Side Effects (2000)

The Results Are In!


When Jan finally got to his senses, the first thing he saw was a stain on the ceiling. He realized he was lying spread on his back.

And that stain on the ceiling... it could only be one thing.

`Well, it's going to be interesting to clean that, and better yet, explain it to a gym member` he thought, getting up. His cock, now spent on creating that huge blotch on the ceiling was extended to its full flaccid length, and Jan realized, it was in contact with something warm. Humanly worm. He sat up, and noticed Mike just coming out of it.

`What is it with sex while changing? It is so... intense, almost too intense` Jan thought. One thing which continually nagged him was that neither he or Mike had been the ones changing, well, if one discounts the fact that they let their `cocks loose`. Jan refused to let himself grasp all the implications of that just now, but it was well worth investigating.

He looked around, only to notice something like a hose right next to him. He traced it, and found it lead to Marc, or at least what used to be Marc. He, in turn was embracing, if that's what it could be called, someone who, by process of elimination had to be Tom. And, while Jan could understand how Tom now looked, because he knew how he looked and how Mike looked - Tom had, at first glance, risen to the occasion and standards of present company - Marc topped what even Jan's beefcake oriented imagination could think up. It was almost difficult to look at him because the incredibility of what he was seeing was overwhelming. The brain had problems believing what it was clearly seeing. Here was a being that best fitted the term 'mountain of muscle`.

'man, this guy will have to be really careful around sharp objects`

Mike said, just then.

`And there isn't underwear on the planet that would fit THAT` Jan said, and they both traced what looked like a long piece of brown colored fleshy hose and was without a shred of doubt, Marc's cock.

There was no doubt at all who had the longest cock on the planet! It looked flaccid. Mike was the first to test that as he, for lack of a better word, picked it up and pulled it from it's place between him and Jan. There was an immediate response from within the heap of muscle that Marc became, a grunt no doubt in Marc's voice, although changed somewhat.

`Can you believe this thing?! It's completely soft! Look at the length of it, it must be longer than he's tall!!` Mike said incredulously. Then both Jan and Mike obviously recalled what they were doing and their last `position`, and simultaneously looked back towards the mirror. Sure enough, there was a stain almost a yard across smack in the middle of it and there was also an unmistakable trail leading from it to the end of Marc's hose, no doubt left there as it shrunk going from hard to flaccid. Jan and Mike looked at each other with genuine expressions of surprise and incredulity.

`Amazing!` they both said in unison. `Unghhh... what happened?` came out of Marc. Jan and Mike must have been beside him in a flash. This probably set some record in recuperation, both Jan and Mike were out much longer after their transformation. With amazing presence of mind, Marc slowly disengaged himself from Tom, who was still out like a light. In fact, he was even snoring lightly!

Slowly and carefully, Marc unfolded his body and ended up putting Tom down on the floor. He stood there bent over (making both Jan and Mike marvel at how quickly he adapted once again) for a few moments. A small chuckle and a sigh could clearly be heard, and then a whispered `He's so beautiful`.

`How do you feel?` Mike asked.

`I... well, as a matter of fact... Wow - what happened with my voice?` Marc said. His voice was definitely his, but his added size and mass added an effect that was best described as hearing the grand pipe organ's lowest register pipes from outside the cathedral door.

It just hinted enough at it's power for everyone to know that when that voice was raised, even stone would take notice.

Then, Marc looked down, or rather tried to - and ended up looking into his own pecs. Then he looked back up, with a very confused expression on his face.

`Forget the voice! I think you should take a look at... the rest of yourself` Jan said. Suddenly, it looked like Marc suddenly remembered something, and all of a sudden his hands went down, and ended up right around the base of his cock. `Oh my God!` he whispered, and looked back up at Mike and Jan, with a completely incredulous look.

His hands trembled as he pulled his cock up and up, hand over hand. Suddenly, he let it go and it unfolded itself drooping to the floor again, causing a shudder in Marc and an `Ow`. His hands went up over his abs, and then he suddenly brought them up and after several tries managed to get a look at his right arm. Then he tried to bend over and almost ended up toppling over - which was really no wonder. His eyes were literally bugging out. Jan and Mike had seen this syndrome before... they looked at each other, a decision debated and made without words: `Come on, this will give you a better view` Jan said, and then Jan took him under one and Mike under the other arm, hoisted him up and carried him to the mirror.

