Side Effects (2000)

Back To Reality


`Jan, we got to talk` Mike said.

'no kidding.` Jan said, darkly.

'the kid has morphed!` Mike added, whispering.

`Yes, I know` Jan said in his normal voice. 'stop whispering, we`re not in a church`. Mike had to laugh to that. 'that settles the `if`

and definitely the `how`. I'm not surprised at the way it's going too. I wonder... it obviously takes all of us to want it but it seems that it is enough for one to want and the rest not to be opposed and it happens. I know I would have wished him to realize his dream.` Jan said.

`Oh, come on, Jan, it's written all over his face. Besides, I should know, I`ve been there. Of course I did want him to become... better, at some level, I guess` Mike said. And it's obvious that David wanted it too, Mike thought. `You can't say that he doesn't like it!`

`I guess that explains the why, in addition to how and if. Mike, how do we tell him? It's only a matter of time until he'll notice, and I can't... un-think it.` Mike could hear a dose of exasperation in Jan's voice.

`Actually, I can, but I don't want to if he doesn't. Mike, if he asks, you know I can't refuse him. Please, I don't want us to go apart on this, please!` Jan said. No, Mike realized, he pleaded. Even the thought of a quarrel with Jan made a pang of deep sadness be felt in Mike's heart.

`Jan...` Mike started. `Jan, I don't know. I like him and it seems like you are burdening me with the responsibility of the decision. I don't know. I honestly don't know` Mike said. Here comes our first hurdle, he thought.

`All I know is, there is still something missing` he said.

== * ==

This place had changed so much. Not obviously, but so many details, David thought, as he walked by the lake. He thought he would have many more misgivings about last night. Instead, he found himself sexually satisfied beyond anything he ever thought possible. And that was it - he felt no guilt, really. It was only sex. Emotionally, it ment nothing. Well, not really nothing. He could feel the relationship between Jan an Mike even when they were having sex with him. Or rather, alowing him to have sex with them. The fact that they even did that was testament to a special trust between them.

Emotionally, on one hand, David felt free. In some strange way, he had gotten `over` Jan. He was completely sure that Mike was the right person, and that made all notion of some misguided jealousy dissapear. Not only that, somehow the feelings he held for Jan, not the adolescent fantasy, but the true sense of a friendship, had somehow encompassed Mike as well.

On the other hand, last night was an emotional catharsis of a different kind. He had the unique oportunity to enact several of his wildest fantasies last night, and as sexually satisfying as they were, they were really pale compared to everything that he had with Theo. His feet on automatic, David had turned back to the cabin, having reached a resolution. Now that he had gotten his personal sexual fantasy fulfilled, he knew for a fact it could never compare with love. And he ealised just how much he loved Theo. There were no two ways about it - he had to find Theo, no matter what.

== * ==

Mike was well aware the conversatoion had been going in circles for a while. Between him and Jan, they had gone through several scenarios on how to explain the situation, and however either of them tried to figure a way to avoid the truth, sooner or later they came back to the fact that for all intents and purposed, David was as close as they had to family at this moment. There was far too much at stake to lie to him. Even so, there was this elusive missing element, that Mike had a feeling would make the jigsaw puzzle fall into place. One name.

Just as he was about to rehash yet another version of events so far, the door started opening and David came in. His expression had changed, quite obviously, to one of a man on a mission. Mike just hoped that what he was about to ask wouldn't make things worse for him. Before Jan could even begin speaking, Mike said: `David, can I ask you something?`

'sure!` David said. If I got this wrong, I'm sorry to do this to you, Mike thought, but there is no other way...

`Who's Theo?` Mike asked. For a second, it was like the sun had gone down on David. A shadow of sadness went over his face, it was so obvious it was painful to watch. But then, David looked directly into Mike's eyes, and said: `I'm glad you asked, Mike. He's MY Jan.`

From that moment on something changed in Mike. He felt immense relief. And he knew that he would do anything for this young man standing before him. He wasn't only Jan's friend, which made him Mike's friend as well. He and Mike shared a special bond, that of two people dealt the same fate. They both were on the same path, only Mike had reached his goal already.

