Side Effects (2000)

What Tomorrow Brings


`I can't believe it. I just can't` Theo was saying. He was lying on his bed where Jan had originally placed him, only he`d stripped and was ready for sleep in the meantime, of course, after he`d regained his senses, and then, lost them again, and regained them again, only much more slowly. Jan and Mike had left about half an hour ago, and Theo must have said `I can't believe it` so many times that even the walls must have been bored by now.

`Well, there's your evidence, right there` David said, stripping. He pointed to the top of the door-frame which was cracked visibly, after Jan hit his head on it trying to get through with Theo in his arms. It will be interesting explaining that to Tom when he comes back. Which was another question, he was supposed to be back already, at least according to what Theo said.

'sorry, it doesn't help, really` Theo said. `I mean, did you get a good look?`

`Look? Seems you have a slight memory problem there` David chuckled. `If you are after details of anatomy, I'm ashamed to admit I can be very specific` he continued, in a much darker tone. David was left standing there only in his briefs. He looked down at Theo, covered up by a relatively thin sheet, on the mattress on the floor, which he had been using for a bed for as long as he was with his brother. It was only a small apartment, with a bedroom and a spare room, but the spare didn't have a bed. Still, compared to sleeping in the car it was a hell of a lot better. `I could swear they were spending their days buck naked in that cabin and I told you that when I dropped in, they had basically wrapped bedsheets around themselves for me. I suppose they were just being kind, I don't think anyone on this planet could really do anything about it if they decided to just prance around in the nude. That's, once they`d get over the shock of seeing them that way`.

'never mind them, I'm more interested in you right now` Theo said. David looked at him questioningly.

`Have you been hitting the gym more than usual since I have been gone or what?` Theo asked.

`Yes, I`ve been exercising with the wheel of the car driving around trying to find you, genius!` David answered with a frown.

`Well, maybe that little exercise with Mike and Jan made up for it - since we are now back to ripping old wounds open again...` Theo answered. For a second there was just silence while they were looking at each other.

`I'm sorry` they both said in unison. Then they both chuckled. `I guess we really deserve each other` Theo said. David switched off the light and slipped into the bed, snuggling up with Theo.

`Yes, I guess we really do` he said. Theo's hand quickly found it's way to David's chest.

`Well, it's just that you look...` he felt Theo's hand grab his pec, `...and feel... well, more muscular.`

`Oh, come on, the last half decent meal I had was with Jan and Mike at the cabin, and before that I`ve mostly been living off air` David said. `I know I`ve lost weight`.

`Doesn't seem that way to me... but maybe I'm just imagining things because I missed you so much` Theo said. David felt his lips on his shoulder. His hand joined Theo's. Then, Theo's hand started stroking his chest. It felt soooo good! He couldn't help but get a hard-on. A second later, Theo's hand started going lower, and then, still lower. Then, without warning, it grabbed his now fully hard member.

`Wow! You ARE bigger` Theo said, giggling. David just let his other hand roam, and soon, tracing down Theo's rock hard abs, found that Theo was just as hard as he was. David turned around and now they were face to face. They kissed tenderly, almost probing. The truth was, they never really went too far from this point before. Suddenly, they could hear a muffled moan, then another. And then, there were some unintelligible words, and then there was almost a scream. The intonation left nothing to the imagination.

`Well, now we know where Tom is` Theo chuckled, 'seems like he's having a good time with that heap of muscle he calls his lover` he added.

`Well, I`ve got mine right here` David said, stroking Theo's hard pecs.

`Well, I'm a far cry from that guy, about as far as he is compared to those two... my God! Even the thought makes me horny` Theo said.

`Yeah, I noticed. You spent the evening covering your crotch` David said. `Well, now you know what I meant when I... you know...`

`And the noises from next door don't help either` Theo said, referring to the continued muffled moans and soft cries from Marc's apartment.

Now David recognized one of the games they used to play. They would imagine themselves as their own fantasies, and tell each other about it, bringing each other off on that. David didn't actually want that right now but it was a good start.

`What would you do if I wanted to plow you with a 15" cock, I guess you`d be making noises too` David said, mischievously. Actually, the thought of having a huge member and bringing his lover and himself off with it was very appealing. He suddenly realized that even though he actually wasn't up to playing, his hand had found his cock and was slowly stroking the length of it.

