Voodoo Tattoo


By Master Talon

Master Talon knelt naked before the candle-lit stone altar. The stone was an ancient Aztec design, amazingly lifelike, carved in the shape of several naked male bodies locked in orgiastic bliss. His smooth, bronzed skin was painted with vivid red lines in complex patterns as he chanted and sweated in the darkness, prostrate before the higher powers.

"Powers and Gods, this is my domain," he intoned. "I claim it by right of blood and power, and I claim all within it as mine. O Invisibles, powers of the spirit world, send me that which is mine, and I will reward you with lavish gifts and praise. Give to me what is mine to take, as hunter and Master. As I will it, so shall it be." With a sharp knife, he pricked the palm of his left hand and let three drops of blood fall into the steaming cauldron that sat upon the altar. Then he stood, his 10" cock standing out hard and proud from his painted body.

He wrapped his right hand around his dick and began pumping it, recalling memories of the beautiful slaves who served him before he chose to move to this new city, seeking new pleasures, new servants. He recalled their beautiful, smooth bodies, and how well they serviced him. It was unfortunate to leave them behind, but he had little choice. He'd earned a hefty sum from selling them to other Masters, and left an interesting �gift� for the rival who displaced him. He was ready for the challenge of a new territory, new slaves. Just thinking about it excited him even further.

He slowly pleasured himself, bringing himself to the brink of climax, then backing off, again and again. His balls began to ache and he could feel the fire of his seed boiling in them. The elixir was nearly ready. He began to pump vigorously, until he was pounding at his hard meat, sweat pouring off his body.

"Let the elixir of life flow!" he cried as his cock geysered cum into the cauldron and across the altar. The pungent aroma of manhood arose from the cauldron as Talon shook from the aftereffects of his orgasm, his body drenched with sweat. He carefully stirred the cauldron and set it aside to cool. The potion was ready, now it was only a matter of time until he could begin to use it.

"No way, I'm tellin' you, it's too weird," Mark said.

"Aw, c'mon," Zach teased him. "What are you worried about? That the scary voodoo lady is gonna cast a spell on you?"

"It's not a lady," Mark replied. "I hear she left, went back home to New Orleans or something like that. Some new guy bought her shop. He's creepy, man."

"I hear he's turning the place into a tattoo parlor," Kyle chipped in. "I was thinking of checkin' it out when it opened. Figured maybe I could get a new one." He tapped the tribal-style tattoo around his left bicep for emphasis.

"Whatever the place is gonna be, that lot behind it is still the best place to skate in town," Zach said to Mark. "Now are you coming or not?"

Mark looked at his two friends. He didn't want them to think he was chickenshit. "Okay, okay," he said, "let's go skate." What the hell? Mark thought. They'd just graduated from high school and it was probably their last summer together before they all went their separate ways: Mark and Kyle to college, Zach into the army. Why shouldn't they have some fun? A few hours later, the guys were nearly done skating and it was getting dark. They'd done all the ramps and runs in the lot out behind the shop with a sign that read "Voodoo Tattoo" painted in the window. There was no sign of any trouble.

What the guys did not know was how they were being watched by Master Talon, who could see everything going on outside in an antique mirror propped up on the counter of the shop. He watched the three young men arrive and took immediate notice of their attractive bodies. One was dark-haired, with some dark chest hair visible around the collar of his shirt. Another had brown hair, freckles and a pleasant smile. The third was blond, wearing a backwards baseball cap and a white tank-top that showed the tribal tattoo around his upper arm. Master Talon definitely approved. All the guys were wearing loose demin or cordouroy shorts and T-shirts, along with athletic sneakers. Talon silently thanked the powers for answering his petition so quickly, and continued to observe. Yes, yes they would do nicely.

After they'd finished skating, the guys got ready to leave. The Master reached out and touched the surface of the mirror and whispered under his breath. "Come to me," he said. �Come to me...� drawing to him the most suggestable of the three.

"You dudes go ahead," Kyle said. "I want to check out this place and find out how much he charges for a new tat."

"Whatever, bro," Mark said. "I still say that place is kinda creepy. We�ll see you later."

Kyle pushed open the door of the shop and a bell rang. Inside there was a long counter on the left hand side. The walls were covered with different designs and tattoo illustrations. Heavy curtains covered the windows, letting very little light inside. The weird part was the whole place was lit by more than two dozen fat candles, set on the counter or in wrought-iron holders. There was an antique silver mirror sitting on the counter that gleamed in the candlelight.

Kyle closed the door behind him. He was so entranced at the sight of the interior of the shop that he did not notice the sign in the door flip from �Open� to �Closed� by itself. Nor did he notice the powerful illusion that caused anyone looking through the door to think the shop was empty.

A man stepped out of the back of the shop. It was tough to say how old he was; somewhere between 20 and 30, Kyle guessed. He was tall and muscular, his skin bronzed like a deep tan. He had straight black hair that fell to his shoulders and black eyes the color of midnight. His ears each had several silver loops in them, and he wore only a black leather vest and a pair of loose-fitting pants of a deep purple color with some kind of dark print on them. The vest showed off the beautiful tattoos on his arms. Kyle had never seen a guy like him. He seemed to radiate a feeling of . . . Kyle couldn't put his finger on it.

"Um, I want to get a tattoo," he said.

"Very good,� the man said in a deep voice. �I see you already have at least one," he glanced at Kyle's arm.


"Let me see it."

Kyle approached the man and held out his arm for inspection. He looked the tattoo over carefully.

"Not bad," he said. "Not bad at all. What had you in mind?"

"Ah, maybe something on my back?" Kyle said.

