Little Friends


By Mreyes8230

Jarrod Lone left the doctor�s office and proceeded to the bus stop. He saw the college nerd get on the bus headed downtown and he jumped the #64 which headed to the eastside of town.

He got off the bus and walked the 7 blocks up the street to his home. The house that he lived in was �section 8� housing. His dead beat father had qualified after being fired. The house was in shambles but it was free thanks to the federal government. His father was asleep on the front porch and his bitch of a girlfriend was tripping on the couch. Jarrod just shook his head and went to his room.

He had tried to stay clean since the pot incident at school that got him thrown from the football team. Jared was hanging with his buds after practice. His doped up loser friends had been smoking pot all the way home. He wanted to be cool but had not taken a hit. His coach saw them on his way home. He chased all of them and only caught Jared.

He had hoped for a scholar ship to get him out of the hell hole and a chance at a better life and thanks to his loser friends that seemed to be fucked. He had one more chance he had a try out with the coach tomorrow; to see if he would take Jared back on the team.

Jared walked into his room and fell into the bed. Suddenly he heard some noise and looked out the window. His neighbors the Ortega�s were no better off than him. Their dad was a real charmer and enjoyed disciplining the kids in a rather unique manner. If the kids screwed up he would make them kneel on raw rice for an hour. His buddy Carlos would hang a lot with Jared just to get away from his father. Through his neighbor�s window he could see papa Ortega slapping Carlos and some heated Spanish was being exchanged. Next thing Jared saw was Carlos going out the back door. Jared whistled and Carlos looked up.

�Hey, Jared! What is up?�

�Not Much. You okay?�

�Yea, I just forgot to get his lotto tickets. Go figure the bastard thinks that this is the one to get out of the poor house. Ha ha ha ha!!!�

�You want to come up and hang? Jared asked�

�Sure as soon as I take my little sister to my Aunt�s house and get the groceries.� I should be back in a couple of hours�

�Cool, see you then!!�

Jared suddenly felt dizzy and stood straight up. He tilted his head as if trying to hear something.

The first disk was now blinking rapidly.

Jared turned silently and closed the blinds and pulled his drapes shut. Without a thought he took off his clothes and laid down on the bead.

A couple of hours later Carlos came to Jared�s house. By this time Jared�s father and girl friend had left to find some more drugs and the house was dark and quiet. Carlos yelled, �HEY JARED! You home?�

Nothing��.. Carlos knew that if Jared had fallen asleep he would not hear him so he came into the house and went down the hallway. He came to Jared�s room and tapped on the door and opened it. The room was pitch black except for a blinking yellow dot.

Carlos said, �Jared you there? Are you awake?�

Carlos then heard what sounded like gasping, �Carrrrrlllooosss, Heeelllp meeeee.�

Carlos flicked the light switch.

He could not believe the sight before.

Jared was on the bed lying naked. He was as pale as a ghost with dark grey lines running throughout his body accenting all his major muscle groups. His eyes were darting wildly in his head and he looked terrified. The grey lines stopped at the black leather collar Jared was wearing. His body was huge and free of all body fat and looked sculpted by a master sculptor. He truly was perfect.

Carlos came closer to his friend and said, �Jared? Are you okay?� �What is going on?� Carlos ran his hand on Jared�s arm and the skin felt cool to the touch.

Jared responded in a near monotone voice,� I don�t know, I was talking to you earlier and then I felt dizzy. I had this thought to take off my clothes and lay down. The next thing I know my muscles are growing, my cock is getting longer and skin started to get lighter. But I cannot move at all.�

�I can feel something in my neck churning but that is far as it goes.�

Carlos looked over his friend and saw something red under Jared�s head. He reaches down and pulled out an object out. �What is this?�

They both look at the object and realized it was a large magnet Jared had bought for a science project Last year. Jared had bumped the shelf when he was forced to lay down on the bed.

Carlos and Jared also realize this slight magnetic field was the only thing that had kept the grey tendril from entering Jared�s head.

Jared�s eyes went wide in realization and Carlos� eyes went wild in fear.

Jared took a strong breath and moaned. He laid still in the bed. His face slowly lost its color.

Carlos yelled, �JARED! JARED! Say something�

Carlos stepped closer over his friend. He looked into Jared�s face and gasped. Jared�s eyes were grey orbs.

�Jared, buddy, please answer me. Are you alright?�

Suddenly Jared blinked and Carlos screamed and fell backwards.

Jared rose from the bed and stretched and looked at his friend on the ground. Carlos just stared from the floor with his mouth opened.

�Hey Carlos, how are you, buddy?� acting completely normal.

Carlos answered, �Dude, you scared the shit out of me, I didn�t know what to think.

Jared chuckled, but it seemed almost forced and continued looking at his friend. Who by now had turned and was getting off the floor.

Carlos was still shaking off the dust from his clothes. Carlos said,�so what is with the tattoos and the �Carlos, Help me! Shit��

There was silence in the room and Carlos slowly turned.

Standing next to him, almost on top of him, was Jared.

Carlos looked up and saw Jared�s eyes and they were grey again. He started to say �Holy� but was cut short when Jared grabbed and pulled him into a kiss.

