A Superhero's Secret


By ParisPhoto

AlphaMan blushed and hesitated a moment before speaking. He knew that he would have to entrust his secret to the Professor.

AlphaMan: There is a way, Professor. I have carefully hidden it for these many years of action, but I have a small weakness that can help you devise a treatment regimen for me.

DeLeone: And what would that be, AlphaMan?

AlphaMan: Well, I seem to be weakened and become temporarily vulnerable when I am exposed to a certain substance.

DeLeone: A certain substance? A radioactive substance? A corrosive chemical? An acid?

AlphaMan: No... it's... it's... semen.

DeLeone: Semen? Human semen? Or your own semen?

AlphaMan: Either, although I seem to tolerate contact my own with fewer side effects.

DeLeone: Hmmm... Although I can't guarantee results, now that I have an idea of how to carry out the treatment, I can at least begin preparing your formula. I will need a blood sample to begin with. Do you think we could do that right away?

AlphaMan: The sooner the better.

DeLeone led the hero into the adjoining examination room. AlphaMan looked around, not quite sure what to do. DeLeone told him he would need to ejaculate so that the cum could be applied to his skin to allow a blood sample to be taken allow him to take a sample. The muscular hero's hands went to his belt, in the silver buckle of which he kept the tiny identification badge issued by Interpol and which gave him the legal authority for his crimefighting. A similar silvery metal object served as the clasp to his cape, and contained his microminiaturized radio transceiver. AlphaMan released the catch and stretched the tight superspandex and pulled it down to expose his imposing cock and balls. He turned away for modesty's sake. Even from behind DeLeone could take in the straining swelling muscles of the hero's back, his flexing glutes. The groaning and grunting of the musclestud resonated in the small examination room, until the hero turned to the Professor and moaned that he was about to cum.

DeLeone prepared the beaker and turned to see the tightened abs exposed above the amazing cock of the hero, now fully 11 inches long and incredibly thick, pulsating with the superjism. He held up the beaker to the oozing head as the hero released some 20 ccs of viscous white liquid. The hero stumbled back, and seemed to be spent by the orgasm.

DeLeone: Are you alright?

AlphaMan: Yeah, sure... just takes a bit out of me... Did you get what you need?

DeLeone: I should say this is more than enough.

Indeed, a dozen studs in their prime would have been hard pressed to produce so much semen in such a short time. DeLeone instructed the superhero to sit down on the examination table. He handed the hero a towelette to wipe his hands and cock as he prepared the equipment for the blood sample. While doing so, he explained to AlphaMan that as the application of the semen would make him temporarily vulnerable in a localized area, it was important to find vein that would be protected, and suggested the inner thigh. DeLeone put on latex examination gloves and gently lifted the heavy package of the hero. He could feel the thick cock stirring as he pulled it away from the injection site. With his free hand, the Professor applied the hero's semen to the skin with a long cotton swab. He could see a slight shudder as the warm, viscous fluid penetrated the 2-square-centimeter injection site. DeLeone looked up to ask AlphaMan how long it would take to allow penetration. He replied softly that the effect was almost immediate.

Still holding the hero's massive sex meat aside with one hand, DeLeone reached for the syringe. The paper-thin skin over the corded muscles of the thigh made the vein quite apparent, and it was easy to draw the necessary quantity of blood. He was surprised to see the SuperHero flinch.

AlphaMan: Not... quite... used to feeling pain.

DeLeone: Not to worry. It's almost over... There you go.

As DeLeone released AlphaMan's cock, he could once again feel the throbbing of an incipient erection. Was the hero's rapid breathing a result of the unaccustomed feeling of pain, of his feeling of vulnerability, of the manipulation of his organ? For the moment, the answer remained a mystery. The hero quickly jumped off the table and pulled up his tights, adjusting them carefully over his mounded glutes, attentively placing his cock and balls so as to cover the zone that would remain vulnerable for some thirty minutes more. DeLeone discreetly set the beaker of cum aside and showed AlphaMan the syringe of blood.

DeLeone explained that this would certainly be enough to adapt the strength formula to the hero's rather unique specifications and that the treatment could begin in about 48 hours. Before leaving, he requested that AlphaMan participate in some performance tests to serve as a baseline for future comparison. Although it was virtually impossible to test his extraordinary strength, precise measurements of his muscle size could be made and reaction times could be noted. These tests took nearly an hour, after which DeLeone invited AlphaMan to return for the first session in two days.

AlphaMan: Thank you, Professor DeLeone. I will return on Friday evening after sunset if that's alright.

DeLeone: Of course. We are most eager to help our community's protector.

The next hours were busy ones for DeLeone and his team. Analyzing the samples, preserving as much of the precious fluids as possible, devising modified formulas to ensure the desired result on this extraordinary subject, carrying out at least some preliminary computer simulations. He was determined to be ready for the first treatment Friday evening. •

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