`Oh, I`d love that... only this isn't Tom's voice, believe me, I know. You got to wonder what he's doing to that guy. Maybe the big ones do get more out of their tool` Theo said. David could see Theo was looking straight into him, even in the dark. Of course, this must be one fantasy that all men have, at one time or another, only the two of them have found a slightly different way to share it. David's hand found Theo's cock, fully engorged. A second later, Theo's hand replaced David's on David's cock.

'so if I had a 15" cock, what would you do with it?` Theo asked, mischievously. This was all just play, David felt Theo's hips already rock back and forth.

`Oh, I`d do this...` David said, squeezing Theo's cock and stroking it a bit faster. Theo moaned.

`Oooh... but anyway I don't think we could do much more than that with it. Maybe it`d be just too big to be practical`. David looked at Theo. He immediately thought of Mike and Jan and their ability to change, or morph as they called it. His imagination produced an immediate hot surge in his crotch.

`Oh, I'm sure we could figure out something...` David said, which made both of them chuckle. 'maybe I`d tease you until it was really hard, just to see if it can get even bigger`

`Ohh...` Theo moaned again. David suddenly felt the urge to do something he never had before. He moved around on the mattress, never letting Theo's cock out of his hand. The sheet soon went off, and David was now lying so his face was inches from Theo's erection. Theo was far from being mule hung like he claimed Marc was, and of course, Jan and Mike were just in their own league. However, he had a big cock by normal standards. As a matter of fact, they had both measured each other as a part of a similar game they played with each other once, and David knew they were both in the big category, Theo was 8.5" long and David just a bit shorter, but thicker. Definitely more than enough to have all the fun with, but they have both wondered many times how it felt being really horse-hung. David knew if they ever got an option to try it, they both wood. Still right now, the most important thing about the cock in front of him was that it was Theo's. Slowly, hesitantly, he brought his mouth to the tip of Theo's cock, and licked it tentatively. Theo gasped in surprise, but said nothing. The taste was salty, somewhat like sweat, only there was a sweet tang to it too, from Theo's pre-cum. The only other cocks David had ever seen hard this close in real life except his own and Theo's were Mike's and Jan's. He wasn't an oozer himself, and would produce pre-cum only when extremely aroused, and Theo would make only a little of it. Mike produced a little all the time when he was completely hard, and before he saw Jan in a completely aroused state (which really gave new meaning to `completely`), he thought oozers happened just in stories. He always wanted to taste it, and now he did.

Next, with sudden determination, he pushed the knob of Theo's cockhead into his mouth. Theo winced a bit as David's teeth touched the sensitive corona, but David realized the error of his way soon enough and started swirling his tongue around it. Theo started huffing and grunting in ecstasy, and then, with a sudden movement, David felt something moist and warm on his cock. He realized he was having his very first 69 and it was enough to bring him to the very edge. Theo had much more experience than David had, but David always wanted to go one on one with him and wouldn't let him do many of the things Theo wanted, until he could return the favor. Somehow, miraculously, he managed to keep himself from cumming. There was a game he wanted to play to the end. He eased off Theo's cock.

'maybe...` he said, almost wincing, because Theo continued his ministrations, 'maybe I`d wait until you got really big, bigger than a horses dick` he said, and gave Theo's cock another wet lick, from the base, Theo's pubic hair rasping on his tongue, right up the tip.

'maybe I`d lick it like this... until you grew huge, two feet long, or even two and a half` he said. Thinking of that happening made him even harder. He could feel his cock expanding further right there in Theo's mouth and it almost drove him crazy.

