Voodoo Tattoo


By Master Talon

Master Talon was pleased. Already he had three new slaves in this city, with the promise of others. His slaves stood at attention, their smooth, hairless bodies gleaming in the candlelight as Talon put the finishing touches on his ritual. Yes, it was perfect. The last of the three skaters he’d spied near his tattoo parlor was the strongest-willed, and would therefore provide the most pleasure and power in enslavement. It would take more than just his elixir, and Master Talon relished the opportunity.

And the gods had definitely favored him. His new slaves told him that it was their friend Mark’s birthday today, that he was turning 18. The stars and planets where perfect for a Midsummer’s ritual, to call on the supreme power of the Sun. Best of all, Mark’s friends were planning on having a party with him, providing the perfect opportunity.

Master Talon turned and saw his slaves, eagerly watching him with need and lust in their eyes, their cocks throbbing hard. He smiled and his own 10” cock began to harden as he leaned back in his chair.

“Come,” he told them, “service me, and I will tell you what you will do.” As his slaves moved to obey, Master Talon settled back into his chair with a sigh and thought about his next conquest.

Mark was looking forward to hanging out with Zach and Kyle. Zach said his brother Cory wanted to come along, which was cool by Mark, especially since Cory promised he was going to score them some brews and some weed for them.

Mark showered after working out and put on a loose T-shirt and a pair of baggy shorts over his swim trunks. He put on his sandals and threw on a backwards baseball cap as he heard the blare of a horn out in front of the house.

“I’m goin out with the guys, Mom!” he yelled on his way out the door.

Cory’s van was pulled up by the curb. The side door slid open and Kyle and Zach waved Mark inside.

“C’mon, dude, let’s go!” Kyle said, as Mark ran over to the van. He hopped up inside, Zach slid the door closed and they were off. The back of the van was really cool, covered with a mattress with some soft blankets to lie on. Kyle and Zach plopped down on it while Cory drove.

“Happy birthday!” Kyle said, playfully slapping Mark in the butt.

“Hey, you guys are all ready for the beach,” he said as he took in his two friends. Kyle was slim and muscular, and starting to get a wicked tan, probably from hanging out at the beach all the time. Zach was bigger and more muscular from working out all the time. He had a broad chest and a face sprinkled with freckles. He wore a backwards baseball cap like Mark did. Both guys were wearing nothing but loose-fitting denim shorts, which rode low on their hips. Normally, Mark would have expected to see their boxers sticking out over the top, but all he could see was smooth skin. Maybe they were wearing swimsuits or something. He also noticed they were barefoot and...

“Hey, you guys both have the same tattoo,” he said.

“Yeah,” Zach replied. “We got ‘em at that new place down by the beach. I liked Kyle’s a lot so I got one, too.”

“Cool,” Mark said. It was kind of weird. Zach never used to do things just because Kyle was doing them. He remembered Zach saying he wouldn’t get a tattoo until he went into the Army. Still...

“Hey, and you got a ring!” Mark said, zeroing in on the silver ring through Kyle’s left nipple.

“Like it?” his buddy asked.

“Yeah, it’s cool. Can I touch it?”

“Go ahead,” Kyle said. Mark gently reached out to touch the ring and Kyle’s nipple hardened a bit. Mark didn’t see the leering glance Kyle exchanged with Zach over his head before Mark straightened up.

“Wow, that’s really cool,” he said. “May I’ll get one of those.” Kyle grinned widely.

“Never know. Maybe you will.”

Mark flopped down on the mattress with his buds. “So, you growing out your hair more?” he asked Kyle. He didn’t remember his hair being quite so long, even just the day before. It was down past Kyle’s jaw and it looked a little darker than Mark remembered.

“Yeah,” Kyle said, flipping his hair back. “I kinda like it long.”

