Side Effects (2000)

The Changed Man


Somewhere between sexual stupor, surprised wonder and the sudden certainty that even the wildest fantasies can come true, Tom managed to muster enough sense to realize he was sitting at the gym counter in tights soiled by what looked like a pint of his own cum. It was becoming more like cement right now, while he was staring at the opposite wall, with his cock still tenting the said tights. The thing that managed to call him back from his fantasy was that Marc was nowhere to be seen. He said he was going to have a shower and go home, but it must have been hours ago. It was soon time to close the gym and there was only a lonely man in the corner finishing his last set of ab crunches, grunting trying to crank out the last few. Though by all standards he was very well built, Tom's gaze didn't linger over him any more than with a purely professional interest, and that was of seeing the guy leave.

Tom's standards have changed as dramatically as possible in minutes, over two hours ago.

What he has seen defied the mind, but if nothing else, his soiled shorts were proof positive that it was all real. In fact, almost too real to handle. In days, two of the biggest men he ever saw got, by his rough estimate, at least three times bigger. They were so big it was... Tom was about to say supernatural, and remembered what Mike said, that it was basically an accident. And accidents are definitely natural. And, I guess, my reaction to it was natural too, Tom thought. They were both... well, just they were both so sexual, super men in the true sense of the word. God if I keep this train of thought I'm going to cum in my pants again, Tom thought. But he couldn't help imagine himself having that accident. And Marc? Wow! Maybe, now that he's become... livable with, maybe now... for a second, Tom was distracted by thoughts of Marc. Tom always wanted Marc to get a taste of his own medicine, not because it was bad medicine, but because it was good - it just wasn't being used right.

He wanted Marc to feel the feeling, and maybe that would finally make him think about the reason for it. What Marc wanted was just raw sex, never went for anything more, he`d always call it the 'sissy stuff`.

Maybe... Tom still had trouble admitting it, but maybe what he always wanted was that Marc would see that life is not only about getting off, and look around and find someone who... what? Tom couldn't count the number of times he asked himself, why does he... love the huge, beautiful hunk, who was also really clever, if you were persistent enough to look deep enough, and also impossibly overbearing and narcissistic, which is the first thing you`d see... or at least he used to be that way. Tom know fully that it was a crush. If only for the looks, Marc was everything Tom could ever want, and somehow, Tom just knew that there was something more in Marc that was worth his attention. Knowing that a Mike and a Jan were out there, something even more incredible than his wildest muscle fantasies, only changed that for the better. The state of his pants was all the testimony anyone needed as to the sexual attraction those two presented, but one look at Mike and Jan together told anyone, that they came as an item, now even more than before. It may have been an accident but their fantasy did come true in all senses of the word. Maybe one of Tom's would too.

Funny how it all seemed to revolve around him - even the reason they were here. Suddenly he understood his brother. There was no mistaking the look in that young guys eyes when he mistook him for Theo. It seemed that he was the only one who started with sex and wished for friendship and love, while the others went the proper way around. But ever since that foursome in the posing room, something has happened to Marc, he really wasn't the same. Tom really wanted him to get a shock that would show him his place but now he was more than a bit worried it had been too much. But where was Marc anyway? While deep in thoughts, Tom's eyes followed the last guy in the gym as he finished up what he was doing and left. He stood up, put up the `closed` sign, locked the front door, and then went to the door next to the passage to the lockers, marked `Private`. He saw Marc go in there, and sine Tom didn't see him leave, Marc must surely still be in there. No doubt getting off on himself as he always did. It reminded Tom of the first time with Marc. Well, he could still use the same excuse - his own locker was in there too, and he really needed to get out of these pants, the stain was too obvious - it had got stuck to his crotch and was pulling hus pubic hair, which was actually quite painful.