'maybe then, I`d measure it with one of those...ooohh... yard sticks and then make you flex your muscles and flex your cock too, and demand it get even bigger than the yard stick, how would you like that?` he asked, feeling Theo's cock throb. He was precariously near himself. Well, you wanted a game, now you got one, David thought. Not that I'm not enjoying it myself, he added. Theo was sucking with the force of a vacuum cleaner, producing sob-like noises, going straight down to the base of David's cock in strange motion, almost like swirling and plunging at the same time. David knew full well this was going to be the best orgasm he ever had. He put his lips back on Theo's cock, determined to bring him off. He tried to go deeper this time, but almost gagged. He barely suppressed the urge to cough but his throat contracted producing a sensation like he was trying to swallow some silky smooth and huge sweet. He managed to dig himself out of his predicament, but the noises coming from Theo were bringing him off the rocker. He let go again of Theo's cock, and said, slowly: 'maybe I`d want you to grow even bigger than Mike and Jan, longer than 5 feet`. For a few seconds there was no real reaction, only Theo suddenly stopped, and then continued with renewed vigor. David had plunged Theo's cock deep down his throat again, and felt it throb suddenly, and expand. He knew this little fantasy would bring him of, because Theo was, although he didn't really admit it, just as big a size queen as David was too. Even though it was only a fantasy, he imagined what they would do if they were as big as Mike and Jan, the second he first saw Mike and Jan - and he then realized why Jan and Mike went to the cabin to have some privacy. Suddenly, David felt Theo's cock spasm, and that was what brought him over the edge. David knew that when he had an orgasm, he didn't breathe at all, and that probably saved him, because he would have suffocated on Theo's cum. Theo was cumming like a rocket, the immense amount of it filled David's mouth, but he wasn't of this world any more, and it ended up dripping down Theo's cock. Somehow he became aware of another muffled cry coming from next door joining Theo's as Theo himself was rewarded with David's cum. The sensation was really so intense he later swore he saw fireworks. After an immeasurable time he became aware of the strange taste of Theo's cum - not unpleasant, just strange. He swallowed it, and contrary to what he always thought, that it would disgust him, it felt good. Maybe all the difference was that it was Theo's cum. Finally, when they had winded down some, David shifted back face to face with Theo. He whispered `You know, actually, I wouldn't really care, as long as it was you`.

== * ==

'maybe that's the payback` Mike said.

`Oh, come on. You can't be serious.` Jan answered him. It was kind of strange being in a bed, or at least what was left of it. They had dismantled it and put the mattresses on the floor of Jan's bedroom. After all, at least the floor can't easily break under you, and you can't fall further than the floor either. They have already been talking for the better part of an hour.

`Oh, well, really, I just always dreamed of having day to day moral dilemmas of being able to morph people, and deciding weather it would be a good thing to do it to them or not... provided I could really control it at all, which I don't really know that I can.` Mike said.

Jan looked at him for a moment. `Look, it seems to me that is a minuscule price to pay. Look at us! We`ve turned into our wildest fantasy, and we`ve both met the man of our lives... or at least I have.`

`Oh, don't you ever doubt that I have too` Mike said. For a moment he looked deep into Jan's eyes, and then he kissed him, and just held his hand on Jan's chest.

`Jan, what did we gut ourselves into, I wonder...` he sighed.

`Look at it this way - isn't it time to give, and not just to get, even if it's from thin air?` Jan said.

`Oh, we both know it's not from thin air, and that's only part of the problem.` Mike sighed again. Things have really become tangled up. `You know, although it was an accident, at least we know what is happening to us, if not all the consequences`.

'Mike my love, so far I really love the consequences` Jan said, chuckling.

`Oh, yes. We are what, roughly a ton in matter debt each - imagine what it would do if it suddenly became energy just so it can get itself returned - I don't think the planet would survive. And now, we`ve put at least one more person into the picture, for sure, and possibly two more. And the worst thing is, they don't even know what's happening`.

`I know, I know. Don't you think it worries me too? For one thing, how do we tell them? If nothing else, it's only a matter of time before David tells someone what we are capable of and once he steps on a scale, or Theo gets a good look, the worms will be out of the can. He'll figure it out for sure, he's always been a clever boy`. Jan said. 'the next thing will be... who knows? You know that if he asks, I can't refuse, and I'm sure you wouldn't be able to, either. And then, who comes next? Theo, and how will that go without Tom? Who knows how we might already have changed Tom and that Marc guy too.`

`Yeah, that's the one I'm having the trouble with. I know I could certainly refuse him.` Mike said.

`I'm not so certain about him. There's something between him and Tom, I'm sure of that. I mean, look at the evidence. It was clear that Tom is a muscle queen par excellance, he got hooked onto the two of us the second we first walked into that gym. If nothing else, you saw what happened when he saw... well, the new and improved us` Jan said.

`Well, you`re not that easy to resist, you know` Mike said, chuckling. He stroked Jan's giant pecs. At that moment Mike realized that he couldn't ever see the fascination of touching Jan lessen. They didn't have sex ever since that episode with David, which was surely some kind of a record. Mike had been feeling a stirring `down there` for the better part of the evening, and only the fact that they were in company so far, and that they had some pretty complex issues at hand, kept him from making love with Jan.

`You take a good look in a mirror, provided you find one big enough` Jan answered. `Look, but the point is, even with the two of us there, Tom would only allow Marc to fuck him` Jan said. Suddenly he felt Mike grab his cock.

