Side Effects (2000)

The Twin Connection


`It was Mike and Jan` he said. But wasn't that part of the problem?

You are the problem, too, MArc thought. How can one's life change so in only days? Is it possible that I`ve been such an idiot all this time, Marc asked himself, and so blind?

Marc started building his body when he turned 16. He was always big, it was like he got the best possible set of genes from his mixed background - black and white and even some native blood put in for a good measure. His father was 5`10" and a stocky 180#, but Marc was a hair shorter, yet bigger than him even before he ever saw a weight.

Not that any of that would matter to his parents. They did not engage in `upbringing`, what they did was perfecting a product. Being born as the only son and only child in a family that owned a stake in just about any industry worth owning a stake in, meant that he could only have the best, and be the best. Come what may. For better or for worse. Want it or not. His parents only hired the best tutors. But nothing he ever did was good enough, though he was good. His genes didn't only give him the body but the brain to go with it. But he`d gotten over all that early, his parents just could never be pleased enough - with him, just like with all their other endevours. Marc knew he was extraordinary, in his own way.

So, while all his rich so-called friends took up what their exclusive clubs offered, Marc took up weights, and started growing. And growing, and growing. A shade under 5`10", he started off at a very beefy 190# and now, at 27, he maintained about 5-6% body fat, and weighed in the low half of the 300s the last time he bothered to look, and still growing, albeit more slowly. He looked at his reflection in the mirror right now. Until recently he was pretty sure there was no bigger man walking this earth, taking his height into account. Of course he never competed - no point, he knew he`d be the winner. Maybe that was how it all started - maybe that's how he got to think his biggest sexual attraction was himself. Until he saw Mike, and then Jan.

Marc knew he was obsessed with his body, the size of it, the power - and also the power it had on others. He realized he was a freak, he had big muscles to start with and had made them huge and then some, and he had a huge cock too, even before he stared doing things to make it even bigger, he was hung like a mule, over a foot long when hard. He had worked his butt off making himself grow, trying just about everything there was to try. But, he was anything but stupid - the money helped and as a result he was quite an expert. If he hadn't been that way, he`d probably be dead or at least very sick. As it was he was very healthy. After all, Marc would never jeopardize that which he loved most - himself.

The growing included his cock, which he had managed to enlarge by using some pretty unorthodox methods. He wasn't getting much out of them now, but if there was anyone who could figure out how to break a plateau, it was Marc. He had often wondered if he would ever think he was too big, and decide to stop trying to get bigger. The pictures of himself his mind would come up with, trying to decide if 'that was too big` would make even the wildest muscle and/or size- queen blush, but he always ended up wanting to be even bigger than those impossible pictures his mind conjured. And here he was, having learned that he would get hot at anyone impossibly huge, not just himself. Maybe he only discovered this because up to now he was the biggest.

He was his own life's work, and he only wanted to look the way he thought a perfect man should look - perfect for him. So far, he only had himsef to look at. Normally, looking at himself in a mirror would be all the turn-on he`d need. But right now, his fuckpole remained flaccid, and hanging. Normally he`d be at least jacking off right now, taking advantage of his muscles engorged to even more incredible dimensions by the skin-splitting pump the workout gave him, but mostly he`d be expecting Tommy to come in any second. Tommy - yet another element in the puzzle.

The money? He always had plenty, being from an exceedingly rich family. At 18 he decided to go his own way, and although as a result no-one from his family ever wanted to have anything to do with him again, it was exactly what he wanted. His father set up a 5 million trust fund in Marc's name when he was born, control of it went to Marc when he turned 18, the voting age in his father's country of origin. His father always thought that if he had the sense to do what is right at that age, his son would too. Only that sense didn't really agree with his parents, but by the time they realized that, they couldn't do anything about it. 27 years ago, 5 million dollars was worth a lot more than it is now. Marc's income came from tenants in a building he owned, and as of two years ago, from this gym, in addition to the trust fund and dozens of clever investments, which in the mean time has grown nearly 12 times. He never took any money from the fund itself except to buy the building and the gym.

Marc loved the attention he would get, though he didn't crave it. Or maybe, he did? Anyway, he didn't really care where it came from, since most of it came from himself, but having someone else flip over his flexing body and baseball- bat cock made him even hotter.