`I`ve got to find him` David said.

== * ==

By mid afternoon, they were on their way back to town. That took some doing. They now owned a huge van, and in fact, although it was made to hold at least 8 people, Mike and Jan found it barely adequate.

David was at the wheel, because without some sort of modification, neither Jan or Mike could fit into the driver's seat, of course unless they modify themselves, but as Jan had put it, that modification would go against everything they beleaved in - not without a hint of humour. David just couldn't stop retelling the exploits of the day, and it was quite obvious it was a way to ease his tension. He was quite nervous and obviously very excited by the two behemoths he was driving. As far as how Jan and Mike got exactly the way they were, the cat was mostly out of the bag - after all, there was no way to explain the morphing bit otherwise, and David still kept saying he couldn't believe it even after he saw it done several times.

First of all, there was the washing. David could only stand a short splash in the lake since it was quite cold, but Jan and Mike seemed not to be affected by the cold at all. David only came along to enjoy the scenery, having finished most of his cleaning up in the miniscule shower in the cabin. Jan and Mike could never have fitted it, of course, so they decided to use the lake instead. This time both Jan and Mike were completely in the nude, and that amount of pounds, inches and feet wasn't to be missed. David was actually disappointed, because the two giants were all business, the highlight being washing each other's back. Things became really interesting again when Jan and Mike decided they needed their cars to get back to town. Even if someone pulled out all the seats, either of them couldn't get into any of the cars. That's when Jan remembered that there was a used car dealer in a small town about 35 miles away. Then, they asked David for some privacy, and after a hushed conversation, ended up pulling straws. Mike lost. He didn't look at all happy with that at the time.

Then, David saw him morph for the first time. He remembered Jan shake him to see if he was OK. David probably wouldn't be if it wasn't for the bigger shock of seeing Mike and Jan in their full glory before. This way, when Mike started getting smaller, he only gasped and had to sit down. In the end, Mike became... smaller, if you could say that, but if nothing else, he looked bigger, proportion-wise. It was almost like he left all the muscle on him he used to have, and shrunk his frame, becoming about 6`5" tall, with all other dimensions shrinking proportionally. He still had to have well over 400# in him, and he looked like some super-bodybuilder with muscles grown out of control. He looked like a shrunk down and even more pumped up version of Jan, and David's cock definitely made it known that David liked it. About a minute later, while Jan was explaining where the dealer was, and David told them he knew it because that's where he exchanged his car for the battered Toyota and some desperately needed cash, Mike suddenly became very eager to meet the dealer, and there was a glint in his eye and a grin which made David wonder about this. He even said he was glad he drew the short straw, to which Jan only chuckled.

Then, there was the dressing up. After Mike had declared that he wasn't going to become any smaller and 'that's it!` after he tore two XXXL size shirts Jan had brought with him, any of which could have doubled as a tent for David, Jan managed to convince him to do so temporarily, to get them on. Then, Mike grew back, pouting, while the third shirt's sleeves got ripped up his arms and the extra baggy jeans tore up to the top quarter of his thighs. He then removed the torn parts, and when he was finished, he stood there in `cut-offs`

and a 'short sleeved` shirt, which was unbuttoned all the way down to the middle ridge of his abs. He stuck his tongue out at Jan demonstratively, and he looked so good that Jan just picked him up and kissed him, although he protested and wanted the `big dope` to put him down. David had no doubt they were in love from their toes up to the top of their ears. Even so, witnessing Mike change was quite disturbing. Next it was David's turn to bust out of his jeans, which he swore were tighter, and his hard cock didn't help things either.

Once he put his spare jeans back on, which Jan had washed in the lake together with his T-shirt, he looked quite presentable, by the virtue that the sun dried and crinkled clothes somehow stretched tight over David's body. Jan said they can appear to shrink when they are washed that way. David noticed Mike give Jan a funny look about that. Then, David took Mike's car which was smaller, and Mike took Jan's car.