`I should say that was only common sense, after all he would probably want to survive the experience, wouldn't he?` Mike said, darkly. `You know, I sometimes think we`ve gone too far with this`.

`Aha. So why don't you go back to the way you were, then?` Jan asked. There was a pause.

`OK, OK. I don't want to, because... well, because it feels so damn good to be so big, to have gigantic muscles, and a cock that is so impossibly big. It feels incredibly good, and it's a hundred times better when you have someone even bigger to share it with, one who loves you, one who you love. More than all of this flesh, more than anything. It's so good because it's like living a dream, all dreams at once` Mike said. `Point taken. But still...`

`Oh, no, no `but still`. Remember, any one of us could have simply adapted or adapted Tom if he wanted to be fucked, to put it bluntly. It is quite possible we did that to Marc anyway. And, remember the way he behaved after? I don't think it stops at the physical.`

`You know, Jan, I`ve been wondering about how it really happens. It seems that it needs both of us to be there and all involved have to want it. Or, at least, what will happen will be something that agrees with everyone - so at least in that I don't think we could really do anything... that would be disliked, I guess.`

`Yes, I`ve been thinking about that too. In a way, what happened to David is proof - after all, you`ve been with him before, even for a short time, and nothing happened then` Jan said. He felt a little guilty about bringing that up again, but if they had truly gotten over it, then, he reasoned, there was no need to have any reservations about it anyway.

`And, Theo. The moment he saw us it was obvious he liked what he saw.` Mike said.

`Oh yeah!` Jan chuckled. His hand stroked down Mike's own incredible pecs, slowly swirling down his perfectly huge abs, until it went lower, stroking Mike's cock slowly and teasingly.

`I could just see him stop himself from asking `how big is that thing` several times over... your pants do nothing to hide it.` Jan said. Mike's hand squeezed Jan's own manhood in defiance, a mockery of a pout on his face.

`He probably could manage to ask if his gaze wasn't locked on that balloon of flesh you call a biceps. Do you always sit on the floor with your hands behind your head?` Mike asked.

`Oh, and you really have to roll your pecs to get the kinks out of them every five minutes, huh?` Jan parried quickly.

'touché...` Mike said. His hand was tracing the outline of Jan's pecs. It took some time because of the size of them. `It's just that it's really a turn-on, when someone acknowledges you`re the hottest thing around... or, at least the second hottest` he said.

'not that the others involved are slouches either` Jan said. He sighed, enjoying Mike's ministrations, his other hand joining Mike's. It wasn't easy because of the size of them, their shoulders kept getting into each other's way. Jan thought that it was really funny but if they really wanted to reach all of each other then the only proper position was one being on top of the other. Or a 69, he reminded himself.

`I mean, look at Theo. He's just like Tom, buff and hard as nails but not very big at all, certainly small as other gym folk go, but we both know you don't get that way unless you`ve worked your butt off in a gym. He definitely wouldn't be doing that if he didn't want to get bigger. I could almost see him imagining what he`d look like if he could have the same `accident` we had`. Mike said. `Yet, as far as I can say, nothing happened, so either you weren't wishing or he wasn't, the later I find highly unlikely.`

`Well, I know I wasn't opposed to it` Jan said.

`Yes, but he only ever was in contact with you, so that could explain it. But then, how about Tom and Marc? They didn't look changed physically?` Mike explained.

`I wouldn't say that about their attitude, though. To tell you the truth, I'm kind of scared to draw conclusions on that.` Jan said. There was a pause where he enjoyed Mike's continuing touches.

`All of which doesn't really solve anything. We know we can do it and how it's done, and that they wanted it, whatever it is, but the question still remains, should we?` Jan concluded.

`One thing we should do is tell them. At least that. I'm not really certain about anything else.` Mike said.

`Oh? Look at it this way, if you were the way you were, and you met a... well, for all intents and purposes, someone who looked like a fantasy you, and he told you he could make you be that way too, by merely thinking it, but he wasn't sure he should, what would you do? I bet you`d bend over to make it happen! I mean, who are we to judge if what people want is good for them? Just put yourself into their shoes and you only get one possible answer.` Jan concluded.

`Yes, but where does it end? You know, friends of friends of friends... we do every male on the planet, or, for that matter, every person on the planet?`

'no. Mike, what happened is that we involved people by not being careful about what we can do. At least now we know what can happen, and isn't it only being fair to them that they at least know they are involved, and that we teach them the ins and outs?