`Aw, dammit... mind the dick!` Marc complained, his hose obviously dragging on the floor, which must have been quite painful.

`Oh, sorry...` Jan said.

`Well, it wasn't MY idea` Mike mumbled. Incredibly enough, the huge blotch of Marc's cum had all but disappeared, obviously having been reclaimed.

`Well, it wasn't mine, either!` Marc said, cryptically.

== * ==

As Mike helped Jan carry Marc, he couldn't help but be amazed and aroused. Marc didn't grow in height much, although he would have stood head and shoulders over almost anyone, at about 7` tall. But in present company, things were different - he was a foot or more shorter than either Jan or Mike. And Mike thought, about as much shorter than Tom, although he only had a quick glance at him.

However, in that height, Marc must have packed more muscle that Mike - in fact, he could probably have given Jan a run for his money in the sheer mass department. He certainly redefined the limits of the amount of muscle a human frame can hold, and that's present company included.

`Would you two mind putting me down already!` Marc growled.

`Fine with me, you are quite heavy. Not that I couldn't manage` Mike said, grinning. Even so, Mike had gotten quite used to his new strength and could gauge fairly accurately the weight of what he was lifting. Although it wasn't really a challenge - most of the problem holding Marc up was finding a place to hold onto on that completely muscle-packed body - Marc would only be able to weigh himself on an industrial scale, and a big one at that.

`Yep, I`d say at least three quarters of a ton or so...` Jan added.

Mike thought that was underestimating it quite a bit!

All three regarded a reflection of Marc in the mirror. Whereas both Jan and Mike became the definition of huge, Marc was the exception that defined the definition. Carrying so much muscle on a comparatively short frame gave that muscle an incredibly pumped up look. Whereas Jan and Mike were enormous, ripped and pumped, Marc's muscle could only be described as balloon-like. His chest, shoulders and back bulged outwards and sideways completely unflexed, so much so that his width approached his height. His pecs were so big that Mike doubted Marc would ever be able to see anything but his feet without a mirror, and that should also take some contortionism. Marc seemed to take the opportunity to pass his hands over every part of his body he could reach. Which was also something to be defined anew - his arms were definitely at least as big as Jan's, and his forearms weren't far off. All that, plus the bulging lats under them, made Marc's arms stand outwards from his body, which made it real easy for Mike and Jan to carry him to the mirror. His shoulders were two immense split balls, and those pecs were nothing short of amazing.

When relaxed they looked like two huge balls, a yard wide, but every movement would suddenly split them with gashes inches deep, just as did his shoulders. But the most amazing were his abs. With such huge shoulders, and thighs as big around as barrels, which made Marc stand spread-legged (and also made Mike think that Marc was probably taller than he looked, if only he could bring his knees together), his waist was so tiny, it needed to be incredibly strong to support such overdeveloped upper and lower body. Consequently, it looked like a collection of living bulges, cables and edges. With every movement, it was the bodypart that made Marc's undoubtedly incredible strength most evident. The next thing was his ass. Uncharacteristically, it was rather small compared to his legs, but that particular part of his body showed striations even while he was just standing there.

And, Mike had to admit, it looked incredibly sexy. In all his incredible size, Marc still didn't look grotesque, which was really a feat. But, what he was, was musclebound, in fact, he was the epitome of the word. His body was positively overcrowded by muscle. If there was someone on the planet whose muscles had muscles, that would be Marc. Somehow, looking at him, Mike thought, it will definitely be difficult to take a bath. Assuming he finds one that fits.

Another thing that will never fit any clothes were Marc's genitals.

While Jan and Mike had already adjusted theirs so that at least they could walk unencumbered, Marc's cock was still quite literally a hose of flesh, and for the moment, most of it was actually behind him.

About 3 inches thick, it was so long that half of it rested curled on the floor. But obviously not for long - it was as clear as day that Marc approved completely of his transformation, producing a double biceps that made both Jan and Mike gasp, and Marc utter a curse under his breath. The resulting balls of flesh that grew on his arms made his torso, head, shoulders and arms one contiguous wall of muscle.

The effect was obvious an all of the men but definitely on Marc, it was obvious that snake of his was starting to twitch. How it was going to become hard was anyone's guess, considering the size of it, but there was no doubt it could, and there was also no doubt who was king of the hill in the cock department, as if the muscle wasn't enough.