They were pretty good cars, but when David expressed his doubts that they would get a good deal, Mike just said that they most certainly WILL. It turned out he was right. Nothing they had done that day could have ever topped the time at the dealership. First of all, they came in with the cars. The attending guy flashed a glance at David, but stared blatantly at Mike, and blushed almost purple when he was caught staring at Mike's crotch.

David couldn't blame him, because that's what he did too, after all you couldn't help noticing it bulged almost as much as Mike's incredible ass. After a couple of strolls, checking out the prices offered for the cars they had, Mike spotted a huge van, and declared that was it. As soon as the attendant vanished towards the office, Mike grew back to his full size. The result was that a few seconds later the shirt was in shreds on the ground, and only the fact that Mike's waist was so small compared to the rest of him, kept him decent. If you could say that for a guy whose basket was exactly that - a basket, that's how much it would take to contain it. It looked like someone had stuffed a very large melon down Mike's pants, and squashed it trying to stuff it in, but it was all still there. Mike still kept complaining the pants were tight. Well, that was actually the remains of Mike's pants, which were now rip-offs with the side seams ripped almost all the way up, only the belt keeping them in one piece. Then they went inside the building to negotiate a deal, as Mike put it.

Before David could say anything, Mike's towering figure was on it's way to the office building in the corner of the lot. He barely fitted between the rows of cars and only his height made it possible for him to move without restrictions. David had to trot at a fair speed to be able to keep up, and he was already lagging, but he didn't have anything against that at all. Mike was barefoot, and wearing only the remains of the jeans. From behind he looked like a moving oversized statue, except he was very much alive and... bulging. David couldn't get his gaze off Mike, and surveyed in detail the heaving mass of Mike's enormous torso, the moving pillars of his legs, and above all the tightest ass in the world. It was so tight that striations appeared even through the straining fabric of the cut-offs. As Mike walked, numerous hills and valleys appeared on his back and a `Christmas tree in a hurricane` would be the best description of the shapes appearing right above that incredible ass of his. The effect was added to by Mike's triceps standing out and his legs just writhing as he walked. David had troubles keeping himself only semi-aroused all morning, and the scenery didn't help much. Still, David got a real inkling of Mike's size when he entered the building, bending to pass through the double doors which he had to open completely. He did so before David managed even to start his comment that he's practically naked and that's not the way to impress someone into a good deal. Fortunately he thought better of it - there was hardly something as impressive as Mike in the radius of a couple dozen miles or so - and that was of course, Jan.

The opening round of 'negotiations` definitely went in favor of Mike, since it consisted of the lot attendant guy from earlier practically scamper from his table, becoming purple in the face in the process, and gurgling something unintelligible, disappearing through a door somewhere. Mike had only looked at him, and then looked back at David. He could swear the expression Mike had, said `what's wrong with him?`. The noise caused the female secretary to look up and promptly faint when she saw Mike, and though David had anticipated something like that he barely had time to stop her from falling out of her chair. It also resulted in the owner's cigar falling out of his mouth, which was the first thing David noticed about him. Mike didn't even attempt to get into the separate cubicle of the office, because the cubicle itself surely wouldn't have survived it. Fortunately, the owners reaction was to come running out. It was quite obvious that his feet were quicker than his brains because on his way you could see his whole expression change. Mike just waited for him politely, and in the end in a desperate attempt to force his feet not to turn back and run, the owner, a short plump man, ended up seated at the front desk. Mike refused the seat politely. That seat didn't know how lucky it was, David thought. David himself was stuck to where he was standing. After all, there wasn't anything he could really do but look.

The second round didn't go as easily. David had to admit the owners years of experience made up for the confusion, and he proceeded rambling about terms and conditions, quite obviously working on automatic. Mike had laid out the `deal` speaking very softly, and the owner parried laying out the exact terms why they didn't need any more cars of the type Mike was offering, while David helped the secretary up in her chair, which definitely ended round two in favor of the domestic team, though it was a very slim edge they gained, as David could see the owner sweating somewhat. The secretary's eyes were reeling, but still somehow managed to stay on Mike all the time.