Mike laughed out loud. `Which `in and out` are you referring to? I'm certain they know about at least one. I mean, imagine you do morph them into what they want, what do you think would happen first? They`d be at it like rabbits.`

`Which is exactly what's going to happen here very soon` Jan said. `And, you`d be wrong - we`d all be at it like rabbits. Man, I`d really want to see what they`d turn into and I'm sure it's going to be fun` Jan said. Of course, there was something here left unsaid. Mike shifted to lay on his side and their eyes met.

`Jan, I`ve never been in a gang-bang before` Mike said. Jan knew what was worrying him.

'no? What do you call that little episode in the gym, or the one with David at the cabin, then?` Jan asked. Mike remained silent.

`Look, you know it's about giving and taking. We all enjoyed it, isn't that what it is all about? I don't see that any of us came out of it any worse, that _we_ came out any worse` Jan said.

For a moment Mike was silent. Then, he said: `Yeah, the danger of hurting someone or getting a disease or something, notwithstanding`. Jan looked straight at Mike. With their new abilities, even pitch dark couldn't hide a worried face.

`I don't think that's actually a concern for us any more, I wouldn't be surprised if there was no real way we ever could get ill in any way any more. But you`re avoiding the issue. And my answer is, I'll always love only you. No matter how we get to enjoy ourselves from time to time` Jan said.

Slowly, Mike's expression changed. In a quick burst of motion, Mike ended on top of Jan, and they embraced tightly. `Did you think for a moment that now that I`ve found you, I`d go away`? Jan said, or rather sighed, almost sobbed. The tears welled in his eyes. They were very evident in Mike's eyes already. Jan couldn't help the picture of two teenage schoolgirls coming up in his head. He knew he was in love so much it was bordering on the pathetic.

`Did you... think that now that I found you I`d ever let you go?` Mike said in answer. His voice was strained.

'Mike... oh, Mike` Jan said. He kissed Mike, a long hot kiss. `You`re mine, I think you always were, and always will be` he said, and kissed Mike's welling tears away. `Don't you know that I have given up on loving, on believing in love, and you have taught me what love is all over? I'll always love only you, no-one else, no matter what.` he whispered in Mike's ear, and kissed him again.

For a time, there was no sound form either of them, but the embrace, the warmth and power of it said all that needed to be said, that here were two men that could never be pulled apart again, not by any force in this universe.

'Mike, I believe that it is a wonderful gift to be able to share the joy of sex, with people you care for and know what sharing is about, and we are all willing. But life is so much more, and mine is now yours, because I love you, only you.`

`Jan... I love you...` Mike said, softly. For the next few minutes they only cuddled and kissed. `Had you worried there for a minute, huh?` Jan said.

`You... big... muscle... heap, you...` Mike said, finally, mockingly putting a fist up Jan's chin. They both chuckled mid way before he even finished.

'there's a pot calling the kettle black! You be careful or I'll get you with my... poker` Jan said, barely suppressing a laugh.

`Promises, promises` Mike said, nibbling Jan's chin. Suddenly Jan tried to move, but Mike easily had him pinned down. Of course, only because Jan wanted it.

`O, no, no. First, you must solemnly swear to be the master of ceremonies tomorrow.` Mike said.

`Oh, really, and wh..` Jan started, but Mike silenced him with a kiss.

'that's what you get for giving loaded answers to loaded questions` Mike said. `I`d really like to see you in a gym` he said, mimicking Theo's voice with astounding accuracy, 'so, how about tomorrow morning` he added, this time in a mockery of Jan's voice. `But isn't it closed` again in Theo's voice. 'that's what I though too` in Jan's voice again, joined by Jan. They both laughed.

`You know, I should kick your butt for that` Mike said.

`Careful, I'm good with that poker, you know, although I think I would enjoy that...` Jan protested, mockingly. `Besides, I just wanted to see what he`d say... I mean, with David telling him about last night and all. That was an interesting look they exchanged, wasn't it`. Jan said. Mike's ministrations were having an effect though. Mike's cock which was still flaccid, but which Jan could feel twitch, was trapped between them, and Jan's manhood was probably well over half hard, extending down towards his feet. `Besides you were awfully suggestive with Tom back in the van...`

`Uh-umm` Mike intoned, stroking Jan's arms and shoulders, while giving him little nibbles wherever he could. He suddenly stopped.