Behind the `private` door, there was a small locker room with just four lockers, and behind that, through another door was a bathroom you`d expect to find in an appartment. On second glance it was rather unusual, since the locker room had a nice floor, not the tile you`d find in normal locker rooms, and the wall opposite the lockers was covered by a huge mirror. The shower was also somewhat unusual for it's size, although it was understandable taking Marc's stature into account. Thinking about it, Tom couldn't help but remember the sight of Jan and Mike in that van. Those two were definitely on a good path to redefine architectural standards. He went in.

The first surprise was that he found Marc sitting on the bench in front of the lockers, in the nude, staring at himself in the mirror, his chin propped by his hands. He only flinched a tiny bit when Tom entered. For a few seconds Tom looked at him, surprised. This was the very last `pose` he would have expected. Marc was known not to be able to resist a mirror. The fact that he was doing so now was such a surprise that Tom just didn't know what to do, so he opened his locker and started undressing. In his confusion, it gave him something to do, but this would not last long - after all, he was only dressed in spandex shorts and a very tight tank-top, and those were off in seconds. He turned around. Marc didn't even flinch this time. It was weird looking at the mirror, Marc's form, sitting on the low bench, underneath his reflection. The contrast reminded him how big Marc really was.

Tom was no slouch in the muscle department, but compared to Marc, he was small, almost looked unfinished. But then, he knew only two men who were bigger, and those two were in a league of their own. One thing where Tom could compare to Marc, if not even be deemed better, was definition. But what he craved was size - the kind Marc had, or, now that he knew it could be real, even more. But, he was sure it would never happen - Marc had used all kinds of weird stuff to get the way he was, but Tom never would. He tried once, and barely came out of it alive, after some dealer sold him some contaminated crap that was supposed to be the steroid to finally make him grow. He spent six weeks in hospital, being treated for hepatitis, loosing almost all the precious mass he gained in two years of hard work. His brother, because they `decided` it together, was only a bit more lucky than that and was discharged in four weeks. During that time he vowed to himself he`d never touch anything hundreds of times. His present condition was the result of 5 years of toil. On the street he`d be called a hunk, but in a gym it was just enough for people to recognize him as someone who knows his stuff, until someone bigger came around. But, he did have a hard body, which had become easy to maintain, with that uncanny definition typical of natural bodybuilders that were at it for years.

He looked at Marc again. For a second, there, it looked like he wasn't even breathing, but the movement in Marc's lats reassured Tom that he was. Tom noticed that there were lighter stains where Marc's huge rear delts joined his bulging lats, remains of dried up sweat on his otherwise flawless milk-chocolate skin. And the musky odor was a dead giveaway, he hadn't even showered. That was totally out of character, and it also meant that Marc had been sitting here for hours. Tom was getting very worried. And what was worse, he really didn't know what to do. Finally, he just sat beside Marc, and joined him in staring.

It lasted only about ten seconds, because Tom felt ready to just about jump out of his skin. The big guy was bothered beyond anything Tom had ever seen, and he felt he had to do something about it. But, Marc was always in control and he disliked any... affection. So, when his hand went out to touch Marc, he stopped himself half way. That would be something Marc would call 'sissy stuff`.

Marc let out a sigh, and said: 'tommy... I know I really don't deserve it, but I really need you to do... the sissy stuff to me tonight.`

Tom was sure the crash of his jaw as it hit the floor was heard for miles around.

== * ==

It was only because Tom was in shock for half an hour after Marc said what he did (he still couldn't believe it!!!), that when he managed to get him into the shower, and soap him up and rinse him thoroughly, he kept himself from devouring that incredible body on sight. He did get properly hard, but for once, and that really shocked him, Marc didn't. He had never, ever imagined, not in his wildest dreams he`d see Marc so... timid. He looked like all his boats have sunk, and willingly did anything Tom told him to. Looking at him, and feeling him over under that shower, Tom's bewilderment was the only thing that kept him from cumming several times. That, and... a fantasy that might just come true tonight, the chance fate had dealt him was not to be wasted in a quick shower fuck. So, he finished off washing Marc and himself, threw on some clothes, and threw some at Marc, who obediently (Incredible!!!) put them on. In the end, it was Tom driving Marc's Toyota truck (the only vehicle Marc could fit in), with Marc looking quite blankly, sitting in the passenger seat. Tom left his car in front of the gym, that being the last of his worries.