Straight? Gay? It didn't really matter. He couldn't really tell, until now. Oh, I guess there were signs, he thought.

He couldn't be bothered to work at the gym, so he hired someone to do that. That's how he met Tom. He called him Tommy, since he looked so small compared to Marc himself. Oh, it wasn't sex at the start, but it definitely went that way soon. Marc saw the desire in Tommy's eyes the second he first met him, and on one occasion, when none of his usual admirers were around, he let him realize it. Tommy was as gay as they come, but only when Marc was concerned. Oh, he would be giving the looks to many guys but he gave his ass only to Marc, and he was the only one who could take Marcs extraordinary endowment.

Since Marc was the biggest stud of all, or at least he thought so until recently, and Tommy was obviously after the biggest stud he could find, it was a case of combining business with pleasure. Only, Marc had never quite realized how much pleasure there was in that relationship, until now. He always thought Tommy was hooked on him for good, and he had to admit he run the gym very well, and even took care of some of Marc's errands. BEtween them there were never any problems. Marc was fair enough to pay him very well, but he was the one who decided when there was sex. And Tom always seemed to be willing. It was easy to arrange things since they all lived in the same building, anyway. But now, there were two new studs, and even Marc couldn't see himself beating them soon.

'they wanted to talk to my brother` Tommy said. A couple of days ago, in walks a carbon copy of Tommy, and Marc thought his fortune suddenly changed from good to even better. Theo turned out to be as gay as Tommy, and as interested in Marc's huge muscles, but it never went further than stares and a quite obvious hard-on. Tommy said he hasn't gotten over his ex, and Marc imagined he`d come around eventually. After all, Marc used to think that no-one knew how to better treat his cock and muscle than Tommy, and that could only be topped by two Tommys, and this was as close as it could get.

'they have grown` Tommy said. 'they are just unbelievable` he said.

Marc was an expert in the art of the possible, as far as muscle goes.

No-one could grow so much in days! But the evidence was plain, for all to see. Marc could see the stain on Tom's tight pants. He knew Tom had creamed them. He saw it before. The last time it happened was when he barged into the posing room while Marc was posing in the nude. He was pretty sure that when Tom said Mike and Jan had grown, it was all over, and that they had grown considerably. In fact, Tom was gone for about 10 minutes, and now that he's back, he just went and sat at the counter looking at nothing in particular, a sure sign of a fantasy playing in his head. Marc felt... hurt. He used to be that fantasy.

And that was the final part of the puzzle. Those two, Mike and Jan, they were obviously in love. It couldn't have been more plain even if they had it painted on their foreheads in yellow phosphorescent paint, in block lettering. It was obvious even to Marc, who never believed in it. He never let Tommy do the 'sissy` stuff with him, the kissing, stroking, hugging. Tommy would put in a little bit of it sometimes. It felt good, but the arrangement was clear - Marc fucks the living daylights out of Tom, flexing his muscle and getting off on that. What Tom manages to get out of it, he can keep. But, even Marc knew he was getting off far more over Tommy letting himself go at Marc's body. He liked that, he had just realised how much. And...

and... no use denying it now. He did get off on Tommy. Now that he was actually thinking about it, he realised that Tom would probably do anything Marc asked - and this trust which Marc used to think was stupid, now felt different. It felt undeserved. But... Marc wanted it. He needed it. Maybe that was what he wanted all his life.

Maybe he was just afraid to go further then just sex. Even so, those two, Mike and Jan - not only had they both, with Tommy, given him the most mindboggling sex he ever had, but now, it was like he discovered what it was all about. And, the most puzzling thing was, he knew that even as they were wearing him out, they were loving each other, as strange as that may sound. Marc would have been very possessive if anyone but him took advantage of Tommy. Tommy was his, it was an unspoken, but clear arrangement. But why would Tommy want him now?

So, to sum it up - he thought he was the biggest, only to discover he wasn't. Not only that, but he was beaten by two people, all at once.