They talked all the way to the beach about school and what they were going to do after the summer. From up front Cory talked about some of the trouble his school’s swim-team was having winning meets, but that he expected things would pick up this year. Cory was a cool dude, even thought Mark hadn’t seen him in a while. He’d changed a bit in the year he’d been away at college. Mark always remembered Cory having really short hair because he was swimming all the time. Now his hair was almost as long as Kyle’s, dark chestnut brown and hanging down about jaw-length. He was also getting a wicked tan. He probably hit the beach all the time, though. Mark considered his own pale skin and thought he should take advantage of the summer to catch some rays.

When they passed the exit for the beach, Mark leaned over the front seat to Cory.

“Hey, that’s...”

“Don’t worry,” Cory said with a wave of his hand. “We’re taking you to a cove I know where nobody will bother us. That way we can drink and light up all we want without any hassle.” Mark settled down in the back again. That made sense. He knew that Cory would be cool.

A few hours later, the guys had been swimming and having a great time. Cory was right. The little cove he took them to was deserted, not another person in sight, and screened from the road by some trees and rocks (and, unknown to him, by the illusions of Master Talon). As the sun set, the four guys were kicking back around a little campfire. Cory pulled a couple of six-packs out of a cooler and started passing them around. Mark grinned and popped open the can, taking a long chug.

Man, this stuff is strong! He thought. But it really tasted good. After they’d all had a beer, Cory pulled out some weed and rolled them a jay, which he lit up and passed around. The drinking and the smoking were making Mark feel really mellow and cool. He just loved hanging out with his buds like this, on the beach with the stars starting to come out and the waves coming in, feeling all blissed. It was the best.

“How you doing, dude?” Zach asked Mark. Mark give him a silly kind of grin.

“Cool,” he said, “Really cool.”

“Good,” Zach said. He pulled off his baseball cap and ran his fingers through his hair, which was almost as long as his brothers, falling down into his eyes.

“Whoa, dude!” Mark said, “what happened to your hair?” Just the other day Zach practically had a crew cut, and he always kept his hair short. There was no way it could have gotten so long in just a day’s time.

Zach turned to Cory and Kyle. “Ready bros?” he asked. They nodded and suddenly the three of them jumped Mark, laughing and giggling.

“Hey, what the hell’s going on!” Mark yelled. He started to fight back, but only playfully, as his buddies wrestled him in the sand. He could feel their smooth skin touching his arms, legs and chest and he tried to ignore the warm feeling that triggered in his crotch. The three guys managed to pin him down and hold him.

“Seriously, guys,” Mark said, “what’s going on here?”

“You’ll see,” Kyle said. He turned to look at the campfire as the flames flared up. There was a flash of light and a puff of smoke from the fire that made Mark jump in the grip of the three guys. Then there was a man stepping out of the smoke.

He was tall, his bronzed skin gleaming in the firelight. Long black hair framed dark eyes and a sensual face, falling over his shoulders. He wore only a leather vest worked with intricate designs and a similar loincloth. His bare feet were planted apart on the sand, and Mark looked up his hard, muscular legs to meet the man’s eyes. They were black as midnight and Mark found himself captured in the depths of those eyes.

“Yes,” the man said in a low whisper. “You are the one.”

“The one what?” Mark said.

“The one I have been seeking,” the man replied simply. “The perfect one to be pre-eminent among my slaves.”

“Slave?” Mark said. “What are you talking about? C’mon dudes let me go!” He looked at the faces of his buds, but they didn’t respond to his pleas. They just wore these silly smiles and stared in adoration at the dark-skinned man.

“Bring him,” was all the man said.

“Yes, Master,” the three guys chorused. They pulled Mark up off the sand and carried him bodily. Man, they were strong, even stronger than Mark remembered Zach being. They brought him around to the other side of the campfire, where a massive stone slab rested on the sand. Mark couldn’t remember it being there before. It was circular, about six inches thick. The surface was carved with a vaguely Aztec design, with a sun-symbol in the center and scenes of some kind of all-male orgy around the outside edge.

