Journal, The


By Braun1

Walking to my apartment I definitely got stares and gasps. I mean these sweats fit more like tights and my left thigh looked like I had stuffed a fat salami down there. The shirt was so tight it may as well have been painted on. It was only about noon so the streets were busy. I saw two fender benders, of which, I was most likely the cause. I saw several people that I knew, but none recognized me, who could, I was at least 4 times the size I was before and didn't stop.

I just kept walking, trying to stay to the side streets so as to not cause any more wrecks. I kept thinking about Jake's idea. It could turn out great, but it could also be dangerous. We'd have to be careful. Too much publicity too soon and we'd have every nut in the world at our doorstep. Then, I thought, what the hell we're the strongest guys in the world, if they can't take a joke, fuck'em.

I got to my apartment and realized the keys were at Jake's in my duffle bag. I swore a few times and then just reached down and turned the knob, I knew it would wreck the door, but what the hell, I wasn't worried about coming back. The knob just turned as if it were unlocked, but it also came off in my hand as the door swung in. I could barely squeeze through the doorway and thought for a minute that I was going to have to rip my way in, but I was able to squeeze through.

The place seemed so small now. My head kept bumping into light fixtures and getting through the bedroom door proved impossible. I had never noticed that it was a smaller doorway before. So I just stood in the doorway and pressed my hands outward on the frame and it splintered. The walls next to it gave way and I could get through. I packed a few things that held value, for me at least, and stacked a couple bags in the living room. I figured I could replace everything else, my stereo was nice, but I'm sure Jake had a few and I was never going to fit in any of my clothes again, so why bother.

Just as I was picking up the bags to leave, there was a knock at my door. Since I had trashed the lock, it swung open and I got the shock of my life, there stood Brad Phillips in all his glory. Pumped to the max, blond beauty of my fantasies. Man who could fuck til morning, if my dreams could be believed. He was 6'3" of football stud with giant arms hanging from shoulders that looked like he didn't need pads. He was wearing a white tee shirt and green running shorts with white jogging shoes. All of it set off his ever tan skin and amazing legs.

I tried to remain cool, but it was Brad that was stunned. After all, here was this giant looking at him with lust written all over his face. Some guy standing in Geoff's apartment that was at least twice his size.

"Ah, is Geoff home, um, I mean this is his place, right?" Brad was stammering, Mr. Self Confidence himself and he was shaking in his boots. I was thinking fast for once "Yeah, this is his place, he'll be back in a minute, why not come in and wait for him short stuff." I could seem him bristle at this comment, but I was going to have some fun, before I rammed my two foot cock up his perfect muscle bubble butt.

And I was going to fuck him silly, that was already certain. He caught my attention again, "So, you a friend of Geoff's" "You could say that." He extended his hand to me, "Brad Phillips, nice to meet you."

I grabbed his hand only I didn't let go, his grip tightened, so I decided to really play this out. I gripped him tighter, just enough to see pain start. "Brad Phillips, huh. The same Brad Philips that was making fun of Geoff outside the field house, the same that wanted to know if he was 'enjoying the show' that Brad Phillips?" I continued to squeeze his hand, and he was so stunned by my menacing that he was turning white as a ghost. With my other hand I reach over and closed the door, squeezed the door frame in from the side so there was no getting out and then returned my attention to Brad.

He was definitely worried. So I decided to turn it up another notch. I grabbed his neck with the same hand I had just crushed the door jam with and lifted him off of the ground and slammed him against the wall, leaving his feet dangling.

He started pleading, "Please, Please, you don't understand, he didn't understand. Oh man, I just came here to see if he was OK. Please don't hurt me. Please." I threw him across the room, and stood over him trying to look as menacing as I could muster. Did he really want me to believe he was concerned about a guy he barely said 'Hello' to.

Here was this stud of my dreams, totally within my control and I can't explain it, I loved it. To see this huge guy who wouldn't give me the time of day, just a couple of day's ago. He was scared. I thundered in my deepest tone, "Just what are you talking about that I don't understand, Geoff told me what you did .. laughing at him with some cheerleader."