Also, to rub in the defeat, they made Marc`c cock which he thought huge, look small. To boot, Marc thought he knew every way, natural and unnatural, a guy could get bigger muscles and a bigger cock, and the two seemed to have discovered a way to make it happen in days, and Marc hasn't got a clue about it, and by the looks of it, chances of him ever knowing were very slim. Then, for a while, he thought things would even get better than having Tommy as his favorite fuck, by including Tommy's twin brother, and that failed too. Then, when that seemed to fail, he still had Tommy, but now it seems he doesn't any more. And finally, he discovered he was gay, an absolute size queen for anyone, himself first, and that there is such a thing as love. And, the worst part of it all, he probably wasn't going to get a chance at experiencing it, because what could have been love is going to walk away, because Marc realized what it was too late.

The bottom line was that an incredible number of things went wrong at the same time, and as Marc didn't believe in destiny, the only person he could blame was himself. From somewhere in his memory he recalled how someone told him that one of these days life was going to catch up with him, and it sure looked like it did that in a big way. It was time to unroll the timeline backwards and figure out where he started to go wrong.

== * ==

`Who is it`? A voice very much like Tom's asked, from the other side of the door. The butterflies in David's stomach suddenly seemed to be very determined to start the proverbial hurricane going. Not ten days have passed since he heard that voice and there wasn't anything he would have liked more than to hear it, but somehow, there was still doubt that he was doing the right thing. For a fleeting moment, before his clenched throat finally decided to say his name, he thought of not ever hearing that voice again, and the feeling of mixed despair and fear that it brought somehow became the ultimate reassurance.

`David.` He said, not very loud at all. From the other side of the door there was silence. David felt a cold fist squeeze at his heart, when suddenly, he heard the lock clank. The door opened, first just a little, then completely.

There, in the doorway, in the shades, stood Theo.

`Hi... how`re you doing?` David said, almost whispered. Out of a thousand things, this stupid line came out, and he cursed himself inwardly even as he was saying it. Neither of them moved at all, and their eyes met. David saw Theo's eyes change just a little, and his face looked... strained. David couldn't contain his tears any longer.

Even as they looked at each other, his vision blurred and he felt them overflowing. The next thing he knew were Theo's arms around him, and his around Theo. They must have stood there like that for minutes, David's tears soaking into Theo's shoulder. Everything came in at once, the warmth of Theo's body, the hardness of those chiseled arms around him, Theo's breathing, his smell.

`You... shouldn't have... left` David mustered between sobs. He felt Theo nod. They separated, but just a little, their hands still on each other, and ended up looking into each other's face. David suddenly realized he never saw Theo crying, and now, as he looked at him, Theo seemed like a lost puppy. Somehow, he never thought of Theo as anything but his pillar of strength. Before he even realized what he was doing, David used the end of his sleeve to wipe Theo's tears of his face. For a second there, Theo almost laughed, and then just planted David's head onto that big chest of his, hugging him, and kissed him softly on the cheek. A deep sigh escaped Theo's lips. Finally, he whispered, `How right you are... I always said you were the clever one`. Two seconds later, they said `I love you` almost in unison. They hugged again, forehead to forehead, nose to nose.

`How did you find me?` Theo asked.

`Like anything could keep me away, huh? Whatever got into you - I mean, even the idea to go away?!` David said. 'no. No, don't tell me, let me guess, that moron that happens to be my father. Talk about accidents of birth.`

`Oh, come on, he is your father, and he does love you, in his own way. Believe me, my father used to be even worse, he had to deal with two sons being gay at once` Theo said.

David decided not to think about that particular part of his recent past.

`How come you never told me you and your brother were twins?` David said.

`Well, you never asked, I guess. But how did you find him?` Theo answered. There was a short period when it looked like he was musing inwardly over something that was obviously a hard issue. `I... even told him not to tell you where I am if you come looking`.

`Ah... well, that's where my uncle comes in, as I told you.` said David.

`Ah, your step-uncle, you mean the gay one. Wow, I still can't believe the coincidence!` Theo just chuckled, and David couldn't help but do the same. It really was weird - it is a small world after all, and it seemed that fate wanted the two together, no matter what it had to pull in the process. Not that either of them would ever complain.

Still, there was this thing he did with Jan and Mike. He had to tell Theo.

`Look, about my uncle... Jan. I`ve got something to tell you, and it isn't easy...` David started. For a second he felt that cold grip around his heart. No, he will understand, he reassured himself.

