Journal, The

Day One


By Braun1

Jake said he wanted to see this muscle, flexing his arms into the most amazingly peaked double biceps pose I'd ever seen, and we should go down to his gym and see what we could get into. Steve was amazed at how much larger Jake was, and said that I looked bigger too.

All three of us had relaxed by then and were not starving. I felt fine and was hoping this satisfied feeling would continue. Once we got to the basement gym, I started mixing all of us some supplement drinks and we each had a mug full as we moved around the gym.

Steve was standing flexing his huge arms, shoulders so broad he had to turn to get through the door and pecs that looks more like furry half moons. Steve was the epitome of a hairy muscle stud.

Jake on the other hand had almost no hair at all, but he didn't care. He said he'd probably shave off what was left because he loved the way his smooth skin felt next to my own hairy muscle. He was finding out that there wasn't a weight in his gym that he couldn't lift. He loaded up an olympic bar that he used for squats with 1200lbs. Stood under it, like it might be heavy, and squatted.

I was right there and after he pressed it back up on the rack, he turned to me and planted a kiss on me that I'll never forget. When he had pulled off of me he said, "I just can't believe how fucking strong I feel." I smiled, very contented, and said "Baby, you ain't felt nothing yet." I turned and grabbed the bar with one hand, pressed it off the rack, lowered it and did one arm curls.

After about 20 reps I switched hands and did another 20. Jake was standing there with his mouth open and his huge cock rising. I then looked over at Steve, who had been watching us, and winked. Giving him a "watch this" look. I walked over, standing right in front of Jake and flexed both arms as tight as I could.

His cock went to full mast so fast it bounced off of his rock hard abs with a slap. I just smiled and said, "I told you once today that I could find a good use for that open mouth, and I still can." Steve broke out laughing and he got us all going. We were soon all flexing and pumping and feeling and swelling. Before long it was very evident that we were all very very horny.

Jake grabbed Steve, taking him unawares and scooped him up in his huge arms, looked over his shoulder and said, "follow me big guy." He bounded up the stairs across the living room and up another flight to his bedroom.

I was not a step behind when he suddenly stopped at the foot of his bed, unfortunately, I didn't realize he was stopping and, well, I didn't. I ended up bowling them over and all three of us ended up in a mass of muscle on the bed.

Steve pulled out from under Jake and I and pulled us both apart. Then he started kissing us, first me then Jake, then back to me, then back to Jake, his tongue was all over us. It was going to be a good night.

I was laying spread eagle on the bed between the two largest, strongest, most beautiful examples of manhood I could have wished for and they were now both working on my cock. Jake had the head shoved so far down his throat I thought there was no way he could possibly breathe and Steve was taking my balls in his mouth and finger fucking my ass.

I was truly in heaven. Or so I thought. Then it got even better. Steve got up to three of his huge fingers working and stretching my ass and playing with my prostate and Jake had turned into Mr. Hoover.

I had no idea what would happen if he sucked down another load of my cum... would he become even bigger?

Would he explode?

Would his body rip itself apart trying to grow?

All I knew was that I wasn't going to let that happen. I was quickly falling for both of these guys and I wasn't going to let anything happen to either of them. I could feel myself getting close and did not want to cum yet, so I reached down and grabbed Jake by the head and pulled him up to my face and kissed him.

I could taste my own precum as our tongues wrestled and he started squeezing my pecs, pinching my nipples and sucking my tongue. My hands were all over his incredible body pressing his into mine. I could feel the pulse of his heart and it was racing. His hard cock was pressed against my thigh and I found his hard, round incredible ass and forced my hand between his cheeks.

Oh, God how hot, how tight, I had to have him. I removed my hand and gently lifted his head from mine and pleaded, "Please, Jake, let me fuck you?" He could hear the need in my voice and smiled like a cheshire cat. Meanwhile, Steve was loosing no ground once Jake had move off my cock, he was on it with abandon, still working my ass as he now had a fourth finger in and was working on getting the thumb in there too. I looked down at his incredible body, hair flowing all over me and said, "Steve, I want you to fuck me while I fuck Jake."

He sat up on his knees, reached down between his massive thighs and grabbed his cock with a look of 'you want a piece of this' and I came right out with, "yes, I want it all, fuck me big man." It was like whatever I wanted these two enormous studs were more than happy to please. Steve nearly bounced right off the bed as he jumped to get on all fours and I suggested that we may want to do this on the floor as the bed may not be able to handle all three of us humping hard.

Jake agreed and assumed a position of resting his hands and chest on the bed with is knees on the floor. I was right behind him. You would not believe the sight, his back rippled with bulging muscle, no pro ever had cuts like his, as I position my huge cock, his glutes were flexing and unflexing and his hamstrings looked like huge cables. I reached around and stroked his cock, squeezing this incredible shaft and pressed the head of my cock against his perfect pink pucker.

Steve was behind me and I could feel his body pressed into mine. His huge hairy chest rubbing against my back and his hands were still busy in my hole. I pressed forward, slowly, not wanting to hurt Jake with my huge pole and I couldn't believe how hot and tight he was. I applied a little more pressure and his ass opened up and my cock slid in so fast and easy that I fell forward onto him. He gasped and then growled like an animal. Such was his pleasure. Moving so fast had dislodged Steve's hand from my ass, but he quickly moved in to start working me again.

Jake was amazing, it was as if his ass was custom made for my cock. It was firm and tight, and hot and felt like a satin vice. I moved in and out just a bit and he moaned loudly. I motioned for Steve to get into me and he started to inch forward. I could feel the hot head of his huge cock pressing against me, I was a little worried that I couldn't take all of him, but soon he was buried to the hilt and grinding in me. Now I was truly in heaven.

I turned my head around and Steve attacked me with a passionate kiss. I looked him in the eye and said "fuck me, fuck me hard buddy." He started slamming into me with his new huge cock and I was in paradise. I was also buried to the hilt in Jake who was squirming his ass from side to side and once Steve got into a butt slamming rhythm, I start slamming into Jake.

We must have gone on like that for almost half an hour when I felt Jake shutter and the dominoes were falling. Jake reared up and threw his head back and came all over the bed and the far wall, I lost it and started shooting deep inside of him. After a few shots, I pulled out and shot a few more times on the bed and floor. Steve screamed an filled me more than I had ever been filled. Then he too pulled out and blasted the back of my head with a shot or two.

We collapsed into a heap of sweating, cum covered muscle all over Jake's bed. We lay there for a few minutes just breathing heavy and basking in what was, for me at least, the most incredible sex of my life. Finally Jake said, "Would you two get off of me you weigh a ton?"

Steve and I burst out laughing and we crawled up to lay on either side of this blond giant. I had to chuckle because we looked like some kind of oreo cookie. Steve and I with our dark hair and skin and Jake with the blond shaved look. We were content to just lay there and bask in the milk our cookie was dipped in. There was cum all over the room.

After the three of us showered, (there was no way that we could fit in the shower together), Jake showed us to another bedroom. We had pretty much trashed his room and especially his bed. At first I thought it was time for round two, but the look on Steve's and Jake's faces said they were just done in.

I felt fine, but I guess they were still getting used to their new bodies and I had had mine for a whole day. We did decide to sleep together, not wanting to be parted. Jake laid down on one side of me and Steve on the other and both of these super men were soon curled up in my huge arms using them for pillows.

I have to say that, looking back, I was never so happy in my life. Their deep breathing soon lulled me to sleep and the first day of my journey is over. •

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