'so, am I ever gonna see that poker, or are you only going to make empty threats?` he asked. Jan laughed, and attempted to look `over` Mike, to where his cock had attained almost a full hardon and was overhanging the end of the mattress with it's enormous length. Of course, there was just no way he could ever look over Mike in this position, unless he had a neck of a giraffe, because Mike was for all his insisting on being smaller than Jan, so huge that the two of them one on top of the other spanned well over a yard in height, just lying there. Of course, the mattress was merely a token separating them from the floor, their combined weight compressing it wafer thin. Mike made an equal mockery of looking over his shoulder, Jan barely suppressing an outburst of laughter. If he started, he wasn't sure he could stop. About all that Mike could see was half of his boulder-sized shoulder, and the end of his right trapezius. Then, he rose up and looked towards Jan's feet. Jan's cock was almost at full mast, it rose up at a low angle, swaying slowly, twitching with Jan's heartbeat. Mike's was well on the way too, so he casually hung it over his thigh, where it continued expanding.

`Oh, you call that a poker?` Mike said, teasing the swaying tumescence the size of a flagpole. 'that's just a nice big lollipop` he said, finally.

`Oh yeah?` Mike said. He `flexed` his cock, pumping a huge amount of blood into it, which brought it up like an enormous jack-knife. It smacked straight into Mike's shelf-like chest, bending slightly around it and barely missing Mike's forehead. It produced a meaty slap which also sent shivers down Jan's spine, and obviously surprised Mike. When he got over the sensation, Jan burst out laughing.

`Ha ha... You said before we needed to get our heads together but I don't think those were the ones you meant` Jan managed to say, before he had the engorged head of Mike's own gigantic fucktool lodged right between his own pecs.

`Watch it, you big lug or you`re gonna get _my_ poker` Mike said, trying hard to sound intimidating. Of course, Mike had become really good at looking intimidating, but for Jan he could only look unbelievably sexy.

`Oh, no, you asked for it firs... ooohhh` Jan managed, as Mike started licking the engorged head of Jan's cock. Jan squirmed in delight.

'told you. Just a big, sweet and suckable lolliaaahh!` he winced, Jan taking hold of Mike's cockhead, and stretching his lips as far as he could over it (which wasn't that far because it was so big), and plunging his hot tongue straight down the slit in it. Get a taste of your own medicine, went briefly through his head, before he realized it was a big question who was tasting whose medicine actually. Not that it mattered.

A few seconds later they had both `adjusted` and Mike was now lying on Jan, face to face. Their cocks, extended up just below their faces, were pressed together between two sets of the largest pecs on the planet. The kisses flew wildly, and landed both on faces and cockheads, while both of them sent shivers and pangs of ecstasy up each other's spine with the smallest of movements. Mike thought he`d go wild every time Jan moved, because he flexed his pecs ever so slightly, the hair on them provided incredible stimulation to Mike's cock, as if all else wasn't enough. Jan on the other hand was nearing bliss, Mike's incredible muscle definition had him experience every ripped striation down the middle of Mike's torso with his cock. Hands were constantly in collision, trying to grope and stroke and just touch every reachable part of both bodies.

"Oh God, Mike... I'm not gonna last` Jan managed, between kisses, and licks. Mike didn't answer, only started rubbing himself into Jan the more, and kissed him again. Somehow their cocks have become tangled and Mike used that fact to his best advantage - a second later his tongue job on the diamond hard head of Jan's member was reciprocated by Jan on Mike's own lust engorged tool. They were both seconds from cumming, and Mike suddenly moved, separating their crotches enough to push his hands between them, his and Jan's chest the only supports he needed by virtue of their incredible size. The movement pinned their cocks between them producing ecstatic pressure. Jan gasped, and Mike knew there was no way back. He grabbed both their cocks, one in each hand, and squeezed, even as he felt his innards cramp with that pleasure-pain of orgasm. His hands were just big enough to grab ad hold enough of the steel hard cocks to keep the jizz in. For a second he thought his balls would explode, it was so intense, and Jan winced, and bucked up so that Mike was almost thrown off. The last thing he felt was both cocks throbbing as both Mike's and Jan's internal muscles tried to pump out their juices into a blocked passage. It felt so intense it burned, and Mike had no idea what had happened, he just knew he had to hold on.

Sometime later, he found himself still lodged on Jan, both of them looking at each other, their eyes locked, panting. Their mighty chests heaving, their faces constantly moved to and from each other. Mike was still holding both their cocks in a vise-like grip, which was becoming painful.