`OK, out with it` Theo said. David suddenly lost all resolve. `What?

Have you been fooling around with him?` Theo said, jokingly.

For a second, David felt that iron grip tighten and twist. He heard himself say a quiet `Yes`.

Theo said nothing. David looked at him, and Theo looked back, his expression unreadable.

`Look, it was wrong, I was horny, and I didn't know what I was doing... no, I did know what I was doing but... Oh, God, how can I explain?`

`Well, I don't blame you, from what you said, he used to be quite the hunk`.

'no, it wasn't... well...` David sighed, exasperated.

'theo, I... I... Man, I love you! It's... I mean, have you ever asked yourself, why you? You actually are a lot like him, you know. Maybe that's why I somehow trusted you more than anyone else I met since...

you know. And, God am I glad I did, because there isn't a day I don't think that if I only said one word differently, we may never have...

loved each other.` David said.

`But there is this side of me that started it all, and I told you it was with him... You know me, the size queen. I mean, you should see him, and Mike. You are _not_ going to believe it. I... just couldn't help myself. But... truthfully, it was nothing really. All three of us needed to get off and we did, together. It wasn't anything much more than a circle jerk` David finished.

`I know what you mean...` Theo said. `I mean, I got really close to doing... or rather, being done by... well, you remember that Paul guy from our gym back home? Now, he's nothing compared to this guy Marc, that Tom is with. The guy is SO big, I mean you can't imagine how huge he is, you know how we always thought Paul was huge, well, this one looks like twice his size!...`

Be careful, I can imagine quite a lot, David thought. This was definitely another thing to be handled with care. Suddenly he became aware that Jan and Mike were still waiting in the car in front of the building.

`...And I mean, everywhere! And he was really coming on... ` Theo continued.

It reminded David on the little games they used to play, looking at built guys and constructing scenarios to make it with each one of them. Sometimes it turned into a `one-up` game, of who thought of a bigger stud, and usually it meant bigger everywhere. Sometimes it was a kind of foreplay they did. It all started before they even confessed to each other they had the hots for each other, and in fact that's how their first sex started too.

'now, I could swear you are playing a one-up on me, to make it easier on me` David said.

'no, I'm serious. I mean, I barely resisted, I mean, the guy can't get through that door, and man...` Theo started whispering, `You should see his cock, man!` he stopped talking and held his hands about 15" apart. David lifted an eyebrow. 'so help me, and I mean at least... I still can't believe it. He actually showed it off to me, he let himself grow hard when I saw it... well, he had these super-tight pants and he deliberately put it right down his pantleg, I mean it looked like someone put a salami in there, and then it wasn't even hard, then he just stood there and it started growing.`

Theo still whispered and shook his head in disbelief. "I mean, what would you do? Honestly if you hadn't come, I don't know how long I would have lasted.` Theo said in his normal voice. `I'm not surprised Tom is staying here, I told you once about us two being amateurs when it comes to digging muscle, because this must be heaven for him`

`Look, Theo, the point is, you resisted, I didn't.` David said.

Theo looked at him for a while, his gaze going up and down David's body. He had his standard clothes on, meaning tight jeans and T-shirt, and a plaid shirt over that since it was a rather cold evening. He looked better than ever. `Look...` Theo started. For a moment his speech faltered, but then he continued. `I... the only thing that kept me away from that stud was that in about two days I realized what I did was completely wrong. In my head, it looked like the right thing to do, but every aspect of it felt wrong. Man, I kept seeing you everywhere. And now... oh, God it's so good to have you, and... there is one little bit of me that resents that little adventure, but most of me says it serves me right because I ran away when you needed me most. Can you forgive me? Can I still love you?`

David almost burst to tears. He got up, and let himself down in front of Theo, who was siting on the sofa, and embraced him.

`Oh, you big, hunky, stupid... man I love...` David said, and kissed Theo's hands, now wrapped in his `... so much`. How good it felt to feel Theo, once again! David savored the feeling, Theo's hands stroking his back. After a while, David said: 'now no more foolish stuff, OK? We`re together, and whoever has something against that, may kiss both our asses`. Theo chuckled.