Carlos started to struggle. His eyes went wide when a large bulge traveled up Jared throat and into and down Carlos�s throat. Jared did not stop kissing his friend instead he continued to kiss with renewed desire.

Carlos now was sweating profusely from fighting his friend. He felt the slimy lump go down his throat and enter his stomach. Then he began to feel the stinging in his abdomen like a million bees stinging his inside. And a cold numbing sensation erupts from each of those stinging point all the while staring at his friends empty grey eyes. He screamed a muffled scream.

He felt tendrils form and running from the cold sensation and begin to travel through out his body. First were his muscles the felt oddly hard and growing, like a balloon being inflated. He had a sudden urge to flex his legs and his jeans tightened then ripped. He had not notice that by this time Jared had stopped holding him and now was caressing his buddy like a lover. Jared finished ripping Carlos�s pants off.

Carlos reached his collar and pulled and with incredible ease he pulled his shirt off in shreds.

They continued to kiss and caress each other while the grey tendrils continued to move over Carlos�s body. They walked back to the bed and fell into the bed. Jared laid down and his cock raised like an instrument. Carlos knew what to do. He squatted over his friend and slowly sat down over his friends cock.

Carlos could feel the cock enter his virgin ass and suddenly it was as if a connection was made. His mind exploded with images from Jared�s mind and they were now one.

They both repeat out load:� Connection Made�

They both repeat out load:� Transmitting� They both repeat out load:� Transmitting� They both repeat out load:� Transmitting� They both repeat out load:� Transmitting� They both repeat out load:� Transmitting�

They both repeat out load:� Acknowledged�

Carlos�s eyes slowly turned grey while the connection was made. Carlos then started to pump on Jared�s cock and moaned out loud. At that moment Carlos screamed and came like never before at the same time he felt his co-unit cum inside of him.

They then stood and separated. The connections remained even though they separated and stood in the center of the room. They were talking to each other but said nothing. They simply stared at each other.

The front door opened and Fred Lone stumbled in. That stupid bitch! She thought she could con the connection and instead ended up being held on the floor while they all took turns on her. Every time a new freak wanted to screw her they gave a bump. That had continued until she stopped moving.

He fell into his chair and just stared out into the window, saying to himself,�That stupid bitch!� When he heard his son�s door open.

He turned around and looked at his son and his buddy Carlos from next door. They were both dressed in pair jeans that looked incredibly tight. They also had on Jared�s lycra undershirts from football practice. Jared was in black and Carlos in yellow tank top. Their pale skin almost radiated with the thick grey lines running up and down their arms. They both wore sunglasses.

�Where are you two going at this hour?� Fred said.

They both stopped and looked at him. Carlos then continued outside while Jared turned toward his father and looked at him. Jared walked over to the hall closet and took out a small shoe box. He opened and pulled a small bag of crystal meth and turned to his father.

Fred said, �How the fuck did you know that was there! Have you been using my stuff! �I�ll kill you son of a bitch!�

�I knew you were no good just like your mother!� �I will kill you like I killed her!� Jared continued his approach toward his father.

He met his father halfway in the living room. The father lunged and Jared grabbed his hand as if he was standing still and twisted it behind his back. With additional pressure he shoved his father to the floor.

Fred screamed and Jared shoved the entire bag contents into his mouth. Jared then held his mouth shut.

Fred started to convulse and foam at the mouth. Jared let go and he fell to the floor twitching.

Jared then walked over to his father cigarettes and lit one. He took a long drag from the cigarette and dropped it next to his father. He watched until the carpet caught on fire.

Jared walked out of the house and met Carlos on the sidewalk. They kissed each other and lit cigarettes and started down the street. Walking away from the orange glow that was once Jared�s home.

The couple had been walking for a little while until they arrived at a local bar. They walked in and sat at the bar.

They each ordered a beer.

Some guys were sitting at a booth and making jokes about the two fags that walked in for a beer. They were all pretty young and were ready for a brawl.

One of them swigged down his beer and said, �Watch this!�

He walked over to Jared and Carlos and said,�Hey boys!� �How is it going?�

Jared looked over to the young man and then looked over to Carlos.

Carlos nodded and Jared turned back.

Jared answered, �Fine and you?�

The man got close to Jared�s ear and said,� I hear that your kind likes to give blow jobs, is that true?�

Jared smiled and said� �you want to find out?�

The guy looked back at his buddies and winked. He turned but by this time Jared was standing and looking at the drunken man in front of him. He said, �Here or in the back?�

The guy said, �In the back faggot�

The young man went into the alley first and unbuckled his pants. Jared seemed to clear his throat and went down on his knees. The young man had his jeans on the ground and said,�Come on faggot can you handle this!�

Jared opened his mouth and swallowed the man�s cock in one swoop. Instantly the man began to feel his cock swell what he did not see were the grey tendrils growing from his cock and up his abdomen.

Suddenly he felt the stinging on his cock, then he stood ramrod straight and began to cum. He made no sound.

