Voodoo Tattoo


By Master Talon

Zach was working out in his back yard. His shirt was off, to catch the faint afternoon breeze and to soak up the rest of the summer rays before he would ship out to boot camp. His smooth muscles gleamed with sweat as he hefted free weights on his back porch. He wore a pair of baggy black jeans that rode low on his hips, showing the top of his Joe Boxer briefs, and a pair of beat-up sneakers. His discarded shirt lay over the bench he used to work out on. A flat gold chain gleamed around his neck. His parents had just left to go out to dinner and his brother Cory was out with friends, so Zach was pretty much on his own, which was fine by him.

He was finishing up doing curls with a barbell when he heard the gate open. The back yard was fenced in, so nobody could see in, but there was a gate up by the side of the house. Zach looked over and saw his friend Kyle heading over towards him.

“Hey, bro!” he said, puffing as he finished up the curls. “Hang on! I’m almost done.”

“No prob,” Kyle said, he stood nearby and watched Zach puff and lift as he finished the set.

Zach glanced over at his friend. Kyle looked a little different. For one thing, he was wearing only a pair of loose-fitting shorts, which wasn’t that unusual for Kyle, except that they rode pretty low, so you could usually see his boxers sticking out. Now all Zach could see was bare skin, practically the top of Kyle’s crotch, no sign of any underwear. And the little trail of hair that normally went from his belly button down into his shorts was gone. It also looked like Kyle was starting to get a serious tan.

Apart from the shorts, Kyle wasn’t wearing anything, not even shoes or socks, or his ever-present backwards baseball cap. He stood, shirtless and barefoot, on the concrete porch, sipping out of a squeeze bottle he carried with him and looking Zach over. If he didn’t know better, Zach would swear that Kyle was checking him out.

Zach put down the barbell with a grunt and picked up his shirt to wipe some of the sweat off his forehead.

“So what’s up bro?” he asked Kyle.

“Not much,” the other guy replied. “Just wanted to stop by.”

“Hey, you got a new tattoo!” Zach said, looking at Kyle’s foot. Around his left ankle was the tattoo of a chain. Kyle already had another one, a tribal flame tattoo around his bicep. “And you got pierced!” Zach said, spotting the silvery ring going through Kyle’s left nipple. “Whoa, did it hurt?”

“Only a little,” Kyle said. “I got it at the new tattoo place. You want some?” He held out the squeeze bottle he carried to Zach.

“Yeah, thanks, man,” he said, taking the bottle gratefully. He was thirsty after his workout. He tipped it back and chugged some down, then wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. His mouth was tingling a bit.

“What is this stuff?” he asked. “It tastes kind of funny.”

“Zach,” Kyle said. “Talon dominus. Stand very still and listen to me.”

Suddenly Zach couldn’t move a muscle. He stood stock still, all his attention focused on Kyle. He couldn’t even turn his head, except to follow Kyle and listen to his voice.

“Hey, what the fuck? I can’t move! Kyle, what was in that stuff? What’d you do to me?” Kyle had drugged him or something!

Kyle pressed a finger against his buddy’s lips. “Shhh,” he said, and Zach was instantly quiet. “That’s better.” He slipped the bottle out of Zach’s frozen hand.

“I’ve given you a magical potion,” Kyle said. “Given to me by my Master, Talon. I am to initiate you as his newest slave. The potion will cause certain changes in your body, I am to make changes to your mind so you may serve the Master, as I do. You may speak only to respond to questions. You will listen only to my voice. When I tell you things, you will obey. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Zach said quietly. There was fear in his eyes, but Kyle knew that he would understand soon.

“Good, it gives you pleasure to do as you are told. Each time you obey a command, you will feel pleasure.” Kyle saw some of the concern fade, replaced by a dreamy, blissful look.

“Zach, you are a servant of Master Talon. His will is your will. You exist to obey and please him above all other things. I speak in his name. He is your master.”

“Yes, Sir,” Zach said.

“Excellent. Zach, have you ever had sex with a man?”

“Not exactly,” he said. “I did jack off with Cory a few times.” Kyle knew that Cory was Zach’s older brother. This was an interesting, and potentially useful, piece of information!

“Does jacking off with your brother excite you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Zach, I want you to recall that excitement. Recall watching your brother jack off and remember playing with yourself while you watch him. How does it make you feel?”

“I feel hot, Master, sexy. Very turned on.”