`Oh, my God, they are waiting downstairs!` David suddenly remembered Jan and Mike again. They said they were going to wait to see if he was all right. He was already gone so long it was a wonder at least one of them wasn't stomping straight through that door to see if he was OK.

'theo, about my... well, Jan and Mike. They had an... accident.`

David said. `Well, not an accident, but something happened to them accidentally... and, well...` he trailed off. How could he ever lessen the impact of seeing Jan and Mike for the first time?

`What are you talking about, are they OK?` Theo asked.

`Oh, they are OK, in fact considerably better than OK. I wish we could have an accident like they had, actually.` David answered. Theo looked at him with an `are you sure you have all your marbles up there` expression.

`I... I think I better go get them, and you'll see.` David said.

Well, it was only fair to give him some kind of warning, though a part of him barely waited to see the reaction.

== * ==

`I'm not sure that's a good idea` Mike said.

`Why not? he's going to meet you two sooner or later, so let's get it over with` David said.

`Yes, only remember what happened with Tom, we were just lucky you were close enough to catch him on his way down... or up, depending how you look at it.` Jan said, chuckling.

`Well, OK, that only means I got experience now...` David said.

`I sure never saw someone get from soft to post-orgasm that fast`

Mike said. `Are you sure you want us both to come up?`

`Well, I reckon there is only so much that can happen, and at least if you are both there it won't happen twice. I mean, there is just so much surprise one can take. I should know.` David said. `Besides, you saw Tom, and Theo is an almost exact copy. Surely neither looks like they have a weak heart?`

`OK, if you say so, but I still think it is a bad idea.` Jan said.

A couple of minutes later, avoiding casual passers by, that would forever remain blissfully ignorant of a debt of gratitude they owed the dark, they got into the building, and were carefully on the way to the third floor, where Tom's apartment was, and which was now shared by Theo. The extra caution was needed, because when two supermen weighing a ton moved around you could feel it in the floor, and they didn't want to cause a panic because of someone thinking it was an earthquake or something. But what they failed to anticipate was simple human curiosity. So, when David stepped onto the top of the stairs (the third floor was the last), Theo was waiting in the doorway. Mike was right behind David, and Jan was right behind Mike.

There was nothing David could do. For a while Theo stood there, and then his bugging eyes started from the floor, taking in Mike's jeans, which were torn to accommodate his calves, and were further filled to the point of bursting with his thighs, only to be almost comically gathered around his minuscule waist, because there were no jeans with legs wide enough that also weren't wide in the waist. David was dead sure Theo's one eye was taking in Mike, while the other was taking in Jan, in a desperate effort not to miss a single detail of this momentous occasion. Jan must have had an even worse effect on poor Theo, he was wearing stretchy XXXXL size sweats that were threatening to burst, stretched to the limit over Jan's legs, which were even bigger than Mike's. Of course, further up, things didn't let up. Jan was weraing a tank-top which was torn out the sides to accommodate his enormous lats and down the hem, the shelf of his yard-wide chest still stretching it to the limit. Mike wore a plaid shirt with the sleeves completely torn off, and only the bottom three buttons in place, since the incredible swell of his chest and back couldn't be contained, and the lack of buttons was a result of a failed experiment intended to refute that. Somehow, this display of masculinity so big and strong that clothes for mortals just wouldn't do, made them both look even more sexy than if they were completely naked. Before taking the upper bodies in, Theo's gaze lingered at the crotches of the two gods of maleness, which wasn't surprising, considering most of the considerable slack in that area of the clothes, was taken up by the bulges which Jan's and Mike's superhuman endowments made. It left nothing much to guesswork. It was obvious they could cause an inferiority complex even in a prize stallion at his best, not even taking their incredible growth capacity when aroused into account. Theo was lucky not to know about that yet, David thought. Of course, Theo's gaze darted left and right, taking in the arms that looked bigger around than their owner's waists, and shoulders that combined filled out the width of the ample hallway.

Theo's gaze still went up, and then further up, not surprising since the top of Jan's head was grazing the ceiling, and Mike wasn't far behind. By the time Jan, Mike or David figured out that Theo's gaze was going a bit too high, Theo was looking at the ceiling (but wasn't seeing it), half on his way to falling to the floor, like a statue that somehow lost balance. •

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