However, Mike parried by looking down (and very much so) at the owner. That in itself was very intimidating. Mike towered over him so much that when the guy looked upwards, he could only se the vastness of Mike's pecs. David could swear Mike even flexed up and spread his lats a little, because he looked about to tear the building to shreds. The owner did his best to attempt complaining, going through a remarkable succession of crestfallen expressions and of names for Mike, something like boy-son-mister-sir, because Mike got such a glint in his eyes it even scared David, and made the secretary pass out again. When Mike asked if the owner was 'the same man who traded that heap of junk Toyota to his nephew here`, pointing at David, and doing that in a voice which managed to add a cathedral reverberation quality to it's insisting tone, it had a profoundly shaking effect on the owner. It rated at earthquake+tornado level. You could even notice the shakes in the owners signature on the papers. In the end everything about the poor guy looked slumped, even his tie. All in all, in about 7 minutes, they were the owners of the vehicle they needed, and proceeded back to it with the papers and keys. They even got a substantial check and some cash out of the deal. David had to chuckle because Mike was letting his footsteps be felt by the trembling of the floor, as they strode out.

== * ==

The huge dark blue van was built on a truck frame, and it was OK as far as Mike was concerned because of the sliding doors which he could actually use. It will be cramped, though, especially for Jan. Mike opened the sliding door, being extra careful about it. He still didn't know how strong he was and though he was getting used to it, it wasn't easy to gauge holding things. Then, Mike sat down onto the floor of the van, and started counting the money they got as a difference between the price of the van and the two cars. It was a respectable bundle. And, they had even managed to negotiate towing away hat heap of junk Toyota. Mike chuckled, wishing all the negotiations he ever made were as easy as that.

`Well, we`ve certainly had worse days that this` he said, counting the cash. Finally, when he sorted out the bundle he gave it to David, who stared directly at him. It was quite obvious he was devouring Mike with those fantastic eyes of his. Mike put his hands at his hips and pushed himself up, ending a couple of inches more into the doorframe.

`Amazing` David said. As Mike executed his maneuver, his lats flared out and it was evident he had to work on fitting into the doorway.

`What?` he asked, trying to make it sound as naive as possible.

`You are` David said.

`Well, I'm glad you like it` Mike said. It was also obvious something was troubling David and Mike was trying to proceed carefully.

`Like it?!` David said, snorting. `I'm barely keeping myself from jumping onto you and just feeling... oh, never mind` he said.

`Well, if it's any consolation, it goes both ways. When you look at me like that I want to flex up until I could pop just to make you touch... but never mind` Mike said. David looked quite sad again.

`Look... I know what's troubling you. You know, you are pretty good yourself, and quite big too. And I can see you like what you see`

Mike said, looking at David's crotch. And at other parts of him.

David looked down too. 'no, you are not leaking` Mike said, chuckling. David chuckled too. After all, there was no forgetting last night.

`It's not easy for me either. A while ago I did exactly what you did, fooled around with another guy, and Jan didn't say a thing, he even joined me. You`re afraid what Theo would think. I think... well, imagine what he would do if he was in your place? Would he like what he saw?`

David looked at Mike. `Yes.` he said simply, after a pause.

Mike wanted to tell him that he should look at himself, and in fact stopped himself from warning David that he's likely to have Mike's problem soon. That would be really pushing it.

`What would you do if you were given an option to look like me? Would you do it?` Mike said, taking the opportunity to investigate.

`Would I? I would give anything...` David started, and then stopped.

`And you would wish for Theo to have that wish with you, too, am I right?` Mike said. `You really love him, don't you.`

`Yes. I can't imagine loosing him. And being with you two just makes the feeling stronger. Fooling around feels so... lame, indecent...`

`David, come here` Mike said. David looked at him, inquisitively.