“Zach, from now whenever you think about having sex with a man, you will recall his feeling and it will continue to increase over time. Your sexual desire for women will fade and diminish. Most of all, you desire your Master above all others. The mere thought of him brings you to this state of sexual arousal. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” Zach said. Kyle could see the front of his baggy jeans starting to bulge outwards.

“Zach, remove all your clothing.” The new slave moved quickly to obey, shedding jeans, shoes, socks and underwear to stand naked before his Master. Kyle could see that the potion had already eradicated all traces of body hair below the neck, Zach’s body was completely smooth, including his crotch, armpits and ass. A hard 7” cock stood out from his hairless crotch, throbbing in time to his heartbeat.

“Now, Zach, you will...”

“Zach, are you... holy shit!” Zach’s 19 year-old brother Cory came bounding out onto the porch and saw his brother standing at attention, completely naked and with a throbbing hard-on, his buddy Kyle standing there in nothing but a pair of shorts. Cory was dressed in a pair of jean shorts and a tank-top that hugged his muscular chest. He was on the swim-team in college and had a slim, lanky body. He wore a pair of sandals and a ball-bearing choker around his neck. His hair was brown like Zach’s, but with blond highlights.

He stood for a moment in complete shock, and he found that the sight of his little brother, naked and hard, was starting to get him hard, too.

“Zach, seize him!” Kyle said, and Zach immediately jumped Cory and wrestled his arms behind his back, holding them tight.

“Hey!” he yelled, “What the fuck are you doing! Get offa me! Let me go!”

“Open his mouth,” Kyle said and Zach grabbed Cory’s jaw as Kyle raised the plastic squeeze bottle he was carrying.

“Hey, no, don’t! Leave me alone!” Cory cried, “I.... gurlg!” his cries were cut off as Kyle squirted liquid from the bottle into his mouth. He was forced to swallow to keep from choking. The liquid was warm and spicy as it poured down Cory’s throat.

“Relax, Cory,” Kyle said to him, and Cory suddenly found himself completely calm, slumping in his brother’s arms.

“Bring him over here,” Kyle instructed, and Zach dragged his brother over to the patio chair and sat him down, then stood at attention.

“Cory, you may speak only to respond to me, and you will answer my questions truthfully, do you understand?”

“Yes,” Cory said.

“Good, now I want you to watch carefully,” Kyle said. He turned to Cory’s brother.

“Zach, suck my cock,” he said.

“Yes, sir!” Zach said, sinking to his knees in front of Kyle. He opened Kyle’s shorts and they dropped to the floor. Kyle wasn’t wearing any underwear, and a hard, thick 10” cock sprang from his hairless crotch. Zach went down on it in an instant and began sucking.

Holy shit! Cory thought. He never thought his brother and Kyle were into guys, but here they were going at it, with him watching. Cory never admitted it, but jacking off with his brother totally turned him on. He’d never really thought about guys having sex before this, but now he was starting to get seriously hard.

“Are you enjoying this, Cory?” Kyle asked him with a grin.

“Yes, I am,” he replied. He couldn’t help himself.

“Very good,” Kyle said. “From now on, men are all that interest you sexually. You are gay. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Cory said. “I am gay.”

“Take off your clothes,” Kyle ordered. Cory immediately got up and shucked off his tank and shorts, kicking off his sandals. He left the silver-bead choker around his neck. He noticed as he sat back down that all the hair from his crotch and legs was gone, and his dick was harder and bigger than it had ever been. He wanted to touch it more than anything, but he couldn’t do anything except sit and watch his brother give Kyle head.

“Cory, you may masturbate as you watch,” Kyle said, “but you cannot cum until I tell you, understand?” He immediately started jacking it as his brother sucked Kyle’s humungous dick. He knew it was wrong enjoying this, but he simply couldn’t stop himself. The feelings he was having were overwhelming, and it felt so good to do what Kyle told him to.

“Zach, stand up and present your ass to me,” Kyle said. Zach immediately turned around and spread his cheeks, showing off his tight ass. It was creamy white compared to the tan over the rest of his body and there wasn’t a hair on it. Cory was totally turned on by it. He wanted to jump up and ram his own dick into it, but he couldn’t do anything but watch and play with himself.

Kyle stepped up behind Zach and pressed the head of his dick against Zach’s ass. “It is time you were initiated as a true slave, Zach,” he said. “You want that, don’t you?”