`Oh... my... God...` Jan panted, `Where learn...that?!`

`I have... no idea` Mike said.

A few seconds later, their lips were locked in a kiss, and Mike did the unwise, letting go. There was a flood of sperm, coating their faces and the top of their pecs, but fortunately, not as abundant as it could have been. They both chuckled but never broke the kiss.

== * ==

`And now, I want you to really give me that poker of yours` Mike said. `I want you to make it smaller, put it in me, and then, fuck me by making it grow in me`

Jan looked at him, his cock never went down completely but it was on the way to steel hard again, just thinking of what Mike said. `Feeling adventurous?` He asked. Mike just nodded, and they separated, briefly. Mike lifted himself up from Jan, with a noise quite like unsticking a sticker, lifting himself up in something like a push-up, propping himself on Jan's lats.

`Jan, you`re wider that the mattress!` Mike said, smiling.

`Yep, and it's a king size, too` Jan, said, chuckling. 'this better?` he asked. He spread his lats out willing them to expand as far as they could go, and they did. Mike gasped in amazement.

`Oh, fuck! Jan... I thought... this... oh my God!` Mike stroked Jan's spread lats, which were now overhanging the mattress by at least half a foot on each side. They were hard as stone and showed striation even from the front. Jan could see Mike's whole demeanor change, he was becoming hot with lust until he was actually hot to the touch. Jan's cock was hard as diamond now, and he had already made it smaller, and thinner, a mere foot and a half long - mere only by his and Mike's standard. He lifted Mike up by his hips, surprised how easy it was, while Mike still wouldn't let go of his lats, which writhed with exertion, flexing and relaxing. Jan `flexed` his cock, which brought it standing up like it was welded to his crotch, it's head just touching Mike's ass, as he moved to squat on it, his hands finally of Jan, if only for a moment. Then, Mike adjusted Jan's manhood and let himself slowly down on it, the shaft lubed up from both their juices and the abundant pre-cum Jan produced, impaling himself all the way in one smooth and ecstatic motion. Mike's own cock was still at it's hardest, so hard it stuck straight up and lodged itself between Mike's pecs which were flexed in ecstasy of the moment, showing that rip-through-the-skin definition only he could show. With a satisfied chortling sound, Mike opened his eyes and looked down at Jan, resuming his stroking of Jan's lats.

`Come on, spread them for me` Mike said, and Jan did.

`Oh... you are so enormous, bigger than ever...` Mike whispered.

`If you go on I think you'll wear them out` Jan said, softly. He was enjoying himself, Mike was squeezing so hard that if it was anyone else but Jan, he`d probably crush them.

`I thought you grew as big as you could` Mike said.

`I don't know... I wanted it to have some proportion... maybe I could pump up some parts some more` Jan said.

Mike didn't answer, just rocked his hips. Jan groaned in delight, and Mike started rubbing the remains of their previous sex into Jan's chest, which already heaved with excitement.

`Grow that poker Jan...` Mike said, it was almost a whisper. 'make love to me`. Jan wished... he didn't really know what. He wished what Mike wanted, he wished to pleasure him the best he could, as one would wish only for the one who you love more than anything in the world. He felt his manhood expand slowly, almost painfully slow. Mike groaned a muffled `yes...`, and kneaded Jan's muscles wherever he could reach. Every few seconds his hands would turn from enormous strength to incredible gentleness, as he touched and stroked Jan's face and hair. Jan found his own hands stroking Mike's long manhood, wandering off on the tangents of Mike's incredible body. The only thing he could think was, I love this man. Suddenly, a bit of mischief lurking in Jan, produced a change in Mike, Mike's cock bending over his bulging chest and reaching right to Mike's lips. In an almost telepathic moment, Mike started sucking on his own cock, and the sight of it was so erotic Jan barely suppressed an urge to cum immediately.

`Uhmmm.... grow it Jan... give it to me` Mike mumbled, and Jan felt his cock expand further.

`Yes... fill me up...` Mike moaned, and sucked again on his own cockhead. Jan felt his cock expand even further, in small jumps, as Mike moaned rhythmically in time with them, and moved ever so slightly, slowly bringing Jan to his peak. He couldn't see over his chest, but his crotch felt like it had grown a tree stump instead of a cock, and he had to wonder where Mike was putting it all, until he noticed Mike's abs bulge out slightly. Mike felt incredibly velvety tight inside, hot as a stove. Just looking at Mike, lost in the sensations would be enough, if he himself wasn't causing even more of them, his innards pulsing in time with is movements. What a strange sensation, Jan felt lust and pride that he was satisfying his lover. Mike started moaning louder, almost gasping, his innards producing tremors almost caressing Jan's cock, while Mike's hands swirled all over Jan's body madly. Suddenly, Mike pushed his own cock, long to shame a horse, diamond hard, hot and beautiful, straight down, and Jan suddenly found his mouth stuffed with hot cockmeat.