He moved to one side and I stamped my huge foot, shaking the floor for emphasis. "Don't move worm and start talking, if you want to see tomorrow." Now he was truly rattled. He started spilling his guts, "I can't believe, Geoff could believe that. I was just teasing him in the gym and the cheerleader is my sister and knows, ah, well she, ah, well she knows, and what I said to her was that I thought he had a great ass." I was stunned, no shocked.

Well, well I thought. Big Bad Brad the stud thought I had a great ass, what does he think of what I've got now.

He went on, "I heard this morning from a paramedic friend of mine, that he was caught in the science lab blow up and came here to see if he was OK, Oh god, please don't hurt me. Don't you see, I've got to find him. It's all my fault. If that's what he thought.... then he ran away... Oh god, no... Too late.. I'm always too late".

He was near sobbing. I reached down and he shrank away from my hand. "Please, don't...." I knelt down and grabbed hold of his shoulders as gently as I could. Pulled him up to me and kissed his tears. "Brad, it's OK, I won't hurt you. It's OK. Don't worry, everything is fine now."

He continued to try to get away from my grasp, but that was unlikely as I had him in strength by about 20 times. He was still shaking but was calming down. I finally was able to let him go, but didn't want to. My cock was raging hard and I wanted him, more than ever. I pulled his body next to mine and pressed his chest into my cock. I thought "Brad, I want you, I want to bury my cock so deep inside you we never come apart." But I said, "I never wanted to hurt you."

He looked at me then, all over, but when our eyes met, they locked. He got this puzzled look on his face and asked again, "Who are you?" You look familiar, but I know I've never seen anyone as big as you before. I'd remember if I had. Man you're so fucking huge."

I didn't know what to say. I'd already told him Geoff wasn't here, but after his revelation, I couldn't lie again. Instead I stood up, towering over him as he was kneeling on the floor. I put myself between him and the door and flexed. "You like this?"

He was curious. "I always wanted to be big. Big like you. For the last two years, I've watched you, wanted you to notice me, knowing I didn't stand a chance." I could see, the idea forming in his eyes. "You were the big ladies man. King stud of homecoming. Football hero. I was just an underclass runner with delusions of lust." The light bulb was going off I could see the realization forming.

Then I turned around and hit a back double biceps, flexed every muscle in my back and squeezed my glutes tight, splitting the side seams of my sweats with a loud rip. "So, my campus heart throb, what do you think of my ass now?"

He stood up and I turned back around. By now my cock was rock hard and oozing precum by the bucket. What was left of my sweats, quickly fell away revealing my enormous manhood. Brad stood there stunned. His eyes were glued to my swaying cock. He stared and started stammering again, "Huh, Huh, Huh, How?... It can't be.. It's only been two days... I can't believe it... Geoff? Is it really you??"

"Oh, it's me all right, and I want you and am not taking any fucking 'no' for an answer" I returned with a leering grin. "But you're so big, I could never, I mean I've never, you can't" and this look of fear came over his face. Fear, but also desire. He kept staring at my cock, like it was some swaying cobra only he was the one being hypnotized.

So, he was a top that had never bottomed. Things were about to change. I took a step closer, "Go ahead, touch it. It doesn't bite. I may, but it doesn't." He looked mesmerized. Reaching out to touch it as though it was a hot poker, barely touching it, then a little more. I moved another step closer and it was poking him in the gut. I reached down and took off his shirt.

His massive pecs rose and fell with each breath. He was panting with desire. He reached out with both hands then and stroked my massive rod. I reached out and cupped his pecs with my hands and squeezed. He was firm, but no match for the strength in my hands. I grabbed his shoulders and then squeezed his huge biceps. Man, he was beautiful. My dick was now covering his abs with precum, but I wanted his ass.