`Hey, not that I wouldn't like to know how big that particular part of your body grows, but I don't think it will fit the room`. Jan said.

`Well, well, Tommy my love, I knew there was no way you could ever disappoint us both` Marc said. Mike looked at him, puzzled, and so did Jan. With incredible presence of mind, Marc just added `You don't know what I wished for - so I'll tell you: I only wished to be what Tom wanted most and what you see is the result. And of course, I completely approve. I used to think I had a wild imagination, but Tommy has even more muscle lust then even me` he finished, chuckling.

'some things are, however, impractical...` he added, after a few moments of appearing thoughtful. Then, his cock literally retracted, it almost looked like it was being rolled into his body, but, one cannot escape a character built in a lifetime - it still hung well below Marc's knees. "I'll remember to use the fully developed version for special occasions, though...` he chuckled.

Some part of Jan was amazed at the transformation. Now that Marc seemed to attain his wildest dreams, all the attitude had vanished.

Maybe because is simply wasn't needed any more... Jan thought that with his previous record, he`d be strutting his new (and incredible) look, but instead, he just took it in his stride. The constant need of proving himself, it seems, vanished - replaced by self-confidence, which was well deserved, and completely unassuming. Yet another thing to add to the puzzle of how deeply the changes really went. In a way, Jan felt relieved that his assessment that Marc had already cured himself was true. Instead of voicing all that he just decided on a tip for Marc: `Well, just a suggestion - wishing for it to be able to go extremely flaccid as well as having extreme growing capacity cures THAT particular problem` he said. It was evident in his voice that he barely contained himself from laughing at the situation, although he doubted that anyone, except possibly Mike, could pick up that it would have been, in part, a laugh of relief. He did, after all, make a promise he would rather not need to keep.

'thanks for the tip... but there is another thing I must do.` For a second, Marc again appeared thoughtful. Suddenly, there was some kind of a change in Marc's body, like a shudder under his skin, but it was gone in another second. `Ahhh... I always wanted to do that` Marc said.

`What was it you did, exactly?` Mike asked.

`Ah... one does not get as big as I... was, without using some potentially dangerous stuff. Quite dangerous, as a matter of fact. I took great care to avoid any danger, but there is always that which one can't account for. Nothing comes without consequences, and I just took care of them` Marc said. Then he looked at Jan, continuing: `I suppose now I really cured myself` he said. Jan was rather startled by this echo of the thought he just had seconds ago, but said nothing. `I suppose that's one more thing I owe you... come to think of it, although I never really had any regrets, I was lucky in the first place, and now you have given me this chance to come completely clean, and in fact get all the rewards of the risks I was willing to take... just saying thanks somehow sounds very feeble...` Marc said.

`Um... ah, I think you should stay away from sharp objects` a voice, changed, but unmistakably Tom's, said. The three other men turned around.

`Oh... well, I was about to complain because the view was sure nice, but on second thought, this is even better` Tom said, standing up.

And up. It was obvious he was surprised as he regained his balance twice while standing up. He also looked quite meaningfully at the ceiling, which was now a lot closer!

`Wow, the world surely looks different from this high above` He said, finally. Just like Mike, Marc and Jan, his voice now had deep undertones. It also had something else - something both Mike and Jan had, and Marc too, although he had not tried it yet, but Tom could do it without trying. His voice was oozing maleness. This guy could get anything just by using that voice. Not to mention that figure! == * ==

Marc had to admit he had become the embodiment of his own dreams, well, at least some of them. On the other hand, you have to be careful what you dream for, he mused. The feeling of being so overwhelmingly muscular was incredible, but he found himself thinking of that in a whole different light - right now, what occupied his thoughts mostly was Tom.

`Well, well... my, Tommy, where have you been keeping all that muscle? Not to mention that cock, and... well, that... everything!`

He finally said. It wasn't really what he meant, but from the look on Tom's face, it was obvious he understood.