“Secure him,” the Master said and his slaves moved to obey. They put Mark on the slab spread-eagled and tied his hands and feet into place with strong ropes. Mark was almost completely immobile, he could only just raise his head to look at the man who’d take control of his friends.

“Please,” he said, tears starting to well up in his eyes, “please let me go. Please don’t...” The Master raised a finger to his lips and Mark found himself unable to speak, he could only look into the depths of the man’s dark eyes. He produced a knife from the belt of his breechcloth, the black obsidian blade gleaming wickedly in the firelight. Mark was paralyzed with fear as he knelt down beside him and slid the blade under his shirt. There was a tearing sound and the Master slowly cut Mark’s T-shirt off him, revealing his chest, covered in a soft layer of black hair that trailed down to disappear into his shorts.

The Master slit Mark’s shorts on both sides, but left them on him. Kyle bent down and removed Mark’s sandals, leaving his feet bare, while Zach plucked off his baseball cap and tossed it into the fire.

“Now, my slaves,” Master Talon said, and all three guys immediately began to strip. Mark could see as they shed their clothes that their bodies were muscular and hard like athletes, their skin completely smooth and hairless, even their crotches. Each of them had a chain tattooed around his ankle, even Cory. Cory and his brother Zach stood on opposite sides of the disk, just below Mark’s arms, while Kyle stood at the base of the disk, between Mark’s outstretched legs. Mark could see his buddies’ dicks starting to harden as they stood over him. Even semi-hard, they were all huge.

Master Talon placed a woven crown of flowers on Mark’s head and stepped back to inspect the scene.

“Excellent,” he said. “Now, we begin.” He took a gourd hanging from his belt and uncorked it, then poured a stream of liquid from it into Mark’s mouth. Mark tried to fight, but a hand thrust against his throat forced him to swallow, choking. The liquid burned like hard liquor down his throat, spreading warmth all throughout his body, making him start to sweat and feel feverish.

Mark could hear his friends starting to chant quietly. “Talon dominus, Talon ani, Talon dominus...” they said, over and over again. Mark could see their dicks getting harder as he watched and he found himself longing to reach out and touch them, to play with them and to suck... NO! what were they doing to him? He wasn’t a fag! He tried to struggle against the ropes, but he couldn’t move them. His muscles strained and bunched and it seemed to Mark as if they got a little bigger as he struggled.

A cold line pressed against Mark’s neck as Master Talon touched him there with his dagger.

“You are mine,” he whispered. “You will serve me. I am your Master.”

“No,” Mark gritted. “Never!”

The Master threw his head back and laughed. Oh, yes, this one had fire in him. The chanting continued, droning on and on. Mark tried to block it out, but he couldn’t. All he could hear was the chanting and the sound of Talon’s voice, saying things like “you will serve me” and “I am your Master.” The potion was burning in his veins like fire and his shorts were starting to feel uncomfortably tight.

“Tezcatlipoca!” Master Talon intoned. “Lord of the Sun! Remake this one in your image so that he may better serve me and so I may honor you! Send forth the power of your divine flames on this night of the sun’s greatest power! Fill my slaves with your seed!”

The chanting continued and Mark could see that his friends were completely hard now, and all of them were slowly jacking their 10” cocks. He thrashed against the ropes again and felt them give a little more. He was feeling stronger. Maybe he could break free.

Master Talon grabbed him by the hair and turned his head to look at Zach. His buddy stood, feet wide apart on the sand, looking like a fantastic statue come to life. His tight, hairless body gleamed with sweat in the firelight. His longer hair fell down over his eyes seductively and his hand slid up and down the shaft of the most incredible cock Mark had ever seen. He found his mouth starting to water, just looking at it.

“You want this, don’t you?” Talon whispered into his ear, his breath hot on Mark’s skin. He tried to say no, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sight of Zach’s amazing body as his friend turned around to show off his hairless ass. He spread his cheeks and Mark saw his rosy-pink hole. He felt a surge of blood go to his cock, which was almost rock hard in his shorts. He couldn’t control himself. He was on fire with lust.