Jared swallowed greedily and stood up. He grabbed the new unit and they kissed. The grey tendril had made one solid line from his cock over his abdomen toward his chest and across his pecs and around to his spine. The new unit was design for one thing. They were meant to fuck and introduce the professor�s �Little Friends� to other eager young men. Jared then said, �You are now ready, my little boy toy.�

You see the professor like Jared�s type and decided to program the nanites to work on Jared into a pleasure drone. He would retain his personality but with one mission in mind and that make his numbers grow.

Jared had feelings for his friend Carlos and the nanites concluded that two units would be more efficient and converted his Buddy into his co-unit.

The new boy toy leaned against the wall in the alley, playing with himself and waited. Jared turned and saw that the other friend was coming out. Carlos was right behind them.

The buddies saw their friend leaning against the wall with one hand on an impossibly huge cock and the other playing with his nipple. He looked more muscular and had an idiot grin on his face.

The other friend Named Bobby turned and faced Jared and Carlos. �What the fuck did you do to Jack!� he said.

Jared answer, �He is a boy toy and he is ready to have some fun; aren�t you Jack?�

Jack perked up and just stared like a hungry animal toward his friend and just giggled like a girl..

Bobby lunged at Jared, �You mother fuc�!�

Jared grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up. With his other hand he grabbed the man belt buckle and pulled. Snapping the leather strap and ripping his pants right off. The man was choking while being suspended in the air by his underwear.

He had been Jack�s friend since high school. Jack always had Bobby�s back. He always kept him out of trouble. But this time Jack had more than his back in mind.

Jack sauntered over to Bobby and smiled. He had been stroking his cock and it was hard and wet. You see Jack was now programmed for one thing and that is to fuck. That is what he was made for. Jared by now had dropped Bobby on the ground.

Jack immediately approached him from behind and in a voice that sound sweeter than honey said,�Oh Bobby are you OK, do you want me to kiss it and make it better.� Bobby looked up stunned at what he heard and looked at his friend. His friend�s eyes were electric blue and glowed in the dark. Not to mention the fact that he was toned and with a cock that huge.

Bobby crawled backwards and away from his friend and said, �Jack, what is wrong with you buddy! What have these fags done to you?� Jack answered, �They made me into what I was meant to be! A boy toy sweetie and soon you will be one too!�

Bobby sprang up and tried to make a break for it down the alley but was stopped by something blunt in the back of the head. Back on all fours he looked up and saw Carlos standing over him. Carlos looked at Jack and for a second Bobby saw Jack�s eyes glow brighter and then Jack looked down at Bobby. Carlos stepped in front of Bobby and stood on his hands. It might as well been a truck on his hands. He could not move. Jack came up behind and started to rub the head of cock across his ass. The precum shimmered on each cheek. Bobby felt his ass tingle and started to scream. But when he opened his mouth Carlos shoved his cock in Bobby�s mouth. Jack on the other hand had introduced his cock in Bobby�s crack and slowly pushed it in. Bobby continued to scream, muffled by Carlos� cock.

Now Jack was getting into it and was slamming Bobby�s ass. Bobby had let go of Carlos�s cock and had his head down on the concrete. Suddenly he felt Jack spasm and then he felt his friend cum. suddenly his ass felt like a million bees had landed on it. Bobby started to scream again.

What he could not see was the grey tendrils flowing from his asshole and wrapping in a spiral pattern around his ass while his friend Jack pounded away. The tendrils continued along Bobby�s side in one large line till it got to his underarms and shot over his shoulder blades and up the back of his head.

Instantly the screaming stopped and Bobby raised his head. His brown eyes glowed and Bobby started to push back for more penetration. �Fuck me baby, fuck me hard!� Bobby said in a lispy voice. His body started to change. He started to get firm and his body fat evaporated. His ass got bigger and looks like you could breakfast off of it. He had an ass that would make any queer turn their head.

This time Bobby turned around and was on his back while Jack was pounding Ass. Bobby grabbed his enhanced cock and started to pound it while Jack was working on his ass. Bobby shot like never before all over his chest. Jack leaned in and liked it off and then went to Bobby�s lips and kissed him. Bobby returned the kiss with unbelievable passion. They stood up and wrapped their arms around each other.

Jared and Carlos looked on

In a cold voice Jared and Carlos said, �You have been created with limited modifications but with one purpose. You are to introduce as many you can to the master service.�

The new boy toys looked at Jared and Carlos and said I can�t wait to suck and fuck as many as we can. And with that the boys turned and nearly ran down the alley.

Jared and Carlos�s eyes stopped glowing and they both stepped back. �Wow! What a rush!!� Carlos said.

Jared looked at Carlos and said, �You�re not kidding! We are still connected. I can hear your thoughts!�

Carlos walked over to his new lover and reached over and pulled him into a kiss. �You know something, I don�t know what is happening but one thing is for sure I kind of like it.� They kissed for a short while when suddenly the fourth light started to blink rapidly on Jared�s collar.

Jared went stiff and his eyes started to glow. Carlos also went rigid and stopped moving. The both said out loud �Acknowledged� and turned and walked down the alley way without another spoken word. •

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