"Come on, trust me` Mike said. David got nearer. Mike took his hand, and then he flexed his other arm, and placed David's hand on the peak of his biceps which looked to be on the verge of bursting. There was token resistance from David, but then he let his hand roam with abandon.

`Feels good, huh? I know it does to me. But David, imagine it was Theo you were feeling, how much better would that be?` David suddenly let go of Mike and Mike relaxed.

`You see, that's what I feel when I'm with Jan. Even when I'm not, I think it's him. I can't stop thinking of him. And you think of Theo all the time, even yesterday you said his name over and over` Mike said.

`Love comes from the heart, and not from... this` Mike said, pointing at his arm `or this here` he said, pointing down at his ample crotch.

It was somehow easier talking about this now, as if he was reassuring both David and himself. `As long as you know you really love each other, what you do with this and this here` he said, again pointing at parts of his anatomy `can be just good clean fun, as long as you understand each other on this. I'm sure Theo won't mind, and we wont tell him. But you will have to.` Mike finished. `You are a good guy, and I know Theo is too. He'll understand` Mike said, holding David's shoulder, carefully. David produced a beginning of a smile.

`Come on now, we got to get some clothes`.

For some time David was very much preoccupied getting used to driving something this big.

Mike decided to spare the town people of any more shocks by having David go to the store and use some of the cash to buy the biggest clothes he could find. With some care, they even managed to deposit the check at an ATM, without arousing suspicion. Mike of course had no doubt the check wouldn't bounce.

While they were traveling back he kept complaining that Jan would never fit into the clothes, but from the tone of his voice, Mike knew he didn't mind that, just as David didn't himself.

A couple of minutes later, on the road back, David cut the silence.

'Mike... thanks.` He said.

`Don't mention it. After all, what are uncles for?` Mike said, with more than a bit of relief.

David just chuckled.

== * ==

An hour and a half later, back at the cottage, they were all packed and ready to go. Jan had done an excellent job of cleaning up the place, he even carried the Toyota to the cottage. David kept complaining that he would never forgive himself for missing that, but Jan assured him it wasn't even worth a good grunt.

A minute later, the powerful V8 groaned as they took off to the city, after some more work at getting Mike, whose cut-offs had finally given up containing his genitals, and Jan, who was up to then naked as the day he was born, decent and presentable in public.

Jan knew something was familiar about the address David gave him. He was lucky David kept talking about what he and `uncle` Mike did earlier, which Mike parried with calling him nephew, and they would both chuckle every time he did that. Jan didn't mind at all, and in fact he was very happy David and Mike seemed to have become so relaxed with each other so quickly. He only wished he could do the same. He still felt guilty to have let David down, although David nearly bent himself backwards trying to explain that he never held Jan guilty of anything.

As the miles rolled by, Jan couldn't help returning to the address on that little piece of paper over and over. David was a master entertainer, he kept cheering them all up by telling one joke after another, but he couldn't fool Jan, Mike, nor himself. They were all nervous, and David especially. When they entered the city, Jan somehow thought 'the boys are back in town` and that's when he finally remembered.

'Mike, the address! I know where it is!`

`You do?` Mike and David said, in unison.

`Yes, it's the gym!`

`What gym?` Said David, and 'tHE gym?!` said Mike.

`Yes, it's THE gym. The one where we met Marc and Tom. Why in creation would a guy put his place of residence as a gym?` Jan said, scratching his head. He noticed David ogling at his biceps which swelled hugely as he tried to fit his arm between his head and the roof of the van, careful not to drive it right through.

`Who knows, maybe that used to be some residence before, or there used to be one and they tore it down, or something` Mike retorted.

'no, it was a gym before, I know, I used to be a member. It's been a gym at least two and a half years`. `Why would Theo... or his brother... give their address as a gym?`

David asked.

`I have no idea. What's Theo's brother's name?` Mike asked David.

'that's the problem. I don't know. He moved here before I got to know Theo well enough to know he had a brother. I just know him as Mr.