Before Marc, and actually quite a bit above him, was a figure that could only be described as beautiful. Of course, Tom was a real stud before the transformation, but now he was just amazing. In fact, he reminded Marc of Mike, only he was obviously built lighter, but also, even with Mike being so incredibly defined, Tom was a notch harder - it was incredible. Watching him move was like watching a cross between a predator, a dancer, a bodybuilder and a runner. Marc touched Tom, looking into his eyes, and under his hands, he felt warm living steel. However, there was no doubt that Tom was big, actually, very big, but somehow in a quite unassuming manner. Marc thought of it as one of those guys you just notice when clothed, but are left speechless once the clothes are off. He realized just then that was really what attracted him to Tom in the physical sense from the very beginning. A question formed in Marc's mind as to how was it that he could think about all this so easily until now. He decided that he didn't need that answer, whatever it was, he just wanted it to stay that way. He went back to his mental description of Tom. The basic idea was sound, just multiplied by, oh, about 100 times. There was absolutely no way that Tom would ever just casually be noticed for a short while. First of all, just like the rest of the company, he could not fit any normal clothes.

Looking at him completely naked, the first thing to notice was a set of very wide shoulders, a tiny waist, and basically a small-boned frame, that got extended to, well, about 8 feet tall, and more than proportionally wide. Then, one would have to notice that mane of blond hair, which had somehow actually turned a bit darker, as had his eyes. Pale blue before, now they were deep blue, and they talked to anyone looking into them. The old saying that eyes were a connection to the soul, was completely true with Tom, only they also connected to the soul of anyone that looked into them. Looking into them quite literally shut up both Marc and Tom.

Next would come a three-day beard, just the right tone of blond to be noticeable. If possible, it made Tom even more sexy. Then, going down, came pecs, muscle plating over a wide chest, square, thick, cut, hard as steel. Corded massive shoulders, big arms, split and slashed with incredible muscle and forearms that hinted at crushing steel bars. His six-pack abs peculiarly managed to almost become an 8-pack, the bottom ridge was almost split in half by yet another ridge, only it went only halfway across. Whenever Tom breathed out the part-way ridges would show. His small waist, just as tight as the rest of him, curved into thighs that no-one would ever doubt of being incredibly strong even though they were not exactly huge - not in the sense Marcs were, but certainly way beyond anything seen on a 'normal` human. Just like the rest of Tom, these were slashed, cut, sinuous and steel hard. The most incredible thing on Tom's legs must have been his shins, though - even considering present company, one does not see the muscles over the shinbone outlined like that. Tom's stood out even when he was just standing there. From behind, Tom was in all his corded sinuousness, very broad. His back easily rivalled Mikes, and would no doubt produce one amazing lat spread. The various muscles were clearly carved out, almost resembling an anatomy chart.

But here his build could clearly be seen as coming from a lighter basic form. The three other men all had at least a slight `cobra`

effect to their back, and Marc knew he was the champion there, having been blessed with a back like that ever since he started working out, Tom's was almost a straight V taper, but what a taper it was! And talk about ass! To top it all off, Tom was now hung typically for the group.

Somehow, that all was just noticed on the side. Marc again felt that special something, the feeling so new to him, but so wonderful. He suddenly realized, as his `appraisal` ticked on in his head, it was entirely in his mind's eye, gathered from a collage of images of Tom from the moment Marc awoke after his transformation, to the moment his eyes met Tom's. Once that happened, his eyes never left Tom's.

Never more than at that moment he felt that he knew where his future was. He hugged Tom, and finally he felt he had accomplished something important.

`Unh... man, easy, you don't know how strong you are` Tom wheezed through clenched teeth.

`Uh.. sorry, I... I guess it takes time to get used to...` Marc fumbled for words.

Then, Tom just smiled and kissed Marc right on the top of his head.

It was obvious from the way it felt to Marc that he too felt confused by the change, but that doing it felt like the right thing to do, it was almost like he was reluctant.

'marc, you are awesome` Tom whispered. Marc chuckled silently. `Well, you haven't seen yourself in the mirror yet...` he answered. Only days ago he would never believe he would say this.

`You know what, the only thing that matters is that I have you` Marc said.

The doorframe squeaked as Mike and Jan exited the room. Tom clearly heard Jan say `Come on, it's time to make ourselves scarce` and he laughed inwardly at the pun.

== * ==

They went right past the counter and the little lobby area right next to the entrance.

`Jan, just leave them alone... whatever happens, I don't think we can do anything to help, and they are both grown ups... just let them be`

Mike said.