Master Talon turned him to look at Kyle, who stood on the slab, between Mark’s spread legs. Kyle’s body was beautiful. His blond hair was like molten gold in the firelight, falling nearly to his shoulders. The light gleamed off the ring through his nipple and off the sweat glistening on his skin. Mark ached to reach out and touch him, straining against the ropes that held him down. Kyle looked at him with pure lust in his eyes, licking his lips.

The Master turned him to look at Cory, his swimmer’s body tight and perfectly proportioned, his head thrown back in pleasure as he jacked his cock and ran his other hand over his smooth chest, pinching his nipples. He wore only a ball-chain choker necklace that gleamed in the light. Oh, God, Mark wanted to touch him so badly!

“Yes,” Master Talon whispered near his ear, “yes. It feels so good, doesn’t it? So very good.” Mark nodded, he couldn’t help himself. He’d never felt so aroused before in his entirely life. He looked down at his crotch and saw his dick straining mightily against the worn and tattered fabric of his shorts. He watched in fascination as the sweat poured off his chest. His chest hair seemed to be getting lighter and lighter while his skin darkened, becoming a deep coppery color. His body hair lightened to become transparent, then seemed to become more droplets of sweat, dripping off his hairless torso and arms.

“You want them, don’t you?” a voice whispered. Mark didn’t even look back to see who it was. He was captivated by the sight of the three hot men before him.

“Yes,” he whispered.


“Yes,” he said a bit louder this time.


“Yes!” Mark cried out. Suddenly, it was like a dam burst inside of him. He heard a tearing sound as the strained seams of his shorts burst, the fabric falling off as he arched his back and thrust upward with his hips. A massive 10” cock pointed up from his hairless crotch, the same dark, coppery color as the rest of his skin. His body was so smooth, so muscular. The three slaves drew closer, all standing on the slab, jacking their cocks furiously.

Master Talon took a step back. The transformation was nearly complete. The thin white-boy he’d chained to the altar slab had become a beautiful Aztec warrior: smooth coppery skin, straight black hair to his shoulders and a massive manhood sprouting from his crotch. Now, to complete the spell.

“Let the rain fall upon him!” he cried out.

Simultaneously, his three slaves threw their heads back and cried out in pleasure as they came. Mark felt hot cum raining down on his face and chest, like burning embers. He could feel it being absorbed by his skin, entering his body. The fire inside him flared and he felt his lust increase a hundredfold.

He strained his new muscles to their utmost and the ropes snapped. He stood up, a proud, fierce warrior, grabbed hold of Zach and pushed him down on the stone slab. Spreading apart Zach’s legs, he thrust his throbbing cock directly into him, causing him to cry out in pain and pleasure. Kyle immediately came and knelt over Zach’s face, letting him tongue his tight asshole while Cory came and straddled Zach’s chest between Mark and Kyle, letting Kyle suck his cock while Mark tongued his ass.

Mark humped Zach’s tight ass, feeling the cum boiling inside his balls. It didn’t take long before he started shooting, throwing his head back to give victory cry at the full moon overhead.

But one load simply wasn’t enough to sate his lust. Mark immediately grabbed Kyle and bent him over, shoving his cock into his hole, lubed by Zach’s eager mouth. Kyle groaned and reached back to grab Mark’s asscheeks, pulling him deeper into his willing hole. Mark grabbed Kyle’s shoulders and pulled him down on his dick, grunting and groaning as he thrust into his buddy over and over again. It felt so fucking good, he couldn’t think of anything else.

“Oh, yes!” Kyle cried out. “Fuck me!” Mark loved the sound of his cries and doubled the speed of his thrusts. He whipped his long dark hair around as his head thrashed. He cried out and shot deep inside Kyle’s ass, filling him with his seed.

