First Contact


By ParisPhoto

On the scheduled night, DeLeone heard a tapping at the window of his 4th-floor laboratory in the remote research campus. He looked up to see AlphaMan soaring just outside the window waiting patiently for admittance. DeLeone quickly opened the window and invited the hero to enter and be seated at a comfortable armchair in the corner of the office.

DeLeone: AlphaMan! You could have used the door you know. A hero like you is always welcome here.

AlphaMan: Thank you very much for your kindness, Professor, but I do wish to remain discreet about my visit here. It would not do for my foes to know that I am consulting you.

DeLeone: Of course, I understand, AlphaMan. Now, I understand you were hoping I could help you maintain your top-notch crime-fighting abilities.

AlphaMan: That's right sir. I'm not quite as fast or as strong as I used to be. And I've noticed a decrease in my muscle mass.

DeLeone: That's hard to believe! Just how big are you? Of course we will measure you more carefully later if we decide to try the treatment.

AlphaMan: Last time I checked, I was 240 pounds for 6 feet 4 inches. My chest measures 54 inches, my waist 30 and my arms nearly 20.

DeLeone: That's certainly impressive. Even if we don't succeed here, I'm sure you have quite a few years of superstrength in you given your astounding current prowess. I do have one concern, AlphaMan: whatever treatment we attempt, it will involve injections. I know that exploding nuclear warheads have barely bruised you, so I don't really see how I could even begin to contemplate using a hypodermic needle on you!

As he said these words, DeLeone gently poked his index finger into AlphaMan's massive thigh. Through the super-spandex, he could feel the warmth of the skin, which certainly felt human. And yet AlphaMan's invulnerability did not come from his ice-blue bodysuit, no more than it came from his silvery hood, cape or boots. Every report confirmed that it was ludicrous to imagine injecting the hero with any device conceivable. And yet, a careful examination of the record hinted at a solution, which was to be found, DeLeone suspected, somewhat higher up the hero's thigh. •

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