Then, when they got home, he practically ordered Marc to get something to eat, then get back and strip, which he did without even saying a word, to Tom's utter amazement.

In keeping with character (or at least what it used to be before this incredible change), Marc had a bedroom with a huge bed, and mirrors all around, but Tom decided they were going to use the spacious living room. For a second, he wanted to pop over to his apartment which was much smaller and right across the hallway, to get something he had kept for months, but thought of Theo and his lover, and decided he'll leave them alone. He knew the contents of Marc's bathroom cupboard very well, and that would have to do - he found some body lotion and took the bottle. Marc's living room was huge, very sparsely furnished, but had what Theo needed - an exceedingly thick rug, and free space. There was also a very nice fireplace. So, after a couple of minutes rummaging around Marc's wardrobe, he found two big sheets, and put them on the floor. He had Marc sit down on them, naked as he was. Then, he lit the fire in the fireplace, and stripped himself. Maybe the reason he always thought of this fireplace and the two of them in front of it together, was because it was as stereotypically romantic as Marc stereotypically wasn't. He got an immediate pang of guilt, this was not about getting even. Marc seemed to need TLC and Tom was going to give it to him, no matter what. He had dreamt of this day for over a year, maybe for all his life.

`OK, big guy, down here` he said, and Marc lay on the floor, on his belly. Tom opened the lotion, and put a little in the small of Marc's back. Of course, there was actually nothing small about that. Marc was so big that he could comfortably stay there, his arms spread out his sides, his huge chest keeping him propped up sufficiently for his head to rest comfortably on the pillow Tom had brought over from the bedroom. Tom started slowly massaging the oil into the boulders of muscle under Marc's perfect chocolate colored skin.

Marc was almost smooth. Normally, if he`d let it grow, he had very sparse hair running right in the middle of his pecs, and down to his crotch. From there, it spread, like silky fur down his legs. He also had a little on his forearms, but it was almost imperceptible.