Jan looked at Mike for a second. His `protector` role towards David was very much evident to Mike, but considering it's expression that Mike saw when David literally dropped in on them at the cabin, Jan was getting better about it. Still, Mike could understand very well where Jan was coming from, so he didn't comment.

`Yeah... I guess you`re right. I do wonder a bit, though, it was amazing how all the products of our little episode back there in that room got absorbed` Jan said. 'there was almost no trace left at all.

We must be generating an amazing local deficit for the inflation field, after all, there's six of us now`. Mike just looked at him. A tone of apology was present in that little speech. Mike continued to just look at Jan, fully aware that he was dodging the real issue.

`Well, OK, I know, but I only wanted to check up on them... anyway, you are right, we should leave them alone, and wait for them here`, Jan finally said.

"Good. That way we can all have a little talk, it high we had one!`

Said a third voice.

== * ==

The last thing Mike would have expected was that someone would be sitting in the gym lobby. Right next to the counter, so Mike and Jan saw nothing as they passed by, the counter shielded the chairs from their view. They spun around as one unit. The stranger kept his advantage of surprise by saying: `Hello, Michael. It's been a while... and you must be Jan Ward?`

Mike was very surprised to say the least, suddenly feeling more than a bit modest in his nakedness, without reason of course - but it was just in his nature. His recently found confidence helped him get his mind back on track very quickly, though. Still, it was odd standing in front of a stranger naked, plus he seemed to know who Mike was, and Mike was clueless.

`Don't worry about your friends in the sauna, I`ve just checked on them a minute ago... It was getting quite boring just sitting here listening to the cries and moans, besides they stopped, so I went to see if they are OK. They are just getting over the final transformation, they'll be out for a while. I'm sure you already know that's quite normal.` The stranger stated, matter-of-factly.

The man stood up from the chair he was occupying, or rather, overwhelming. Even at first glance, it was obvious this was no ordinary man. He was easily well over the merely freaky stage as far as size goes, maybe slightly shorter than present company and quite a bit leaner, but rather obviously, fitted into the present select group of men. He must have been just a bit shorter than 7 feet, and very wide. He was dressed quite conservatively considering the undoubtedly fantastic body underneath the clothes, baggy trousers and a long thin overcoat. The whole picture reminded mike of the way any shady character would be depicted in cartoons, almost like the proverbial `agent` of some sort. Mike almost expected a hat too, wide brimmed to cast a shade over the face, but there wasn't one.

The amazingly muscular body wasn't really hidden at all by the clothes, if one looked with any degree of attention. If one looked casually, the width of those shoulders could be mistaken as padding, 50's style. The man had a face which radiated experience, it had a kind of youthfully aged quality to it, which was emphasized even more by a shoulder length mane of silver hair bundled into a ponytail.

Actually, it was more aged youthfulness. The whole figure was one of someone very old and wise, but young of body and soul. The eyes gave it away, though. Just as Mike gave the stranger a once-over, the stranger did the same to Mike.

`I believe you have me at a disadvantage` Mike said tactfully. The stranger ignored the implied question and said: `Well, you certainly kept your impeccable manners!` The stranger said, smiling. He was obviously overjoyed for some reason, and Mike was obviously still clueless.

'michael, I knew you would do it, and as always, you did it perfectly! Just look at you, you are finally out of your shell, and I am glad I was right. It's so good to see you again!` the man said, and hugged Mike, much to Mike's total surprise. Quite tight, too, Mike noticed. Some ingrained habit remained and Mike actually tried to break free away from the stranger. As soon as the man felt it, he stepped away.

`Oh, I'm so sorry, Michael... it's just been so long, and look at you! Wow, I believe you have done way better than I ever expected, and as my favorite student, I always expected a lot from you`.

Now Mike was puzzled. But there was something really familiar about this man, and also, Mike felt, a contradiction. There was this nagging feeling, something at the edge of consciousness, nagging that this situation isn't quite right. There were only three people that he knew that called him by his full name, and two of those were his parents. But surely... no, impossible, he thought.

`OK, maybe this will help` the man said, and in a matter of seconds, the man changed, becoming much, much smaller, his coat suddenly touching the floor, and his appearance became much older. But the face was similar, and to Mike, now it was instantly recognizable.

`Oh. My. God.` Mike said. He turned to Jan, who just stood there through the whole conversation, looking completely bewildered. •

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