It was Mike who first noticed Mandy and his roommate Tom standing stunned in the doorway.Without thinking I grabbed the gun and fired at the two of them, somehow I must have thought it would distract them, but it did more than I expected. I had last used the gun to dumb Mike down and it was still on that setting.Within seconds the intelligence seemed to drain from their faces, this was quickly replaces with animal lust as they returned to animal mode and saw each other. They literally ripped each others clothes off and started rutting like wild beasts in front of us.The sight of this animalistic frenzy, started Mike off and he leapt at me and began to fuck me for all he was worth.I couldn't wait to go back to the beach tomorrow! •

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