However, Marc normally took it off. He didn't shave, but used some kind of chemical remover - there was no way he could reach between those hugely pumped up pecs with a shaver anyway. Tom had seen Marc with hair only twice, and he actually liked him that way, somehow, even the small amount of hair was just the right amount to push all Tom's buttons. But now, Tom was enjoying every curve of Marc's massive back. He ran his hands down the canyon in the middle of it, between the hugely protruding rhomboid muscle, and then back up, tracing it's outline, grabbing it's bulk with both hands, as he stroked the lotion into the skin. Then, he`d go down on the outside of those big symmetrical mounds, and touch Marc's bulging rear delts, poking out under his skin. Tom lingered over them lovingly, making circle motions, cupping them with his hands and squeezing them. How big they were! Then, his thumbs locked into that canyon of Marc's back again, he went up, until he could feel the place where the spine meets the scull, adorned on both sides by immensely thick columns of muscle, that were the start of Marc's traps. Going down those curves, the widening muscle filling his hands as he went lower, and it got wider, was almost like it was stroking him more than he was stroking it. He straddled Marc. He felt his cock, heavy with his churning blood, rest on Marc's lower back muscles, and though he wasn't actually touching it, he could almost feel Marc's stone-hard ass behind his own. Tom put some more oil onto his hands and resumed rubbing Marc's immense traps, which were slightly tense, and which then relaxed, just as Marc sighed. From there, Tom went on, his hands devouring Marc's shoulders. With amazement he realized he never touched them like this, he never touched Marc at all this way. For the job he needed both hands, those shoulders were so big, so he kneaded first one then the other, jumping back and forth, not being able to let even the smallest part of that muscle untouched, unsavoured. It was almost like in a frenzy, he couldn't decide which he wanted more, and he wanted all of Marc. He couldn't contain himself any more. His hands went wider, fingers rubbing into the immense splits between the heads of Marc's shoulder muscles, and then into the deep and narrow pit made by the ends of them and the traps, and then, outward again, more and more, down over those incredible arms, bigger than any bodybuilders. Finally, Tom let himself down, flat against Marc, his arms stretched over Marc's. His tongue explored Marc's neck, and then, his lips kissed Marc. There wasn't a sound, just a light shudder, which Tom felt with every inch of him that was in contact with Marc. Tom suddenly became aware of his own heavy breathing. His cock was painfully hard and poked him in the stomach. He moved slightly downwards, until he felt his balls slide between Marc's asscheeks, and then he went further down, until his cock rested there. As he did that, his tongue traced the muscles of Marc's back, and his hands, with a mind of their own, started stroking up and down the incredibly wide lats. From right beneath the mounds of shoulder muscle, over yet another big bulge, never even finding a bone, just big, thick muscle, Tom's hands went, a far cry from grabbing the thickness of those lats, and then, groping, slithering, lower and lower, closer to each other, down from that almost yard wide expanse, to that rock hard and tiny waist. Tom moved lower, still bent down, his face buried where the glutes of steel joined two immense columns of lower back muscle, licking the shapes they made, tracing the protrusions of that Christmas tree ripple on both sides of them, his hands stroking up and down Marc's lats, around his waist, feeling the outline of the boulders that were Marc's abs, on the other side. Dimly, Marc's sighs registered in Tom's consciousness, as his eyes roamed over the incredible shapes the light from the fireplace made of his lover in the dark. This night, we are lovers for the first time, a fleeting thought made itself known to Tom. He bent down again, kissing first one then the other asscheek, round, hard even though not flexed, and just perfect.

Huge by any standard, save two people, but unlike those, these were the ones Tom wanted most. He moved lower, shuffling his knees, until he realized that was not the way - Marc's thighs were just too big.

Tom turned around, his face now towards Marc's feet. Almost absentmindedly, Toms hands again found themselves with more oil in them, and stroking downwards, completely by feel. By some strange quirk of the fireplace, Tom could see just the ends of two diamond shaped calves, and two heels. Suddenly, driven by some unknown urge, he lifted one foot up, and licked the heel, then rubbed the sole.

There was a sigh and a muffled giggle from behind him. Tom did the same with the other foot, and even nibbled on the big toe a little.

He never really understood the fascination with feet, but these were his lover's and he wanted every part of him he could get.

'turn over` he heard himself say, and Marc did, adjusting the pillow back under his head. Tom noticed Marc's cock was throbbing slightly, but it wasn't completely hard yet, though it hung over his immense thigh already. There was so much he wanted to do before doing the obvious. For a second their eyes met, and for the first time, Tom saw something different than lust in them. And with that, he clearly saw two traces of tears. He straddled Marc again, bent down, and kissed him right into the middle of his forehead, and then on each eyelid.

Marc shuddered, and let out a quivering sigh.

`I love you` Tom said. He wanted to say that so many times, now, he thought, it might finally mean something. When it happened, it was still a surprise. It was like something broke in Marc. He closed his eyes, and sighed. Tom saw tears make their way down the sides of his face. The man he so much wanted to love, and who he never thought had any feelings at all, was crying, silently. He sobbed and sighed, his big chest heaving mightily. Suddenly, he moved, and he felt two tree-trunk arms embrace him. Like someone desperate to keep what was being taken away from him, Marc held Tom to him, his embrace almost bone-crushing. As the sobs slowly subsided, Marc's hands slowly released their grip, and then started stroking Tom's back, and neck.

'tommy...` he started, but Tom stopped him, with a soft kiss. 'no words now...` he whispered. He felt Marc nod, silently. Marc's right hand went up, rubbing the tears out of his eyes. Tom looked up, and decided to give the immense bulge of biceps on it a quick peck. He heard Marc's sob turn into a small chuckle. In a second, Tom's hands were again full of lotion, and ready to continue their play. They did so in moments, starting with Marc's neck. A few seconds later, they were moving down the middle of his pecs, and out over his abs.