Almost as soon as he started to lick my cock, I picked him up and laid him flat on his back on the kitchen table. He begged, "No, please, you're too big." I reached down, just as he had in my dream and picked him up, pressed his body into mine and kissed him. Deep and hard and my tongue was working overtime. We kissed for a long time. Then I laid him back down and told him, "You are a big guy, Brad, I know you can handle this." And I smacked my cock down on his footlong rock hard dick and then moved it to his ass. There was enough precum to lube ten tight holes, so I knew he'd be OK.

I pressed slowly, and he tried to squirm away across the table, I grabbed his thighs and pulled him back and subsequently impaled him on my cock. His scream, I'm sure, could be heard for blocks, but no one came running. As I buried more and more of my cock into him, I could see he wasn't going to last long.

After I had gotten a little more than a foot in he was covered in sweat and his own massive dick began shooting. He splattered cum on his face and chest, and still I plowed. I knew it was OK when he started moaning, "Oh god yes, oh yes, Geoff, fuck me, take me, harder, fuck meeeeeeee" and he shot again, this time all over the table and floor.

I rammed the remaining foot of my cock into him and he whimpered and was breathing raggedly. Sweat ran off of his chest and his abs were filling with it and his own cum, he was beating the table with his arms. I could feel my own load building, like it was starting at my toes and going to shoot out of my head.

Waves of pleasure were flooding my senses. I couldn't hear. I could barely see. I was going to explode. At the last moment, I grabbed the base of my cock and pulled out of his hungry ass with a loud plop. Precum ran out of his ass all over the table, it was slick with our juices.

I grabbed Brad by the waist and spun him around so his head was hanging over the end of the table. He was completely lost and I rammed my cock down his throat and exploded. He didn't even have to swallow, although he was. I had never shot with such force, before or since. I was afraid for a second that he couldn't handle the volume, but he was like a hungry animal, drinking every drop. I pulled out then and my spent dick slapped down between my thighs.

Brad yelled as every muscle in his body seemed to contract at once, he jerked back and forth so hard, I thought he'd break his neck. Then he was silent, calm and peaceful. Beautiful. His whole body tensed and it started.

Man, I thought, I hope he's ready for this. He began to shiver and convulse. And...grow. The big boy was getting bigger and I do mean bigger. He may have been 260 lbs when he walked in, but was soon passing 360 and getting taller. His huge renowned arms were turning into the size his legs had been just a few moments before.

I reached for the duffle with the liquid muscle stuff in it and poured a bottle down his throat. He was still not really conscious but was starting to come around. His shoulders were now hanging over the top of the table and his knees were able to bend over the other end. His steel plated pecs were covered in blond fur. It just kept getting thicker and spreading up to his massive neck, down over his abs which were at least three inches deep.

His crotch was incredibly hairy and I watched as the hair spread down his legs to his knees and then I could see no more. His thighs were becoming so thick that they now were obscuring that end of the table. Thick cables of muscle and bulging veins rippled under his skin. He drank two more bottles of the supplement and this time reached up to wipe his mouth. I could tell he was coming around.

He finished a fourth bottle and a fifth. Enough to supplement a bodybuilder for 10 weeks. His mighty chest was heaving and with each breath it seemed not to return to its original position. The crevasse between them just kept getting deep and deeper. Fine striations rippled with every flex. His cock was also almost my size it had been thick as mine and the mushroom head would have fed a family of four. It looked like a one eyed python and swelled to rock hard in a few seconds. His balls were the size of large oranges and I could literally see them churning.

I reached down and stroked his cock, he smiled, and then I buried it down my throat. I didn't know if I wanted to be bigger, but I wanted his cum. I reached down and grabbed his balls, gave them each a squeeze and sucked harder than I ever had before. He exploded. Huge floods (you couldn't call these shots) of cum were blowing down my throat and then I passed out, completely overwhelmed by the feeling.

I woke after just a few minutes, with Brad holding my head and stroking my face with a dish cloth. I could feel his hard cock pressing against the back of my head and he just looked down at me an smiled. He leaned down and pulled my head up and kissed me, deep and passionate.

Then he again rested my head in is lap saying, "So, I guess you're not really mad at me after all." •

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