Skahill. I got the address from Theo's landlord, to forward his mail.

I guess he just gave the surname so that there wouldn't be confusion when his mail got there` David said.

After a few minutes, they were parked in front of the gym.

'so, what do we do now? We sure as hell can't just go in there` Mike said.

`You are definitely right about that one. I'm sure Tom would faint, if he's in there` Jan said, chuckling. He stopped, noticing David looked really troubled.

`What's wrong?`

`Unc.. Jan, what will I do?! What if he isn't there - I'll never find him! And what if he is? What do I tell him? What happens if he sees you? What will he think... about me and you two... what we did?`

David said. He sounded just on the brink of tears, and Jan couldn't blame him.

`Davey... come on. We talked this over. I'm sure he won't mind. You have to find him, and we'll sort the details out later, OK?` Mike said. Jan was surprised David didn't even flinch when Mike called him Davey. So far, Jan was the only one who was ever allowed to call him that.

`I know... but I slept with you. Things would be easier if I didn't.

What am I going to do if he...?` David's voice cracked. `You don't want to loose him... I know` Mike said. He looked at Jan.

`Davey, you said that he was `your Jan`. Well, I told you this Jan had the same thing happen, in fact right in this gym, and ended up loving his Mike even more than before` Jan said. He realized he was scared, scared of letting David down again. But somehow, he had a feeling things were going to turn out right. Mike's look told him he thought the same. He looked around in exasperation, and saw a way out.

`I think I have an idea` Jan said.

== * == When the phone rang, Tom was just spotting Marc on his last and heaviest set of chins. He was really royally annoyed at the intrusion, because he enjoyed every second of it even though it was hard work. Marc did chins with about 220 pounds strapped to his waist and right now he looked bigger and wider than ever. And the strangest thing is, he didn't strut around as he used to. In fact, the last days have been almost a shock to Tom, Marc had changed completely.

They had sex several times, and it was the best Tom ever had, and Marc was actually... tender! And caring, and he even went out of his way with Tom. It was almost frightening, this change, but at the same time, Tom liked it. Very much. He liked how Marc would look at him, and for the first time, Tom found himself looking at Marc as a person and not only a mountain of horny muscle with a horse-cock that somehow preferred fucking him, Tom. He even touched Tom, and stroked him, and talked, actually talked with him!

Marc finished and let himself down from the bar, which groaned thankfully for the break it was getting. `It's OK, answer it` Marc said. Tom had a problem getting used to this. Normally, Marc would be pissed off at the intrusion, and Tom wouldn't be spotting him in the first place. He went over to the counter.

`Yes!` Tom answered, annoyed and letting his voice show it.

'tom, this is Jan`. Tom felt his knees almost buckle to the sound of that voice and he had to sit down.

`Yes?` he finally managed to say.

== * ==

`Can you do me a favor, and come out for a second` Jan said.

There was a voice from the receiver, but David couldn't hear what it was it said. Jan had seen the public phone, and they had re-parked right beside it, David had dialed the number and gave Jan the receiver through the window of the van. No use exposing passers by to shocks. Mike asked Jan how he remembered the number, but Jan just replied `It's written right there, Sherlock` pointing at the gym's sign over the entrance.

`Easy, the dark blue van right beside the phone booth on the parking lot` Jan said.

David was turning progressively paler.

`Don't worry, it's just the guy at the counter. He should be able to tell us whether Theo was here if you give him a good enough description` Mike said.

`I`ve got a picture, but I`ve got to get it out of my bag` David said silently.

`OK, but not yet, Tom will be more than a bit surprised so wait until he gets over us` Mike added.

`OK, I'm waiting` Jan said. He turned over to David and gave him the receiver. `Don't worry, you'll be fine` he said. David opened the door and replaced the receiver. He started getting into the van, just as he did that, Tom appeared behind him. David turned around. Jan almost jumped looking at David. For a second he thought David would faint.

'my God... Theo!` David said.

'no... that would be my brother` Tom said, just in time to notice Jan. •

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