The six perfect boulders underneath the paper thin skin of Marc's abdomen looked like they were floating there, sleeping on some sea, drifting on waves, up and down with Marc's breathing. Every once in a while, Marc would move, trying to see what Tom was up to, over his big shelflike chest, which made those boulders stand at attention, the lines between them becoming deep cracks. Before rubbing them up with lotion, Tom gave each one a kiss, and licked his way up the central line, right back up to the big pillows of pec muscle. With a long `Ahhhh` Marc lifted his arms putting his hands behind his head.

Tom could feel the twitching of Marc's cock right under his ass, as it hardened slowly. He looked up noticing the balloons of arm muscle, which he knew so well, but was never more fascinated with than now.

The strange lighting made them look more inviting then ever. But, he first had to finish the job at hand. He poured the lotion right where the pecs and abs pressed together, into that pit in the middle, and watched in the half-darkness, half light, how it oozed slowly down and outwards, like some strange field of muscle being irrigated. As soon as it emerged down Marc's sides, Tom stroked it in, feeling the incredible texture of those chiseled side abdominals, and then intercostals, before he again found himself kneading the immense lat muscles. Then, he went back up, savoring two square feet of perfectly pumped pecs, relaxed, but by no means flat, brimming with muscle, like two overfilled sacs. They were so... male, soft, and hard at moments notice, bulging, pumped and chiseled. Tom barely contained himself from rubbing his cock right into them until he could use his own juices instead of the lotion. Up his hands went, and then back down, tracing the three bumps that were the ends of the three clearly separated parts of those incredible pecs, his fingers finding a path over them... one, two, three, and then down, and out, lingering over two small, but now very hard nipples. Tom bent down and gave them each a kiss, and then a soft nibble. He heard a moan from Marc and felt the results of his ministrations right under his ass, Marc's cock was slowly attaining it's log-like size, and it had had a sudden surge just then. But he knew what both Marc and himself liked best.

He moved suddenly, cupping Marc's immense right biceps with both hands. Marc grunted, but did nothing, until Tom started squeezing.

Just as Tom wanted, Marc squeezed back, flexing his biceps. It may not be the biggest any more, but it still is the most perfect, Tom thought. In this case it meant that shape which when flexed produced such a humongous bulge you expected it to burst out of the skin with a bang. With a moan, Tom's hands were replaced by his lips. He licked, kissed and nibbled, as Marc flexed harder and harder, grunting, while Tom's hands squeezed the equally enormous triceps. He let go only for a second, looking at Marc who was smiling at him, and have him a quick kiss, which produced a very surprised look on Marc's face. Then, Tom moved on to the other arm, again giving it first a thorough oil job, and then, with Marc flexing with all his might, a tongue job too. Tom could feel Marc's excitement with his ass - the hot and huge shaft of Marc's cock was almost propping him up now.

