Roadhouse Delight

By Cop_Controller

Every night, Sergeant Gary Carlisle stopped off at the greasy truck stop just outside of town. To have a cup of coffee, use the facilities, and simply break the monotony of small town night patrol. Gary had been a policeman for ten years. He had married his high school girlfriend, gone off for a bit of training, and ended up here, driving around most nights on the lookout for the crimes that never happened. There were a few misdemeanours here and there, but mostly it was dull and boring. The worst thing was that this routine was ruining his whole life. Not only was he disillusioned with this whole police thing, but at 29 he was developing a bit of a paunch from the constant sitting and munching. His boredom and frustration showed with his ill kept uniform, his unshaven face and his wife nagging him all the time. He hated what was happening, but he didn’t know how to stop it. Whatever idealism he had once had that pushed him into the service seemed to have evaporated. His good looks and football glories had only taken him so far, and now he dreaded the thought of ending up like the tubby local sheriff that everyone considered ‘nice but ineffectual’. He still wanted more. He pushed his way through the glass door and walked across to the counter. Over the past few weeks he had looked forward to this stop more and more. Joe, the guy who did the cooking and serving at this time of night was a great guy. Gary wouldn’t normally be this friendly with such a strange guy, but the night had made them into friends. Joe was a big bear of a man, well muscled and coated with hair. This was in contrast to Gary, who, thanks to a Latin ancestor, was mostly smooth and polished. Although he was still well-toned, he was obviously going to fat a little, whereas Joe seemed to be solid rock. “The usual?” Joe was already pouring a cup of his special brew. “Jeez, Joe, I don’t know what you put in that coffee of yours, but it does the job.” Joe had recently started serving Gary from his own personal coffee pot, claiming it was a hell of a lot better than the brew he served the late night truckers. At first Gary didn’t notice anything different, just a slight bitterness. But now, he spent most of the day thinking about Joe and his coffee. They chatted for a little while about the normal things. Gary felt the coffee warming his insides and spreading through his body. It tasted very bitter tonight, but he didn’t seem to mind. He needed the drink to help him calm down and get through the night. He looked around the room to see who else was out in the night. There were only two other men. They looked like drivers, and they were sitting at a far booth drinking coffee in silence. Gary turned back to Joe. “Quiet night tonight,” said Joe. “Just like every night,” replied Gary. “Not quite. Tonight is going to be very special.” Joe was grinning. Gary was wondering what he meant, but it seemed to be getting harder to think. “Officer Gary, I would love to see you get your dick out and make it hard for me.” Joe was staring intently at Gary, and at first Gary didn’t really understand what he was saying. But than he stood up off the stool, unzipped his fly and brought out his cock. The strangest thing of all was he kept wondering what had happened to his underwear. He started stroking his now exposed dick, until it was long and solid. “Excellent. That looks like quite a weapon you’ve got there, Officer. Now sit back down, but leave it out so I can see it. And keep it hard, okay?” “Okay,” replied Gary, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. The two truckies hadn’t noticed anything, but now Gary was sitting at the counter with his pole sticking straight up out of his tight uniform pants. “I’m glad that worked,” continued Joe. I knew the drug was working for a few little things, like getting rid of your underwear, but I wasn’t sure exactly how well it would work.” Gary was bewildered, but didn’t seem too concerned. He knew he should be worried, that there was something strange going on here, but whenever he tried to get some adrenaline going, something just squashed it down. “First things first, though. I don’t know how long this dose will last, but I’ve given you a hefty shot. What I want you to do for me is go into the bathroom as usual. But this time you’re going to stare straight up at the security camera in the corner. You are going to jerk yourself off while looking straight at the camera, and when you’ve finished, you’re going to lick up all your cum. Got that?” “Yep,” replied Gary in a lazy voice. He started to rise up off the stool. “Oh, and when you’ve finished, I want you to wink at the camera and give it a big ol’ smile.” “Sure thing,” said Gary as he headed for the rest room. He pushed through the door into the small room. There was a sink, a urinal and a small cubicle. He looked around the ceiling until he located the camera. He started stroking himself before he even thought about what he was doing. He knew that this was wrong, that it wasn’t something he would normally do, but he couldn’t seem to