"Take off your shirt and I'll show you some designs," the man said. Kyle thought it was a little weird, but he did as the man asked. As Kyle pulled his tank top up over his head, exposing his chest. He was in good shape and not too modest. Plenty of girls liked to check him out, and it felt good to have his shirt off. The man stepped behind the counter and turned the mirror towards him.

"Look here," he said, and Kyle checked out his own reflection in the mirror. Damn, he looked GOOD! He never realized just how good. Sure, he'd never had any trouble getting chicks before but now, standing and looking at himself shirtless in that mirror, he realized just how hot he looked. His smooth chest glistened faintly with sweat from boarding. His pink nipples were starting to get hard, poking out in front of him. He liked how his hair looked, poking out of the bank of his backwards baseball cap.

"Do you like what you see?" a voice asked him.

"Yes," he replied quietly, unable to tear his eyes away from the mirror.

"What is your name?" the voice asked.


"Listen carefully Kyle. Listen and do exactly as I tell you."


Kyle felt a brief tug as the man snipped a small lock of his hair. He stood and continued to stare into the mirror, entranced by his own reflection. He felt like there was something he should remember, but he couldn�t think of what it was. He felt the man standing next to him. He could feel the heat radiating off his body, like a furance.

"Take this cup and drink," he said. Kyle did as he was told. The liquid in the cup was warm and kind of spicy. He could feel it warming him up as he drained it down. In fact, he felt almost feverish.

Master Talon was pleased. The Mirror of Narcissus had captured the young man's attention, now his potion would do its work, attuned to Kyle's body using the small sample of his hair. He took the empty cup from his hand as the boy's eyes started to glaze over.

"Hear me and obey." he said. "You will feel only pleasure when you do as I tell you. It feels so very good to obey. So very good."

"What are you doing to me?" Kyle asked. He didn't sound fearful, only curious.

"I have given you a magical potion," Talon replied. "It has started the process of making you my slave. I am Talon. You will address me as Master.�

�You are my Master,� Kyle said quietly.

"Kyle, have you ever had sex with a man?"

"No, Master, I'm straight."

"Kyle, you are no longer interested in women. You are attracted only to men. Your true attraction is reserved only for your Master, whom you lust for above all else. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Master," Kyle said. �I am attracted only to men.� Master Talon could already see the stirrings of a hardon in his new slave's pants.

"From now on, you will wear as little clothing as possible. When you are alone, or in the presence of your Master, you will go naked unless uninstructed otherwise."

Kyle immediately began removing the rest of his clothing. Master Talon watched with appreciation as the boy kicked off his tennis shoes, then removed his socks and baggy shorts and doffed his baseball cap, leaving only his plaid boxers. He slid them down to the floor, revealing his smooth body and his hard 6� cock. Very good, he thought, already the potion had removed all traces of body hair. The slave�s skin was perfectly smooth and hairless, and would remain so. The potion would continue to do its work, until the transformation was complete.

"When you are in the presence of others, you will reassume your normal persona and act normally unless you are instructed otherwise."

"Yes, Master," Kyle replied.

The basic conditioning was set. All the remained was to fix the new slave persona permanently in Kyle�s mind. Master Talon removed his leather vest, revealing a muscular chest, rings pierced through each nipple, and a sun symbol tattooed around his pierced navel. Then he dropped his pants to reveal his hard, uncut 10" cock, curving up from his crotch like the trunk of a tree. Kyle gasped at the sight of it.

"Oh, Master, it's so beautiful," he said, his voice heavy with lust. He was rock hard, almost trembling with sexual need.

"You will have similar growth," Master Talon said. The potion would see to that, along with enhancing the new slave's physique. "You may service me now," Talon said. "But you cannot cum until I tell you. Kneel and suck me.�

"Oh, thank you, Master!" Kyle said, falling to his knees and diving onto Master Talon's cock. He hugrily sucked it, taking it all the way down his throat. Master Talon ran his hands through his slave�s silky blond hair as he continued to service him. He was a natural cocksucker, this one. He would be an excellent slave. Soon Master Talon felt the familiar heat buidling in his balls.

"Stand up and turn around," he ordered his new slave. "It is time I initiated you as a true slave. You want that, don't you, Kyle?"

"Oh yes, Master, more than anything! Please teach me to be a good slave," Kyle said eagerly. He immediately stood and presented his smooth round ass to his Master. �Please, sir, please fuck me!� he begged. Talon slapped his hard rod against Kyle�s ass a few times before he mounted his slave, sliding his cock deep inside his tight, virgin hole. Kyle cried out in ecstasy as his Master entered him and started ramming into him over and over again. Talon grabbed his hips and fucked the boy hard, pounding into his ass, feeling his balls slap against smooth skin as they started to tighten, hot cum boiling inside them.

"Invisibles hear me!� he cried, �Slave hear me. Talon dominus, Talon ani. By the power of my seed, you become mine forever! Cum now, my slave! Cum now!" He thrust hard into his slave's ass, hot cum jetting from his cock. As he felt his Master's seed inside him, Kyle cried out "I am yours, Master! Yours forever!" and came with such force that his cum sprayed across the silver mirror on the counter, leaving trails of white spunk dripping down it.

A short while later, Master Talon put away his tattooing needles and examined his work. Kyle now bore the tattoo of a chain around his ankle, which marked all of Talon's slaves, and a new nipple ring. He looked at his first new acquisition in his new city, standing naked and obedient to his will, and smiled.

"Now, Kyle, you will have the honor of bringing your friends into my circle."

"Yes, Master," the slaveboy replied with a smile. •

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