'take me... take me` Mike winced. Jan stuck his tongue into the huge piss-slit, and Mike roared in ecstasy. Jan felt his own cock produce another spasm of growth before the roar took him over too.

Several incredible eons later, or at least that's how it seemed, Jan came to, his mind still overcome by a strange vertigo feeling, his arms crushing Mike into his chest, with a feeling of being completely full. A trickle of Mike's cum made itself felt as it oozed down his chin and neck, the taste of it amazingly sweet and bitter at the same time, remaining in his mouth. Mike panted, satisfied, and Jan realized he was too. The neighbors surely knew of how good it was too - if not by the sounds of it, by the tremors in the walls and floors of the building, caused by the strangest and most intense fuck he ever had. Mike almost hummed in satisfaction, smiling. He would have been curled up if Jan's cock still wasn't lodged up his ass. His cock was deflating slowly, and both were enjoying the incredible afterglow, only Jan felt his member as engorged as it could be. Mike kissed him softly, and licked a drop of his own cum from Jan's nose, smiling. `What?` Jan whispered.

`Oh, nothing... only... I love you...` Mike said. `I was just thinking if we could stay like this forever` he added after a moment.

Jan chuckled. 'not a good idea, my cock is killing me, you wore me out`

'not a chance, you are un-wear-outable` Mike said. He lifted himself up slowly, and even more slowly, started pulling off of Jan's cock. It slowly went out with Mike producing a long sigh. Suddenly, the head went out with a lout pop and Jan felt a flood of his cum splash out.

'there go the bedsheets` Mike said. `But it would have been a bit... difficult to move coupled... with that in me` he added. Jan propped himself up, although it wasn't really necessary. His cock was almost as long as before, probably 4 and a half feet. God knows where Mike had put it all, but it was almost wedge shaped, a big bulbous mushroom head at the end, and the shaft starting slender - or at least slender considering what it was capable of, but thickening until the base must have been at least 8 inches across. Jan squirmed thinking of the size Mike's asshole must have stretched to.

Mike stood up, and stretched, and then bent over - exposing again his comparatively tiny ass, striated and muscular as if made out of cables. It was as tight as ever.

`Jeez, I thought you could fit a bowling ball in there...` Jan said, his cock finally going limp, and at the same time morphing back to it's 'normal` abnormally huge dimensions. Mike crouched down, and stroked it.

`Glad to see it's back to the beauty you chose it to be` Mike said.

'sorry, but what you made it be didn't look... very nice` Jan said.

`Oh, but what a job it did...` he said, and bent down and gave Jan a peck on his left pec, and then stroked it a little. `Darling, you were perfect...` he said in a slightly mocking voice, and they both laughed.

`I would never want to hurt you... especially not this way` Jan said.

`I know, my love... But you can't... that's he beauty of it` Mike said. He stood up, and busied himself finding a new bedsheet. Jan got off the bed only a couple of seconds later, hesitant to put a stop to his enjoyment of Mike's beautiful form in movement. But then, he realized, he always enjoyed that, before all this happened. Wasn't that what this was all about? He thought of tomorrow for a while, helping Mike with the bed.

'no shower tonight, we don't fit it any more` Mike said, wiping off some of the results of their lovemaking from both of them with the still usable end of one soiled sheet.

`Oh, I think most of what we... let go, will be reclaimed anyway, we'll handle the rest in the morning` Jan said. `Right now, I want to...` he hugged Mike `...sleep with my love.`

A few minutes later, they were back in bed, Jan hugging Mike's curled form from behind.

`Jan...` Mike whispered.


`I... don't ever want to be a second of time when I'm not near enough to touch you... no matter what happens to us`

Jan sighed, and planted a small kiss right to the base of Mike's neck. He stroked Mike's chest, and whispered into his ear.

`I love you... I don't think I can ever say that too many times.` For a few moments, before they both drifted to sleep, he thought of tomorrow, strange unfinished thoughts and doubts, and even a bit of lust. But, in the end, tomorrow could only be dealt with tomorrow. •

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