Marc's other arm suddenly found it's way around Tom, but where it would have been pressing him into the flexed biceps, this time it stroked him lovingly, ruffling his hair, and going up and down, sometimes cupping his hard ass too, while Tom licked his way up Marc's steel-cable clad forearms. By this time, both were moaning in delight, Tom rubbing his cock into Marc's abs, higher and higher, as he moved up to reach every bit of Marc's arms with his tongue and lips, until he felt the head of his cock collide with the shelf of Marc's pecs. Suddenly he felt Marc's hand on his ass, and his other arm relaxed, and moved. In a second, he was pushed up, his cock right between Marc's bulging pecs. Marc looked straight at him, and pushing him up with one hand, cupped Tom's ready to burst cock in his other, and then, pressed it right into the middle of his chest. Tom thought he would melt in delight. This was the first time Marc had ever done anything to get Tom off in any way. Then, Marc started stroking Tom up and down his back, while giving him a nudge to show what he wanted. He mouthed a `Do it` and Tom finally realized one of his fantasies - he started moving his crotch back and forth in slow strokes, each time he`d go up Marc would flex and roll his immense pecs into big balloons of rock hard muscle, stroking Tom's cock with their freaky mass. For Tom, it was pure ecstasy, even the feeling of his legs spread as wide as possible because Marc was so big, even pushing into Marc's lats was a part of it. He lost control of his hands, they became instruments of lust, groping, touching, feeling, stroking all over. `Come on Tommy, give it to me!` He dimly heard. He felt Marc's hands leave his body, and saw them touch together, as he started a lying down version of a most muscular, all his muscles jumping, lifting Tom up slightly. It was just the last straw, and Tom let go with a scream. One, two, three gushes of his juices exploded onto Marc, and seeing the effect, coating Marc's maniacally flexed pecs with his cream, produced a dozen more smaller spurts. They ended all over, even over Marc's chin. Tom's eyes never left Marc's and that was probably the most stimulating thing of all. Then, Marc's tongue lashed out and licked a strand on his chin. And then, which almost made Tom cum again, he flexed his pecs so hard, that when he bent his head down, he could just lick another strand from the top of them! Tom gasped, and it was almost like Marc was waiting for that.

He felt Marc's cock hit him in the back, hard as a steel rod, and as hot as the fire in front of them. He dismounted.

He saw Marc's hand go down towards his cock, and stopped it with his hand. 'no!` he said. Marc just looked at him but it was a look almost saying 'take me, please!`. Tom looked at Marc's immense fucktool.

Until he saw Mike and Jan he though it must surely be one of the biggest on the planet, and even now he was sure of it. But he could swear it was bigger than ever, even bigger than when they had that posing room foursome, and then he thought it was going to burst inside him if it didn't rip him open first. Pre- cum was oozing from the immensely engorged head, and the whole head and shaft was so distended the skin on it shone in the flickering light of the fireplace. Tom realized they were both covered with a sweaty sheen, the fireplace was producing far more heat than the season warranted.

Still, he knew if he did anything to that cock, it was going to be over soon. He still wanted it to last. He crouched beside Marc, and slowly started licking his abs. They were flexing and writhing madly, as Marc was moaning, since Tom was now holding the base of Marc's cock as hard as he could, stretching the skin even more downwards, almost like doing strokes, but actually only stretching it and then letting go repeatedly. The skin was already so distended it obviously produced an ecstatic kind of almost pain, since it took only seconds for Marc to almost start trashing. `Hold off!` Tom cried. Although it looked like it could swell no more, Tom knew Marc's cock swelled even bigger right before he`d cum. It was so hard now it stuck straight up, like a steel beam welded to Marc's pelvis. It didn't even wave as Marc rocked his crotch back and forth in an attempt to bring himself off, which was incredible considering the size of it. Tom had measured Marc many times (as far as Marc was concerned a tape measure was an effective sex toy), and knew he could grow a fraction over 15"

but right now it looked bigger than that. It throbbed visibly, trying to get even bigger. Tom was still slowly pulling the skin down, while Marc was wincing in synch louder and louder. `Goood... OooAh! Let me...` he winced, pleadingly. `Owww... I'mmm...` he started. Tom saw Marc's dick suddenly expend even bigger, and felt his balls pull up.