Cory stood, looking at Mark with a combination of lust and awe. He immediately presented himself for the aggressor’s pleasure, and Mark wasted no time mounting Cory’s perfect butt and sliding inside. He was the tightest yet, and Mark ran his hands over Cory’s sweating back as he thrust into him. Then he grabbed his hips and started pounding his ass, making Cory moan and groan as he got fucked.

Master Talon smiled as he watched the proud Aztec warrior fuck the last of his new slaves. The spell was perfect. He had unleashed a the wild, sexual beast inside Mark. The challenge would be in controlling him. Once such power was released, it could not always be contained again. But Master Talon relished the challenge. Mark would be a magnificent First Slave.

Mark let out a howl as he came inside Cory ass, pushing the spent slave to the ground and turning like a jungle predator looking for more prey. He spotted Talon and began moving towards him. Master Talon admired the ripple of his muscles as he moved, the perfect dark skin, the hair topped with its twined crown of flowers. The 10” cock, still thick and steely hard even after three loads. Magnificent.

Master Talon shed his leather vest, revealing a broad, muscled chest, with tattoos spiraling down his arms and a sun disk around his pierced navel. He wore only the thin loincloth, his dark hair unbound and falling to his shoulders.

“You are mine,” he said to Mark. “I am your Master.”

He could feel the nature of the warrior-spirit, combined with the last of Mark’s will, struggling against him. Mark took another step forward. Talon pulled and his loincloth dropped away, revealing his own hard cock, curved up like a mighty spear. Mark’s eyes were drawn to it like a magnet.

“You are mine,” he repeated. “I am your Master. I made you.”

Mark looked up into Master Talon’s eyes, his defiance weakening.

“Suck me, slave,” Master Talon said. Mark took another step forward, then slowly sank to his knees in the sand.

“Yes, Master,” he groaned, then he went down on Talon’s cock.

Yes! The Master threw his head back, feeling the pleasure of his newest slave’s hot lips as Mark began sucking him. He began to suck more eagerly until the Master was slowly fucking his face, sliding his prong in and out of his wet mouth. Master Talon practically glowed in triumph. All that remained was the final ritual.

“Stand, slave,” he commanded, “and give yourself to me.”

The proud Aztec warrior stood and turned his back to Master Talon, bending over to present his smooth bubble butt. The Master caressed Mark’s ass, feeling him shiver in anticipation. He slowly rubbed his hardon against the smooth skin.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“I want you, sir,” Mark said, his voice heavy with lust.

“Tell me what it is you want,” Talon said, forcing Mark to admit his desires, to break him completely to his will.

“I want you to fuck me, Master. To make me yours.”

Talon placed his hands on Mark’s hips and pressed he head of his cock against his tight hole. Then he slid into Mark’s ass with one motion, banging his hips up against the muscular ass-cheeks.

“Oh, YES!” Mark cried out as he felt his Master enter him. “Oh, please, sir, please fuck me!”

Talon loosed all his inhibitions and began fucking Mark like an animal, pounding into his virgin ass, the sound of slapping flesh loud across the beach. He felt his dick swelling, the cum building in his balls as he took complete possession of the magnificent warrior. He grabbed Mark’s shoulders, pulling him down on his fucking cock as he gasped out the final incantation.

"Invisibles hear me!” he cried, “Slave hear me. Talon dominus, Talon ani. By the power of my seed, you become mine, mine forever! Cum now, my slave! Cum now! Arrrrgghhhhh!” Talon threw his head back and slammed as deeply into Mark as he could, cum geysering from his dick, filling his new slave’s ass. At the same moment, Mark arched back, pressing his body against his Master’s. His dick exploded, firing shots of cum across the entire stone altar disk, spattering the other three slaves who knelt with their mouths open to catch the flying drops.

Shortly thereafter, Master Talon had his slaves bathe him and each other in the ocean waters. He returned the altar slab to its proper place and instructed his slaves to return with him to the Tattoo Parlor. Now, with Mark to serve as his prime initiator, he was ready to begin gathering new slaves in this city in earnest. •

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