stop. His dick was hard and throbbing, and needed attention, so he just kept jerking. In the bathroom mirror, he could see himself out of the corner of his eye. The lone light bulb was not the most flattering light, and he could see that he was a little bit softer and rounded than he would have liked. But the thing was, he was in full uniform, jerking himself off to a security camera. He wasn’t concerned that someone would come in and catch him. He wasn’t concerned that he’d just walked across the diner with his boner sticking out of his uniform. Oh, no. He was only concerned that he’d put on a little weight. Was he going crazy? He could feel his dick starting to spasm, and he exploded, his cum hitting the far wall. He milked himself a little longer, the proceeded to clean up his mess. Licking the cum from his fingers was easy enough, but as he leaned into the wall to get the rest, he gagged a bit. He tried to stop then, but he couldn’t do anything until he finished every drop. He closed his eyes and tried not to imagine what else was on these bathroom walls. When he was sure he had got every drop of cum, he looked at the camera, winked, gave his best smile, and went back out into the diner. He had reflexively put his cock back inside his trousers, and as there was no instruction to countermand it, he was able to walk back to the counter with his embarrassment at a minimum. As he sat back down on his stool, he seemed to come to himself a little bit more. “What’s going on, Joe? What the hell did I just do?” Even though he should be scared and furious, whatever was happening to him was keeping him calm and relaxed. “It’s a new kind of date rape drug. I’ve been giving it to you in your coffee for the past couple of weeks, and it seems to be working fine.” Gary tried to take this in. His mind tried to churn, but the drug was keeping him down. “Now listen, Officer Gary, there’s some stuff I want to program into you before the drug wears off, so I want you to pay careful attention to everything I’m going to tell you.” “Okay,” replied Gary. “Firstly, I want you to start taking better care of yourself. You are an officer of the law and you need to look like one. You’ll shave twice a day, get your hair trimmed every two weeks, look after your uniform, and keep everything polished and shiny. Understand?” “Yep,” said Gary. He felt like something was keeping a hole in his mind open and these instructions were being poured directly into his lower brain. “And you’ll need to start working out regularly. You’ve let yourself go a little, but I want you to get bigger and better than you ever were before. Every bit of off duty time should be spent on getting yourself looking like the perfect police Officer. Sit ups, push ups, weights, whatever.” Gary listened to all this dispassionately, not really thinking about what it meant. But nothing so far was as bizarre as the jerking off he just did. “Which brings us to your family,” continued Joe. “Your biggest responsibility is looking good, so I want you to forget about your wife and kids as much as possible. I don’t want them stopping you or interfering with your work. Is that understood?” “Yeah, I suppose.” Gary was a little hesitant about that. He really loved his wife and kids, and the thought of pushing them out of his life was making him uncomfortable. “And that dick of yours? It now belongs to me. I don’t want your wife to touch it. In fact, I don’t even want her to see it. In future, I tell you what to do with it, you don’t.” Gary was confused by this. How was he going to keep his wife from seeing his dick? “Last thing, then you can get back to work. I want you to start jerking off in your patrol car. You still won’t be wearing underwear, according to the last set of instructions. So, you stop somewhere, get that cock out, jerk yourself off and lick up all the cum. Now, have you got all that?” “Sure,” said Gary. Joe didn’t know how the drug worked, and he didn’t really care. He’d heard some trucker talking about it one night, and bought a quantity just to try. He had been nervous the first time he had spiked Gary’s coffee, but it seemed to work brilliantly. Then, a few nights ago, he had told Gary that he would no longer wear any underwear at all, and the dazed officer had agreed. After he left, Joe had been completely stressed. When he brought the matter up the next night, Gary had no recollection of what had happened while he was drugged, but when Joe watched him pee using the security camera, he knew that the instructions had taken hold. That’s when he decided to go for broke and turn the night time officer into his own little plaything. He sent Gary back out on duty, and after an hour or two the drug would wear off and the poor dope wouldn’t remember any of it. And then Joe could keep an eye on him to see if the suggestions were working. Then he would take him to the next step. Meanwhile, he had the cop’s jerk off tape to watch, so he kicked out the truckers and closed up early. He then sat down in front of the monitor screen, and dreamed of all the uses he could put his brainwashed cop to.