They were so swollen Tom gasped in surprise. Marc hissed, trying to push his crotch higher, to make Tom's fist, which couldn't grasp the girth of Marc's cock completely, bring him finally off. But Tom was careful not to. Marc's cock looked like it was made of dark purple glass. It was thicker than ever, and the head looked like it would burst any second. Tom started stroking the insides of Marc's thighs with his free hand, and he managed to do that only twice, when suddenly, Marc screamed, lifting his crotch up as far as it would go, his cock escaping Tom's grasp. It swelled thicker and longer visibly, and then, let out three successive volleys of cum with machine-gun speed. They flew out as three long shafts of liquid, hitting the ceiling with three successive loud splashes. Marc's eyes had rolled up in their holes, and he was wincing without breath, his fists and toes curled in an orgasm Tom had never seen the likes of before. It must have lasted a good two minutes until Marc finally slumped back down. His cock, though, didn't. Marc was left lying there, slumped, breathing hard, while Tom looked at him completely shocked. They must have just waited there for several minutes, until Tom decided it would be a shame leaving Marc's still completely engorged cock to waste. He again straddled Marc's thighs, and proceeded to lick it clean like a lollipop. Marc opened his eyes like he was stung, but couldn't move, his cock so sensitive that every move Tom made on it produced almost crippling ecstasy. He winced almost pleadingly every time Tom's tongue touched any part of it, and moaned when Tom tried to bend it unsuccessfully.

Tom was overcome with lust. This was the best sex he had ever had, because for the first time, he was actually making love - for the first time, it went both ways. Right there lay his biggest reward, finally he had his dream come true. And definitely one big part of that was right in his hands now. Tom had sucked Marc off many times, but now it would be so difficult to be almost impossible. He was dead sure Marc's cock had expanded beyond anything he had ever seen before. He knew Marc had done some unusual things to make it bigger, and once he even said he pumped it up with a vacuum pump, and that it was over 16" long right out of the pump, but this was even bigger. He also said, he stopped doing that because he couldn't get it completely hard, but this was as hard as diamond. The thought of seeing any part of Marc even bigger made Tom even hotter. He wanted Marc the way Marc liked it most. He lifted himself up, and applied a generous amount of lotion to his asshole. Then, he stood over Marc's hard-on, which looked even more ready to burst now than ever, and started going down. The second his ass-hole touched the blunt, orange-sized head of Marc's cock, Marc opened his eyes wide part in disbelief, part in ecstasy. It felt like being ripped open and tickled at the same time, all through almost the minute it took for Tom's already accustomed ass to stretch over the impossibly engorged tumescence of his lover. Tom winced, and for a second considered just letting himself down on it, even if it came out his mouth. Somehow, he mustered the required amount of reason not to do that, he started letting himself slowly down, in small strokes, while looking straight into Marc's eyes which bugged out more with every inch of his cock Tom managed to take. Tom was sure his eyes bugged out too, for an entirely different reason. Finally, he felt himself being filled up as he never was, and his roaming hands confirmed that there was even more of Marc left. He had to wait before he could take more. He slowly let himself down on Marc's chest, which produced almost a wail from Marc.

`Jesus... it felt like it would break off... and it was so good!` he squeezed through his teeth. Tom had a fleeting though of Mike and Jan and their size, which was now certainly even bigger, and wondered how they manage with it. But that thought was quickly gone with the feeling of what Marc's organ was doing to him. Slowly, so maddeningly slowly, and so incredibly gently, Marc started pushing in and out in minuscule strokes, while stroking Tom and kissing him. This time, they both took it slow, discovering each other in a completely new way. It took a good half hour before their combined cries of ecstasy again celebrated what they shared. An hour later, after they had both dozed off for a while, and the fire had turned to amber, they reminded the world once again of their joining, this time, Tom really thought Marc's cock was going to poke out his mouth. He had managed to take it all, God knows where. When he whispered to Marc he was bigger than ever, he just said it felt that way too, and he was sure it was because of Tom. Later, while they slept, they finally became separated when Marc's super hard-on subsided, but every time they`d drift apart, Tom would wake up finding Marc's arms around him, Mac's voice saying something like `don't go` in his sleep. Towards the early hours of the morning, Tom woke Marc up by giving his cock, which had again attained it's record size, a thorough tongue job, only to be joined by Marc in a combined suck, self-suck and French kiss. This time they were just a little less loud than the last, but Tom made up for it an hour later when Marc performed his very first blow job on Tom, with surprising expertise. •

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