"Oh yes, Sir, more than anything!" Zach said. “Please, Sir, please fuck me!” he begged. Kyle slid his huge cock right into Zach’s ass like it was lubed, banging his hips up against his asscheeks. Zach took all of the big dick like he was born to it, giving out a long, low moan as it sank deep inside him. Kyle started fucking, ramming his dick into his buddy’s ass over and over again as Zach continued to cry out in pleasure and Cory kept jacking his dick, watching his brother get fucked.

“Invisibles hear me," Kyle said, "Slave hear me. Talon dominus. Talon ani. By the power of his seed, you belong to the Master forever! Cum now, slave! Cum now!" He thrust hard into Zach ass, hot cum jetting from his swollen cock. As he felt Kyle’s seed inside him, mixing with the magical potion in his body, Zach cried out "I am yours, Master! Yours forever!" and came himself, shooting streams of cum across the patio. Some of it landed on Cory and made him want to shoot off right there, but he couldn’t cum, no matter how badly he wanted to, now matter how much he tried, not until Kyle allowed it.

Kyle pulled out of Zach’s ass and walked over to where Cory sat. “Stand up,” he ordered, and Cory immediately obeyed.

“Cory, you will become a slave of Master Talon like your brother. From now on you will obey the Master completely and anyone else who acts in his name. Both you and your bother will wear as little clothing as possible, and you will go naked in the presence of the Master. Obeying the commands of your Master gives you great pleasure. Cory, do you understand all that I’ve told you?”

“Yes, Sir,” Cory said.

“Very good. Kneel and service me.”

Cory immediately knelt on the porch and took Kyle’s soft cock in his mouth. It immediately began to harden, swelling to its full size, until he could barely take it all. Still, he hungered for cock more than anything else in the world, and he did his best. The more he tried, the more he found his throat stretched to accomodate Kyle’s boner. He’d never felt anything so good as having a hard cock in his mouth. Kyle moaned and Cory hoped he was pleasing him, so he could learn how to please Master Talon.

Kyle pulled his dick out of Cory’s mouth. He hoped he hadn’t displeased him in some way.

“Cory, come over here,” he ordered. Cory immediately came and knelt on the patio chair as he was ordered. Kyle stood at the back of the chair and offered his rock hard 10” to him again.

“Suck,” he commanded, and Cory immediately obeyed. Kyle turned to Cory’s younger brother, who stood obediently on the porch, his own rock hard prick standing out from his crotch, throbbing with need.

“Zach, as a reward for your obedience,” he said, “you may initiate Cory as a true slave of our Master,” Zach stepped forward and pressed his hard dick against his brother’s virgin asshole. As he slid inside, Cory knew this was what he was always destined for. He’d never felt such pleasure in his entire life. He knew he was meant to service a Master, to bring and get pleasure from other men. His hot little brother began sliding in and out of his ass and a deep moan of pleasure escaped from Cory’s lips as he continued to suck Kyle’s cock.

Zach began to fuck the new slave’s ass without mercy. He grabbed his brother’s hips and started pulling him down on his cock, which felt like it was getting bigger and even harder inside his ass. He slammed into that tight hole over and over again, until his brother was moaning and he pulled off Kyle’s dick to cry out.

“Oh, yes, sir, please fuck me,” he moaned. “Please take me and make me a true slave!” Cory could feel his brother-slave’s hard cock throbbing and thrusting inside of him as he pounded into his ass. It was so deep inside of him, so hard, it felt better than anything he’d ever experienced before. His own cock was rock hard, dripping ropes of precum onto the chair below him. He plunged back on Kyle’s wet rod, sucking furiously.

“I’m close!” Zach cried out.

“Invisibles hear me," Kyle said, "Slave hear me. Talon dominus, Talon ani. By the power of his seed, you belong to the Master forever! Cum now, slave, cum now!" Zach thrust hard one last time into his brother’s tight ass, and shot. He felt his load pour out of him like a dam bursting, spraying the inside of his brother’s tight hole. At the same moment, Kyle came as well, dumping a load into his sucking mouth, his cum mixing with the magical potion and completing Cory’s transition into slavehood. As he felt his brother-slaves shoot inside him, the remaining shreds of Cory’s resistance disappeared and he cried out "I am yours, Master! Yours forever!" Then he leaned back, still impaled on his brother’s cock and came like he had never cum before, spraying cum a full meter into the air, covering Kyle’s chest and the patio chair with his load.

Kyle instructed the new slaves on how they would go to the Voodoo Tattoo parlor, present themselves to the Master and get their slave tattoos.

“And then,” he said with a smile, “we will initiate Mark.” •

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