The next few nights were more than Joe could have asked for. The first changes were subtle, with Gary appearing clean shaven and his uniform as neat as a pin. Of course, Joe couldn’t know if he was jerking off in his squad car as instructed, or how he was stopping his wife from seeing his dick. But his change in posture certainly showed that he was keeping his stomach tucked in, and starting to take himself more seriously. Joe didn’t know how often he should use the drug for major adjustments, so he had decided to back off for a little while. He saw Gary every night for the next four nights, then he was off for three days. Then he was back, looking a lot tighter and more ‘official’. Joe decided to try another dose of the drug and get Gary to open up about his adventures. “How ya going, Joe? Got my coffee for me?” “Right here. Just made a fresh pot.” Gary settled down on his usual stool, and started drinking. Joe was so excited, he wanted to rush over and tip the cup up so Gary could swallow it all in one gulp. Finally he had had enough that Joe felt he would be suggestible. “So, Officer Gary. Have you had a good night?” “Yeah, it’s been okay. Nothing much happening.” “Why don’t you tell me everything you’ve done since you left the station.” Under the influence of the drug, Gary started narrating everything he had done. The first bit was boring, as it consisted mainly of him driving down this street or that. But then he came to the part that Joe was interested in. “Then I got to Georgia Avenue. It was dark there, so I pulled over and parked.” Gary was obviously starting to feel a bit embarrassed at this point, but he couldn’t stop himself. “I got my dick out and jerked off. I licked up the cum, and then I pulled out onto Main Street.” “What was that about jerking off?” Gary was truly embarrassed now. “Nothing. It was no big deal.” He took a big swallow of the coffee to cover his shame. “Officer Gary, I want you to tell me about it in great detail.” Joe was enjoying seeing the guy squirm. “Well, I pulled over, like I said. Then I undid my fly, and pulled out my dick. It was already getting hard, so I started stroking it.” “What were you thinking of?” “Not much. I kept seeing Anne’s face, and that made me horny. We haven’t had much time together later.” This pulled Joe up short. He reviewed his instructions, and realised he had given no hint as to what he should jerk off about. That would have to be fixed. “You’re not letting Anne see your dick, or touch it, are you?” “No.” Gary was blushing. “That’s right. Listen, Gary. Anne doesn’t turn you on anymore. In fact, women don’t arouse you sexually from this moment on. Your dick now belongs to the men of the world. Understand?” “Yeah.” Gary looked panicked as these instructions hit home. He had some inkling of what was happening to him, although the drug kept him docile. “I want you to continue to jerk off every day, especially when you’re on duty. But you won’t picture any sort of female.” Joe thought for a minute. “In fact, you are going to think about big, tough guys. They are what turns you on from now on. The sight of a big trucker or a muscle man will make you hard. That’s why you need to exercise to get big yourself. So you’ll be sexy.” “Okay.” “You’re going to imagine yourself sucking cock, or having one of these big men fuck you. Have you got all that?” “Yeah.” “And I still want you to ignore your wife and kids. They annoy you, they frustrate you, and you’re gonna start wishing they would just go away.” “Please, no ...” Gary started making an appeal, but Joe was beyond mercy. This was too good an opportunity to pass up because of some moral concern. “Officer Gary, you will do exactly as I say. You won’t argue or try to change what I tell you. You will obey these instructions exactly! Understand?” “Yes.” Gary looked completely destroyed. “Yes what?” “Yes, sir.” “That’s better. Now, for tonight’s entertainment. What can we do?” Joe looked thoughtfully around the cafe for some inspiration. “In a minute, you’re going to go over to that trucker in the corner by the window.” The trucker was finishing his meal, and looked reasonably mean. He had stubble on his chin and the obligatory flannelette shirt. He had massive arms and a thick neck. Perfect for Gary’s wet dreams. “You’re going to tell him you have to check him for drugs. Take him into the bathroom, and frisk him. Touching his body is going to really turn you on. You’ll get extremely hard. Then, when you’re finished and he leaves, you’re going to jerk off to the camera for me. You’re going to be thinking about how great it would have been if the trucker actually fucked your ass.” Gary was looking distraught, as he started to picture what he was about to do. “When you’ve finished cleaning yourself up, come back here and sit down. Have you understood all that?” “Yes, sir.” “Then go to it.” Gary got up, and with his toughest cop walk, he went over to the trucker. He talked quietly at first, but the trucker seemed to be getting upset. Then Gary obviously pulled his trump card - cooperate or get your truck inspected - and the trucker capitulated. Gary took him into the washroom, and began the frisking. He couldn’t help but feel aroused by what he was doing. At this point, he could still compare what he used to be with what he was doing, and become upset. However, in a few hours when the drug wore off, he would forget all about his worries. He would find men like this exciting, and it would be natural for him. After a thorough shake down, Gary let the pissed driver leave, and then he got on with the second part of his assignment. He got his cock out, and began stroking urgently. His dick was so hard he couldn’t have stopped even if he wanted to. In the mirror, he watched himself, and imagined himself bigger, with arms as thick as the trucker. He imagined the guy getting angry with him, overpowering him and fucking him. He got carried away with this new fantasy, and exploded. He had to lick his cum off the toilet wall again, and he tucked his exhausted cock back into his uniform. He left the washroom and went back to his stool. Luckily the driver had gone, so Gary didn’t have to face him. “You’ve done very well tonight, Officer. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself.” Joe gave the stunned cop an evil grin. Gary didn’t answer. “It’s about time you went back on duty. But in future, when you come in here, you will extremely excited to see me. I am your best friend, and you will start telling me about every sexual thought or activity you’ve had during the day. You will drink your coffee as quickly as possible, so the drug can work. Oh, and telling me about every time you jerk off, or what you think about when you’re jerking off, will still make you embarrassed, but it will also make you horny. Now, off you go. I’ll see you tomorrow night.” “Yes, sir.” Gary had no choice. For a little while longer he would know what had been done to him, but by the time the shift was over, the changes would become permanent. He would have cried if he’d been able to. Joe couldn’t wait to see his new security video. This was turning out to be the sexier than anything he had ever imagined. •

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